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Stressed-Less Living: Finding God's Peace in Your Chaotic World

Stressed-Less Living: Finding God's Peace in Your Chaotic World

by Tracie Miles
Stressed-Less Living: Finding God's Peace in Your Chaotic World

Stressed-Less Living: Finding God's Peace in Your Chaotic World

by Tracie Miles


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Women have a desperate longing for a stress cure. Stressed-Less Living offers life-changing, heart-renewing, long-lasting remedies that will bring peace, even when things feel out of control. Unpack the truth found in Scripture about how to overcome fear, anxiety, and uncertainty, and see how you can not only survive stress, but thrive in spite of it through faith in the promises of God.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780891123354
Publisher: Abilene Christian University Press
Publication date: 10/28/2012
Pages: 236
Sales rank: 916,552
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.20(h) x 2.20(d)

About the Author

TRACIE MILES graduated from the University of North Carolina. She has focused on building God's kingdom through speaking and writing. Tracie has been the Women's Ministry Director for a large church for five years. She is also a writer for Proverbs 31 Ministries. She and her husband Michael have three children and live in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Table of Contents

Foreword 11

Introduction 13

Chapter 1 Discovering the Real Problem 17

What Works and What Doesn't 20

When God Steps In 25

From Expert to Experienced 28

A Vicious Cycle 32

The Search for Serenity 33

The First Step to Freedom 36

Chapter 2 Does It Really Matter? 43

Recognizing Your Personal Stressors 47

Self-Assessment 49

A Matter of Life and Death 52

What Peace Is to You 55

Chapter 3 The Silent Killer 61

Mind over Matter 62

Discovering the Great Physician 63

Swimming against the Current 66

Chapter 4 Time for Change 77

When Change Seems Strange 80

Called to Change 82

Afraid of Change 86

Chapter 5 Take Back Your Life 91

When God Seems Absent 93

Your Body Can Talk 98

Troubles and Treasures 101

Snuggled in God's Lap 103

Our Flawless Role Model 107

Craving a Daily Portion 111

Bonus: Quiet Time Activity 116

Chapter 6 I Can Do It All by Myself… or Can I? 119

The Lion Never Sleeps 123

Prepare for the Thief 127

Prepped for Battle 130

Rebel and Suffer the Consequences 133

Chapter 7 Overcoming Your Giants 139

The Power of Optimism 141

Facing Your Giants 142

Running by Faith 146

An Attitude like His 149

But I Feel Forgotten 152

Chapter 8 Addicted to Adrenaline 157

Is There Hope for Me? 160

A Step towards Healing 164

The Rescuer 165

In God's Strength 169

Chapter 9 Choose Your Weapons 177

Choose God 178

Choose God's Word 180

Choose Spiritual Vitamins 185

Choose Prayer 189

Choose Victory 191

Chapter 10 Broken for Breakthrough 199

Miracles in the Pit 202

When God Sends an E-mail 205

Chapter 11 The Reset Button 211

1 Realign Your Life 212

2 Recognize Your Need 213

3 Adjust Your Focus 214

4 Be Filled with the Spirit 214

5 Be Faithful in Your Prayer Life 215

6 Believe God Is Who He Says 215

Chapter 12 Enjoying Your Stressed-Less Life 221

The Choice Is Yours 225

Keeping in Step 228

Endnotes 235

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