Strange Luck

Strange Luck

by Amie Irene Winters


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ISBN-13: 9781508807995
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 05/17/2015
Pages: 244
Product dimensions: 5.06(w) x 7.81(h) x 0.51(d)

About the Author

Amie Irene Winters is an award-winning author of strange, spooky, and fantastical fiction, where characters are permanently changed after witnessing the darkest of magic, creatures of the occult lurk beneath San Francisco, and everyone may have something to hide.

Born and raised in California, she has since lived in every region of the United States. With degrees in environmental leadership and anthropology, she has been lucky enough to sample a variety of careers. Writing remains her first love though.

She is the author of the Strange Luck series. When not writing, she can be found hiking with her dog, painting, or breaking a sweat in kickboxing class.
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Penny Warner

The writing is lyrical, the plot is engaging and full of twists and turns. --Penny Warner, Award Winning Author

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Strange Luck 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 23 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I absolutely adored this book. It's charming, quirky, and whimsical all rolled into one. Might be suitable for children, but mostly geared towards young adults. I enjoyed it as an adult nonetheless. It's an original fairy tale with magic, other realms, and lots of unique surprises.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
As a fan of young adult fantasy, I have fairly high expectations for books in this genre. Strange Luck does not disappoint. The premise of the book is so unique, and I didn't see a few of the plot twists coming, which I love. The world that Amie creates is absolutely beautiful; I could see everything that she described perfecty, and it made me wish I could really see if for myself. The characters are also very well written and relatable, and I enjoyed watching Daisy's development from disbelief to true believer. This was unlike anything I've read in recent years, and I loved every page. Definitely a necessary addition to every young adult library!
Ingrid Foster More than 1 year ago
What drew me to Strange Luck was the cover and then the description. As a reader, I love any book that can pull me in on page one and keep me turning pages. Strange Luck is definitely that sort of book and as someone who grew up in a part of the country where every old house has a ghost, the idea of a shop entirely devoted to "haunted" items enticed me. Daisy, Strange Luck's main character, is a skeptic of all things haunted and full of the usual small-town-girl-needs-to-escape angst, but as her father's sole heir, her future as owner of Strange Luck, the store that had been in her family for two generations, is a given. Forget her dreams of studying writing in London, her father needs her so that dream most likely isn't going to happen. What I found fascinating about the story was the ensuring adventure and the characters she would meet along the way. Strange Luck is a bit like a dark Alice in Wonderland, full of ups, downs, turnarounds and unexpected surprises. Can't wait to read the next book!
PaperbackJunkie More than 1 year ago
Have you ever been wrapped up in your own thoughts, dreams, goals, and ambitions that the world around you seemed to disappear for what seemed like forever? Have you ever wanted to help someone so much that you were willing to do anything in your own power to help that person? Have you ever been so consumed by your own memories that the world around you seemed to change? Well, that is what this book is all about. The story is told by a girl named Daisy who has a lot going on in her life at the young age of 18. She is becoming shop owner of the family antiques shop, she has a father with a heart condition that needs an operation, a best friend who is secretly in love with her, and the task of defeating him in the Nameless. All of this going on around her and all she can dream about is traveling the world and writing books. The book starts off normal enough for it being a fantasy novel, but then after some back story into some of the characters and shops items, the book turns weird, as most fantasy books do and should. One of the items that the shop has is a letter and the story will tell you that it is not to be open by anyone other than who it is addressed to. However, it does get opened and Daisy is sent on an adventures to follow this map in hopes of saving her father. The map was to lead her to this beautiful place where life was everlasting and all your dreams came true. Instead the map leads her to some place entirely different, the Nameless, and she spends what feels like weeks trying to get out of the Nameless and save everyone who is trapped there. The book was well-written, thought out, and put together in such a way that there are surprises around every corner. The book, as unexpected as it was, had some life lessons as well about memories, how you treat others, and caring for those around you. The book ended with a twist and definitely not in the way I had pictured, but the ending was perfect for the book. It ended nicely, but left room to build on, especially since there is a second book in the series. This book is an all around 5 star from the writing, to the content, to the ending. I cannot wait to start the second novel in this series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Strange Luck is a beautifully written piece that will take you into a captivating world of fascinating creatures and daring adventures in a mystical land. Like so many other stories it causes us to stop and think about what else could be out there in the strange, wide world--but with a definite emphasis on the importance of dreams and memories. Overall, a beautiful work and I can't wait to start reading the next installment!
Jack O'Bryan More than 1 year ago
Who in the world would ever guess that Strange Luck would be such good luck for me to read and enjoy! From start to finish Daisy Darling's adventure to the world of Nameless held my interest and had me entranced by the secrets it held!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This delightful book was given to me as a gift. Winters has done an exceptional job creating a story that functions on two levels. On the first, this is a charming children's story, reminiscent of Never Ending Story, A Wrinkle In Time, and The Labyrinth. The main characters become lost in a world, attempting to save the inhabitants and escape. To do so, they must preserve their memories, which are sought after by a dark wizard who is only known as The Entity. At this level, the story would surely attract younger children with its exciting plot developments, samplings of burgeoning relationships, and delightfully described landscapes. On the second level, the book encourages the reader to consider the role memories have in shaping who we identify ourselves to be. Many times while reading the book, I found myself considering which memories were most cherished, what evidence someone could provide me with to convince me I had lost a memory, and how I would respond had I come to discover that a memory was stolen. Memories are already fickle enough (I have enough difficulties recalling what I ate for breakfast three days ago) and to think that there might be someone / something striving to steal them was enough to make this book a wonderful tool for personal reflection. The writing is exceptionally clear and presents the reader with a world and characters that draw the reader to the next page. Anyone who is looking for an opportunity to escape the day (and given the prevalence of our usage of technology this is likely the majority) would do well to lose him or herself in this book. Beyond the isolated read, this is a wonderful book to be shared with friends and family. It'll make for a wonderful conversation starter and provide you with an opportunity to reflect on the significance of the relationships that allow you to create the memories that you wish to keep. In particular, I believe that a parent looking to share a book with a child would do well to read this book . Perhaps the memory of sharing the story with your own child, as my mom had done with me and A Wrinkle In Time, would be a memory you and your child will continue to cherish.
DiiMI More than 1 year ago
Happy memories, our greatest treasures, we all have them, we all sort through them and they make us feel good. What if your memories could be stolen? What if you could forget the most important people and events in your life? What if you forgot you LOVED your favorite candy? GAH! That is just what is happening in a place called Nameless, because one dark soul is looking for the best memory ever and it is stealing them from its victims. What if, like Daisy, you learned that Nameless was a real place and it existed right below the boring little town you lived in? One ancient letter, never opened, becomes too much for Daisy to resist when she becomes proprietor of the family curiosities shop. That letter will begin a journey that may steal all that Daisy holds dear in her heart, unless she finds a way to stop the evil before it steals all that she is, leaving her an empty vessel who wanders lost in Nameless with countless others who thought they had reached Utopia. Welcome to a world of magical dreams, curious claims and the spellbinding writing of Amie Irene Winters. Welcome to the tale called Strange Luck. Ms. Winters will mesmerize every reader with the complexity of her tale, while causing goosebumps at the thought of losing those precious treasures within our minds and hearts. It is those memories that the thief wants, only the best of the best, the priceless ones and now Daisy is trapped, her memories being taking slowly, but surely. Time is running short, but she is determined to understand and stop the vile entity before there are no memories left anywhere. Will she find a way to stop the monster? Will she save his previous victims? Will their memories be returned? Definitely a memorable read! (It HAD to be said!) Brilliant writing from a talented author. I received this copy from Amie Irene Winters in exchange for my honest review.
cstratos More than 1 year ago
Strange Luck is a fabulous, fantastical mix of magic and imagination, exploration and uncertainty. There are lots of great YA elements - first love, first time traveling, self-discovery - but what I loved the most was the seriously enjoyable visitation to childhood wonderment. What better way to get to a magical paradise than by digging through a pile of bigger and bigger toys? Through the main character, Daisy Daring, we get to meet a wizard, become a fairy, have a discussion with a talking duck, and far more. The book was told in first-person POV, and I felt like I got to experience all of these things first-hand. The concept of a world where an evil entity only known as "him"
IReadWhatYouWrite More than 1 year ago
Daisy is not happy. What she wants more than anything it to travel the world and be a writer. Instead, due to her father’s failing health, she must take over the family business, a curio shop for strange, haunted and paranormal items. Not only would she rather be anywhere else, but she just doesn’t believe in the supernatural. She must test that disbelief when she comes across an old map of a Utopian paradise that may lead to cure for her father. She and her best friend, Roger, set out to find it. Getting there is just the beginning. For all of its beauty and wonder, they quickly realize it is a trap, a prison where memories are stolen and going home again isn’t an option, even if you remember that there is home to go home to. Though they meet the occasional friendly denizen, and many not so friendly, along the way, their only real ally in this fantastical realm is a wizard from childhood stories. I had heard so many wonderful things about this book from reviewers on Goodreads and was excited to be asked to review it myself. I was not disappointed. This book has all the fun stuff, fairy creatures, wizards, magic and the power of imagination. The curio shop sounds as if it belongs in its own reality tv show. It would be a fun place to work, I think. Utopia is a truly wondrous scary kind of place with many strange creatures. It me think that Alice’s Wonderland meets wizard of OZ. I loved how the relationship between Daisy and Roger grew, in spite of the twist. I also enjoy the message that she doesn’t have to give up her dreams just because life has thrown up a few obstacles. Lifealso doesn’t to be lucky, but it helps. I seriously enjoyed this book. 5 stars I received a copy of this book in exchange for am honest review
JBronder More than 1 year ago
Daisy works at her families store Strange Luck, where they purchase oddities with great stories. But she doesn’t believe in any of it and doesn’t want to be stuck there. But one of the items will have Daisy going on a quest to help her sick father. Her best friend Roger goes along to help and protect her. They find themselves in a land ruled by a wizard that is stealing people’s memories. Without any way out it looks like Daisy ad Roger are going to be the next victims of the wizard as they both start to lose memories. Daisy doesn’t believe in magic, all she wants to do is travel and write books but she is stuck at Strange Luck. But once she learns the truth, her whole world opens up for her. I loved Roger; he loves Daisy so much that even though she is so oblivious to things he still keeps trying. There are so many great characters both meet along on their adventure. You can’t help but feel bad for them, your memories really do make you and without them you are nothing more than a shell. Although I was not a fan of the ending but it does work for this book. Everything does work out well. Those that like young adult stories will really like this one. Make sure to get a copy, you won’t be disappointed. I received Strange Luck for free from the author in exchange for an honest review.
ChantalGadoury More than 1 year ago
"Strange Luck" by Aime Irene Winters was a very intriguing read! I really didn't know what to expect when I first started the novel, but I was enraptured by the well-developed characters, and the character-driven plot. There were a few times in the story that I thought the "luck" to the characters was a little too convenient, but then again - the novel is called "Strange Luck!" Ms. Winters did a great job writing a novel that grabs the attention of the reader and keeps it so throughout the entirety. Despite my personal, hectic schedule, I was constantly thinking about the book and when I would be able to get back to it. I wanted to know what was going to happen again! I highly recommend "Strange Luck" to anyone who enjoys a mystifying young adult novel with little twists of luck!
JayPlemons More than 1 year ago
Captivating read! This is the kind of story that will draw readers in quickly. Absolutely love the characters and their intriguing personalities that they possess. Daisy is a very compelling teen who I absolutely adore. If you love female protagonists as much as I do, you will love the imagination behind her world of supernatural surprises. She faces challenges that only the mind can conquer, and she does it skillfully. I always hate giving any specifics or details in my reviews that may spoil the reader, so I'll just say this: Strange Luck is a faced paced adventure that pulls you into a world of pure imagination with twists and turns to keep you on the end of your seat. A blend of Alice in Wonderland meets Narnia in this delightful read. You'll be wondering what is real and what isn't. The mind is a wonderful tool, but can be treacherous if we abuse it. If memories are what keep us from losing the best of our past - to lose them would be a haunting future. This has everything you would want in a fantasy book and more. Strange Luck is both whimsical and thrilling behind its creative and descriptive imagery. I read this book with my 12 year old son, and even he thought it was one of the most creative and original books yet. This kid reads a lot. I give Strange Luck 5 amazing stars. I can't wait to read more from this author.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Janelle Fila for Readers' Favorite Strange Luck by Amie Irene Winters is a young adult fantasy that takes the reader on a magical adventure into a strange and unique new world. Daisy is 17 and wants to save her father from his chronic condition. So she sets out to discover a cure, accidentally ending up in The Nameless, a strange and wicked world. Here, Daisy discovers moaning caverns and a group of people who will not travel above ground. The inhabitants of this unique land are more than just strange. Daisy thinks they are hiding a clever and dark secret. With the help of Roger, Daisy sets out on a unique adventure through this strange land that includes a mysterious letter, a map, a strange collection of antiques, and stolen memories. There are scary wizards, imaginary but beautiful landscapes, and psychological challenges that Daisy and Roger must overcome to unravel the secret of this strange land and its equally strange inhabitants and return home to save Daisy's father. This is a daring adventure story full of vivid imagery and beautiful landscape descriptions. It is especially great for readers who love an imaginative escapade and fantastical worlds where anything can happen. The characters were fully developed and fun to root for (or, in some cases, root against). Readers will relate to Daisy's quest and follow along on her incredible journey as she tries to find answers to the questions she longs the most to have answered in life.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I loved this book. I simply couldn't put it down!If you like Harry Potter and Alice in Wonderland than this is the book for you. It's very engaging, entertaining, and at times thought-provoking. I heard that she's working on the next book in the Strange Luck series. I'm DYING to read it!!! I'm the meantime, I highly recommend you check it out.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
An enjoying story featuring a young couple of heroes, magic and adventure that reminded me of the Wizard of Oz
Jjoyce More than 1 year ago
Strange Luck is an amazing novel! It reminded me of how powerful the mind is, and how we can control our thoughts to the point of affecting the quality of our lives. It also brought out the importance and preciousness of our memories, something to cherish and hold on to as we get older. I agree that Strange Luck would make an awesome movie. The writing was so descriptive, I could picture and feel the adventure of the characters. I hope to see more of Amie's writing in the future!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Dive into Utopia and unleash the power of your imagination! If you like to imagine how it would be to live for a few hours in a world that is full of magic, fantasy, surprising creatures, whimsical natural environments, love in the air and mystery that seems impossible to be solved, then Strange Luck is the right book for you! It is not only very entertaining, but it gives your mind a break from this ordinary life to enter in a complete parallel world where you are a witness of two very enthusiastic and energetic friends that will invite you to live the most fantastic and adventurous journey. Strange Luck is the kind of book that once you start reading it, you have to tell yourself to stop so you still have more to read the next day. The author was very skillful in creating the right amount of mystery to be solved so you don't feel lost on what the main characters are looking for and trying to accomplish. You also learn a very important life lesson from its story: save your memories because they are your real treasures in life! If you are a fan of Harry Potter, you will not be disappointed by this fun, eloquent, and fantastic story. Read it and be taken away!
Penny Warner More than 1 year ago
A mysterious letter, a map, and stolen memories—all part of the wonderful new novel, STRANGE LUCK, by Amie Irene Winters. The writing is lyrical, the plot is engaging and full of twists and turns, and I loved Daisy Darling, a strong, intrepid teenager who steps up to the challenge of saving the world in this spooky, supernatural story.
Bren More than 1 year ago
"Strange Luck" by Amie Winters is a mysterious adventure that will keep you reading and wondering where it will to to until the clever end!
brittanysbookrambles More than 1 year ago
3.5/5 Stars Strange Luck  is a thought-provoking story about Daisy Darling and her adventures as she discovers just how precious memories are. This well-written book is full of creative spins, although the plot relies heavily on convenience and luck. The characters have constantly shifting personalities that help advance the storyline, and there is not enough explanation to the supernatural world. Despite this, Strange Luck will get your mind turning. It is a quick and easy read, with an original take on what makes a world perfect. The characters have relatable personalities and aspirations that establish more of a connection for readers. I recommend this children's book for any young audience who enjoys the fantasy genre. Full review:
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Good book. I really liked the world she creates.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I couldn't put it down! Very imaginative and thought-provoking. Absolutely loved it.