The Armstrong-Whitworth Argosy

The Armstrong-Whitworth Argosy

by Peter Bunnett


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This book gives an insight into the systems and components of the Armstrong Whitworth Argosy, along with numerous stories of my time working on the aircraft. I will hopefully explain the servicing procedure while working on first line servicing of the aircraft. Some jobs were more pleasant than others as you will read about, not for those with a nervous disposition. Hopefully, the systems are explained satisfactorily. Some are more complicated than others, as you will no doubt appreciate when reading the text, but the explanation should make everything clear. The Argosy aircraft was part of the RAF Transport Command, doing exactly what it says, transporting people and equipment to various locations around the globe, although this was usually only restricted to Europe and the Middle East.

I was posted to RAF Benson in January 1971, having returned from a tour of duty in Cyprus. I enjoyed working on the Argosy for my last fourteen months of service, I had a few continental trips, as well as a four-month detachment to Bahrain, another enjoyable experience. The stories in the book are true; they are my experiences of life working on the Argosy.

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