Souls for the Phrenii

Souls for the Phrenii

by Laura E. Reeve
Souls for the Phrenii

Souls for the Phrenii

by Laura E. Reeve



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Small acts of mercy can have epic consequences…

Draius is no trained spy. Despite that, her king and cousin Perinon sends her on a mission into Groyga to secretly retrieve a stolen Kaskea shard. Although successful, she attracts the attention of the power-hungry Lord Endigala, who plans an invasion of Tyrra. Trapped in enemy territory and on the run, she faces imprisonment and torture. Keeping by her code of honor and merciful nature, she makes both enemies and allies as she flees north to Kitarra, hoping for asylum.

In Tyrra, King Perinon battles death magic within his own court. When a 500-year-old necromantic spell usurps the shared soul of the Phrenii, the elementals disappear. All written records and adult recollection of them are wiped out. Tyrran children strive to keep their memories of the creatures alive, while souls of the recently departed walk the streets—without the Phrenii, they can never attain the stars. 

Tyrra desperately needs Draius and her fellow Kaskea bearers. They may hold the key to remaking the Phrenii, but they’re scattered across the mapped world, fighting their own battles against necromancy.

"A lavish blend of urban crime and high fantasy." --Kirkus Reviews on Book One of The Broken Kaskea Series, A Charm for Draius.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780989135863
Publisher: Cajun Coyote Media
Publication date: 11/17/2017
Series: The Broken Kaskea Series , #2
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: eBook
Pages: 478
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

Laura E. Reeve began writing science fiction and fantasy in the fifth grade, leading to a lifelong obsession for building worlds. Along the way, she spent nine years as a US Air Force officer, holding operational command positions and having the opportunity to escort Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty inspectors. Her civilian jobs have ranged from Research Chemist to Software Development Lead. She currently lives in Monument, CO with her husband and a Shiba Inu who runs the household. Visit Laura's author web site at or her art stock web store at

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Duty

Chapter 2: On the Run

Chapter 3: The Fate of Spies

Chapter 4: Best Laid Plans

Chapter 5: Fate and Fault

Chapter 6: Desperate Measures

Chapter 7: Headaches and Hostages

Chapter 8: Waiting

Chapter 9: The Desert Wind

Chapter 10: Family Duties

Chapter 11: Pigeons

Chapter 12: Night Terrors

Chapter 13: The Duke and the Councilman

Chapter 14: Treason

Chapter 15: Flight

Chapter 16: Breaking Point

Chapter 17: The Fevers Return

Chapter 18: A Royal Line Ends

Chapter 19: Alone Among Strangers

Chapter 20: Treacheries

Chapter 21: The Devastation of Betarr Kain

Chapter 22: The Politics of War

Chapter 23: The Broken Kaskea

Chapter 24: Remade From Starlight

Chapter 25: Lull Before the Storm

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