Six Pixels of Separation: Everyone Is Connected. Connect Your Business to Everyone.

Six Pixels of Separation: Everyone Is Connected. Connect Your Business to Everyone.

by Mitch Joel


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ISBN-13: 9780446548229
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Publication date: 10/12/2010
Pages: 288
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Mitch Joel is President of Twist Image , an award-winning Digital Marketing and Communications agency. In 2008, Mitch was named Canada's Most Influential Male in Social Media, one of the top 100 online marketers in the world, and was awarded the highly-prestigious Canada's Top 40 Under 40.

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Six Pixels of Separation: Everyone Is Connected. Connect Your Business to Everyone 3.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 20 reviews.
EricUngs More than 1 year ago
Mitch Joels' blog, Six Pixels of Separation, is a blog where I make a daily effort to make sure to read or listen to his latest posts. He has such an insightful mind and the conversations that derive from it are extremely interesting, and quite humorous. Through my interaction with his blog it made my reading experience that much more exciting. He is a journalists at heart who now lives in the advertising/marketing world. His book takes a look at how your business (entrepreneur, small, medium, or large), or personal brand can capitalize using free online tools. Through social networks, blogging, bookmarks, RSS, etc. allows brands to create a community around their product or industry. He stresses the importance of humanizing your online presence by engaging and interacting in the conversation. Being authentic, trustworthy, and allowing for your customer to absorb something of value closes that gap between you and your customer through a much more intimate connection. Monitoring your brand's presence is as important as engaging. Being able to take a negative comment and reach out in a timely manner with utmost sincerity for their experience, will allow your brand to gain respect and trust. I'd definitely recommend this book to any business owner, entrepreneur, one building their personal brand, or any marketer who wants to better understand this space and it's channels. The structure, the voice that's portrayed and the use of real world examples puts this read at the top of my SM and business book lists. As you read this book ideas will begin to flow on how to improve your brand's online presence.
Squarepegcoach More than 1 year ago
Usually for me, there is one book that I read each year that I would say to anyone "It's a must read" - for 2009 this is THE book. With some books I buy they are hard to pick up again - with Six Pixels of Separation I found it hard to put down - in face I have started to already read it again! This book will go on my list of resources that I expect every client to read and implement as part of their personal branding development. Mitch Joel of Twist Image has written a book on the importance of online brand building and digital marketing that should appeal to every business owner and marketer, because there are tips, resources and tools that we all can use. But it goes beyond just being for the service professional or entrepreneur, much of what Mitch talks about can be easily translated to anyone looking to manage their personal brands in a digital age. What I particularly enjoyed was Mitch's writing style and layout of the book. An ex-journalist can be as much a curse as a blessing, but Mitch has been blogging and podcasting for over 5 years. The content and value that he provides almost daily in those mediums has transferred so well in to the book and he has interspersed this with real life examples of his own learnings (he admits he has not done it all correctly) and also has many insights in to the way that others have built and developed their brands. Bottom line is that if you are not involved in social media, web 2.0 or any other 'new form' of connecting then Mitch almost pleads that you have to be - no question, no excuses, no option. He makes strong cases for even the smallest of business to be there and benefit from their involvement, with a very heavy emphasis that it's not about marketing and advertising, but collaborating and connecting with your customer and potential customers. Do not put this book on a 'one day I will read this' or buy it and then add to the pile by your bedside. Put all those other books, articles, magazines etc you are reading to one side and invest your time in a book that will shift your thinking, challenge your beliefs and cause you to take action not out of fear of missing out or being too late but out of excitement for the opportunity and the sheer fun of it all. As the title says - "Everyone is Connected, Connect Your Business to Everyone"
GShuk on LibraryThing 21 days ago
Another great evangelistic book on social media. Many of the books on this topic overlap. That said this one includes many useful links and the ideas are presented very well. This book gets the creative juices flowing.
librarythingaliba on LibraryThing 21 days ago
This was interesting. It is primarily aimed at the entrepreneurial class of business owners / management, although I was able to extract lessons for both larger more established enterprises as well as my personal branding adventure. Took lots of notes :-)
AJBraithwaite on LibraryThing 21 days ago
I didn't learn a huge amount from this book, although I found myself nodding a lot as I read. It articulated a lot of thoughts that I shared, even though I might not have formulated them clearly in my mind before. I think the biggest value of the book might be as a means of helping to convince a reluctant manager of the value of engaging in social media. With me, it was preaching to the converted. I'd be interested to see the reaction of a social media cynic to it - I'm not convinced that the arguments for engagement were strong enough to turn a non-believer around.Although it is aimed at businesses, I would say that people working in non-profit sectors could also gain something from this book, if they're not already very familiar with the subject matter.There was a lot of 'me, me, me' in it. I know the guy was talking about personal branding and the importance of getting your name out there, but his name (and that of his company) appeared so often in the text that I began to get irritated. Isn't having them on the cover enough?
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I would be interested in joining
CommProf More than 1 year ago
I used this book as one of the required texts in my social media course. Joel's writing style is engaging enough to get college students to not only read the material when it's assigned, but also to read ahead and to engage in a lively discussion about each chapter. Joel illustrates through many examples how social media are focused on promoting community, not radical individuality. He also spends a great deal of time offering frank advice to the reader about what is really at stake when one ventures into the Web 2.0 world. My students and I agreed that the book's primary strength is its ability to debunk myths about what social media use can accomplish for the user. Personally, I consider this book one of the best investments of time and money that I made in twenty years of teaching at the college level.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
RolfDobelli More than 1 year ago
Columnist Arianna Huffington was once just another ink-stained scribe. Then, in 2005, she launched her liberal blog, The Huffington Post - which, by 2008, was valued at $100 million. A miraculous transformation? Not really. On the web, Huffington's story is not that unusual. Many writers, artists, businesspeople and specialists have used online social networks, blogs and other internet tools to develop profitable personal brands. To learn how, read web-marketing expert Mitch Joel's eminently savvy book. He discusses the "myriad digital channels and free publishing tools" you can use online to promote yourself, your personal brand and your business. When online publishers act with energy and verve, Joel says, they can quickly build interest and influence. This author stresses that "content is king" and, accordingly, his book has superb content. getAbstract recommends it to CEOs, budding or established entrepreneurs and others who want to leverage the amazing connectivity of the internet.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Brien_Convery More than 1 year ago
The IBM Competitive Edge Book Club, open to all Sales, Marketing, and Communication professionals at IBM, voted and selected "Six Pixels of Separation" as the Q1 2010 book selection. Overall feedback from the members was great. In the feedback from the members, we ask them the question - "What will you do differently in your job since your study of this book?" Some of the replies directly from the members included: - "I am in Business Development and spend a ton of time in these areas - I will use some of his tips and techniques and favorite places to go - VERY relevant to me and my job." - "Dive in and start to use some of the tools available in this space." - "Ensure work related social networking is part of working model." - "Pay more attention to work related social networking efforts....and set aside time to devote to social networking." - "More aggressively work to convince my clients the reality of this new paradigm." I would like to personally thank Mitch for being apart of the IBM Competitive Edge Book Club experience and for creating a book that is clearly written with his "human voice." Best Regards, Brien Convery IBM Global Workforce Partner and Competitive Edge Book Club Leader
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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