Sonny Umpad's Eskrima: The Life and Teachings of a Filipino Martial Arts Master

Sonny Umpad's Eskrima: The Life and Teachings of a Filipino Martial Arts Master

by George M. Yore


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ISBN-13: 9781583945025
Publisher: North Atlantic Books
Publication date: 11/06/2012
Pages: 240
Product dimensions: 7.10(w) x 9.30(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

George M. Yore has studied martial arts for over forty years and holds instructor ranks in both Kenpo karate and Visayan Style Corto Kadena & Larga Mano Eskrima. He trained in the system of Visayan Eskrima under its founder, Maestro Santiago "Sonny" Umpad, and received official Guro status directly from him. An exercise physiologist by profession, Yore lives in Oakland, California.

Table of Contents

Foreword Chris M. Suboreau xiii

Foreword Keenan Williams xvii

Author's Preface xix

Part I History and Evolution 1

1 At Home in Cebu 3

The Forging of an Eskrimador 4

The Dark Side 7

2 The Move to America 11

A Martial Arts Smelting Pot 12

Hidden in Plain Sight 16

3 The Founding of the System 19

In Honor of His Heritage 20

Sonny's Only Book 23

Genuine Friendships 24

4 The Generational Divisions of the Art 25

The Initial Phase: 1976-1988 25

The Second Phase: 1988-1996 29

The Third Phase: 1996-2006 33

5 The Territory Ahead 37

Part II Lessons through Oral History 41

6 Recollections of a Virtuoso Mike Braten 43

7 The Decuerdas and the Dark Side Steven K. Magness 49

8 The Amulet Carlino Ruiz 61

9 Like a Priest Chris M. Suboreau 71

10 Benefactor from an Ancient Past Steven Van Manen 93

11 My Time with Maestro Sonny Umpad Wade Williams 103

12 The Teacher's Sage George M. Yore 109

Part III Elements of the System 129

13 The Seventeen Strikes and Anatomical Reference Targets of Visayan-Style Eskrima 131

14 Expressions of Solo Baston versus Solo Baston Methodology 139

Block-and-Counter Series 141

Option Series 148

Striking Combination Series 158

15 Expressions of Solo Baston versus Larga Mano Methodology 165

16 Expressions of Larga Mano versus Doblecada Methodology 173

17 Expressions of Edged-Tool Methodology 183

Spear versus Panabas 185

Sword versus Sword 190

Afterword 195

Glossary 203

Further Reading 209

About the Author 213

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