Storm Clouds

Storm Clouds

by Cheryl Wolverton

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Storm Clouds by Cheryl Wolverton


An urgent call from a brother Angelina Harding hadn't seen in years brought her thousands of miles to Australia. Only to find Marcus gone.


What was a former Secret Service agent to do? Ditching the men who ambushed her at the airport was a start. But it was only with the help of her brother's friend, David Lemming, that Angelina had a chance to find Marcus.


Across the Outback...and into the enemy's lair, Angelina raced against time -- but her brother wasn't the only one at risk. Angelina's life, her new romantic interest...and perhaps even her country were on the line this time.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781552543641
Publisher: Steeple Hill Books
Publication date: 10/01/2005
Series: Love Inspired Series
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 256
Sales rank: 1,080,168
File size: 139 KB

About the Author

My name is Cheryl Wolverton. I'm over 35 (over 40, in fact) have two children and have been married over twenty years (I married in 1982). My birthday is May 17th. Background. I was born in Lawton, Oklahoma, a medium size town next to Ft. Sill, Oklahoma. My father worked at a body shop while my mom was a stay at home mom who could cook the best chocolate pudding--this was before instant stuff and microwaves etc.! I had an older brother who moved out when I was five, an older sister--by five years and a younger sister--by 18 months!We weren't a rich family, but we kids never knew that. Mom made our clothes and only on special occasions, such as Easter or Christmas, did we get store bought dresses.From the time I was three years old we would walk down to the local Baptist church (those Baptists! They have a church on every corner, bless their hearts!). My older sister took us until she stopped going.I always enjoyed church and it wasn't until my teenage years that I started getting lazy about going. I was the only one...and then one morning, my mom said, "I thought, out of all of them, you'd go" when I was lying in bed telling her I was too tired to go.That impacted my life like you wouldn't believe. I never had realized mom thought one or another about me going to church...but enough about'll see more of that on other pages!Our tiny church (on Pollard Avenue) was dying and I had to find another church to go to...and at the time I was in college. I had a strict rule about not dating anyone who wasn't a Christian. Period. I could be friends, but that was as far as it went (oh, did I not understand at the time that many of the 'Christians' in church weren't really Christian's at all. But God is faithful and was watching out for me).In college I met a young man who went to church. That's what caught my interest. I mean honestly, those guys are few and far between. The only problem was his family was 'rich'. His family was one of the town's 'founders'. And, he was going into the army.Three strikes against him. And yes, I married him!Well, so much for hating something. You'll learn that if you say "I will never..." You end up doing it. NEVER EVER say those three tiny words!He is the absolute love of my life. I could not survive without him. God certainly knew what he was doing when he sent Steve across my path. He is the calm to my craziness, the patience to my short-temperedness. He's great.Four years after I started writing I sold to a brand new line, Love Inspired. I will never forget 'the call'. Now I have 14 books sold to Love Inspired! God has truly blessed me. In the good times and bad times, always I will praise God for who He is and his wisdom.

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Storm Clouds

By Cheryl Wolverton

Steeple Hill

Copyright © 2005 Cheryl Wolverton
All right reserved.

ISBN: 0373442238

The fuss over her pistol was not the most auspicious start to Angelina Harding's flight. They'd made her check it — fortunately she had a smaller bag she could unzip from her backpack and check.

She'd gotten no sleep on the ride over, but she needed to be here for her brother.

Oh, how she wanted to be back in Pride, Louisiana, the tiny little town with a population of less than one hundred. She'd lived there for three wonderful years, with several of her friends who'd started a security firm. She liked it there in the small town, and she didn't want to venture out into the real world.

But what could she do when she got the call...a call she hadn't expected? She hadn't talked to her brother in over fifteen years, and he needed her help.

Stepping into the cool air of Australia, she realized she hadn't dressed for spring but late summer.

It was hot as an oven in Baton Rouge.

And it was just finishing winter here.

She shivered and cupped her hand over her eyes to glance toward the sunny sky. Wearily she grabbed a handful of her dark hair, tied it in a knot at her neck and then released it when she realized it had been shading the back of her neck.

Taking a deep breath, she paused to slip her pistol back into her ankle holster, rearrange her backpack and find the paper containing the information she'd jotted down about her brother.

Her internal clock told her it should be nighttime.

Her brother had said catch a plane to Sydney — and to hurry. Like she should drop everything for him. Glancing around, she noted the cars driving on the wrong side of the road.

She'd been so angry with her brother when he'd become a Christian nearly twenty years ago and decided to move to Australia....

She shook her head as she watched the hustle and bustle. Same as in any city but different too. Not seeing her brother, she started down the sidewalk looking for any sign of him. Bitterness nipped at her as she remembered her one visit to Australia when she was sixteen. She'd come here to see her brother.

He had sent her back home, telling her she shouldn't have stolen money from her uncle and should have gotten his permission.


She'd hated her brother for not letting her stay, and yet, he was her brother and when he called, she couldn't ignore him as he had her.

Oh, man, she didn't want to be here. Maybe Providence had been trying to keep her from coming. Maybe she should have turned around and left when the airline had hassled her about the gun.

The beep of a horn when she accidentally stepped out in front of a taxi brought her back to the present.

She hated Australia.

Or at least hated what it stood for.

Where was her brother?

Glancing around at the noisy area, she only wanted to be somewhere else.

Her brother's decision to leave her in that forsaken place they'd both called home — at the mercy of her drunken uncle — had stuck with her all these years, haunting her dreams at night when she was all alone in the dark, scary night.

Her brother had left her because he felt called to become a missionary out in the bush of Australia — to start up a church. But in leaving to follow his calling, he'd left her to fend for herself. He didn't mind being alone. She wouldn't have minded being alone either. It would have been better than dealing with her uncle.

She didn't like to remember that time of her life, but coming to Australia forced those memories back into the forefront of her mind.

She hadn't talked to her brother in years because of that incident. She hadn't seen him either.

And now he was in trouble.

Deciding her brother had forgotten to pick her up, she looked for a taxi to hail.

"Angelina Harding?"

She heard her name called and, in surprise, turned.

A man of medium build, dark hair, dark trousers and shirt stood about ten feet away. She was used to cataloguing whomever she met because of her training. A small mole under his right eyebrow barely showed above the sunglasses he wore.

"That would be me," she acknowledged, noting he stood near a large sedan with a driver in it. She couldn't see much else through the tinted windows.

"Your brother sent us."

Her eyebrows shot up and she glanced at the car again. "He must be doing better than I realized," she muttered to the man, feeling that much more angry and put out by her brother. Swinging her backpack over her shoulder, because she refused to pack more than one small case when she traveled, she headed toward the car.


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Storm Clouds 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
anonymous13PA More than 1 year ago
This was the first Wolverton book I ever read. I finished it in one setting. Although I felt the characters fell in love too quickly, it was still a very good read. I have since moved on to her other books. I would gladly recommend this book and her others to friends.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
"You're the only cat I know of who OFFERED to stop forcemating. I respect you for that, but I'm here to ask you to stop. There are tons of mateless shecats ((including me)) out there. I'm sure you could find a mate if you want one." ~Aero
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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