The Bluestocking

The Bluestocking

by Christi Caldwell


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Two damaged hearts learn there’s a fine line between love and hate in a Wicked Wallflowers novel from USA Today bestselling author Christi Caldwell.

Gertrude, the eldest Killoran sister, has spent a lifetime being underestimated—especially by her own family. She may seem as vulnerable as a kitten, but given the chance, she can be as fierce as a tiger. Her adopted brother, Stephen, has just been snatched back by his true father, and she’ll be damned if she relinquishes the boy to the man reviled throughout London as the Mad Marquess.

Still haunted by a deadly tragedy that left him publicly despised, Lord Edwin holds only hatred for the Killorans—the people he believes kidnapped his son. And not one of them will ever see the boy again. But when Gertrude forces her way into the household and stubbornly insists that she remain as Stephen’s governess, Edwin believes he may have found someone madder than himself.

With every moment he shares with the tenderhearted Gertrude, Edwin’s anger softens into admiration…and more. Is it possible that the woman he loathed may be the only person who can heal his broken soul?

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ISBN-13: 9781503904071
Publisher: Amazon Publishing
Publication date: 05/07/2019
Series: Wicked Wallflowers Series , #4
Pages: 352
Sales rank: 215,139
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.40(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

USA Today bestselling, RITA-nominated author Christi Caldwell blames authors Julie Garwood and Judith McNaught for luring her into the world of historical romance. When Christi was at the University of Connecticut, she began writing her own tales of love. She believes that the most perfect heroes and heroines have imperfections, and she rather enjoys torturing her couples before crafting them a well-deserved happily ever after.

The author of the Wicked Wallflowers series, which includes The Governess, The Hellion, and The Vixen, Christi lives in southern Connecticut, where she spends her time writing, chasing after her son, and taking care of her twin princesses-in-training. Fans who want to keep up with the latest news and information can sign up for Christi’s newsletter at or follow her on Facebook (AuthorChristiCaldwell) or Twitter (@ChristiCaldwell).

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The Bluestocking 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
Jutzie 5 months ago
The Bluestocking by Christi Caldwell The Wicked Wallflowers Series Book Four The time has come for Stephen to go to his real home. A home that he'd been stolen from. A home that had been set on fire, killing a woman and her unborn baby and driving a man to the point of being called the Mad Marquess. Gertrude Killoran had practically raised Stephen. The man who sired her was an evil man, but having his blood in her veins had people hating her and her family as well. Especially the Marquess of Maddock. But no matter what he felt toward her, she refused to leave Stephen alone with this man—and for the first time in her life, Gertrude found the courage and refused to take no for an answer. Edwin Ludlow Phineas Shadrack Warwick, the Marquess of Maddock thought he must truly be a madman to allow anyone related to Diggory in his home. But, his son was now a stranger to him and he knew he needed this woman's help. No matter how much he hated her. Gertrude is the last unmarried sister of the Killoran clan. Blinded in one eye, she has been able to disappear into the background. Her soft-spoken words and calm...and yet, her fierce protectiveness when needed, soon have Edwin rethinking what he thought he knew about her. I love all these stories, but I really enjoyed this one as it has both Gertrude's story and Stephen having to adjust to a new life. **Sexual content
stanhope3234 5 months ago
5* This is one of the best historical romances that I’ve read in a long while. It has everything that I look for in a book, suspense, laughter, tears and of course a beautiful romance. Gertrude Killoran was born into a life of crime. Her father Diggory was the king of street crimes in London. He was a mean spirited evil man who could careless that Gertrude was his daughter, her only use was as a thief. When she lost her sight in one eye she was of no use to him any longer. When she formed a small family with some of the others Doggory left her alone to do her own thing in the family. Gertrude always felt she was the weakest and over looked by her family. Her sisters were so brave even her little brother Stephen was braver then she was. Edwin Ludlow Phineas Shadrack Warwick, the Marquess of Maddock lost everything the night his family died in a fire. His guilt drove him to no longer care if he lived and he did wild and dangerous things to hopefully end his life. The ton nicknamed him Mad Maddock and accused him of being responsible for his family’s death. When he’s told that his son may not of died in the fire but was kidnapped by a street gang. When his son is found still alive and living with the Killoran’s who was responsible for the kidnapping he demands his son returned and the Killoran’s never to see him again or he’d see them hanged. Gertrude could not bare for Stephen to go alone and on the way she decided she would help pave the way for Stephen and his father to become family agin. Edwin tried to put Gertrude out but she was not swayed by his anger and she was not afraid of him as others are. She poked and prodded Edwin back to life and showed him how to love his son for who he is now. Edwin starts to see that Gertrude is not the women he believed her to be, she has brought light back to his soul and push’s him to live for his son and himself. Their relationship blossoms and grows but it must come to an end. Gertrude’s father was the one responsible for taking everything Edwin loved from him. Gertrude understands that he may never trust her or forgive her and her siblings. This book had the perfect ending. It’s one of those books that you sigh and hung it at the end!
beckymmoe 5 months ago
My first from author Christi Caldwell, but definitely not my last! I loved the two main characters Ms. Caldwell gave us in The Bluestocking. They both came into the story with mountains of issues to work through. Edwin's had a horrific 7+ years, with his wife and unborn child killed and his firstborn kidnapped (Stephen/August--originally he was assumed dead, in this book he's just moving back in with his father) much of the blame for which was somehow laid at his feet by society and his in-laws. Gert's just had an overall miserable time of it--born to a horrible man and a life of crime, constantly underestimated and overlooked even by the relatives that love her. There were so many things working against the two of them even getting together in the first place (the fact that Gert's family has been raising Stephen is a big obstacle), let alone reaching an HEA--but somehow, Ms. Caldwell managed to pull it off. I loved so many things about this book--seeing the love between Gertrude and Stephen in action as she tries to help him acclimate to his new/old life; watching Stephen and Edwin begin to bond (especially when they were joining forces against Gert, LOL), witnessing Gert as she begins to come into herself and come out of her shell, and being there when Edwin lets go of his guilt and hate and begins to live again--OMG, this book has all the feels. And that's not even taking into account the romance, which was a slow burning marvel of a relationship... Yeah, I'm going to be reading more of her books soon. I have to be honest, though--I did feel a tad bit lost for the first couple of chapters, since this book (#4) is the first that I've read in the Wicked Wallflowers series, which follows Gertrude's family, the Killorans. All of Gert's siblings--Stephen especially, of course, but the others as well--also have active roles in this story, which is fantastic; I'd love to get to know them better. However, the beginning of this book occurs right after and is heavily influenced by some of the events from the other books--which I hadn't read yet--and getting up to speed took some effort. So while it's possible to read this one alone and enjoy it, I really think it's better to have read the others in the series first to avoid the "Wait, what??? feeling I had for much of the beginning. On the plus side, I have 4 new books in my TBR, counting book 5 (due out in September)! Rating: 4 stars / A- I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.
ECD 6 months ago
What I can say about this book is that I was riveted from the very beginning. It held my attention from page one till the end. This is filled with real life emotional realities burdened upon people who did and did not deserve them. Through it all there was hate, derision, contempt, scorn now replaced with hope, love, forgiveness. It was never easy to achieve. But with gentle and calm direction it was accomplished. I felt emotionally moved by this book. I smiled through a lot of it. There were sober and painful parts but the upside was as I mentioned before was that I smiled while reading it. An excellent book and I highly recommend it. Christi I loved the dedication to your mom.
Historical_Romance_Lover 6 months ago
I loved Gertrude and Edwin's story!! Gertrude demands that she be able to stay with Edwin when her adopted brother (his son) is return to him. Edwin fights it, but finally agrees. Gertrude just wants to make sure that her brother gets settled in and knowing that she will forever be separated from him, wants to spend as much time with him as possible. Edwin finally has his son back and he couldn't be happier about it, except that the daughter of the man that kidnapped him has worked her way into his life. As much as he wants to hate Gertrude, their is just something about her that speaks to him. Can he ever get passed who her family is? I've been waiting for Gertrude to get her HEA for what feels like forever and Caldwell didn't disappoint!! I'm so glad to see her finally come into her own and shine within her family!
RoseisReading 6 months ago
The Bluestocking is actually the first book I’ve had the pleasure of reading from Ms. Caldwell. Although this book is fourth in the series, I didn’t feel like I was lost while reading when it referred to previous characters and storylines, and it could easily be read as a standalone. But after reading this story and truly being impressed with Ms. Caldwell’s writing style and loving the characters, I do plan on going back and reading the entire series! So happy to have finally read Ms. Caldwell’s work and can’t wait to catch up with her backlist! Edwin Warwick the Marquess of Maddock is considered a madman by the ton. He was accused of murdering his wife and unborn child. It’s later found out that his oldest son didn’t actually perish in the fire that killed his wife, but was in fact kidnapped and has been living with a street gang. Gertrude Killoran had been known as the weak Killoran in her family. Blinded in one eye she was relegated to the caretaker of the younger boys and girls in the gang. Feelings of guilt and fear of not protecting her younger siblings, fuels her to accompany Stephen on his journey back to the home he was kidnapped from seven years ago. I absolutely loved this story. My heart broke for all Gertrude, Edwin and Stephen had endured. So much pain and suffering, and so much to overcome for these three to be able to find peace and happiness. Ms. Caldwell’s writing is exquisite and the storyline along with the characters was enthralling. Gertrude was a wonderful character. She’s riddled with self-doubt in her abilities, but yet when the time came she was a rock for Stephen, helping ease his way back to a life that was stolen from him. I loved her interactions with Edwin and how she gradually helps him to break free from the past and bond with his son. As for Edwin, what this man went through… It would be understandable if he had gone insane. Extreme guilt and sorrow has surrounded him for seven years and he’s at a loss of how to live again. His hatred for the Killoran’s and their part in his family’s death and son’s kidnapping is understandable. The fact he was able to overcome it with Gertrude’s help and for the love of his son speaks volumes of what a good man he truly was. This story was so much more than a romance story. It was a story of hatred, guilt, pain, fear, acceptance, understanding, forgiveness, hope and yes, love. Love not just between a man and woman, but between a brother and a sister, between a father and a son, between a family. Such a beautiful story that proves love can conquer all! Not enough stars to give out for such an exceptional piece of work! Highly recommend!
rlane 6 months ago
Gertrude Killoran and Lord Edwin are thrust upon each other when Edwin exercises his right as father and takes back his kidnapped son, Stephan. Unknown until recently, the Killorans thought they were rescuing Stephan from the streets of London, Stephan was kidnapped by Mac Diggory, Gertrude’s villainous father (now dead, thank goodness!). The death of his wife and disappearance of his son has taken their toll on Lord Edwin, now nicknamed The Mad Marquess. Stephan is like a little brother to the Killoran’s most especially to Gertrude as she taught and took care of him, so she’s not willing to let the Mad Marquess take him without her supervision so she pushes her way in and won’t let him bully her out. Both Gertrude struggle with assumptions and misconceptions, each not trusting the other until they spend time together under the same roof. A mutual respect forms as they begin to understand the trials they’ve each had to bear thanks to Gertrude’s horrible father. There was always an attraction between them, albeit begrudgingly at first, so as they get to know each other they fall a little more in love every day. The slow turn from enemies into friends and then into more was a lovely, and at times sensuous journey! This is my first experience reading Christi Caldwell’s writing, but it won’t be my last. She made Gertrude and Edwin come alive through her writing. Their feelings of mistrust, hurt, pain, joy, and love came across loud and clear, and I pleased they found each other! They both deserved a HEA after all they went through!
Lcwilsom 6 months ago
Another fantastic read by Christi Caldwell. This is a story of redemption and how easy it is to underestimate the true value of a person. Gertrude is the forgotten Killoran, oh they love her but do not believe she has the skills & strength of her sisters. We find out however that when everyone else believes that all hope is lost she displays fortitude & a will of iron. Edwin is who the Ton has labeled the Mad Marquess, he lost himself in his grief & anger and has forgotten how to live. Now they have come together to help Stephen find his way in his new life. Slowly as they get to know one another they realise that the preconceptions they had were wrong. These two scarred people find friendship and ultimately love. Of course it’s not all plain sailing as you would expect but that is what makes Christi’s stories so enjoyable, no one wants easy. Great love is fought for and won. This whole series has been brilliant and I can’t recommend it enough.
yankeetexan 6 months ago
Sometimes you read a story and a character just captures your heart. Gertrude is this person for me. She is such a kind, thoughtful, insightful woman. She had a brutal childhood, and as an adult her ability to care and love is phenomenal. It’s like the worse things that could happen to a person brought out all the goodness in her. Then we meet Edwin, who though an arrogant young man…as an adult he’s also been through hell. He is lost, broken and filled with anger. The story is about Edwin getting his kidnapped son Stephen (August) back…from the family that killed his wife and unborn child. Just saying this is difficult…imagine what will happen. I don’t want to spoil this story because really, it’s a story that will touch your soul. Truly one of Christi Caldwell’s best…a story that will stay with me forever. Enjoy.