The Buddha's Bone: A dark psychological journey to find light

The Buddha's Bone: A dark psychological journey to find light

by Leilanie Stewart
The Buddha's Bone: A dark psychological journey to find light

The Buddha's Bone: A dark psychological journey to find light

by Leilanie Stewart


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She was in Japan to teach English. She'd soon discover the darker side of travelling alone.

Kimberly Thatcher was a Londoner who set off to teach English in Japan on a one year contract. After escaping her abusive boyfriend back in London, she soon found herself pursued by a colleague - with even more sinister intentions than her ex. Kimberly would soon learn the darker nature of her relationships, forcing her on a soul-searching journey through darkness to find the light. What happened when you looked into the abyss?


"The Buddha's Bone is a read about all the strongest emotions: grief, anger, love, regret and hope. Kimberly's imperfections and struggles are raw and relatable." - Amazon review

"Kimberly's story touches on a lot of important topics: misogyny, sexual assault, trauma, female friendship, loss, mental health." - Amazon review

"The titular 'Buddha's Bone' story of Japanese tradition is beautiful and creative; it was like a shining beacon of hope for Kimberly in her darkest moment." - Amazon review

"Readers can catch a glimpse into the intimate thoughts of Kimberly through her poetry. They were such a great addition to Kimberly's character and an insight into what she was really feeling." - Amazon review

"In the Buddha's Bone Leilanie Stewart gives us a fascinating, and often uncomfortable, depiction of a westerner's experience of living and working in Japan." - Goodreads review

"The Buddha's Bone raises some very painful questions but avoids offering the reader any easy answers." - Goodreads review



Kimberly Thatcher wasn't an English teacher. She wasn't a poet. She wasn't an adventurer. Now she wasn't even a fiancée. But when one of her fellow non-Japanese colleagues tried to make her a victim, she said no.


In Japan on a one-year teaching contract at a private English language school, and with her troubled relationship far behind her in London, Kimberly set out to make new friends. She would soon discover the darker side of travelling alone - and people's true intentions.


As she came to question the nature of all those around her - and herself - Kimberly was forced to embark on a soul-searching journey into emptiness. What came next after you looked into the abyss? Could Kimberly overcome the trauma - of sexual assault and pregnancy loss - blocking her path to personal enlightenment along the way, and forge a new identity in a journey of-

Death. Cremation. Rebirth.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781739952310
Publisher: Leilanie Stewart
Publication date: 10/25/2021
Pages: 292
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.81(d)
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