Sidelined: The Draft

Sidelined: The Draft

by Bianca Williams

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When up-and-coming event planner Bryn Charles scores NFL superstar Shane Smith as a client, she thinks she has it made. But with only six weeks to create the “hottest event Baltimore’s ever seen”, she has her work cut out for her. Complicating her efforts is Shane’s determination to score her like one of his touchdowns. In order to stay in the game, she must decide whether she can play by his rules. Convinced only a fool would date a professional athlete, Bryn ignores his advances—until she wakes up at an impromptu sleepover next to a shirtless Shane. Suddenly the two of them can’t stay apart. Only Bryn doesn’t realize the true complexities of Shane’s life. Caught up in her own desires, she dismisses the warning signs and gives in to a love affair unlike any she’s ever had. But just when Bryn believes she might have found the love of her life, a blast from Shane’s past causes interference. Now Bryn must decide if she can stay in the game—or if she’s doomed to sit it out on the sideline.

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ISBN-13: 9780998514611
Publisher: Bianca Williams Books
Publication date: 07/04/2017
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 350
File size: 663 KB

About the Author

Bianca Williams was born and raised in Baltimore County, MD. She discovered her love for creative writing at college while pursuing a dual Bachelor of Science degree in Finance & Management. After graduating at the top of her class, a 15+-year career in finance, and co-founding an event planning company, Bianca began penning her autofiction series. When she isn’t writing, Bianca is an active volunteer in her community. She currently resides in Maryland with her daughter and four-year-old Morkie. Sidelined is her debut novel.

Table of Contents

1 The Play 1

2 Miss Independent 10

3 Office Space 20

4 The Meeting 33

5 Matter of Time 39

6 Fried Chicken in a Pan 48

7 TGS 53

8 Tricks & Tragedy 61

9 Showtime 70

10 We Did It! 80

11 PTSS 87

12 Message in a Cookie 91

13 So Beautiful 101

14 The Announcement 113

15 Moment of Truth 121

16 Sleeping Beauty 135

17 The Flirt 137

18 First Date 146

19 Mrs. Smith 154

20 All I Want for Christmas 166

21 Get Me Bodied 180

22 Blame It 199

23 Eff That 211

24 Ding Dong, the Witch is Dead 220

25 Christmas Eve 224

26 The Amazing Race 229

27 Who is She? 243

28 Obama, Beyoncé, Jay Z, Oh My! 256

29 Something Special 265

30 Vegas 270

31 Vegas: The Morning After 286

32 Dr. Sekyll 291

33 The Calm before the Storm 294


35 Intuition 308

36 What Now? 312

Epilogue 325

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New York Times bestseller author - Omar Tyree

"Going down easy like scrambled eggs, pancakes, syrup, bacon and orange juice on a Sunday morning, William's literary flow is effortless, like a real pro. For all readers who love a great, old-fashioned girl meets boy story, Sidelined is your perfect match."

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Sidelined: The Draft 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by K.J. Simmill for Readers' Favorite Single mother Bryn Charles can't believe her luck when she signs Shane Smith, Nighthawk player and NFL superstar, to organise a kick ass event. She's never been one for jocks, but there is no denying that Shane has a body to die for, and Jen, Bryn's friend, has hooked designer Oris Odili and intends to ensure he knows exactly how to show off all of his best features. Shane seems to find himself drawn towards Bryn, his advances becoming increasingly difficult to ignore. But dating an athlete is way down there on Bryn's list; besides, when he's not flirting, he's yelling, cursing, or acting like a spoilt rich kid. A relationship with the pompous man was the furthest thing from her mind. Then it happened, she found herself and Jen in his room, in his bed. Although it was innocent enough, Bryn couldn't forget the image of him removing his shirt, and from that moment on this picture ran like a sporting event replay. Just when it seems she's about to win, there comes a game changer, one that may leave her forever on the sideline. Sidelined: The Draft by Bianca Williams is a page turning, stress filled romance, with tries, fouls, and of course goals, or in this case perhaps agendas would be more to the point. Written in the present tense, it follows Bryn and her surprising infatuation with NLA superstar Shane Smith, a spoilt man-child. The story is heavily character driven and easy to follow, whether you're a fan of sports or not. The characters are developed, and I often found myself getting frustrated at some of their actions. Ms Williams shows poise and talent for creating atmosphere throughout her plot. This is the first book in the series and, given the ending, it's easy to understand why.
LeTaraWrites More than 1 year ago
Is mixing business with pleasure ever a good thing? What do you do when you just can’t resist temptation and you cross that line? What do you do when you cross the line with someone you know isn’t good for you long before you cross it? Do you risk it all for a forbidden attraction? Those are questions that Bryn Charles is trying to answer in Bianca Williams’ debut novel Sidelined: The Draft. This was such a frustrating read for me, but as soon as I find another book by Bianca Williams I will more than likely read it. Why? Because she is a very talented writer and I will tell you the reasons I feel this way. First, romance novels are hit or miss with me. This novel is not action-packed or filled with drama, but is more of a character study. The protagonist, Bryn, wasn’t very interesting to me at first, so it took a few chapters for me to really get into the story. She’s an everyday woman, a single mother who is striving for success by co-running an event planning business with her close friend Jen. She’s relatable and her life is pretty dull, much like my own. As I am a single mother who is trying to live her dreams outside of her day job, I had no trouble understanding Bryn and what made her tick. Even without the event planning business, she had done well for herself and her daughter and they lived a good life, as uneventful as it was, which is probably part of what made it good. Or at least it was good until she and her business partner/best friend Jen took on Shane as their client. Here’s the thing, I could not find one thing likable about Shane. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Even with the description of his beautifully muscular frame and the relationship he developed with Bryn’s daughter, Shane always rubbed me the wrong way from the second scene he appeared in until the end of the book. It was made clear from the beginning that he was a kid in a grown man’s body, had issues with fidelity, was demanding and selfish. Somehow, despite all of the business-savvy and life experience that Bryn had acquired, she still fell for him. It drove me crazy because in every scene where the thought crossed her mind about becoming romantically involved with Shane I wanted to throw my tablet across the room and scream at her. Even when he softened up and wasn’t as disgusting I still didn’t like him. Why? Because I was Bryn one or twice (don’t judge me) and I already knew how the story would end. I knew Shane, not only by the way the author described him, but because he literally exists. I’ve met him (those characteristics) more often than I’d care to remember. But that’s what makes the book so great. As frustrated as I was reading it, I had to take a step back and remember that this is fiction (inspired by true events). The author did such a good job making the story real, that I forgot that it is fiction. I’m not sure which parts of the book were true and which were not. It didn’t feel like a memoir. The story is written in present tense, so it made me feel like I was there going through Bryn’s day to day right next to her. The delivery of each sentence was smooth, which made everything flow. Nobody was perfect in this book, which I liked. It was real and despite my frustration with Bryn and Shane’s relationship, I had to regroup and remember that at some point we all have played the fool and ignored the obvious signs. The author left the opportunity for a sequel, so I’ll have to read it, otherwise, I won’t be able to sleep at night .