The 40-Day Sugar Fast: Where Physical Detox Meets Spiritual Transformation

The 40-Day Sugar Fast: Where Physical Detox Meets Spiritual Transformation


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What would you be willing to give up to experience the presence of God in your life again?

Many of us sign up for a physical detox program, thinking that if our bodies are healthier, then we're healthier. But a healthy body doesn't do us a lot of good if we are spiritually malnourished.

Welcome to the 40-Day Sugar Fast, a fast that begins with us giving Jesus our sugar and ends with Jesus giving us more of himself—the only thing that can ever truly satisfy our soul's deep hunger. On this 40-day journey you'll learn how to stop fixating on food and other things you use to fill the voids in life and instead fix your eyes on Christ.

Anyone who runs to sugar for comfort or a reward, who eats mindlessly or out of boredom, who feels physically and spiritually lethargic, or who struggles with self-control will discover here not only freedom from their cravings but an entirely new appetite for the good things God has for us.

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ISBN-13: 9780801094576
Publisher: Baker Publishing Group
Publication date: 11/05/2019
Pages: 224
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About the Author

Wendy Speake is a trained actress and heartfelt Bible teacher who ministers to hearts through storytelling and biblical life application. During her career in Hollywood, on shows such as JAG, Melrose Place, and Star Trek Voyager, Wendy found herself longing to tell stories that edify, encourage, and point audiences to Jesus Christ. Today she does just that, writing books, speaking to groups across the nation, and leading multiple online fasts and Bible studies each year. Coauthor of Triggers: Exchanging Parents' Angry Reactions for Gentle Biblical Responses, Wendy hosts her annual 40-Day Sugar Fast every January. She lives in Escondido, California. Learn more at

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The 40-Day Sugar Fast: Where Physical Detox Meets Spiritual Transformation 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 78 reviews.
JViola79 1 days ago
I had heard of the 40 Day Sugar Fast a few years ago. Wendy Speake had introduced a sugar fast to break the stronghold of sugar in her life, while also setting her desires and affection on Jesus. The 40-Day Sugar Fast: Where Physical Detox Meets Spiritual Transformation, now in book form, grabbed my attention. Sure, I want to lose a few pounds and gain a healthier focus but more so, the question Wendy poses had taken hold of me: “Would you give up sugar to experience the sweet presence of God in your life?” Wendy explains the purpose of fasting: “Fasting is merely denying yourself something temporal and ordinary in order to experience the One who is eternally extraordinary.” (from page 16) The is a book of 40 daily devotional readings designed to help one keep their focus off sugar and fixed on Jesus. The daily readings include a Scripture passage, an inspiring thought, and a prayer. The author shares struggles and experiences from her journeys through her annual sugar fasts. The author also encourages one to think beyond themselves, seeing fasting as a time to deny oneself so that one might grow and reach out to others: “If you love God and want to experience the miracle of a love relationship with Him in your daily life, join Him in His loving care for others. Love whom He loves, feed His sheep, and tend to His lambs and, in turn, He will feed you all that you’ve been hungering for.” (from page 151) She also encourages one to use this time of fasting to practically reach out generously, setting aside the money saved from cutting out sugary snacks and drinks, and sending it to a ministry. This book will encourage any reader to break free from the bondage of sugar and experience the sweetness found in Christ. **I was provided a copy of this book by Baker Publishing Group. All opinions are honest and my own.
Anonymous 3 months ago
This is wonderful book to help release the strongholds in your life and give them back to the Lord. It’s a sugar fast with great information and support in turning your cravings into prayer. I loved loved loved this book. I plan on doing a book club after the new year and get all my friends to do it too!
Anonymous 3 months ago
I am so excited to review the 40 Day Sugar Fast book by Wendy Speake. Fasting for me has always been a scary avenue to venture down. I’ve struggled with both an eating disorder and food addiction for almost 10 years. When I received my copy of this book, I was encouraged because I knew that each day; I would find words of hope on each page. The 40 Day Sugar Fast book is more than just a book about fasting from sugar. More importantly, you learn how to feast on God’s word. As you read through each chapter, you will learn that the Lord God Almighty is the only one who can break our chains of addiction. As Wendy says in her book, “A steady diet of God’s word is the best thing you can ingest for a clear and energizing sense of purpose each day.” Wendy’s book states the transformative truth of God’s Word and is full of real-life stories that reflect Wendy’s heart for the Lord and others. If you’re looking for a resource that goes beyond the traditional diet book, then the 40 Day Sugar Fast is for you. Yes, you will "lose" weight on this journey but most importantly, you will "gain" a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. Wendy is a beautiful woman led by the Holy Spirit of God and you are sure to fall in love with her gracious heart as you fall deeply in love with the Lord. Join the movement and “taste and see that the Lord is good.”
Anonymous 3 months ago
Simply a must have companion for fasting! This book has a chapter for each day of the 40 days. Wendy walks you through the fast with experience and wisdom. She is exactly what you need when undertaking a journey of this kind, and it is a wonderful journey. She guides us in and out of the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of fasting. I cannot recommend highly enough. I am changed after fasting like this. You will be too.
Anonymous 3 months ago
This is an amazing book! The 40 day sugar fast is a book that will bring you closer to Our Lord. You are learning about why you are addicted to sugar while being supported by scripture devotional reading, and prayers to help you break this addiction. Wendy is very honest about sugar addiction and other issues that draw us away from Jesus. Don't wait to read this book it will transform your thinking and the Lord will break those strongholds that are holding you captive.
Paula79 3 months ago
Wendy Speake is such a gifted writer. She truly is a gift from God as she leads by example by walking through this amazing 40-day journey. She reminds us of the many strongholds that keep us from experiencing our most important relationship with God. This book is for everyone who wants to eliminate distractions and experience the fulfilling relationship with God.
AJJoshua19 3 months ago
I am so thankful to have stumbled upon Wendy's Facebook page about the Sugar Fast. I took part in the fast online a couple of years ago, but found reading everything online wasn't always easy. I know...I find time for Facebook...but not time to read. I am so thankful the book is in print and I can give myself screen free time. That's right, it's not just about fasting from sugar, it's about fasting from anything that you place higher than God. For me, it's sugar and screen time. Wendy's book doesn't just give you suggestions and recommendations on how to fast, through the book she walks with you every day for 40 days sharing God's word, stories of her own fasting experiences, and so much more. You're not on this journey alone. There are valleys and mountaintops on this journey. Wendy's words connect with the reader in a way that says 'hey, we're on this fast together and it's not going to be easy, but God can make it possible'. I'm on day 6 and have discovered so much about myself and my relationship with God and where I fall short...places I never even realized. I'm praying as today's passage encouraged, "Lord help me to thirst and hunger for your righteousness more than anything else."
Anonymous 3 months ago
I can't recommend this book enough! This book has helped me get to the root of my sugar addiction and has helped me to move my focus away from filling my heart with sugar and filling it with Jesus and His word. I have struggled with over eating and sugar addiction for a very long time and was able to abstain from sugar for a time period but then when I would add it back into my diet I would just go back to sugar controlling me and being addicted again. I have done this fast twice and each time God has revealed deeper issues that need to be exposed and dealt with. Now sugar is not so important and I can take it or leave it. I now want to keep sugar as a special treat and not something I eat every day. I also want to spend more time in the word and am learning to run to Jesus and not food when I feel I need a pick me up. I loved reading the devotionals every day and they helped God speak deeper into my heart digging up what I did not know was really there. Definitely a game changer!!!
AHead 3 months ago
I have partaken in the Sugar Fast with Wendy for a few years now and this book is such an amazing tool to have for the fast. It brings it all together and gives great Biblical insight and wisdom as you move through the 40 days. I just finished and book and am looking forward to reading it again with my women's small group as we fast together in January. Whether this is your 1st or 50th time fasting there are things to be learned and this book helps remind you of that and where to find hope and strength and that is in Jesus and His Word.
Anonymous 3 months ago
Wendy Speake has created a raw, emotional and healing journey, in this book for us. I can't recommend this book, AND the fast enough! You do not want to pass up this opportunity to change your life! You will Love how you feel fasting from sugar and love even more how it will help you to grow in your relationship with the Lord. I came to realize through this book the time I wasted during my day thinking about snacks, social media, and not taking time to dive into Gods word reading instead. The daily verse each day is so powerful to meditate on throughout the day. It is absolutely a book I can read and re-read and would definitely recommend If you want to learn how to Biblically fast.
Anonymous 3 months ago
This book is a powerful guide that helps you take steps to lay down things in your life that give only false or temporary satisfaction. It begins with laying down our frenemy, refined sugar. Wendy Speake uses her expertise in this area of fasting to gently and firmly prompt you toward more and better satisfaction found in Jesus and in the word of God. It was uncanny how a chapter would speak so clearly to my need that day, to my heart in the process of laying more down and finding grace, and to my fears and joys. I have been challenged and encouraged. I have found that her experience in leading this type of fasting has given her truly Holy Spirit-led inspiration in each chapter. It takes time to come out of the fog of running to sugar, then you realize you are running first to (fill-in-the-blank) instead of straight to the Father in dependence and hunger. As I have fasted, I have received more clarity from the Lord on decisions. This fast has helped permanently remove my desire and taste for certain things that are of little or no benefit to my body. But it goes beyond that into laying things down as an offering to Him, and asking Him to shape us toward things of God for His glory in the world, using 40 days as a focused time. I highly recommend you get to know Wendy, and let her help you discover in this fasting and feasting, Jesus waits to speak to you and satisfy your soul.
Anonymous 3 months ago
I have followed Wendy through three 40-day sugar fasts and although I have not been successful every time, I have picked back up and continued on through my fast This is a great book to help keep you focused on Who life should be about and Who we should run to for comfort. Be prepared for your eyes to open spiritually and to be regenerated physically. I am reading through this book during this holiday season to help keep me maintain self-control and my eyes on my Savior.
Anonymous 3 months ago
40 Day Sugar Fast – by Wendy Speake What is this book, 40 Day Sugar Fast? It is Christ centered Enlightening Deeply spiritual Life altering Filled with the sweetness of Jesus Biblical Thought provoking Hunger (for Jesus) inducing Inspirational Satisfying Engaging Awash in the Living Waters Something I need to read and study, then read and study some more Something I want to share with my friends If you are looking to grow closer to Jesus, pick up this book. You won't want to put it down. And by filling up on Jesus, I am able to refuse so many edible items that my clothes are getting looser.
5643437 3 months ago
As a Christian, a wife, and a mother, I knew I needed to seek to break up with sugar. I have loved reading Wendy's blog and books, so I was thrilled to have the opportunity to go through this journey with her. Perfect for self-study, group study, a Church project, and more each of the devotionals in this book will cause you to think and will help strengthen your relationship with God. This book is definitely worth reading.
akr7677 3 months ago
"I have been with Wendy Speake during two of the last 40 Day Sugar Fasts. Each has affected me differently as I go deep into God’s word on what he would like from me! Wendy teaches us that it is not just about the sugar in our lives that we need to be mindful of and remove but the more important thing is the God we let into every nook and sugar filled spot. Now with her new book 40 Day Sugar Fast you can have a physical copy to work through and dwell on. You can take notes in the margins but most importantly let God fill the margins in your life. You will not be disappointed with each day as you read the pages and find what and where God can do amazing things with you and for you! Get yours today and begin your 40 Day Sugar Fast!"
Anonymous 3 months ago
Where physical detox meets spiritual transformation!! Thank you Wendy for such an amazing book!! God bless you!! I’m excited to have this resource in my hand and know I can do the fast anytime with a lovely guide to keep me on track as though Wendy is sitting with me and encouraging me to keep going. Each day has a beautiful insight on the traps and pitfalls of using sugar and other devices to numb our pain or keep us busy and offers the sweet name of Jesus as the only place to run to, to be truly free. If you’re looking for spiritual transformation and freedom, this book will be a sure and gently guide.
Anonymous 3 months ago
This book changed my life. I am totally changed. I make much better choices. I think about what I eat. My cravings are different and my sugar obsessions are gone. I choose His word over being controlled by my sweets obsessions. Join me for the 40 Day Sugar Fast this January. Find out more and grab your book at
Vanessa Mathews 3 months ago
Wendy Speake's 40 Day Sugar Fast is a very needed book in our western lives of excess. We have forgotten what it means to want God more than anything we could put in mouths or our hearts. In this book you will find practical steps to lead you through a sugar fast but also spiritual encouragement daily with story and scripture.  Wendy does a great job in shepherding hearts towards the reason for the fast which is getting closer to God and not getting caught up in a diet mentality that has a grip on our culture. I highly recommend this book for begining fasters and mature ones alike. Your heart will change if you commit yourself to God and this fast
Anonymous 3 months ago
This book is just what I needed. Each day starts with a scripture verse then Wendy explains how this verse can impact me and my struggle to break the strongholds in my life. Wendy explains that sugar (or any other things that we run to instead of Jesus) will not love me back like Jesus does. There are so many days I bookmarked to read again and again. I look forward to using this book year after year to help me break the world's strongholds and lean in to God-He holds me with true strength. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to improve their relationship with our Lord and who wants to break free from any unhealthy habits that keeps you from being the best you God made you to be.
Anonymous 3 months ago
This book and sugar fast helped change my outlook on what I eat starting with sugar. This most recent fast was one of the hardest but most fulfilling. I can't wait do it again in January!
Anonymous 3 months ago
I have experimented with different ways of eating, mostly designed to make me physically healthier and cut my addiction to sugar down. (21 Day Sugar Detox, Whole30, 17 Day Diet, paleo, etc.) Every time, I do well for a while and then fall right back into the sugar bowl head-first. This sugar fast intrigued me because of its spiritual component -- that primarily it's not a weight-loss program or diet, but rather a FAST -- an intentional abstaining from something in order to grow spiritually, make more space in my life, etc. And going through it this fall, I was not disappointed. While it is about the food on the surface, it's really about so much more. I found Wendy's daily readings to challenge, encourage, and convict me in so many ways. Her vast experience on fasting from sugar for 40 days at a time, and leading online groups, shows in her writing as she seems to know exactly what we, her readers and participants in the fast, are going through at different points. Wendy is earnest and sincere, and brings wisdom and discipline so that the fast is truly not a "diet" program, but about so much more. I highly recommend using this book as a tool and encouragement for your own sugar fast, and I definitely plan to use it again and again.
Anonymous 3 months ago
It seemed like a coincidence that I found an online 40 day sugar fast just after the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays when my intake of sugary treats was out of control. Just what I needed......and so much more. As a Catholic Christian I was used to fasting at various times of the church year. But that was usually as a penance and I seldom grew in my spiritual practices. This fast, now in book form has shown me how to turn AWAY from certain attachments and turn TOWARD my God and Savior who really does care about everything that keeps me from knowing Him better. I like that this is scripture based yet easy to follow, certainly challenging, but comforting in knowing I am not alone EVER.
Anonymous 3 months ago
Wendy and this group of amazing women brought light & wisdom into my world, and for that I will always be grateful. It wasn’t a steady uphill climb for me. There were some sliding back into old habits, but the support these people give through their own shared stories helped spur me on for a strong finish. Thank you, Wendy, for continually inviting us back to be a part of a journey much larger than us and for helping us bring the light of the Lord into our world in such a meaningful way, one step and one day at a time.
Anonymous 3 months ago
The 40 Day Sugar Fast has been the second most life-changing book I've ever read (the first being the Bible). Sure, this book has helped me to detox my body from the effects of sugar, but it's done so much more than that. This book helped me to do some serious heart work to get my heart more in align with God's heart. God is moving in mighty ways through Wendy Speake and this book. He is breaking chains of bondage, bringing His lost sheep home, showing Jesus' love to those who need it most, speaking His will into people's lives and far more than we could ever hope or imagine! God is good and Wendy is His faithful servant. If you are looking for a practical way to draw near to God, I highly recommend reading this book and committing to fasting from sugar for 40 days and feasting on the Word of God instead. I pray that it will change your life like it has changed mine.
Anonymous 3 months ago
Wendy has a heart for Jesus and this book is a treasure. I was fortunate enough to do a sugar fast with her at the beginning of 2019 and I was wishing I could keep all of her thoughts and writings in one place. This book is an amazing resource to turn from sugar and turn to God. Wendy's voice is that of a good friend having a warm cup of coffee with you. Thank you Wendy for these words and for pouring your love into this book!