Suzy Spitfire Kills Everybody

Suzy Spitfire Kills Everybody

by Joe D Canzano
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Suzy Spitfire Kills Everybody by Joe D Canzano

When outlaw Suzy Spitfire discovers her father was murdered after creating a super-duper artificial intelligence, she races across the solar system in search of the brain he built—but it’s a rough ride, and she’s soon forced to tangle with pirates, predators, and her father’s killer—as well as a man she thinks she can love.

Suzy Spitfire Kills Everybody is a smash-bang sci-fi adventure filled with action, intrigue, and a dose of dark humor.

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ISBN-13: 9780990636564
Publisher: Happy Joe Control
Publication date: 07/15/2017
Pages: 306
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 1.25(h) x 9.00(d)

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Suzy Spitfire Kills Everybody 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
PylesofBooks More than 1 year ago
Suzy Spitfire Kills Everybody Review Despite the title, Suzy Spitfire Kills Everybody, we do not follow some rampaging serial killer. Instead, the pulpy space adventure by Joe Canzano is a thrill ride of high energy action, intrigue, and a dash of dark humor. The reader finds Suzy on the run from a corrupt government agent, Blurr, who wants the secret that she carries. Suzy’s father was killed previously and she, herself, already a murderer, having killed her uncle years prior. It is only sometime later that we discover that her father’s death was a murder. Her father’s murderer is Blurr, who is after the technology that is her father’s legacy. With the help of new allies, Ricardo and Maria, Suzy evades Blurr and escapes into space. The strongest element of Suzy Spitfire is the characters. All of them have a semblance of an arc and in some ways Canzano makes sure that they are fulfilled arcs. The title character, Suzy Spitfire, is the personification of her name but over the course of the novel becomes more thoughtful and caring of Ricardo, who is her love interest in the story. To the author’s credit he does not limit his female characters into traditional or cliched roles of being “hyper-masculine” despite their roles. Maria is in the role of a doctor somewhat and is an otherwise intelligent strategist. Suzy is a pilot and fighter and shows herself to be more than capable in fulfilling either of those roles. Don’t let this story’s plethora of action make you think there is not something to offer everyone. Canzano throws in a minor romance plot between Suzy and Ricardo which develops into surprising depth for both and plays into their arcs throughout the story. The two characters eventually develop strong feelings of compassion and caring for one another rather than simply following the “paint by numbers” adventure romance of white hot passion. Given that Suzy simply wants revenge and Ricardo is “in it for me” at the beginning and their relationship organically grows out of their mutual attraction and character growth made me enjoy the book all the more. All in all, Suzy Spitfire Kills Everybody is a great read for mature readers looking for a popcorn novel with enough depth to satisfy those looking for solid character development. The writing of Canzano may feel uneven at times but it is made up for the action and decent dialogue he is able to provide. A pleasurable space adventure with a rich cast of characters is always welcomed by any lover of science fiction.
writermandy1984 More than 1 year ago
Set in a futuristic world where humans have conquered outer space, Suzy Spitfire is a fugitive from the law after killing her Uncle who molested her sister when her sister committed suicide. When meeting with a friend they are tracked by police and end up joining forces with a mob who are also interested in what her friend was meeting her about. They end up joining forces as Suzy runs from the law and begins her quest to find a secret artificial intelligence program her father had been working on before he met his end with a dirty police officer. There’s no limit to the action and suspense in Joe Canzan’s novel Suzy Spitfire Kills Everyone. This book is a good read for anyone interested in science fiction with lots of action and thrills. The name of the book was a bit of a turn off for me because I could just see a massive shoot out that got ridiculous but while I’m sure the character of Suzy would be right at home in just such a predicament, that isn’t the case in this novel. The plot is actually really good with lots of twists and surprises. Sometimes the solutions to the problems the characters found themselves in could seem a little contrived; such as Suzy just happening to run back into Alice who had what she needed at that point in the plot but the solutions to the problems weren’t outlandish. There are plenty of problems between point A and point B in the novel; some really humorous such as their ship being captured by “pirates” who weren’t what they seemed. There wasn’t a boring moment in the book. Suzy is the main character and quite a character she is. Her sass and attitude possibly get her into more trouble than necessary but her prowess with weapons and combat are very impressive even if her thinking skills are a little slower. She reminds me of a couple of straight shooter friends I have and so she really came to life for me. Her love interest in the book, Ricardo, keeps us guessing at his true intentions right up till the end of the book and it’s almost gut wrenching to follow their relationship. I felt like Suzy does reading it; one minute I was gunning for her to shoot him and the next I was awwwing over their love. His sister Maria also adds a stable balance between them and I enjoyed her strong, female, no nonsense character also. The author has created not just one world or a void outer space but has created a whole solar system with rather impressive details in this book that are believable and astonishing. As well as giving us a good idea of what the earth looks like in this future tale he has created a solar system that brief details are given on and two other planets that action takes place on. Additionally he has created advanced technology with the space ships who engage in space battles, a robot that can do surgery onboard a space ship, and countless other technology. It is quite creative to read about and a great success on the part of the author. Additionally the book has very few errors in spelling, grammar, and other editing. The editing on this book was very professional. I highly recommend this book to readers. It is an amazing piece of science fiction, has great action and suspense, and is very imaginative which I imagine most readers can appreciate. Don’t let the title fool you into thinking it might be a crazy work of science fiction; only am impulsive and hardheaded main character.
AprilPulliam More than 1 year ago
Joe Canzano’s main character, Suzy, is a nonstop powerhouse of fury and strength in Suzy Spitfire Kills Everybody. Suzy Castillo is a woman avenging the deaths of both her father and best friend while evading arrest for a murder for which she shows no remorse. As she continues her life on the run, her journey takes her through space, multiple spaceships, and an eventual stop in the city-state of Choccoban near Jupiter. In addition, Suzy and her fluctuating team of friends/foes, are pursuing the highly-valued Artificial Intelligence created by her now-deceased father. To add fuel to her fire, Suzy aches to be home on Earth with a family she is no longer free to visit at will and see her grandmother whose rapidly failing heart further drives Suzy to seek the means to fund the needed transplant. I have to admit I was not prepared for the right-out-of-chute thrill ride that is Suzy Spitfire. Canzano drops the reader into the seat of the action with no seatbelt and no warning at all. Suzy and her best friend, Aiko, are in the throes of battle from the first pages. Rising action is virtually non-existent with Canzano, and it is simply breathtaking. The reader is swept along with Suzy, Aiko, and their new acquaintance, Ricardo as they bounce from backdoor escapes to getaway vans. Canzano has managed to pull the reader into Suzy’s plight quickly and forcefully. Suzy herself is character like no other. Though she battles inner demons at every turn, she manages to more than hold her own with each and every physical battle confronting her. With every excruciating reminder of her past and every crippling physical attack, she rises up and shows an inner drive like no other main character, female or male. Her backstory is one that would, and in the case of her sister did, destroy most others. Loss after loss, Suzy persists. Blurr, Suzy’s rival throughout the book, is easily hated. His connection to Suzy is a devastating one, and he is, by and large, the source of the violence throughout the plot. Admittedly, his offers to pull Suzy into his own scheme sound sincere--Canzano has written a convincing villain. One of the most captivating aspects of Suzy Spitfire Kills Everybody is the characters’ connection with the pirate ship called Heartbreaker. The craft, set up to be a ship of renegades both violent and relentless turns into something much different and quite comical. As the chapters involving this specific set of characters ensued, I enjoyed trying to guess their exact motivation and, when it comes down to it, their legitimacy. I am rating Suzy Spitfire Kills Everybody a 5 out of 5. Action permeates this futuristic work of intrigue, revenge, and relationships of all types. Suzy and her cohorts deliver line after line of witty comebacks which serve as well-timed breaks in the otherwise fluid violence. Any reader starving for drama and eager to explore superbly-written descriptions of advanced technology will enjoy Canzano’s tale. Suzy Spitfire is a character who does not need anyone rooting for her--she will win regardless.
Aphrael More than 1 year ago
Spitfire is defined as a person with a temper, usually one that they have trouble controlling. Suzy Spitfire in the novel by Joe Canzano lives up to her name. While the name of the novel is Suzy Spitfire Kills Everybody, she is not some crazy serial killer as the title would imply. Suzy first got in trouble with the law when she killed her uncle. From there Suzy was on the run. It is years later, her father is dead, and her best friend from her childhood returns to tell her that her father was in fact murdered. The person responsible, a corrupt government agent, named Blurr. He is out to steal her father’s life long research, an advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) Brain, and sell it off to the highest bidder. The only problem, the only person left that knows where this research is hidden is Suzy. In her efforts to escape Blurr, Suzy meets Ricardo and Maria, a brother and sister that become her allies and friends that help her escape into space. The character of Suzy is highly complex. To start she comes off as a rebellious teenager that never grew up. She has an attitude and a chip on her shoulder. She is arrogant and untrusting, but then you start getting deeper into the character of who is Suzy and how did she end up here. Her emotional growth from the opening chapters to the end is drastic. It is written in a way that draws the reader in, you want to see her kick ass, but you applauded when she stops and shows growth. It is relatable to women constantly trying to prove themselves in a man’s world. Suzy is a space pilot and a fighter, traditional male roles, but she doesn’t let that stop her. She fights for women, fights to prove that women can be the heroes of their own story, proves that women don’t have to be meek and subservient to men. There are other strong women in the novel too, Maria for example, a doctor of sorts, but also a brilliant strategist. She will just as soon kill a man as do surgery on them. The novel highlights the strength and perseverance of women allowing them to be strong main characters, not simple sidekicks or filler. The romance in the story is minor, there is a relationship building between Suzy and Ricardo, but more important than the sex or passion, is how each learns to care about another person. Both start the novel out with their own agenda, Suzy wants revenge on Blurr, Ricardo is looking for a quick pay day to leave a life of crime behind. Together they must rely on each other, and you see the struggle between them. Suzy must learn to trust and depend on other people for the first time in her life. Richardo learns to actually see people for more than ‘what’s in it for me’ mentality. It is an awkward struggle and sometimes their interactions are uncomfortable, that is what makes it so relatable to readers. There is not quick instant love at first site, lust sure, but not never ending I would do anything for you love. It grows through their adventures and builds slowly just like real life. Suzy Spitfire Kills Everyone by Joe Canzano is a great read for anyone that is fascinated by true character development that challenges people. I found the story line unpredictable, the characters engaging and surprising, even lesser characters offered the reader a chance to see personal growth. Overall this novel is a great read for those interested in the characters psyche and development more than just a quick action story but you get the action as well.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I was not sure quite what to expect from Suzy Spitfire Kills Everybody by Joe Conzano. From the title, I expected mostly violence. But in fact, this book is quite the Space Adventure. I would say elements reminded me of Star Wars, Firefly, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and Guardians of the Galaxy. So, if you enjoy any of those franchises, then I think you will enjoy Suzy Spitfire Kills Everybody. The book starts out on a futuristic and altered version of earth. As a reader, I was intrigued by this world. Conzano does a great job of using the characters and plot to give a sense of the new world order. We are quickly introduced to the main character—Suzy. The book starts out with a lot of action. This quick jump into action pulled me into the story. I found myself wanting to understand what was going on, why, who were all of the people involved, and what were their motives. Conzano does quickly introduce several other characters in secondary or peripheral roles. These include Suzy’s childhood best friend, Aiko, who relays to her some important information that reveals new insights into her father’s mysterious work. It also sets-up the main mission of the overall story. We also meet love-interest, Ricardo. There are several other characters that we meet as the story unfolds, including extended family members and a host of people, who are chasing after Suzy and her newfound acquaintances. Suzy and company have a mission and along the way, they face several barriers, some of which lead to interesting new people, settings, and plot points. One thing I really enjoyed about this book is that Conzano does a great job of making the motives of his characters somewhat unclear. As a reader, I felt uncertain who was good and trustworthy versus who was not. But that element made the story more intriguing. One way that Conzano does this is by having occasional chapters that focus on secondary or seemingly peripheral characters. During those chapters, I learned more elements of the overall story. At times, I found myself becoming more sympathetic to these characters, but at other times I could see what a threat they posed to the key characters. The main character, Suzy, is also a complicated protagonist. I found myself both liking and not liking her. Some of her motives felt selfish, while some of her motives suggested a heart of gold. In some ways, she felt like a rebel and a rogue. She seemed impulsive and arrogant. As a reader, at times, I just wanted her to calm down and think things thru before speaking or acting. It seems that she often gets herself into trouble. However, as the story unfolds, we learn that while she has done some bad things, those actions were motivated by understandable reasons. Overall, ultimately, I generally found myself rooting for her, perhaps because she is not perfect. As a note, one thing to be aware of with this book is that, although the writing style is accessible for young adults, there are mature themes.
Ebienic More than 1 year ago
Suzy has always lived her life coloring outside the lines, but she is determined to get her grandma a new heart. Her friend Aiko might have the hookup, but she discovers his hookup is way more than she expected. Will she and her new friends be able to outrun the law in time to save her grandma? Suzy Spitfire is a fast paced pulp fiction with lots of action. Suzy is a determined character with well done character flaws that usually come with an impulsive but goal-driven personality. I appreciated that she was not the damsel in distress or the innocent out to prove themselves, but still a sympathetic character. I noticed some minor editing that needed to be done but other than that it was a fast, enjoyable read that could easily be turned into a page turner of a series.