The American Duchess Guide to 18th Century Beauty: 40 Projects for Period-Accurate Hairstyles, Makeup and Accessories

The American Duchess Guide to 18th Century Beauty: 40 Projects for Period-Accurate Hairstyles, Makeup and Accessories

by Lauren Stowell, Abby Cox


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Master Iconic 18th Century Hair and Makeup Techniques

Ever wondered how Marie Antoinette achieved her sky-high hairstyle or how women in the 1700s created their voluminous frizz hairdos? The American Duchess Guide to 18th Century Beauty answers all your Georgian beauty questions—and teaches you all you need to know to recreate the styles yourself.

Learn how to whip up your own pomatum and hair powder and correctly use them to take your ’dos to the next level. From there, dive into the world of buckles, hair cushions and papillote papers with historically accurate hairstyles straight from the 1700s. And top all your hair masterpieces with millinery from the time period, from a French night cap to a silk bonnet to a simple, elegant chiffonet.

With Lauren and Abby’s step-by-step instructions and insightful commentary, this must-have guide is sure to find a permanent place on the shelves of all 18th century beauty enthusiasts.

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ISBN-13: 9781624147869
Publisher: Page Street Publishing
Publication date: 07/09/2019
Pages: 240
Sales rank: 242,059
Product dimensions: 8.06(w) x 9.02(h) x 0.67(d)

About the Author

Lauren and Abby are the authors of The American Duchess Guide to 18th Century Dressmaking, and their company, American Duchess Inc., has been providing historically accurate lady’s shoes since 2011. Their shoes and accessories have been used in productions all over the world, including ABC’s Once Upon a Time, Starz’s Outlander and American Gods, Broadway’s Hamilton: An American Musical, Dangerous Liaisons and Cinderella. Their shoes have also been used by the New York Metropolitan Opera, Ford’s Theater and have walked the red carpet at the Academy Awards. They live in Reno, Nevada.

Table of Contents

Introduction 7

Why We Wrote This Book 7

How to Use This Book 8

Historic Stitches and How to Sew Them 10

Running Stitch 10

Backstitch 10

Running Backstitch 10

Prick Stitch 10

Hem Stitch with Basting 11

Narrow Hem 11

Edge Stitch / Edge Hem Stitch 11

Milliner's Figure 8 Stitch 11

Blanket Stitch 12

Applique Stitch 12

Whipstitch 12

Whip Gather 12

Stroked Gathers 12

The English Stitch 13

Mantua Maker's Seam 13

Hair Textures and Types 13

Part 1 Preparing Your Toilette 16

What the Heck Is Pomatum? 18

Common Pomatum Recipe 20

Hard Pomatum Recipe 22

Mareschal Pomatum Recipe 24

Hair Powder-The Original Dry Shampoo 26

White Hair Powder 28

Mareschal Powder Recipe 30

Papillote Papers 31

Peignoir 33

How to Pomade and Powder Your Hair 36

Wigs, Hairpieces and Women 39

Extensions-Chignon 40

Extensions-Toupee 41

Extensions-Buckles 45

De-Clowning Eighteenth-Century Makeup 49

Liquid Rouge 50

Red Lip Salve 52

Part 2 Up, Up and Away! 54

1750s-1770 Coiffure Française 57

Coiffure Française Hairstyle 59

Coëffure de Dentelles Cap 63

Make-Your-Own Lace Lappets 67

1765-1772 Coiffure Banane 71

Banana Hair Cushion 73

Coiffure Banane Hairstyle 75

"Proto-Pouf" 81

Trimmed Bergere Straw Hat 87

1772-1775 Coiffure Beignet 93

Giant Donut Hair Cushion 95

Coiffure Beignet Hairstyle 97

French Night Cap 103

1770s Calash Bonnet 109

1776-1779 Coiffure Ski Alpin 117

Ski Slope Hair Cushion 119

Coiffure Ski Alpin Hairstyle 123

1770s Pouf 127

Ostri-rageous DIY Plumes 132

Early 1780s Coiffure Chenille 137

"Grub" Hair Cushion 139

Coiffure Chenille Hairstyle 141

Toque 145

1780s Therese 149

Part 3 Let's Get Frizzical, Frizzical! 152

Which Frizz Is Right for You? 153

1780-1783 Coiffure Friseur 155

A Word on African Hair in Eighteenth-Century Europe and the Colonies 156

Crape Expectations: How to Crape Your Hair 159

Spearhead Hair Cushion 163

Coiffure Friseur Hairstyle 165

"Bonnet à la Jeannot" Cap 171

1780s Black Silk Bonnet 177

1785-1790 Coiffure Américaine Duchesse 183

Tootsie Roller Hair Cushion 185

Coiffure Américaine Duchesse Hairstyle 187

"Bonnet à hi Méduse" Cap 193

4-Loop Bows 198

A Refashioned 1780s Gainsborough Hat 200

5-Loop Bows 206

1790-1784 Coiffure Révolution 209

How to Papillote Curl Your Hair 210

Early 1790s Coiffure Révolution Hairstyle 213

1790s Chiffonet 217

Epilogue 221

Post 1795 … The End of Hair Powder 221

How to Get All This Stuff Out of Your Hair 221

Endnotes 222

Art Works Cited 229

Bibliography 232

Supplier List 234

Models 234

Biographies 235

Acknowledgments 236

Index 237

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