Stalking a Diva

Stalking a Diva

by Leandra Ramm

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Stalking a Diva by Leandra Ramm, D Rocca

STALKING A DIVA™is a real life cyber-thriller—the first of its genre-- and a page-turner from start to finish. Leandra's Story is featured on Investigation Discovery Channel's show "Obsession" airing in January 2014.

"DIVA" tells the story of Leandra Ramm, an up-and-coming opera singer, model and musical theater actress with a fascinating past, whose burgeoning career is cut short by her relentless Singaporean cyber-stalker—a man whom she has never even met.

Already a convicted arms dealer, her stalker turns cyber-terrorist, determined to destroy Ramm's reputation and relationships, by threatening to kill or maim her and those she loves if she fails to capitulate to his various ranting demands for love, attention and apologies.

Leandra's six-year international nightmare comes alive through actual excerpts from thousands of emails, chat logs and blogs posted by her predator, creating an extremely disturbing portrait of a serial stalker, who law enforcement is powerless (or simply uninterested) in stopping. Her Stalker was arrested in Singapore, but Leandra is still waiting on Justice. US and Singapore authorities are presently cooperating on the case...

The most frightening aspect of STALKING A DIVA™ is the very real possibility that, without warning, Ramm's story could happen to any one of us.

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BN ID: 2940015910544
Publisher: Black Diamond Books
Publication date: 12/27/2012
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Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 269
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About the Author


Leandra Ramm is a versatile singer and actress with an “extraordinary voice” (Anderson Cooper). Leandra has performed at Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, Symphony Space, La MaMa, and 59E59 Theaters among other venues.
In addition to being a lead vocalist on Celebrity Cruises, Leandra has performed with numerous theater and opera companies throughout the world. Her favorite roles performed include The Full Monty (Estelle) at The Media Theatre, Iolanthe (Leila) at The Buxton Opera House (UK), Mario and The Magician (Silvestra) with Center for Contemporary Opera, Man of la Mancha (Antonia) with Diablo Theater Company, and The Endless Road by Kurt Weill (soloist) with The American Symphony Orchestra. In addition to many previous television appearances, Leandra stars in an episode of the new Lifetime Television series, "My Life Is A Lifetime Movie". The program features cinematic re-creations and first-person interviews with women in peril who recount their experiences that are said to be so unbelievable that they must be true. Leandra is excited to share her life story and unbelievable cyber-stalking experience on this groundbreaking show.
Leandra has also released many albums, all available on iTunes, Amazon, and This is Leandra’s first book, and she is thrilled to work with D. Rocca.
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D. Rocca was born in East Meadow, Long Island, New York. An author and privacy attorney, she practices under her maiden name and lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her family.
Stalking a Diva is her first nonfiction work.

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Stalking a Diva 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
ChristineGuerrero More than 1 year ago
I'ts a great read. I couldn't put it down. How gross to have this creep be in love with you and send you presents in the mail or death threats if you don't comply. All because she trusted him and gave him her email address. Makes you think about who to "friend" on Facebook. Highly recommended.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Although Leandra Ramm's haunting story of cyber-stalking is told by privacy lawyer Lisa Della Rocca in first person, Stalking A Diva reads like a good mystery. I couldn't wait to see what happened was suspenseful, with an incline that lead to a great was even scary at times. Leandra vividly describes her family's history, upbringing, how life was before Colin and of course, what it was like to have Colin as her cyber-stalker for 6 years. Because this story takes place internationally, the FBI, NYPD, US Embassy, and Singapore National Police had to be involved. However, what makes the story bittersweet is that none of these key agencies assisted in Leandra’s case until a local Data Forensics expert from Black Diamond Data in Pittsburg, CA presented a thorough and complete batch of evidence that could not be ignored. I had never met Leandra or Colin before I read this book however, after reading I felt as if I knew each one of them intimately. This book was well written, making me feel as if I were there on the journey with Leandra…on the ship, in the coffee shop when she made the decision to stop complying to Colin's demands during the “at bay period,” at rehearsals and even sitting in front of her computer reading the emails and feeling her stomach churn as mine was. In a good book, you can feel what the characters are feeling, see what they see and in Stalking a Diva I felt Leandra's frustrations in dealing with the FBI, local police departments and all the red tape bureaucracy. Mr. Bear touched my heart when he came to Leandra’s aid. His wittiness was sexy. Too bad they did not work out. Reading this made me think about the people in my life, who could I turn to if this happened to me? What approach would they take and what would become of our relationship?  This could have happened to anyone really, so the book serves a purpose...Leandra gets to tell her story, in its entirety, without worry and the threat of retaliation. One of the best aspects of the book for me were the emails which really enhanced the read making it more exciting, and a page turner. For me, the emails add dimension to the book and set it apart. In our always advancing technological world, we must realize that not only the technology is changing but the way in which crimes are committed and individuals are victimized has changed. National and international legislators beware; you have a lot of work to do! This book really made me contemplate how I would handle a stalking situation...similarly or totally different? We never know until we are ACTUALLY in that situation ourselves how we are going to react. Leandra's approach was incomprehensible to me at first, however I can now empathize after reading. What helped me is to relate Leandra’s training as an opera singer to the training of an officer: an officer of the law is trained to stand, act and portray himself in a particular way and it is my belief that training emanates in to everything he/she does. Leandra's opera and stage training (to be grateful for EVERY opportunity put forth) helped and hindered her in the same way it would an officer. Police training would help in emergency situations but may hurt other everyday casual social interactions and reactions. A lot comes into perspective in the chapter titled, "A Tattered Career," when Leandra begins talking about the repercussions of "her stalker". Colin's harassment seems excessive even for laymen like me who do not see stalking cases every day. Her story brings to light what a person can really do, even if they are thousands of miles away in another country. Unfortunately, our technologically advanced world is a blessing and a curse this way. In retrospect, common sense and curiosity are a couple of our best assets as human beings. When you meet someone new (especially if it is a business venture)… what's wrong with goggling them? You may be able to save yourself a lot of grief in the future. Think about it. Employers do it, and employees should as well to make sure the relationship is beneficial and a good match. I thought long and hard about the Ramm case and I believe my first instinct would have been to curse Colin out and chop him down to size like the scoundrel he is. With that said, I admire Ms. Ramm for her perseverance as well as her poise and class in the matter. Aw the agony I feel for you to have had to endure this traumatizing event and for so long. Thank you for telling your story Leandra and hopefully somewhere, someone will learn from this situation God forbid the same thing happen to them. Just thoughts. Highly recommended. Logistics: very easy to read, a page turner, relatable, interactive dialog, well written, inspiring, complex situations and story lines explained well, however lost a little on the time frames. PS. After reading I searched for more information and an update on Leandra’s case and found a movie about the book featured on a series called My Life is a Lifetime Movie. Just FYI.
FredBrewster More than 1 year ago
A real-life story with a message that rings loud and clear. What happened to Leandra Ramm could happen to any of us. Without the right training, tools and Mutual Law Enforcement Treaties, our Law Enforcement Agencies are powerless to protect the average American from socially engineered cyber attacks on our careers, reputations.and families. Leandra's nightmare and her efforts to get her life back are well chronicled, mixing in emails to add dimension and accuracy. "Stalking A Diva" is a great read, I highly recommend it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The book is written by a Lawyer, D. Rocca, and gives the book a “to the point” and concrete tone, which makes me feel like I am reading precise information. I have only two cons, the book was little dry at first, but it was necessary for the reader to get to know the main character, Leandra Ramm, and secondly some things were repeated more than once. However once you get through the first part of the book, the pace picks up! The book goes on to detail the horrific experience Ramm had to endure for 6 years! and the trauma I’m sure she has to face for the rest of her life. Throughout the book the author does a great job at going back and forth between the development of the story and the creepy emails from Colin. I want to emphasize the stalker’s emails, because they were more than just “creepy”! Those emails, were weird, sinister, full of malice, scary, sometimes stupid, hair-raising and most of all disturbing. I think the fact that the stalker doesn’t write in a perfect English, so his emails are all grammatically incorrect and this fact makes the emails more scary and disturbing. Although the stalker never physically touched Leandra, the way he talked and the things he said were terrifying, because you can never get rid of the “what if”!!! Imagine living like that for 6 years!!! It must have been a nightmare for sure. Another thing that I think is important to point out, is the fact that Leandra contacted the local authorities, the FBI for God’s sake, the Singapore police and government, and many other agencies and people considered “experts” in the field. No one was able or willing to help her. Although she was receiving empty threats, they were still threats. No one from the authorities took her seriously, no one was compassionate towards the destruction of her dignity, career, family, sanity, self-esteem, and to her simple everyday normal life she couldn’t have, thanks to Colin Mak, her stalker. Thankfully Leandra’s savior, A.J. Fardella came into the picture like James Bond and just took care of business and put the perpetrator Mak in jail with the help of the Secret Service unlike the above mentioned agencies. The author did an excellent job at showing us the circumstances in which Leandra lived for a long time. I am still frustrated as I write this, as you can tell I’m sure. What would have the FBI said to her parents if Colin’s threats were fulfilled? “We, “the FBI”, are sorry for not believing your daughter’s proof of her stalker, her numerous requests through writing, calling, and in person to many of our agents, and still we did not believe her, sorry that she is dead…” Yeah all right, you know they would twist the story and said that they tried to help, but failed, and THEN finally they would conduct an investigation to try to take the stalker down that killed Leandra, my girlfriend or your young innocent daughter… of course this is what would happen because after all we are a country that does not believe in preventing things… I enjoyed the book and I would recommend it to anyone who loves stories full of thrill, and as a plus the book is based on a true story!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A great account of the biggest international stalking case in history. If it wasn't a true story you'd think it was made up. The terrorist threats, the inaction of law-enforcement and the diplomatic community all make Leandra's story a frightening tale. Love the way much of the story is told using actual emails from the case. Hope that Singapore deals with this perp as harshly as possible.