The American Game

The American Game


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On a camping trip, Jarrod Palemaru, college football player at USC, is attacked by an alien monster. After the encounter, he is a changed man, suddenly in possession of superhuman abilities that lend him dominance on the gridiron, and propel him to be drafted by the US President's NFL franchise, The Oklahoma Storm. No matter how surprising and bizarre, Jarrod embraces these events as dream-come-true, especially when he meets the team's interim-CEO, and America's first-daughter, Chance. They share an immediate romantic spark, but Jarrod's new physical abilities also extend to the bedroom, in a complicated way, threatening to expose his secret.
Meanwhile, the country's mood is tense. As America prepares for the 2016 Presidential elections, terror threats and economic instability remain hot-button issues. Tara Gaines, the Patriot Party's candidate for a radical change in the White House, takes the situation to heart... and beyond the political process. When her confidant and mentor Eugene Baal's Afghanistan-based military contractor outfit, Big Horn Associates, gets intel on a Presidential assassination-attempt, being planned by Taliban militants—Tara knows that serendipity, and God, are on her side. A temporary alliance with the terrorists, to ostensibly aid and abet their murderous dirty-work, is the perfect bait and switch. Their collusion, and some Baal-designed lethal weaponry, sets up the insurgency for instant, destructive retribution. Baal and Gaines will emerge as heroes, clearing Tara's path to the White House.
Shrewdly, the conspiracy has chosen the upcoming Super Bowl for their attack—in these troubled times, the President is very closely guarded, but nothing will keep him away from the big game, especially when The Storm win the NFC. On that fateful, championship-deciding night, Jarrod can't keep his mind in the game, smells danger in the air, and finally understands that the powers instilled in him are there for a bigger reason...

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BN ID: 2940161267974
Publisher: PJ Pappas & Straightjacket Publishing
Publication date: 05/04/2019
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
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About the Author

PJ Pappas is a lunar-cycle organic writer and freelance farmer currently operating out of an '85 Dodge conversion van somewhere in the western deserts of the U.S.; working on a forty day-forty night confrontation with diabolical tectonic forces at work in the planet's underworld, while simultaneously negotiating a fifty-year contract with Righteousness and an attendant 3-million dollar/year endorsement deal with Besides these publications, his dispatches, Futuro Field Notes (coming to these pages soon) issue gonzo reportage from the experientiel outbacks of American and Outernational cultural no-fly zones, insanity and inanity testing and gunnery grounds, and covert-Ops beyond the Edge. Sound-recordings and Dubhop remixes of his bellettrizm are also forthcoming. PJP has essentially been on self-assignment out in the field, and floating in the Ether, since his release, on his own recognizance, from prepubescence in the early '80s.
------Pts.Bulletin (1/1/18): Anything he says can and will be held against him, or to his credit... Last seen in a suspect (stolen?) vehicle, job-quitted, headed NNE for the Grand Staircase Escalante to his vermillion orange mountain cliff redoubt. to waitout the End Times (and fish for Crappy at Lees Ferry). Only the blog will beacon.
For lack of any better terminology, ...Word(s)!

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