Squanto's Journey: The Story of the First Thanksgiving

Squanto's Journey: The Story of the First Thanksgiving

Paperback(First Edition)

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ISBN-13: 9780152060442
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Publication date: 09/01/2007
Edition description: First Edition
Pages: 32
Sales rank: 148,585
Product dimensions: 11.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.10(d)
Lexile: 750L (what's this?)
Age Range: 4 - 7 Years

About the Author

JOSEPH BRUCHAC is a poet, storyteller, and author of more than sixty books for children and adults who has received many literary honors, including the American Book Award and the PEN Syndicated Fiction Award. He is of Abenaki and Slovak heritage, and lives in Greenfield Center, New York.

Greg Shed is the illustrator of many children's books for children including Squanto's Journey, by Joseph Bruchac, and Dandelions by Eve Bunting. He lives in San Diego, California.

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Squanto's Journey: The Story of the First Thanksgiving 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 12 reviews.
fortheloveofliteracy More than 1 year ago
I used this book for a lesson on Thanksgiving and multiculturalism. I myself learned new information from the book and found it to have great illustrations. I would recommend this book for grades 2 and up.
foster7 on LibraryThing 8 months ago
Author Joseph Bruchac, a descendant of Native Americans, wrote this story with historic detail. The story is told from Squanto's point of view. We first learn that Squanto was taken by Captain Thomas Hunt (along with other Native Americans) across the ocean to Spain, and enslaved, until a group of Brothers freed them. Squanto then went to England, studied English, and later sailed back to his homeland, only to find his family had died from disease. Over a long period of time, Squanto worked as a negotiator and interpreter between the English and other Native Americans, and did so successfully. This story is not your run-of-the-mill Thanksgiving elementary school story. I remember learning that Squanto taught the Pilgrims how to plant corn. He did that, but accomplished so much more. Readers can appreciate this story for that reason; they will learn much more about someone they thought they already knew of. Illustrator Greg Shed created gorgeous artwork for this book. The colors are mostly Earth tones, and the sunlight bares down on the characters, casting shadows on every page. The pictures do not show Squanto in pain or even appearing to struggle, but he is shown as a very calm and strong man. Squanto's peaceful mood radiates from every page.
ADw234 on LibraryThing 8 months ago
I enjoyed reading this book. I learned some facts about Squanto that I did not know. This book tells the story of the first Thanksgiving. It is very engaging and has great pictures.
allawishus on LibraryThing 8 months ago
The book tells the story of the first Thanksgiving from the perspective of Squanto; I'm not a great student of history and so Iearned a lot that I didn't know from this primary-level book. I didn't know that there was a history of Europeans capturing the native population to take back to various European countries and sell as slaves. I didn't know that Squanto had been such a slave - I barely knew anything from the Native American perspective of this story. I think in schools today they attempt to be more inclusive and honest about this information, but when I was in elementary school it was the pretty standard pilgrims escaping religious persecution and learning how to plant crops from the Indians story.I'm really glad I read this book; I learned a lot and felt a lot of empathy for Squanto and the native people. I also really loved the artwork - there is a gorgeous, luminous quality to the paintings. Lovely.
dahabdabbler on LibraryThing 8 months ago
Beautiful! The story and especially the illustrations! The illustrator does a great job in showing differences in facial features, as well as the beauty of the natural world. I loved that when Squanto ended up in Spain he was helped by monks and he simply refers to them as people who serve the Creator. The native belief that all people deserve respect is shown here as well as at the end when they give thanks for all people. Squanto wishes only to live in peace with other people and with the natural world. He was eager to share his wisdom with the new settlers. I really learned a lot from this book, like the fact that natives were brought back to Europe and sold as slaves.
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