The Book of Mysteries

The Book of Mysteries

by Jonathan Cahn
The Book of Mysteries

The Book of Mysteries

by Jonathan Cahn


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New York Times Best Seller!
1500 5-Star Reviews!
From the author that brought you NEW YORK TIMES best sellers The Harbinger, The Mystery of the Shemitah, and The Paradigm with over 3 MILLION copies sold

Enter a life-changing journey…

and the HIDDEN KEYS to open the doors of a life of joy,
blessing, and the fulfillment of YOUR DESTINY.

As you open up The Book of Mysteries, you will be transported on a journey through a desert to encounter a man known only as “the teacher,” who will take you on an odyssey to mountaintops,
caverns, encampments of tent dwellers, and oil-lit chambers of scrolls, ancient books, and mysterious vessels.

Each day a new mystery will be revealed, including: The Mystery of the Eighth Day, The Maccabean Blueprint, The Chiasma, The Seven Mysteries of the Age, and much more… even the mystery of your life!

Partake in the voyage and unlock the treasure chest to uncover the mysteries of the ages. And with 365 mysteries, one for each day of the journey—and of the year, The Book of Mysteries is also a daily devotional unlike any other—with things never before revealed, the most important keys of spiritual truth, end-time revelation, and the secrets of overcoming…
It can even change your life!

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781629991344
Publisher: Charisma Media
Publication date: 06/05/2018
Edition description: Reprint
Pages: 384
Sales rank: 65,155
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.10(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

is known throughout the world as a prophetic voice for this generation and for the opening up of the deep mysteries and treasures of God. He caused a national and international stir with the New York Times best sellers The Harbinger and The Mystery of the Shemitah. Jonathan, along with Billy Graham and Keith Green, was named by Charisma magazine as one of the top forty people of the last forty years “who radically changed our world.” Jonathan has spoken on Capitol Hill, at the United Nations, and to millions of people around the world. He leads Hope of the World Ministries, an outreach of the Word to the nations and compassion to the world’s most needy. He is the leader of the Jerusalem Center/ Beth Israel in Wayne, New Jersey, a worship center made up of Jew and Gentile, people of all nations.

Table of Contents

The Beginning viii

Infinity In A Jar 1

The I Am Of All I Ams 2

The Shannah 3

The Ruach 4

Appointing Your Days 5

The Mystery Of The Bride 6

The Power Of The Yud 7

The Midbar 8

The Shamayim And The Aretz 9

The Serpent's Blood 10

The Face In The Waters 11

The Cosmic Love 12

The East-West Continuum 13

Kissing God 14

The Night And Day Paradigm 15

The Taleh 16

How To Alter Your Past 17

Yeshua 18

A Li Yah 19

The Footstool World 20

The Heartbeat Of The Miracle 21

The Elohim Mystery 22

Whose Name Is Like Oil 23

The Secret Place 24

The Lord Of Eden 25

The Power Of Emunah 26

The Ivrim 27

The Masada Mystery 28

The Identical 29

The Divine Nonpossessive 30

The Portal 31

The Triunity Of Love 32

The Day Of The Resheet 33

The House Of Bread 34

The Roads Of Zion 35

The Khatan 36

The Mystery Of The Zeroah 37

The Door Of Evil 38

The Celestial Seed 39

The Mystery Of The Secret Angels 40

The Nazarene Mystery 41

How To Multiply Bread 42

The Asham 43

The Mystery Of The Rains 44

The Sword Of Amalek 45

Heaven's Milk 46

The Sixth Day 47

Into The Deep 48

The Mystery Of The Tamid 49

The Tent World 50

Heaven's Descent 51

Yamim Noraim: The Days Of Awe 52

Gatshmanim 53

The Mystery Nation 54

The Wells Of Yeshua 55

Rachamim 56

The Mantle Of Messiah 57

The Davar And The Olam 58

The Exodus Factor 59

The Secret Of Yoma 60

The Revelation Land 61

The Jonah Paradox 62

In His Deaths 63

The Talmidim 64

The Birth Tomb 65

The Mystery Priest 66

The Haftorah Mystery 67

The Sunset Mystery 68

The House Of Spirits 69

The Book Of The Unmentioned God 70

The Omega Joy 71

The Other Tree 72

The Two Waters 73

The Poem Of God 74

Eem-Anu-El 75

Beyond The Speed Of Light 76

The Priests Of The Offering 77

Shepherdlessness 78

The Akedah Mystery 79

The Bridegroom's Visitation 80

The Celestial Currency Exchange 81

The Way Of The Yashar 82

The Impossibility Of Existence 83

The Kneeling God 84

The Mystery Of Ephratah 85

Nisan 86

The Similitude 87

The Portable Mountaintop 88

The Mystery Of The Eighth Day 89

The Land Of Gezarah 90

The Shadow 91

The Secret Israel 92

The Bride In The Tent 93

The Law Of The Fallow Ground 94

The Lambs Of Nisan 95

The Village Of His Comfort 96

Where You Go 97

The Food Of The Priests 98

Song Of The Stone 99

The Mystery Of The Triangles 100

The Chaldean Mystery 101

The Miryam Mystery 102

Yom Rishon: The Cosmic Beginning 103

The Shadow Man 104

The Man Born To Pause And Ask 105

The Audible Sapphire 106

The Other Elohim 107

The Magian Journey 108

The Magnitude Of The Sun 109

The Three Thousand 110

Chayim 111

The Mystery Of The Cherubim 112

The Mind Binders 113

The Fourth Creature 114

The Scroll Of Days 115

The Ohel Moed 116

The Hupogrammos 117

The Cosmic Bridal Chamber 118

The Covenant Of The Broken 119

The Mystery Of The Semixhah 120

The Sheresh 121

The Anti-Witness 122

The Mystery Of Spring 123

The Seventh Day 124

The Temple Lambs 125

The Mystery Harvests 126

The Days Of Future Past 127

Dunamahee: The Power Of I Can 128

The Promise 129

Kingdom Of The Lamb 130

The Unscriptures 131

The Bisorah 132

The Private And The General 133

The skeleton prophecy 134

The Preemptor 135

The Heaven-To-Earth Life 136

Shalom Aleichem 137

The Leper King 138

The Apokalupsis 139

The Secret Of Colors 140

The Secret Of The Axe 141

Rechem And Racham 142

Tzemach: The Branch Man 143

The Sunrise Commandment 144

The Silence Of The Truth 145

The Wings Of Messiah 146

The Mystery Of The Yehudim 147

The Avanim: Weights Of The Balance 148

The Summer Fruits 149

Moving The Universe 150

The Mystery Wrestler 151

Secret Of The Lilies 152

The Priests In The Waters 153

The Children Of Eve 154

The House Of The Bridegroom 155

Baruch Atah 156

The Doer 157

The Afikomen Mystery 158

Yerushalayim 159

The Cosmic Confession 160

The Mystery Of The Second Scroll 161

The Gift Of The Lahmed 162

The Appointed 163

The Zicharyah Man 164

The Lulav 165

The Secret Of The Blessed Life 166

The temples of desecration 167

The Law Of Cosmic Motion 168

The Moon Bride 169

The Serpent And The Hedge 170

The Separation Of The Priest 171

The Prophecy Name 172

The Perushim 173

The Gospel-Acts Continuum 174

The Mystery Of Summer 175

Ha Makom: The Place 176

The Alpha Omega Man 177

The Altar Outside The Holy Place 178

The Baalim 179

The Mystery Bread 180

The Mazmerah 181

The Mystery Of The Kehilah 182

The Chiasma 183

The Idumean Mystery 184

The Image Of Their King 185

The Agent 186

The Night Of Adam 187

The Power To Cast A Forest 188

The Cosmic Dice 189

Niglatah: The Baring 190

Seeing The Colors Of Heaven 191

The Secret Of The Makhzor 192

The Immanuel Solution 193

The Shevat: The Ceasing Of God 194

Khananyah 195

Nekhushtan: The Double Negative Redemption 196

The Arch Of Titus 197

The Infinity Solution 198

The Eucharistia 199

Yovel 200

The Aderet 201

Yarden: The Descender 202

The Dance Of The Circles 203

The Chrysalis 204

Zicharyah, Elishevah, And Yochanan 205

The Mystery Of Europa 206

Heaven's Ladder 207

Ani Lo 208

The Scarlet Redemption 209

Galilee Of The Broken 210

The Ninth Of AV Mystery 211

The Resistance Secret 212

The Matrix 213

The Greek Redemption 214

God In The Image Of Man 215

Dodekha: The Divine Loves 216

Starwoman 217

The Pidyon Ha Ben 218

From The Days Of Forever 219

The Day Of The Mattan 220

The House Of The Dispossessed 221

The Mystery Of Khavah 222

The Momentum Key 223

Jacob's Paradox 224

The Brit Haddashah 225

Heaven's Cooking Pots 226

Tamim: The Unblemished 227

The Bride And Groom Procession 228

The Way To The Mount Aintop 229

Sunergos 230

The Soldiers Of Darkness And Light 231

The Rosh Pinah 232

Khataah: The Name On Your Sin 233

Secret Of The Grogger 234

The Valley Of Hinnom 235

Blueprints Of The Spirit 236

The Mishkan 237

The Passover Dip 238

The Prophecy Boy 239

The Divine Law Of Adjectives 240

The Rebegotten 241

Altars On The High Places 242

Heaven's Loom 243

The Mystery Of The Goel 244

The Way Of Breadlessness 245

The Spectral Messiahs 246

The Double Calendar Paradox 247

The Anatolay Man 248

The Mystery Of Asenath 249

The Stranger At The Well 250

The Miracle World 251

The Mystery Of The Wolf 252

Rebuilding The Ruins 253

Dodi Li 254

The Masterwork 255

The Zygote Mystery 256

Prune Thyself 257

The Power Of As 258

The Yad 259

The Alpha Commandment 260

The Grapes Of Heaven 261

The Feast Of Trumpets 262

The Wars Of The Holy 263

The Secret Of The Third Prince 264

The Days Of Teshuvah 265

The Heaven Scenario 266

Firstfruitfulness 267

The Death Of The Zachar 268

The Priest King 269

The Apostasia 270

The Yom 271

The Secret Of The Desmios 272

The Tzipparim: The Mystery Of The Birds 273

The State Of Throughness 274

Lord Of The Two Vanishing Points 275

The Price Of The Priceless 276

Camping In Heaven 277

The Shepherd And The Fishermen 278

Altar Of The Heavenlies 279

The Mystery Of Autumn 280

The Tenth Of AV Redemption 281

Into The Garden 282

The End Of The Scroll 283

The Children Of Leah 284

The Law Of Change 285

The Tishri Revelation 286

The Paradox Sign 287

The Days Of One-Eternitieth 288

The Purple Mystery 289

The Promised Land Wilderness 290

The Day Of Time And Timelessness 291

The Sabbath Of Ages 292

The Russian Case 293

The X Of The Miracle 294

The Secret Name Of God 295

The Ishmael Mystery 296

The Seasons Of The Harvest 297

The Faces Of God 298

Baal Zevuv 299

The Day Of Neogenesis 300

Living From The Future 301

The Mystery Scroll 302

The Logos Crucified 303

The Power Of Apoluo 304

Under The Huppah 305

Adonai 306

The Children Of The Eighth Day 307

Awake The Dawn 308

The Centrality Factor 309

The Josiah Principle 310

The Night Candle 311

The I Am Redemption 312

Mountains And Capstones 313

The Glory Inside The Tent 314

The Secret Hebrew Prophecies 315

Your Present Afterlife 316

The Guardian 317

The Moses Paradigm 318

The Mystery Of Melchizedek 319

The Karat 320

The Name In Which You Are 321

The Scepter Of Judah 322

The Garden Of Miracles 323

The Return Of The Prototype 324

Down The Mountain 325

The Uncaused Cause 326

The Seven Mysteries Of The Age 327

The Sunrise Redemption 328

Performing Your Semikhah 329

Heavenly Nostalgia 330

The Jubilee Man 331

The Four Corners Of The Altar 332

Entering The Heavenly Dimension 333

Specificity 334

Desert Rains 335

The Calah 336

God On The Blue Planet 337

The Atzeret 338

The Invisible Harp 339

The Other Through The One 340

The Shabbat Mystery Code 341

The Resurrection Land 342

The End Of The Story 343

The Runner's Riddle 344

The Maccabean Blueprint 345

Heaven's Womb 346

The Mask Of The Egyptian 347

As A Man Carries His Son 348

The Immanuel Paradox 349

The Great Ascending 350

The Gardener 351

The Mission Planet 352

The Angelic Measuring Rod 353

The Book Of Ages 354

The Bride And Groom In The Marriage Chamber 355

Shemen 356

The Rebegetting 357

The Peleh 358

The Seven Mysteries Of Your Life 359

The Land Of Beyond 360

The Mystery Of The Pluralities 361

The Time Of Knowing 362

The Blessing With No End 363

Home 364

The Two Shall Be One 365

After The End xii

The Receiving xiv

To Go Deeper xvii

About Jonathan Cahn xviii

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