The Amish Candymaker

The Amish Candymaker

by Laura V. Hilton

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Agnes Zook finds herself on her own in a small Amish community in Mackinac County after a tragedy kills her family. Most of the Amish call her “off in den Kopf” (strange) since she’s starting her own business and forging her own way in the community instead of relying on the bishop to take care of her. Since she’s viewed as non-submissive and too-forward for an Amish woman, she’s not courted by young men in the area.
Isaac Mast is on the verge of leaving the Amish church. He’s become a sought-after auctioneer and has a thriving business, but he feels confined by the strict rules. When his brother is severely injured in a wild fire, Isaac receives a letter from his sister-in-law, begging him to come to Mackinac County to help out while his brother is hospitalized. Isaac agrees but is unsure how to manage their young children when he has weekend auctions he’s expected to attend.
Agnes may be the answer to a prayer. Sparks fly when she and Isaac meet. But could their differences help them form a deeper connection to their faith...and each other?

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ISBN-13: 9781641231206
Publisher: Whitaker House
Publication date: 02/05/2019
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 256
Sales rank: 45,403
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About the Author

Laura V. Hilton has authored more than two dozen books and is a member of the American Christian Fiction Writers. She is also a professional book reviewer for the Christian market, with more than a thousand reviews published on the Internet.
The Amish Candymaker is Laura’s second book in the Amish of Mackinac County series; the first was Firestorm. Her last series, The Amish of Jamesport, included The Snow Globe, The Postcard, and The Birdhouse. Although not part of that series, her novels Love by the Numbers, The Amish Wanderer, The Christmas Admirer, and The Amish Firefighter also take place in Jamesport.
Laura’s first series with Whitaker House, The Amish of Seymour County, consists of Patchwork Dreams, A Harvest of Hearts, and Promised to Another. In 2012, A Harvest of Hearts received a Laurel Award, placing first in the Amish Genre Clash. Her second series, The Amish of Webster County, includes Healing Love, Surrendered Love, Awakened Love, and A White Christmas in Webster County.
Laura and her pastor-husband, Steve, have five children and make their home in Arkansas.
To learn more about Laura, read her reviews, and find out about her upcoming releases, readers may visit:
LAURA V. HILTON is a member of the American Christian Fiction Writers and is a professional book reviewer for the Christian market, with more than a thousand reviews published on the web. Her first series with Whitaker was The Amish of Seymour, including A Harvest of Hearts (2012 Laurel Award winner, first place in the Amish Genre Clash); and her second was The Amish of Webster County. Her most recent series was The Amish of Jamesport, featuring The Post Card, The Snow Globe, and The Birdhouse. Laura and her husband, Steve, live in Arkansas with their five children, whom Laura homeschools.


Horeshoe Bend, AR 72512

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The Amish Candymaker 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 22 reviews.
Barb00 7 months ago
The Amish Candymaker is two different people that have been hurt, but in different occurrences and circumstances. God will use these events to heal differences and bring romance. I absolutely loved and enjoyed this book by Author Laura V. Hilton. This author is a terrific writer and I enjoy reading all her books. I received a copy from the author, but was not required to review it. This review is one hundred percent my opinion.
thall5 10 months ago
In true Laura V. Hilton fashion, she has captivated me with another book that I will say yet again is her best book yet! This author is one of my absolute favorite to read as I can always expect a truly unique Amish story that I won’t want to put down. This story tells of Agnes Zook, who lost everything she had in a fire, everything that is except God. She struggles with that loss, and low self esteem as a result of something her father always told her before he died. She has come to accept her life to be just what it is, the lonely life of a single girl and eventual spinster, content to run her candy shop living with the bishop and his wife, until Isaac Mast comes into town and begins to stir up feelings she never expected to feel again. I loved the characters in this story. They were well developed and easy to relate to. I think the bishop in this story was one of my favorite as he was not your typical Amish bishop. I give this book 5 stars and can’t wait to read another book from this author! I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit, but was not required to give a positive review. This is my honest opinion of this book.
Virginiaw 11 months ago
Agnes and Isaac are not the typical Amish young adults. Neither of these characters conform to what a perfect Amish person would be. These two meet after each had family members injured or killed in a tragedy. Can these two help each other while caring for three small children. I loved the characters and the story. I especially loved the Bishop. He is a great character. This is not as clean as most Amish fiction stories. This definitely has a bit more flirting than usual. I received a copy of this book from Celebratelit for a fair and honest opinion that I gave of my own free will.
Kathae 11 months ago
Something I love about Hilton's writing style is that it lets me forget that I am reading an Amish book, and I can just concentrate on and enjoy the story. The Amish cultural details are there, but in a way that doesn't take precedence over the story. I really loved the heroine, Agnes. In the previous Amish of Mackinac County book, Agnes was a character that was easy to dislike. In this book, she has clearly learned from her past mistakes, with no desire to repeat them. She was also very relatable to readers because she was not the most popular person in town. Who can't relate to not being picked first for the team? She struggled, yet she was competent and honest, and it was easy to root for her. If you like Amish fiction, you'll like this book. If not, you'll still like this story. I received a copy of this book from the publisher, Whitaker House, through Celebrate Lit, for review purposes. The thoughts expressed here are my own.
NanceeMarchinowski 11 months ago
I loved this installment in the Amish of Mackinac County series. Numerous emotions were evoked throughout this book, humor not the least of them. Both Agnes and Isaac were somewhat overcome with obstacles in their future, but Ms. Hilton has woven a seriously difficult and life altering situation into a successful livelihood for Agnes and her candy shop. Isaac, however, was thrust into a challenging situation in taking over the care of his twin brother's three small children. His job as an auctioneer made it necessary for him to travel, but Agnes is sweet talked into helping with his nieces and nephew during his absence. The characters in this novel are numerous and varied, and run the gamut of personality traits! Bishop Miah is one very special character who warmed my heart. His wit and godly leadership combined in making him a favorite with me. Isaac and Agnes were like magnets with a strong magnetic field! They couldn't leave one another alone for long before sparks fly in all directions! Unlike traditional Amish fiction, Ms. Hilton uses numerous real life situations, and doesn't hesitate to spice up the lives of her characters. I love that about her books! There is never a dull moment, and this book was very difficult to put down. Don't miss this one! Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this book. All expressed opinions are my own.
ARS8 11 months ago
This is the story of Agnes Zook. She has lived through the tragedy of losing her whole family due to a wildfire, the man she thought she was going to marry married someone else, and yet here she is; trying to make a life for herself and to support herself by her candy shop. Into her shop steps Isaac Mast who has come back to help his twin brother and sister-in-law with their three children as his brother had been badly burned by the wildfire and is undergoing treatments away from home. Agnes and Isaac’s first encounter is quite memorable, as pretty much all of their time is together. Agnes has accepted her fate at ending up a spinster until Isaac suggests out of his need for help with the children that they marry. Less than romantic as that proposal is, Agnes hope is kindled. Isaac was, as he describes himself Amish but on the outside. Agnes was already looked at as a spinster so I was glad to see these two very loving, passionate souls come together and get to know each other through all the obstacles that were in their way. Theirs was an interesting and fun courtship to watch grow. There are some very sad topics in this story. This town has been through a lot and so has Agnes and Isaac’s family. Agnes faced with a life alone and still grieving has many questions that to her it does not seem like God is listening. Isaac’s family past is not free from tragedy either, so these two hurting, broken souls connect and help put the pieces back together and help each other grow stronger in their faith. The secondary characters of the kids and Bishop Miah and all his spying made this read all the more delightful. This is my favorite book yet by author Hilton. If you like chocolate and kissing books, you will like this one. I received a copy of the book from the publisher. I was not required to post a positive review and all views and opinions are my own.
5643437 11 months ago
Having spent time living in an Amish Community, I have had a fascination with the Amish. For a long time, I have also loved reading about them as well. So when I had the opportunity to review The Amish Candy Maker, I was thrilled. I found the storyline interesting and worth reading. The depth of emotions and feelings came through clearly. I loved how by the end of the story Agnes and Issac found their way back to each other. I felt such a connection to Agnes and Issac. They have such a depth of feeling to each other, but for a time have such a difference of opinion in what direction I strongly urge you to check this book out for yourself.
directorgirl11386 11 months ago
The Amish Candy Maker is the second book in Hilton's The Amish of Mackinac County series. The story all about true love, faith, and determination. We are taken on Agnes Zook and Isaac Mast life journey of their struggles with the past and finding their way back to their faith. We see Agnes Zook an unmarried woman who has no self-worth and has survival guilt that took the lives of the rest of her family. She decides to open up her own candy shop. Her community looked down on her for that. She dreams of having a husband and a family. Isaac Mast a well sought after auctioneer. He travels all over the United States holding auctions. Due to all of his traveling he doesn't really have time to settle down and get married. He is full of guilt for being responsible for killing three people. After receiving a letter from his sister-in-law begging him for help when a fire caused major burns on his twin brother. He returns. Isaac first meets Agnes when he goes into her candy shop. During the first time they met, Agnes was robbed at gunpoint causing Isaac to be the hero. They start flirting. They created a business agreement to help one another - one supplying labor and the other providing childcare. Will things work out? Will another tragic accident have them going their separate ways? Can they both find peace in their faith? Will they get married? If so, will Bishop Miah allow it? The Amish Candy Maker contains likable and relatable characters. As well as faith, love, determination, perseverance, and even moments of sadness. It is full of twists and turns. It is a heartwarming love story. We see growth in both the main characters, Agnes Zook and Isaac Mast. She even gave the character a humorous side. Hilton is great at taking you into their world. Her descriptions of the locations and characters made it very easy for me to see the story in my brain. One of the locations in the book is Mackinac County. Throughout the book, there are Amish proverbs and Biblical references. I would suggest reading the first book, Firestorm, to get an idea of their Amish community and all they experienced. just because Hilton's books are really good, but this book can be read as a stand-alone too. I love how Hilton threw in a special surprise recipe at the end of the story. If you love Amish Fiction stories and Christian Fiction then these books are for you. I would highly recommend reading this series. I received a complimentary e-book of The Amish Candy Maker from Celebrate Lit. This is an honest opinion.
DaliCastillo 11 months ago
Although I am not an author, I feel it’s safe to say that an author faces many challenges when  creating a story.  They write a quality story whose plot and characters engage and entertain the reader.  Yet, I often read reviews stating that although the book was enjoyable, the characters were not likable.  Sadly, that last part doesn’t do much to encourage one to read the book.  However, I can assure you that as you read The Amish Candymaker, you will not come away complaining about the characters.  Instead, you will find that Agnes and Isaac are two of the most endearing characters you’ve come across in quite some time.  
 Agnes is quite a unique character.  She doesn’t quite fit the mold of a typical Amish woman.  She runs her own business.  She’s quirky.  She’s blunt.  She speaks her mind in that if it pops into her head, it’s going to come out of her mouth.  Zero filter.  But, at the same time, she’s extremely caring and lovable.  Then there’s Isaac who is also quite unique. Isaac doesn’t live in one place.  He has a job that keeps him traveling all of the time.  Because he’s never in one place very long, he’s not a member of a particular church.  Instead he attends church wherever he is.  So, when it comes to following the Ordnung and rules of the church, he pretty well marches to the beat of his own drum.   
 Together, Agnes and Isaac make quite the pair.  Although these two are fun and endearing, they’re also two individuals full of pain, guilt and scars left behind by events they’ve each had to face in their lives. But through it all, these two are drawn to each other and begin to grow in love for one another. In doing so, they also begin to find their way back to God’s plan for their lives as they receive forgiveness and freedom from the weight of guilt they’ve been carrying for so long. 
 An engaging storyline, endearing characters, romance, twists and turns, laugh out lout moments (and there were many), as well a message of hope and forgiveness make The Amish Candymaker a fun, entertaining, hard to put down, definite must-read. Disclaimer: I was given a copy of this book. All expressed opinions are my own.
amybooksy 11 months ago
The Amish Candy Maker is the second installment from Laura V Hilton’s series, The Amish of Mackinac County. Even though it is book two of the series, I believe it can be read as a stand alone. I did not feel like I was missing anything from not reading the first book. It tells the story of the town outcast Agnes Zook. Her family has been killed in a tragedy and she chooses to take care of herself instead allowing her bishop to do so. Isaac Mast has found success away from his hometown, but is summoned to come back home after his brother needs help. This is when Agnes and Isaac’s paths cross. I enjoyed The Amish Candy Maker. I, especially, loved Agnes. I found her a brave, courageous, admirable and inspiring woman. I loved it when she begins to interact with Isaac. They were so fun together. I liked how the story tells the power of forgiveness, letting go of the past , and how to have faith. I am giving The Amish Candy Maker four and a half stars. I would love to read the first installment from The Amish of Mackinac County series, The Firestorm, to see what happened before this one. I recommend this one for readers who love clean romances and Amish Fiction. I received this book from the publisher. This review is 100% my own honest opinion.
KrisAnderson_TAR 11 months ago
The Amish Candy Maker is a sweet Amish romance. Agnes Zook lost her entire family the night of the fire along with her home and is now living with Bishop Miah and his wife. The proceeds from the sale of her family’s land has helped her start Sweet Treats, a candy shop that features her fudge and rock candy (recipes at end of book). Agnes’ father was a preacher who frequently told her that if she did not marry Gabe (who picked another) then she would remain single. Agnes is determined to provide for herself and not be a burden on others. The night of the fire, Sam Mast suffered devastating burns and has been in a hospital ever since then. Isaac Mast is a traveling auctioneer who is in demand and his sister-in-law’s letter just caught up with him. Jenny, Sam’s wife, has not left her husband’s side and their three children need Isaac along with their farm. The last thing Isaac wishes to do is watch children after the tragic accident several years ago. Plus, Isaac has many weekend auctions lined up and cannot watch the kids full-time. When Isaac encounters Agnes, he believes they can reach an amicable solution. Agnes is an entertaining character who speaks without thinking which leads to some humorous and embarrassing situations. The electricity between Agnes and Isaac is immediate, but they each have issues standing in the way. Bishop Miah is a wise man who provides insightful and thoughtful advice along with his snarky quips. I like that the people do not have a smooth road on their journey. They must deal with a robber, medical emergency, flirtatious women and their own internal demons and insecurities. Agnes and Isaac need to learn that God is always there for them in good times and bad. He never leaves us nor forsakes us. I liked the inspirational thoughts and scripture verses included in The Amish Candy Maker. The Amish Candy Maker has mischievous children, a wise Bishop, a busy auctioneer, mouthwatering confections and a quirky candy maker.
DKStevens119 11 months ago
Most of the Amish call her “off in den Kopf” (strange) and he’s almost ready to leave the Amish faith.. Wow, the sparks fly with these two and not necessarily romantically! They seem to clash often but I really liked this story as they both find a way to confront the past and tackle the problems of today. Faith, family, forgiveness and a just plain good story made it hard to put down! Highly recommended! I was gifted a copy, no review was required. My review is voluntary…
Ourpugs 11 months ago
The Amish candy maker The book is romantic, and funny. Such a fun read. Also did deal with real issues. But, what good book doesn’t? Loved the children in the book. Also some great recipes at the end of the book. I think this is one of the best books I have read by the author. Isaac comes to care for his nieces and nephews while his brother is in the hospital recovering from being burned. He meets Agnes who was helping with the kids. She has a candy store. I just love how they interact together. Loved the way they meet at her store. Loved Bishop Miah and how he treated Agnes like a daughter. I received an advanced copy of the book from the publisher through Celebrate Lit. I was not required to write an positive review. This is my own opinion.
NKBookReviewer 11 months ago
In a few words, The Amish Candy Maker is fantastic! Author Laura V. Hilton has outdone herself with this novel. It is the second in her “The Amish of Mackinac County” series, but can be read as a stand alone. I had not read the first one yet and found myself wishing I had because this one is so good. This is a contemporary Amish tale of Agnes Zook, the Amish Candy Maker. It also is the story of Isaac Mast, uncle to three three young children needing his help. Circumstances throw Agnes and Isaac together and sparks begin to fly. Bishop Nehemiah is always close by diligently watching. This story has been well planned, organized, and researched. The characters are delightful from children to grandparents. Mixing Pennsylvania Deutsch and English made the Amish dialogue seem realistic. The author wrote the words in such a way that they were defined in the next sentence so readers are able to learn as they read. It took a few, well very few, pages to become invested in this story. I loved both main characters, Agnes and Isaac. They became fast friends of mine. Author Hilton knows how to write a great romance. Wow, just wow! It is one you want to discuss with your girlfriends. Life lessons and scripture are woven heavily throughout this story. There is no doubt it is a Christian fiction book. Forgiveness of others and self, judging, gossiping, and respect are all touched on. Each one a relevant topic. Trusting God and prayer is discussed, too. The only thing I did not agree with in the book, and it is a personal belief, is that it is okay to get mad and yell at God. Certainly He knows our thoughts and feelings, but I think honor and respect for Him demands we treat Him better. I definitely recommend this page turning, captivating Amish romance. There are twists, adventure, danger, humor, and even candy recipes at the end. It gets 5 out of 5 stars from me. A copy was provided by Celebrate Lit but I was not required to write a review. These are my own, honest thoughts.
arkieclown 11 months ago
THE AMISH CANDY MAKER by Laura V. Hilton is the second book in The Amish of Mackinac County series. THE AMISH CANDY MAKER is the story of Agnes Zook & Isaac Mast & how they struggle with the past, find their way back to their faith with the help of each other & few nudges by Bishop Miah, & a story of growing love that sparks from the first touch. Agnes Zook is an unmarried woman who feels condemned to be an old maid as prophesized by her Daed. Because of her upbringing, she feels no self-worth with a heavy dose of guilt added in for having survived the fire that took the lives of the rest of her family. She’s also been labeled off in the head for choosing to open a candy shop on her own. No marriage of convenience for Agnes or having the menfolk telling her what to do. With no suitors in sight, she knows she must find a way to support herself. All she’s ever dreamed of was a handsome man beside a natural Christmas tree with snow crunching under his feet to say three little words–I love you. Will her Prince Charming ever show up? Isaac Mast is a well-thought of & sought after auctioneer who spends his time going from auction to auction through the United States with no time for a real relationship. He’s stayed away from his twin brother’s family for years carrying the heavy guilt of being responsible for killing not one but three people. It was only after receiving a letter from his sister-in-law pleading desperately for help after a tragic fire had destroyed a lot of the area leaving his twin hospitalized with major burns. He returns, against his better judgment, to help with his niece and two nephew. How can he maintain their farm & keep his livelihood? Most of all, how can he take care of kids after what he did? Agnes & Isaac first met in the candy store when Isaac went in to buy some candy for the Bishop & his wife. Sparks flew from their first touch & feelings grew fast for both of them. In a business agreement, they decided to help one another-one supplying labor and the other providing childcare. Through their trials of taking care of the candy story, tending to three little ones running at full speed in different directions at the same time all requiring constant attention & Isaac traveling back and forth across the country for auctions leaving Agnes in full charge of everything-Agnes & Isaac finally learn about each other’s past & the guilt they carry. Will their growing affection for each other be able to survive it all? Or will another tragic accident have them going their separate ways? Can they both find peace in their faith knowing God has all the answers if we just hand all our problems to him in faith? Will love find a way or will they each go their own way? Will Bishop Miah ever allow them to marry? THE AMISH CANDY MAKER is an amazing love story of an Amish couple living in the English world trying to hold on to their faith while dealing with a difficult past. Laura V. Hilton has a way of telling an Amish story while reminding us that we are all human with flaws & emotions bound to make mistakes. Then shows us through faith, prayer & God’s grace all things are possible. In the course of the book’s pages she will have you laugh, cry, fearful, smiling & hopefully finding a reason to be thankful or lifting up a prayer yourself. I highly recommend this book to anyone that loves a wonderful written story, the Amish genre, or simple a wonderful romance. GREAT BOOK!
vics49548 11 months ago
Author Laura Hilton has developed a sweet story that isn’t syrupy but has characters with spunk, making this a fun read. A non-submissive Amish woman and a man afraid of commitment make for an interesting combination. Because of words spoken over them, both fear they are unlovable. Coming to grips with God’s plan, while learning a new way to see ourselves, isn’t always easy but always worth it. Amish proverbs such as “Your past doesn’t stay in your past” and scripture verses pertaining to whatever situation the characters were facing, help to tie a good story together with God’s heart. If you enjoy Amish stories with depth then I highly recommend this book. I received a complimentary copy of this book but was not required to leave a review.
MaureenST 11 months ago
The author has given us a compelling page turner, and once you begin the pages begin to fly, the story is that good, and I needed to find the answers. We are back in Mackinac and with some old friends, and this is Agnes Zooks story, as she is beginning her endeavor to have her own candy shop. We also meet Gabe’s brother, Isaac, and see him deal with his daemons. Can there be a relationship between these two main characters? Surprises abound here and there are new relations and many make me wonder why I really liked some of the previous characters, yes this is the second book in this series, but you can read this as a stand-alone, but you might want to read the first book in this series! The theme of forgiveness is prevalent here, both by others and by oneself, this needs to be one before anyone can move on. I received this book through CelebrateLit and was not required to give a positive review.
Mar-J 11 months ago
Overcoming the past, action, budding romance, Amish proverbs, and Biblical scriptures filled the pages of The Amish Candymaker by Laura V. Hilton. I couldn't stop reading this book until the end. The main characters Agnes Zook and Isaac Mast met in her candy shop with an unexpected turn of events before Agnes showed him where Bishop Miah lived. Isaac’s life was busy auctioneering all over the United States with his nieces and nephew to care for in Mackinac County maybe he could enlist Agnes to assist. After all, they had been residing at Bishop Miah’s home together since the fire that ravenous their community. The characters lives and background is deep with layers to peel away throughout this gripping and winning story. There’s twists and turns with some heartbreaking moments, blaming, caring, courage, determination, faith, love and resilient from the primary characters to secondary characters that brought life and realism to the story. Will Agnes belief of “Nein drop-dead-gorgeous, clean-cut hero is going to rescue me near a live Christmas tree while the snow crunches pleasantly under my feet” ever come true once Isaac fled Mackinac County when he was blamed for his nephew’s situation? The picturesque descriptive scenes placed me right in the middle of Mackinac County as well as the various states Isaac traveled to for his auctioneer services. The Amish Candymaker is the second book in Hilton’s series, The Amish of Mackinac County. However, it may be read as a standalone, but I highly recommend reading Firestorm to gain a love and respect for the residents of this Amish community and all they had experienced. There’s a bonus at the end of this book with candy recipes. The Amish Candymaker is a phenomenal story by Laura V. Hilton. Her books never fail to disappoint with new adventures, Amish proverbs and Biblical references similar to situations that these charming Amish characters face. I received a complimentary e-book of The Amish Candymaker from Celebrate Lit. I have expressed my sincere opinion and look forward to many more Amish stories with a strong faith message by Hilton.
Phyllis_H 12 months ago
A sweet arrangement My rating is 4.5 stars Agnes struggled so much with the concept that Gott could love her. She felt that her prayers were not heard, especially after her family died in a fire. Not only that, she felt she was unlovable. Her very own father, a preacher, had told her that no man would want her - she was too independent and outspoken. I loved Agnes' endearing habit of talking to inanimate objects, such a plants and dishes. You get the idea. Maybe I thought it was so fun because I've been known to do exactly that. I wasn't a fan of Issac at first. He was a bit brash and overconfident. His smooth-talking ways that made him a much-demanded auctioneer also had him popular with the Amish women in the communities he visited. Not that anything ever happened beyond perhaps a few kisses, but still. . . He had no intention of making any commitments or settling down. Yet as time went by, Isaac became more lovable. The way he embraced taking care of his nephew and nieces despite being so incompetent was very sweet. And the way he really did honor and respect Agnes; being able to see past her quirks to appreciate the wonderful woman she is. Yet a Laura V. Hilton novel wouldn't be complete with ""just"" a romance. Her stories are much deeper than that! Issac carried deep guilt over an event that occurred several years earlier, separating him from his only remaining family - his twin brother. The grief and guilt he experienced caused him to live the life of a nomad and made him feel he wasn't worthy of the love he craved. There was also a mystery surrounding the drug addict who had attempted to rob Agnes' candy store. While it was not a prominent theme of the story, it carried an undercurrent that added a little more drama. Yes, this is part of a series and has characters returning from other stories, and yet it does stand alone quite well. Then again, Laura V. Hilton's books are all so good you should treat yourself and read them all! Read with a Preview at I was given a copy of this book. I was not required to give a favorable review nor was any money received for this review. All comments and opinions are my own.
BrittanyMc 12 months ago
I thoroughly enjoyed this book! I felt sorry for Agnes, with all she had lost, and with the low expectations that her father had expressed for her. I loved reading about her interactions with Isaac and the way their relationship progressed through the book. Isaac was such an intriguing character and different from the way many Amish men are portrayed in novels. He carried a lot of guilt, had one foot in the Englisch world, was dashingly handsome, and was definitely a flirt. I liked seeing his true character develop in this story. He really was such a caring man. The children in the book were a sweet addition and definitely added quite a bit of humor to the story. There were also many interesting characters that created quite an enjoyable community to read about. I received a complimentary copy of this book. All opinions are my own.
annelr 12 months ago
The Amish Candymaker by Laura V. Hilton is a captivating story about an Amish community in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. It is indeed a love story but it is so much more. There is tension in the relationship between Isaac and Agnes (or Beautiful as Isaac affectionately calls her). One wonders if they will be able to overcome the difficulties that come at them. Readers will cheer for, cry with and be drawn into the lives of this Amish community of colorful and riveting characters. The story flows well with action and emotion and has a few "oh, no!" moments where one wonders how will this turn out? I loved the bits of humor throughout the story. With three of the characters being preschool children there are a fair amount of humorous mishaps and then there is Bishop Miah. Such a great character-wise and fatherly and yet is heard to mutter slightly sarcastic comments, such as 'courted, schmorted' in response to other characters. And he certainly keeps his eye on Agnes and Isaac as they develop a relationship. I especially liked one of the thought-provoking bits of advice that Bishop Miah gives to Isaac--to 'let prayer be the key to the day and the bolt to the nacht.' The author deals well with somewhat difficult situations as she writes of robberies, flirtatious wives, the pain of lost love, and emergency medical situations. All in all, she writes an entertaining and inspirational book. It is a story not only of finding a home and romance but of realizing the faithfulness of God in times of trouble and learning to seek forgiveness as well as to forgive oneself. I thoroughly enjoyed this addition to the Amish of Mackinac County and am hoping there is another yet to come. I received a complimentary copy of this book via CelebrateLit. A favorable review was not required and the opinions are my own. This review is part of a CelebrateLit blog tour.
BMace 12 months ago
It's almost be scary how words said can affect the rest of a life. Such is the experience of young Agnes Zook, who has been told by her father that she is not worthy of any man's love. A robbery in her candy shop brings a true life hero to her rescue, but is it even possible that she might believe some of the things he is saying? Poor choices bring consequences, but can forgiveness be found? A most enjoyable Amish story with scripture and many sayings woven nicely into the narrative. Perhaps most noticeable in my reading was 'People don't lack strength, they lack will'! I expect there are many areas in our lives that this would this ring true. I received this wonderful book through CelebrateLit. All impressions and opinions are my own.