Soul Identity

Soul Identity

by Dennis Batchelder

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What if you could bank your money for your next life?

Smart-aleck and computer security expert Scott Waverly is skeptical of his new client's claim that they've been tracking souls for almost twenty-six hundred years.

Is it a freaky cult, or a sophisticated con job?

As Scott saves Soul Identity from an insider attack, he discovers the importance of the bridges connecting people's lives.

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BN ID: 2940000691304
Publisher: Dennis Batchelder
Publication date: 04/11/2009
Series: Soul Identity Series , #1
Sold by: Smashwords
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 83,764
File size: 379 KB

About the Author

I have been writing for ten years, and I've spent over twenty years in the computer security industry. I grew up in New England, spent twenty-five years in Maryland, and now I live with my wife, our three youngest sons, and my mother-in-law in West Seattle, Washington. My novels revolve around Soul Identity, an organization that helps you leave your money and memories to your own future life. My first novel Soul Identity is half techno-thriller, half existential journey. It explores what would happen if a God-less, business-based take on reincarnation prevailed--and the consequences this could cause. Next comes Soul Intent, and it explores why people do bad things for good reasons. It's set both in Germany during the Nuremberg trials and the present day. This is an adventure tale of stealing, hiding, and recovering Nazi Gold. My third book, Soul Integrity, explores the extremes people will undertake as part of keeping their faith. It's set in Cuba during the 60's, India and China in the 80's, and Seattle in the present day. I'd love to hear from you... email me at, or visit me on Facebook!

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Soul Identity 3.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1978 reviews.
mwexler More than 1 year ago
I didn't expect to enjoy this as much as I did. The first surprise was when the characters talked about computer security... and what they said was correct! While sometimes disruptive and thrown in just to prove that the author knows what he's talking about, it's very refreshing to read a novel involving computers that has some sense of the reality of what computers can or can't do. The story, around an organization which helps people pass money down to "soul lines" of future generations with their "soul", a replicated iris patterns, is hokey in parts, but the author has fun with characters around the world in exploring ramifications of such an org. How it interacts with traditional religions, the idea of traditional organizations struggling to move online, how science and reincarnation might mesh, all of these are fun and unexpected surprises through the story. The romance is also somewhat hokey, and some characters reveal unexpected sides with little motivations behind their behaviors, though the author spends pages and pages trying to help us understand. But in general, if you like conspiracy novels, computer oriented techno thrillers, modern takes on deconstructing religion in today's world, or just quirky modern science fiction, you will enjoy this book. And you'll be as surprised as I was, I bet, at how much you enjoyed this one.
Arejan_Ener More than 1 year ago
Written in the first person, "Soul Identity" reads like a story told to you by a friend at a bar. And I write "at a bar" because Scott Waverly, the protagonist, gives you as much detail as you need to move the story along while also providing you with some intimate details of his relationship with Val, his love interest. The fact that he makes her fall for him the very day they met reeks of fiction and/or a frat boy's account of what really happened. All in all, the story is original... That reincarnation occurs, or is believed to occur, just not as religions would have it be. The villain is kept in the shadows until the last fifth of the book, and then we get to know too much about him and his stay at a Gompa in the Himalayas. The suspense is lukewarm, enough to make you turn the page. However, don't expect some incredible revelation at the end; there's no M. Night moment. That said, the book is good for being free, and the story is enough to make the time go by. I didn't learn anything new from this book, and it is not inspiring me to do better things in life. Still, I'm buying the electronic version of the sequel (for a cool 99 cents), just to follow the story previewed at the end of "Soul Identity"... just like I'd spur on a friend to keep telling a tale while the bartender serves up another round.
Mo_TheReadingFool More than 1 year ago
The story started out slow, then a huge chunk of the book was missing out of the middle; the majority of the plot. I kept reading, catching on a bit, then got to the last 40 pages and couldn't go any further. No idea how it developed or ended. Thank heavens it was free!
caynreth More than 1 year ago
Just as I was getting into the story, all of a sudden the book skips from chapter 8 to chapter 19! The entire center of the book missing! and I was really enjoying it and wanted to know where it was going. very disappointed.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I downloaded this book because is "sounded" interesting. Once I started reading it, I was completely engrossed. I could absolutly see this as a movie. I thouroughly enjoyed the story line.
Prnesskc More than 1 year ago
I was very surprised at this book. Most free ebooks aren't that great but I really enjoyed this one. I ended up buying the second one. Very interesting theory and I good read.
Jain More than 1 year ago
This is a quick read. It appears as if the editor took a nap. I liked the story idea and the humor. The final scene is definitely killer. It's missing a lot of movement when it comes to processing the story- the author skips steps to get from A to C without involving B. Getting to step B is not intuitive for the reader. I would like to read the sequel, but would love a rewrite even more.
Linda-Teacher More than 1 year ago
This book sat in my Nook Library for several weeks before I decided to give it a read on a rainy day. Perhaps because it was free, I thought it might not be worth my time. I was pleasantly surprised! Dennis Batchelder is a writer who gives us an original, dramatic plot with his science fiction, mystery thriller. I thought the characters were well developed for the most part, although some were incredibly naive in their beliefs and experiences. If the premise of the story, the ability to leave assets to be used by persons who will share your soul in the future, could be possible, I'm not sure how many people would be interested. I for one, have enough concern managing my own assets and hoping to care for my direct descendents, nevermind people who might share my soul! It is, however, an interesting and intriging premise and certainly an entertaining read.
Jennis22 More than 1 year ago
It's well-written with good dialogue, an interesting concept (soul identity), and a good plot. It's a great easy reading book. I gave it 4 stars.
SnowHillReader More than 1 year ago
Read the e-book on my blackberry during the blizzard of 2010. I found the escapism great and the setting on the Eastern Shore of Md was fun.... concept is far fetched by read fast. Looking forward to seeing his next book and if he can improve the plot line. Great book for a snow storm or down the ocean this summer!
MAOsborne More than 1 year ago
While the concept was interesting, the writing style was juvenile. Main character, Scott, is hired to find out who is undermining Soul Identity, Archie's organization and entire reason for living. Scott spends half his time sleuthing, and the other half thinking about "boobs". (Only fourteen year olds use that term.) Emotion descriptions are also unrealistic. In his first meeting with Scott, supposedly distraught over the possible demise of his centuries old organization, Archie "chuckles"???? One can only hope that the author matures by the time he writes again.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
loved this author and i want more from this world! you will not be disappointed with this read!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I absolutely loved this book. The characters are so easy to connect with. I was pretty apprehensive of the soul identity stuff and almost didn't give the book a chance. I ended up giving it a try and even liking the concept and immediately went on to read part two, Soul Intent. Well done!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This was an enjoyable book. I was looking for something different, out of the ordinary and this book was just what i was looking for. It was suspensful and kept my intrest the whole 696 pages. I also liked how it made you stop and ponder "what if" there was a way to track your soul, that would be so cool!
Winterlight00 More than 1 year ago
Free? He should be charging at least ten bucks for this! Fast paced, interesting plot, fully believable chatacters and well written, this is no amateur. Get this and enjoy! I'm thinking this is either a freebie to hook you on the author so you'll buy the next one, or its some established author doing a Stephen King/Bachman deal. Either way, a good fun read.
ChristieFan More than 1 year ago
Just an OK kind of read. Predictable and very very few twists. The computer knowledge of the characters was interesting though. Also the two main characters were charming and likable. If the plot had been a bit more developed and the author didn't have to come up with explanations at the last minute why this or that was possible, it would have been much better. I guess I was just expecting a "can't put it down" kind of read. The title was so intriguing! I finished it, but only because I kept hoping for something more. But instead I felt as if I had wasted my time on a cheesy made for tv movie from the 80s.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I promised a friend that I'd read this, but it was a chore. I admit that the premise is very creative, but all the computer jargon was beyond my mere mortal cognitive abilities. I suspect the book is self-published. There is probably a market for this. I'm just not it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A good page turner and very suspenseful.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I wanted to like this book. I really, really did. The Soul Identity concept has... er, had, a lot of potential. Alas, what promise there was was wasted in juvenile dialog, a wandering but predictable plot, shallow characters, and painfully dull description. "Ka-boom" for an explosion? .... Really? Is this 8th grade English class? I'm seriously side-eyeing both the author and editors right now. Overall, this reads like the first draft of a rough draft... written by an 18 year old. I can't say too much; I mean, the book was free. I guess I'm more disappointed in the wasted potential.
jolyn928 More than 1 year ago
I LOVED this book, and it far exceeded my expectations as a free download. Excellently written, and never a dull kept me on the edge of my seat. I cannot wait to download the sequel!
OriginofChaos More than 1 year ago
Personally I found the writing style to be immature and underdeveloped. I couldn't really get into the book, nor get half way through. The synopsis of the book built me up for something that was not delivered.
duke38 More than 1 year ago
Seeing that it was free and all I really didn't think it was going to be very good. Wrong! Take the time to read it and then buy the next book!
Kristel66 More than 1 year ago
I was a little skeptical when I read what it was about, but it was free and seemed somewhat intriguing. It held my attention from beginning to end. The characters are very well written, and the story has many twists and turns to keep you turning to the next page and not wanting to put it down. I have now purchased the next book.
BeachWriter More than 1 year ago
This book was a pleasant surprise. It's an unusual plot with some unique twists, clever characters. There are a few places where the pacing sags, but overall, it's a good read. I would definitely read another by this author. I appreciated the fresh idea posed in this storyline and have found it a great topic of discussion among reader friends.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I was not really sure what this story would be focusing on. I thought that I would read it because it was free and I would not sacrifice anything with a free ebook. I have to admit that it was a really good read. The storyline was completely original for me, not just the same old thing redone again amd again. We were taking trip to see family and I had just gotten a nook for my birthday, so I downloaded a bunch of free books for the trip. I am not a fast reader. I finished the entire book during the trip. That says something... I have even purchased the second book. Can't wait to give it a read.