Singled Out

Singled Out

by Trisha Ashley
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Singled Out by Trisha Ashley

Cassandra Leigh has a long-term lover who is handsome, charismatic, sophisticated--and married. Now Max has abandoned Cass and taken his wife off to America, leaving Cass all alone in her damp little cottage.

Cass always dreamed that one day she and Max would be married and have children, but now she is waking up to reality. Not only is the prince missing, there isn't even a half-way decent frog in the vicinity.

Meanwhile, Jason, one of her oldest friends, has developed a worrying crush on her--she's also had an encounter of a closer kind than she bargained for with Dante Chase, the new owner of the U.K.'s most ghost-infested manor house, a man even more haunted by his past than Cass is by hers.

Now, the vicar wants to sell Cass off to the highest bidder at the local charity slave auction, and Max, Jason and Dante are each determined to bid for her. And somehow Cass knows that they're all after more than a little light dusting . . .

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ISBN-13: 9781466838901
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Publication date: 08/25/2004
Sold by: Macmillan
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 256
Sales rank: 454,423
File size: 341 KB

About the Author

Trisha Ashley was born in Lancashire, England, and has had a variety of jobs, including working for a stained glass maker and a plumber. She has reluctantly decided to give up her fascinating but time-consuming hobbies of getting divorced and moving and has settled down in North Wales.

Trisha Ashley is now a full-time novelist, but she has been known to work for stained glass makers and/or plumbers. She likes to paint, eat, drink, and read literary biographies. Her previous hobbies included getting divorced and packing to move. She claims to have once actually eaten Bronte burgers at the Branwell café, but her publisher declines to verify this. Her books include Every Woman for Herself and Singled Out. She lives in North Wales.

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Singled Out 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
this book was very good and entertaining, i couldn't put it down. although i'm a college student and couldn't relate to the age thing, i still thought that the book was great. the characters were really developed and the book was well written. definitely check it out!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Cassandra 'Cass' Leigh is a famous horror writer. Writing horror novels is a way to purge herself of past demons that still haunt her nightmares. Nightmares that are courtesy of her parents' idea of punishment, being locked up under cupboards for hours on end. She has a long-term lover, who is married, named Max. Max has left Cass in the U.K. and taken his wife off to America for about a year, leaving Cass all alone. Cass has always thought Max and she would eventually marry, have children, and grow old together. Now she realizes that it's never going to happen. Being in her mid-forties, it is probably too late for her to even get pregnant. ................................ Jason, her long time friend, has developed a crush on her, due to the Vampirella costume she wears while she does crypt-o-grams (singing telegrams). He has told Cass in no uncertain terms that he would GLADLY let her use him to get pregnant! At the same time, Dante Chase, the new owner of the U.K.'s most ghost-infested manor house, Kedge Hall, has caught her attention. Now, THERE is a man even more haunted by his past than SHE is! ............................. Every year the vicar has a slave auction that Cass volunteers for. The public bids on the volunteers, and once their indentured servant is purchased, the winner has a slave for one day to do chores for them. (Nothing kinky.) Max, Jason, and Dante are each determined to bid for her. And Cass somehow knows that they are all after more than a little light dusting or palm reading. Oh, did I forget to mention about Cass's little talent? If she touches someone she can feel their emotions, sort of an empathy talent. ............................ Through it all is her crazy family. Her father calls often and leaves long rants on her machine calling her the spawn of satan and preaching brimstone. Her mother won't speak with her. One of her brothers climbs rocks for fun. The other brother is always stoned, and is quite a character through this whole book, and her 'sweet' sister, Jane, is anything but. ............................... ***** This book will have you chuckling out loud as you read. Never a dull moment in this novel. And I could not help but L-O-V-E Cass. She is a riot and so easy going. If the author of this little gem, Trisha Ashley, ever decides to give up Contemporary, she could go into horror! Cass is always daydreaming scenes for whatever horror novel she is currently writing. I found myself as fascinated with Cass's writing as I was with Cass herself! Author Trisha Ashley is an author to watch as she buds out with all her talents. Count me in as one of her new adoring fans. Highly recommended reading here! *****
harstan More than 1 year ago
Popular horror writer Cass Leigh believes that her personal life is an even bigger horror tale than her novels. For about two decades Cass had an affair with a married professor; she always dreamed that one day she would be his spouse instead of the other woman and raise children with him. Instead Max has crossed the Atlantic to America with his wife at is side leaving the middle aged Cass with regrets and sorrows. Already feeling like her poetry writing sister, two brothers, and her parents are right that she is the devil¿s offspring or at least his ¿Twisted Sister¿; matters become worse as men insist on new roles in her life. Her long term pal Jason suddenly desires her and Dante¿s past makes her past look like heaven. Finally, even the village vicar wants Cass as he wants to matchmake the former mistress to the highest bidder at a charity slave auction in which Max sans spouse competes with salivating Jason and brooding Dante for Cass.---- This engaging chick lit tale subtly pays homage to Jane Austen while offering a solid amusing contemporary story that chick lit fans will appreciate. Cass is the center of the novel as all relationships come and go with her whether it is her lover, her family, or the other men in her life. Trisha Ashley makes her champion a full person who wonders when and how life had begun passing her by. The rest of the cast provides support but pale in comparison to the incomparable Cass.---- Harriet Klausner