Sifting Through Clues

Sifting Through Clues

by Daryl Wood Gerber


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The Agatha Award–winning author of Wreath Between the Lines returns to the Cookbook Nook, where culinary mysteries are giving everyone food for thought . . .

Book clubs from all over have descended on Crystal Cove to celebrate the library's Book Club Bonanza week, and Jenna Hart has packed the Cookbook Nook with juicy reads and tasty cookbooks. But she's most excited about spending an evening with the Mystery Mavens and their moveable feast, when they will go from house to house to share different culinary treats and discuss the whodunit they're all reading. It's all good food and fun for the savvy armchair detectives, until one of the members of the group is found murdered at the last stop on the tour.

As if that weren't enough to spoil her appetite, Jenna discovers that all the evidence points to her friend Pepper as being the guilty party. And with Pepper's chief-of-police daughter too close to the case to be impartial, Jenna knows she'll have to step in to help clear her friend's name before a bitter injustice sends her to jail. Sifting through the clues, Jenna unearths any number of possible culprits, but she'll have to cook up a new way to catch the killer before Pepper's goose is cooked . . .

Includes tasty sweet and savory recipes!

Praise for Daryl Wood Gerber and the Cookbook Nook Mysteries:

"There's a feisty new amateur sleuth in town and her name is Jenna Hart. With a bodacious cast of characters, a wrenching murder, and a collection of cookbooks to die for, Daryl Wood Gerber's Final Sentence is a page-turning puzzler of a mystery that I could not put down." —Jenn McKinlay, New York Times bestselling author of the Cupcake Mysteries and Library Lovers Mysteries

"In Final Sentence, the author smartly blends crime, recipes, and an array of cookbooks that all should covet in a witty, well-plotted whodunit." —Kate Carlisle, New York Times bestselling author of the Bibliophile Mysteries

"Readers will relish the extensive cookbook suggestions, the cooking primer, and the whole foodie phenomenon. Gerber's perky tone with a multigenerational cast makes this series a good match for Lorna Barrett's Booktown Mystery series . . ." —Library Journal

"So pull out your cowboy boots and settle in for a delightful read. Grilling the Subject is a delicious new mystery that will leave you hungry for more." —Carstairs Considers Blog

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ISBN-13: 9781946069962
Publisher: Beyond the Page Publishing
Publication date: 04/23/2019
Series: A Cookbook Nook Mystery , #8
Pages: 258
Sales rank: 216,431
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.59(d)

About the Author

Agatha Award–winning and nationally bestselling author Daryl Wood Gerber is the author of the Cookbook Nook Mysteries, the French Bistro Mysteries, the Cheese Shop Mysteries (as Avery Aames), and stand-alone suspense thrillers. Little known facts about Daryl are that she’s jumped out of a perfectly good airplane, has hitchhiked around Ireland by herself, and has appeared on an episode of Murder, She Wrote. She loves to read, cook, and golf, and has a frisky Goldendoodle named Sparky who keeps her in line!

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Sifting Through Clues 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 32 reviews.
jcmonson More than 1 year ago
I love that this is set during Book Club Bonanza Week in the town of Crystal Cove. The town is full of visitors celebrating books. I want to be there! I also really enjoyed the scenes set in the cookbook shop. The mystery of who killed the owner of the local crystal shop was interesting. There was plenty of suspects, as many of the town people are keeping secrets. This is book 8 in the series, but it felt like a stand alone novel. Don't feel you have to read the whole series in order to enjoy this. There was a small amount of "personal growth" in Jenna's storyline, but the book was mainly focused on the murder mystery. I received a free ARC from the Cozy Mystery Review Crew in exchange for my honest opinion.
LisaG0429 More than 1 year ago
Each time I read a book in the Cookbook Nook Mystery Series, I want to visit Crystal Cove, CA (theoretically located not far from where I live!) and attend one of the many fun festivals that the town hosts. Two take place in this installment, the first one centered around books and the other around flowers. Both sound like so much fun, with all the businesses in town participating! The mystery, of course, is the thing. Our heroine, Cookbook Nook owner Jenna, once again finds herself embroiled in an investigation (much to the chagrin of her friend and police chief Cinnamon) after she finds the body of her neighbor, Ivy. The manner of killing, and the number of people who may have had a beef with Ivy, causes Jenna to ponder motives -- and when Cinnamon's mother, Pepper, becomes the prime suspect and begs for Jenna's help, how can she say no? I love all the characters in this series -- Jenna and her dashing fiance Rhett; best friend Bailey and her reporter husband Tito (whose first baby is due any day); Jenna's colorful Aunt Vera, with her side gig as a fortune teller; chef Katie and her delicious creations; town mayor and realtor extraordinaire Z.Z.; and the various supporting characters who weave in and out among them. Fathers and their influence on the lives of several characters, including Jenna's dad, Cary, are a recurring theme in the book, and Jenna, as narrator, comments on this herself. I liked this added aspect -- the story does a great job, as this series always does, of balancing humor, drama and pathos. I especially loved that Katie and husband Keller learn that they'll be adopting a baby girl -- a topic close to my heart, having adopted my own daughter as a baby! I enjoyed both the resolution of the murder and the wrap-up of the story. As always, I was sorry to see this visit to Crystal Cove come to an end. I'm looking forward to the next book; I'm guessing it will revolve around Jenna's and Rhett's wedding! My only complaint is that no recipes were included since I received an advanced reading copy of the book, for which I agreed to provide an honest review. But that's a minor nit. Great book, great series!
Biszemom More than 1 year ago
You’re going to want to make sure that you have pen and paper handy as you read the latest Cookbook Nook Mystery by Daryl Wood Gerber entitled “Sifting Through Clues”. There are wonderful books and cookbooks listed throughout that you are going to want to take note of! This is in addition to being presented with a wonderfully-written and well-paced cozy mystery. Daryl Wood Gerber continues her tradition of providing us with descriptive mysteries that make you feel like you are part of the action that takes place in Crystal Cove, California. All of your favorite characters are back, and Jenna, the owner of the Cookbook Nook, once again stumbles upon the murder victim, this time as a progressive dinner is taking place for the Mystery Maven’s book club. There are twists and turns throughout the plot as Jenna searches thru the clues to find out who the murderer is. Along the way, you’ll be entertained by the cast of eclectic characters and Jenna’s current life challenges. A five star book in my opinion!
Debbie_Wiley More than 1 year ago
Crystal Cove is celebrating Book Club Bonanza and the Cookbook Nook is geared up and ready to participate. One of the planned festivities involves one of the book clubs traveling to various homes to eat and discuss the mystery the members are reading. Jenna Hart, co-owner of the Cookbook Nook, can’t wait to participate, but unfortunately things go seriously wrong when one of the hosts is found dead in her home during the event. Worse yet, one of the prime suspects is the chief of police’s mother, Pepper Pritchett. Can Jenna help exonerate Pepper without destroying her relationship with her police chief daughter, Cinnamon? SIFTING THROUGH THE CLUES is the eighth book in the Cookbook Nook mystery series and can be read as a standalone story. Daryl Wood Gerber helpfully provides a quick cast of characters at the beginning of the book so that new readers can quickly jump into the series and enjoy the story. I have to admit that I can’t imagine reading one book in the Cookbook Nook series and not wanting to read them all! While I love the entire Cookbook Nook series, SIFTING THROUGH THE CLUES is probably my favorite book yet. Daryl Wood Gerber’s inclusion of the book club theme meant we had plenty of mentions of books other than just the usual intriguing cookbook references. In fact, I’ve added several of the cookbooks to my list to buy as a result! And oh, I love how Daryl Wood Gerber worked in references to her two other series and I can’t wait to hear all about Jenna and Rhett’s visit to Maison Rousseau! SIFTING THROUGH CLUES is another fun and engaging mystery series from the talented Daryl Wood Gerber. Not only will culinary mystery fans delight in this entertaining story, but I suspect book lovers everywhere will appreciate the numerous book references that are a centerpiece of the tale. Highly recommended!
Miccox99 More than 1 year ago
A great book with very intriguing and interesting characters. I really must go back and read the entire series as this book is the eight in the series and I want to get to know the characters even better. When one of the shop owners is murdered, other shop owners start looking at each other as the possible villain. The gals at the Cookbook Nook, a shop I would love to visit, decide they have to find out who before chaos ensues! The story was well written and plotted in a manner that had me staying up late turning pages to find out who did it! While I did enjoy the book very much and don't feel that I was lost by not reading the previous book, I do want to go back and read any others in the series that I missed so I can spend more time with the characters while I wait for the author to write another book for the series!
BookMomof3 More than 1 year ago
Sifting Through The Clues is the 8th book in Daryl Wood Garber's charming Cookbook Nook Mystery series. I always suggest starting with the first book in a series, however, this book can definitely be read and enjoyed as a stand alone. I really enjoyed this book, I was engaged from the first page , I had plenty of suspects to choose from so I didn't figure out " who dunnit" by the middle of the book, plenty of twists and turns , so when I did think I had it figured out, I had to think again. I loved that there are multiple stories going on. Some of my favorite things : The setting: Jenna's store, The Cookbook Nook, A store full of cookbooks and food related items? that's a store Id love to go to! The book club: The women are getting ready for a movable feast for their book club to discuss a book from the very popular cozy mystery "diva series" ( love the nod to her fellow cozy mystery author here) Can't wait to see what's in store for Jenna and the gang in Crystal Cove in the future! Highly recommend this one for those that love culinary and cozy's. I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book .. all thoughts expressed are my own.
Mandums More than 1 year ago
Everything that is wonderful about a cozy mystery can be found in the latest Cookbook Nook installment. Though this is the eighth in a series, it could easily be read as a stand-alone book, which speaks volumes about the author's ability to weave a charming tale. When a member of the Mystery Mavens book club is found murdered, there is no shortage of suspects. Though the local police, lead by Cinnamon Pritchett, are doing their best, Jenna can't help hearing the talk around town and starts conducting her own investigation. As more secrets are uncovered and the stakes get higher, Jenna must figure out this clever whodunit before it's too late. Filled with a cast of quirky characters, picturesque settings, and mouthwatering food (recipes included!), Sifting Through Clues will have you tearing through the pages like you haven't eaten -- I mean, READ -- in days!!
KrisAnderson_TAR More than 1 year ago
Sifting through Clues is the eighth delightful installment in A Cookbook Nook Mystery series. It can be read as a standalone, but why would you not want to read to. I recommend reading all the books in this charming culinary mystery series. I thought Sifting through Clues was well-written and it progresses at a steady clip. The author provides descriptions that allowed me to visualize the characters, their shops and the tourist friendly town (I would love to visit this town). The characters are friendly and developed. There is also a quirky character or two (like Aunt Vera) which is guaranteed to provide humor. Tigger, Jenna’s cat, is back with his feline antics and to provide cuddles when needed. I like that the author provides a cast of characters at the beginning of the book which helped to refresh my memory. There is plenty going on in our characters lives. Bailey is expecting her first baby, Tina is having boyfriend trouble, Cinnamon’s father whom she has never met has come to town, Crusibella wants to buy Ivy’s shop, Pepper is having trust issues regarding her male suitor, the town is flooded with tourists for the Book Club bonanza plus Jenna and Rhett cannot decide on a wedding date or venue (I told you it was busy). I enjoyed the references to cookbooks and other cozy mysteries. I had to laugh when Jenna noticed To Brie or Not to Brie (by our esteemed author) in the window of the local cheese shop. I liked the unique mystery. It starts with a rose quartz crystal sticking out of the victim’s chest. There are other items with unique symbolism (you will have to read the book to find out more). It was interesting to learn about crystals and what they represent. There are good clues to aid readers in solving the crime plus a red herring or two and plenty of suspects. Jenna wore some book themed t-shirts with cute sayings on them. Two of my favorites were “Good things come to those who read” and “There is no friend as loyal as a book”. There are recipes at the end of the book for the tasty sweet and savory items featured (Katie created some sumptuous offerings for the Nook Café). I look forward to the next A Cookbook Nook Mystery to learn if Jenna and Rhett pick a wedding venue (great opportunity for an out of town mystery). Sifting through Clues is one of those books that you want to read quickly to find out what happens, but you also do not want it to end.
rgp1950 20 days ago
Sifting Through the Clues: I really enjoyed this book. There are plenty of plausible suspects which keep the reader guessing. My favorite books are the ones that don’t give away the perpetrator until the last couple chapters of the book, and this is one of them. I also liked the mini-mysteries that were sprinkled in. The characters were realistic which helped you to feel as though you were walking right along side of them. This was definitely a book one gets caught up in reading.
LibbyMcKinmer More than 1 year ago
During Crystal Cove’s Book Club Bonanza, there are book clubs from all over in town to participate in the events. Everyone is having a great time and businesses are booming. Jenna Hart, local businesswoman, is looking forward to the week’s events, but maybe most of all to her local Mystery Mavens’ travelling dinner. The plan is to enjoy some culinary treats and discuss their latest book club mystery. But when one of the participants, the final stop of the evening, is found dead, there are plenty of suspects, including Jenna’s friend Pepper, whose daughter happens to be the chief of the Crystal Cove police department. Jenna decides she must step in and help clear her friend! This was a good read with no dearth of culprits, any of whom could be the murderer. The author kindly provided a Cast of Characters for the Crystal Cove citizenry, which was a helpful reminder on occasion!
neptune75 More than 1 year ago
I like how the author develops the characters so that they are mare than one dimensional. You can can get a feeling of a real person and make a connection with them in the book. This makes it more fun to read the book. The book has a wide cast of characters that all contribute to the story. Jenna is drawn in to help her friend Pepper who is under suspicion for the murder of Ivy, owner of a crystal shop. The murder occurred during a progressive dinner, and several people were seen nearby beforehand. Can Jenna figure it out before her friend is accused? I felt that the killer was actually not very surprising and that there were clues given throughout the book that helped to determine the ending.
MeezCarrie More than 1 year ago
This is the first Cookbook Nook mystery that I’ve read, and I love the concept of a bookstore that caters to cookbooks and culinary fiction. Add the Nook Cafe next door, and I wish the shops were real! In fact, I have some suggestions for books that need to be stocked… but that’s for another post. For starters, I really like the heroine Jenna. She has a good head on her shoulders and a kind heart. She’s a loyal friend, and she has a witty and compassionate spirit while also being tenacious and strong. And she does at least try to notify the police chief when new info pops up… Her sleuthing is smart and insightful, and it flows naturally with her character and the pace of the story. The friends and family that make up her circle are a combination of quirky, witty, sweet and sassy, and the myriad of their own ‘life issues’ keep the storyline layered and the mystery full of suspects & potential motives – all of which keeps readers reading until the end. There is a bit of stopping the story for recipes or (what I feel is) overly detailed explanations of books or decorations, etc. While that is sort-of par for the course for a cozy mystery, this does bog down a book for me. I’d rather all of that superfluous stuff just be tacked on at the end where the recipes are anyway. I also didn’t care for the tarot card & crystal stuff, but once I sift through all of that, the story itself is entertaining and well-plotted. As with one of the books Jenna mentions in the book club, I was pretty sure I knew whodunit but I couldn’t figure out the whydunit. Story progression helped me put together a rough mental sketch of theories but I wasn’t 100% sure until the big reveal. Bottom Line: Set in a quaint town full of eclectic characters with secrets to hide and personal drama to overcome, Sifting Through Clues will tantalize readers with yummy recipes and a list of books they will be adding to their TBR lists. They will root for Jenna as she balances running a successful specialty bookstore & cafe, a very pregnant best friend, a swoony fiance, a host of troubled friends, and a mystery she just can’t stay out of. While this is the 8th book in a series, it also works very well as a standalone novel. As an added bonus, I loved the nods to the author’s other series tucked into the story! (I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I like this series but there are missing pieces including the punch line of a joke! There are other errors with continuity and identifying speakers. Annoying and disappointing as the writing is otherwise good.
TarynLee More than 1 year ago
Book Bonanza week has come to Crystal Cove and book clubs have come from all over. Jenna has brought in some wonderful new cookbooks that are sure to fly off the shelves. Jenna is so looking forward to meeting with the other members of the book club she is a part of to discuss their most recent read. What could be better than a night of food, friends, and a lovely book to talk about. The Mystery Maven's are doing a movable feast between three homes and as they enter the last Jenna and another member come across the body of the homeowner and fellow reader. Who could have killed her and why is the question that everyone is asking. Jenna starts to worry when all the evidence points to friend Pepper, and her daughter, the police chief, is looking at her as a suspect. Would a daughter truly arrest her mother? Jenna doesn't want that to happen so she is determined to do all the investigating that she can to clear Peppers name and find the true murderer. Jenna soon learns that the victim had quite a few enemies, she liked to spread gossip about others and none of it was ever nice. How did she learn so much about about other people and why spread so much hate? With all that is going on will she be able to sift through all the suspects and give the police chief a better alternative than her own mother. Follow along as Jenna does her best to bring the true killer to light and keep her friend Pepper out of jail. This is such a wonderful series filled with a fabulous cast of characters, a mystery that is always worth solving and recipes that you will want to try. I look forward to seeing where the author takes the characters next and to also seeing what cookbooks are added to the mix.
Dollycas More than 1 year ago
Dollycas’s Thoughts We return to Crystal Cove, California just in time for Book Club Bonanza Week sponsored by the library. It is an event that has brought in many tourists and the Cookbook Nook has stocked up and planned a few events. Jenna’s book club, the Mystery Mavens is hosting a progressive dinner while discussing this month’s book, each course being hosted at a different member’s house. The final host seems to have received her “just desserts”. She is found dead as her guests arrive. The deceased, Ivy Beale owned Dreamcatcher, a crystal shop, focused on their healing properties. All the evidence seems to point at the owner of Beaders of Paradise, Pepper Pritchett, Jenna’s friend and mother of Chief of Police, Cinnamon. Everyone knows Chief Cinnamon is too close to the case but she refuses to step aside, even when an unexpected visitor enters her life. Jenna finds herself Sifting Through Clues to get to the truth to make sure the real killer is booked! The author brings readers another terrific mystery! This time her focus is on book clubs is a real treat. Because of that, we are introduced to several new characters. We also meet someone from Cinnamon’s past which adds another interesting dimension to the story. These characters all mesh with our returning favorites to create a story I had a hard time putting down. All the core characters have evolved in this series. Jenna’s friend Bailey is getting so excited for her little bundle to be born and I loved the decor she has planned for the nursery. Bailey always makes me smile. After Jenna, she has become my favorite. The fact that Pepper and Jenna are now friends shows so much growth. They have come a long way. Jenna’s relationship with Cinnamon though is pretty rocky. I know she doesn’t want Jenna involved in her investigation but I would think this time she would be happy for Jenna’s help. The mystery portions of the story were so intriguing, I mean the chief of police’s mother as the prime suspect! Twists, turns, red herrings, this story had them all. So well written and well plotted out. A truly exciting email element added to the drama. I urge to plan accordingly because had I been able to keep my eyes open I would have finished the book all in one sitting. As with all the books in this series, the recipes had my mouth watering and all the references to cozy mysteries and cookbooks are always appreciated.
cresotko More than 1 year ago
How could Book Club Week be dangerous? Jenna Hart finds out the hard way. Sifting Through Clues is the 8th book in the Cookbook Nook Mystery series by Daryl Wood Gerber. Crystal Cove's latest theme week is Book Club Week, and it is going swimmingly. The library has a fantastic tent, all the stores have book themed window displays, and all the book stores are hopping. It is great, until Jenna and her fellow book club friends find one of their members dead during their progressive dinner. As usual, Daryl writes a tightly plotted book. There are lots of choices for the murderer, and some you find yourself taking off the suspect list only to put them back on it. She does a great job keeping you guessing. Jenna and her friends are charming as always. It is fun to see them grow and change as things progress in their lives. I do feel like I mostly see them on some of their worst days, but their worst days are really intriguing. Overall, it is a great addition to the series. The little hints about one of her other series are nice and subtle, and I now have a list of other books (cookbook and otherwise) that I need to go look up and read. All opinions are my own.
BeagleGirl123 More than 1 year ago
It's Book Club Bonanza Week in Crystal Cove, California (I really wish this was a real place - I love all the theme weeks!), and when a fellow shop owner, Pepper (Cinnamon's mom), is a suspect in the murder of a book club member, Cookbook Nook owner Jenna Hart must do everything she can to help find the true murderer and clear her name. Jenna's best friend Bailey is VERY pregnant, and Jenna and Rhett are planning their wedding (and in a lovely crossover they're thinking about having the big event as Mimi Rousseau's place in Napa Valley!), so Jenna needs to get this case solved quickly! Loved it! A+
Carstairs38 More than 1 year ago
Spring has sprung in Crystal Cove, and the town is celebrating all things book club. Clubs from neighboring towns have come to advertise their clubs and Jenna Hart is letting the Cookbook Nook be used to host some of the book discussions happening during the week. But she’s most excited about the progressive dinner that her own book club, the Mystery Mavens, is planning for Saturday night. However, the night ends in tragedy when they arrive at their last stop and find their final hostess, Ivy Beale, dead on her kitchen floor. Ivy had a reputation of knowing everyone’s secrets, and Jenna had seen her clashing with several people in town recently. Was that what got her killed? One thing I love about the series is the different themes that author Daryl Wood Gerber works in via the town’s events, and book clubs is one that will appeal to all readers. The mystery is strong, with some unusual elements that Jenna must figure out in order to solve the case. I felt the suspects are good and kept me guessing as I went along. The climax was a lot of fun and perfectly wrapped things up. There is a large cast of characters, and I love spending time with them. However, at times it can be hard to remember all the connections, so I was thankful for the list of characters at the beginning of the book. My biggest issue is the relationship between Jenna and Cinnamon Pritchett, the chief of police. They are supposed to be good friends, but I don’t see it based on their interactions here. I get why Cinnamon behaves the way she does, but we need to see more of the friendship between them. We got over a dozen recipes at the end, some sweet and some savory, and many of them give us regular and gluten free versions. Fans of Daryl’s other series will enjoy the Easter eggs she slipped into this book; I know I did.
chefdt More than 1 year ago
Sifting Through Clues in the eighth book in The Cookbook Nook Mysteries. There is always something going on in Crystal Cove to entertain the residents and attack tourist to delightful little community. This time it is the Book Club Bonanza, where various book clubs from all over, plus the clubs located in Crystal Cove will gather, with the local library benefiting from the crowds expected. Jenna belongs to The Mystery Mavens book club is planning on touring to members houses where they will discuss various books and enjoy foods prepared by the owners of the various houses. The last house on Mavens tour is that of Ivy Beale and when they arrive Ivy doesn’t answer the door. Jenna thinks that she might have gotten held up somewhere, so they go ahead and enter the house. Jenna decides to go into the kitchen and start bringing out the desserts that had been prepared. But as she enters the kitchen she finds the body on the floor. There is no shortage of suspects, but the one that is considered the prime suspects is the mother of the police chief Cinnamon Pritchett, Pepper. Pepper is the last person that Jenna thinks is guilty of murder, but Jenna is determined to prove her innocence. It’s going to a difficult job as Pepper refuses to help Jenna to prove her innocent. Cinnamon and Jenna are friends, except when it comes to the investigation of police matters and she doesn’t want to hear of Jenna theories. This another well-written and plotted story from Wood. Many of the characters are back once again and some interesting new characters are introduced in this book. Delicious sounding recipes are included with the book. I will be watching for the next book in this tasteful series.
Abby-F More than 1 year ago
The book is set up where you could easily read it as a standalone; however, because of the considerable amount of character growth, I would recommend reading earlier installments in the series first. Speaking of character growth, wow! The story is jam-packed with character development. If you're a long time reader of this series, you will love all of the changes. While their lives are progressing, the main aspects of the characters are remaining the same. This adds an incredible amount of realism. Nobody like a stagnant character. Character evolution is what keeps things interesting and keeps you coming back again and again. Jenna's best friend Bailey is expecting a baby. Seeing her interactions with Jenna, her mom, and the rest of the crew is something I thoroughly enjoyed. I look forward to seeing her navigate through motherhood in future books. All of the cookbook titles sprinkled throughout the book are icing on the cake! They contribute to the cookbook theme and help to tie it all together. You'll want to keep a pen handy while you read! I always enjoy the themed events taking place in Crystal Cove and the Book Club Bonanza week was no exception. The whole town participates and each store does something to coincide with the theme. It's a lot of fun to witness through the character's eyes. The mystery had several layers and kept my mind engaged. There was a fair number of viable suspects; I attempted to puzzle it out right along with Jenna. I also liked that each suspect had a completely different motive. It was a complete conundrum as to why the character was killed in the first place which added to the mystery. I received a free copy of this book. I am voluntarily leaving a review. All thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own.
Nancy0708 More than 1 year ago
The tourist town of Crystal Cove always has something fun going on from a Renaissance Fair to Pirate Week and now it is a Book Club Bonanza Week. Unfortunately it kicks off with the murder of a local gossip whose body was staged in a ritualistic manner involving quartz, stones and even a bonsai tree. When culinary bookshop owner Jenna Hart becomes involved she finds that is not the only disturbing thing happening in Crystal Cove. I love the setting of this series. Each time I read a new one I wish the town was real so I could go visit. The town is constantly celebrating different themes to excite and entertain tourists. Also, we get to know a lot of interesting characters in this series that continue to develop from book to book. If you want to know what happened at the Renaissance Fair or during Pirate Week check out some of the earlier stories in the Cookbook Nook Mystery series. You will enjoy learning more about the Crystal Cove residents.
Marshathereader More than 1 year ago
Sifting Through Clues is book eight of the Cookbook Nook Series by Daryl Wood Gerber, Though it is book 8, it can be read as a stand alone as there is enough back story through out that you will be caught up. Having read all of the series, you will want to read them all. The owner of the Cookbook Nook is the protagonist, Jenna, and she is looking forward to the evening as The Mystery Mavens are having a moveable feast. On one of the stops, she finds one of the Mavens and a shop owner, dead in her kitchen. When a friend, another shop owner, is the prime suspect, Jenna is again on the search for a murderer. You have plenty of twists and turns that have you guessing until the end. You have a great setting, Crystal Cove, California, lovable characters, friendship, romance, and even some humor. I was given an ARC by Netgalley for an honest review.
dmhalvers More than 1 year ago
Sifting Through the Clues is the eighth addition to the fantastically cozy Cookbook Nook series by Daryl Wood Gerber. The story begins as Jenna and her book club friends are excited to be discussing their current book by traveling to four of the members’ homes to discuss the book at each while eating a different course provided at each stop. At their fourth and final stop, however, Jenna finds their host dead on the floor! The initial clues point to Pepper, Jenna’s friend and fellow business owner as the killer, but Jenna does not believe Pepper could ever kill anyone and wants to help prove her innocence. Yet, Cinnamon, the town sheriff and Pepper’s daughter, tells Jenna to stay out of the investigation by letting the police figure things out. Riiiiiight, like that’s going to happen...we all know that our fearless and innately curious Jenna is going to stop at nothing to sort through the suspects and their secrets in order to prevent her friend from going to prison for a crime she did not commit! So many twists, turns, surprises, and red herrings throughout this book, and I was genuinely surprised when the real killer was exposed. To read any book by Daryl Wood Gerber is like reconnecting with old friends because the characters are so relatable, and Sifting Through the Clues is no exception. The relationships Jenna shares with her friends and family are realistic and engaging, and I love the way I feel connected to all of them through Ms Wood Gerber’s writing in this series. Also, the charming setting of this series, the fictitious small town of Crystal Cove, California, sounds like just the perfect spot for a weekend getaway...if only it were a real place! Can't wait to go back there in the next book of this fabulous series! I volunteered to review an ARC of this book thru NetGalley, and all thoughts and opinions are my own.
CozyUpWithKathy More than 1 year ago
a character driven mystery that highlights books and food with a dash of murder SIFTING THROUGH CLUES by Daryl Wood Gerber The Eighth Cookbook Nook Mystery Jenna Hart is preparing the Cookbook Nook for yet another festival, this time a celebration of book clubs. The key event for Jenna's club is a progressive dinner where members move from house to house eating and discussing their book of choice. Their final stop brings the fun to a dead end...literally. Ivy, the woman who seemed to know everyone's secrets, is lying dead on her kitchen floor, stabbed with a piece of rose quartz. Now Jenna's looking for a killer while watching over her very pregnant best friend and planning her own upcoming nuptials. How things have changed! When we first met Pepper seven books ago she was an angry, nasty woman who despised Jenna. Now, not only are they friends, but Jenna knows she's incapable of murder. No matter how guilty she appears, Jenna will hunt for the truth in order to protect her. It's this evolution of character that keeps me coming back to Crystal Cove, that and the food, as well as the mystery. It may not be Father's Day, but this eighth Cookbook Nook Mystery brings a lot of dads to the scene, including Pepper's ex-husband. Are fathers stepping up to the plate, or are their motives more unsavory? I enjoyed the metaphysical aspects found here, from Aunt Vera's tarot readings to the offerings of Ivy's store, Dreamcatcher. I especially loved the significance of the crystals and their part in the story. SIFTING THROUGH CLUES is a character driven mystery that highlights books and food with a dash of murder in a cozy Californian community. FTC Disclosure – The publisher sent me a digital ARC provided through NetGalley, in the hopes I would review it.
ethel55 More than 1 year ago
Crystal Cove is the site of yet another great tourism idea, the Book Club Bonanza, which is perfect for Jenna Hart’s Cookbook Nook store. Fisherman’s Village houses many such unique shops and the setting for this series continues to whet my appetite for travel to Northern California! A progressive dinner, which seems to be hosted among both friends and frenemies ends with the discovery of a body at one of the stops. Jenna is encouraged by many to stick her nose into this, especially since a friend is a likely suspect. Her chief of police friend Cinnamon goes back and forth on how much ‘help’ she wants from her, but Jenna manages to uncover many viable suspects. It took me a long time to figure out who the culprit was, similar to Jenna. There’s a lot going on in Crystal Cove and it is a great way to spend some reading time.