The Chase (Briar U, #1)

The Chase (Briar U, #1)

by Elle Kennedy

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BN ID: 2940155676683
Publisher: Elle Kennedy Inc.
Publication date: 08/06/2018
Series: Briar U , #1
Sold by: Draft2Digital
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 2,202
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The Chase (Briar U, #1) 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 42 reviews.
Anonymous 3 months ago
Wonderful story! It was addictive and emotional and everything I needed!
BookloversForLife 8 months ago
OHHH MY GOD. I loooved The Chase!! Elle Kennedy’s Off-Campus series is one of my favorite college/new adult/sports romance series ever, so the anticipation for its spinoff series was REAL. I’m so happy to say that Elle Kennedy did not disappoint with The Chase (though does she ever!?). I adored Summer and Fitzy’s story. I literally had a smile on my face the whole time I was reading them. And these new hockey boys Elle introduced had me cracking up like crazy – though I did love seeing some old, beloved characters too ;) If you loved the Off-Campus series, you definitely need this spin-off series in your life! I adore a good opposites-attract romance, and you can’t get more opposite than with Summer and Fitzy. Summer is your privileged, dramatic, outgoing, fashion-loving girl, while Fitzy is a drama-hating, introverted, game-playing/-making nerd and hockey player. One’s all light and the other is pretty gloomy. But despite their differences, these two have wanted each other from the very start – but they get off to a rough start when Summer overhears Fitzy judging Summer as an airhead. And… they also become roommates (awkward). Can he make her believe that he sees her for who she really is: his sunshine? I had the BEST time reading The Chase. It’s funny, smart, relatable, sexy – everything I wanted in a college sports romance and more. Do I believe that the Briar U series has the potential to live up to its predecessor? Absolutely. I fell in love with Fitzy and Summer, their sweet, hilarious, slightly angsty romance, and can’t wait to read more of the new characters. I am dying to get my hands on the next book. I can’t get enough of Elle Kennedy’s fantastic storytelling!
JWright57 8 months ago
4.5 Stars for The Chase which is book 1 in Elle Kennedy’s new Briar U series and this takes us back in to her steamy hockey world. Fitzy maybe a talented hot hockey player but he is also a bit of a nerd he is smart he loves video games but he can be introverted and sometimes struggles to communicate due to his abusive family history, he grew up with his parents fighting and that means he is not ready for a relationship. Summer has just transferred to Briar and she needs a place to live after her new sorority sisters refuse to let her move in so her big brother Dean calls in some favours and she ends up a roommate to Fitz,Hollis and Hunter. Summer has crushed on Fitz for a while so being his roommate may not be the easy life both these guys are looking for. Summer also has issues that she has to deal with on a daily basis she comes from a very successful family but she has a learning disability and each day brings a new challenge to the gorgeous girl that a lot of the other girls love to hate. The laid back Fitz may be the perfect match for Summer but will he ready to take the jump and see that relationships can work if you are with the right girl. This is a fun easy read that captivates you from the first page it has characters with real life issues it’s funny it’s sad and it’s a great read. Looking forward to the next in the series.
Chloe_readsbooks 8 months ago
5 unicorn stars OH MY GOD. MUST READ ALERT. I can't even tell you how PERFECT this book is. I finished it two days ago and I still can't get over it. Ahhhh, I love Fitzy and Summer so much, I'm not sure my heart can handle it. I will keep this review short so you can experience and feel all the feels while reading. Trust me you won't regret it. The Chase is hands down my favourite book of 2018. I cannot recommend enough. MUST READ ALERT.
Anonymous 9 months ago
Elle delivers yet again; I was somewhat apprehensive that Fitz would be able to hold my attention as the male lead. It turns out that I worried for nothing.
Anonymous 6 months ago
Loved it!
Anonymous 6 months ago
Loved this book!!
Febbabie212 7 months ago
The Chase follows Summer Di Laurentis who is the sister of the hero from The Score. The Chase is a spin-off of the Off-Campus series. Both main characters, Summer and Fitzy, were introduced in the earlier books. Readers knew from the start that Summer liked Fitzy and also knew that Fitzy wasn't going to go anywhere near Dean's younger sister. However, at the start of The Chase, they reunite and circumstances quickly force them together once Summer starts Briar University. Honestly, I thought both the plot and the main characters in this book where well-developed. Summer and Fitzy played a game of cat and mouse once they were forced into close proximity. The attraction between them was off the charts but Fitzy in particular, had reasons to be wary about a relationship between them. The trauma of Fitzy's childhood left him hesitant to enter into a relationship with Summer. Summer, in contrast, doesn't deserve the rejection from Fitzy and at times, it was heartbreaking to read. Summer's outgoing personality hides real insecurities that Fitzy accidentally triggers. It takes a while for the couple to work out their issues and move beyond their pasts into a healthy relationship. However, once they reach that point, it is satisfying to see the support they have for one another. In addition to their relationship drama, there is also outside tension from Summer's teacher and from a job opportunity for Fitzy. Overall, this was an excellent read. It ties into the Off-Campus series but also stands on its own as the start of a new series. It was great to reunite with old characters, which led to my reread of the Off-Campus series, and to set up future books with interesting new characters. Another outstanding read by Elle Kennedy! 
Anonymous 8 months ago
Couldn’t keep it down, good, fast read.
Anonymous 8 months ago
Ella Kennedy doesn't disappoint in this new Briar hockey series. You'll enjoy the plot and characters. Really, you don't even need the book blurb to see if you want to read the book or not. You'll love the hockey/sport theme of young love, the coming of age during and after college.
Anonymous 8 months ago
Very good
Anonymous 8 months ago
Very cute book
ycervera 8 months ago
When a series you’ve read and loved ends, there are no better words to hear than “spin-off series”. I mean, who wouldn’t want to meet a whole new set of characters set in a world you’re already well acquainted with? Especially when it means returning to Briar U aka the Briar University of the Off Campus Series by Elle Kennedy. With The Chase, Elle Kennedy brings us the first book in her brand new Briar U Series, following the romance of Colin “Fitzy” Fitzgerald and Summer Di Laurentis. With a familiar feel to the Off Campus Series but with a new batch of sexy college hockey players to swoon over, The Chase is an exciting, refreshing introduction to Briar U. After being introduced to both Summer and Fitzy in the Off Campus Series, I was eager for their admittedly mismatched pairing. Dean’s bubbly, vivacious, unapologetically candid sorority-girl sister didn’t seem like an obvious match for Fitzy’s easygoing, low-key, gaming nerd persona, yet for them, it’s definitely a case of opposites attracting. Thanks to Fitzy’s preconceived notions about Summer and hurt feelings over an overheard conversation, Summer’s crush fizzles, but doesn’t die. Because: sexual tension. Lots of it. There’s also a healthy amount of hostility between them, resulting in a rapport that’s an amusing combination of flirtatiousness, annoyance, and pure, unadulterated lust. Their romance is an emotional whirlwind – a confusing, twisted, yet exhilarating game of back-and-forth that keeps you on your toes from start to finish. With whip-smart dialogue, characters that are as exasperating as they are entertaining, a smoking hot romance, and a fast-paced, humorous, drama-filled storyline, The Chase is a must-read. The narrative is the perfect balance of lighthearted and thoughtful, making this a fun story to lose yourself in, even as it confronts relevant, hard-hitting topics. The liveliness and the tightknit camaraderie of the extended cast of characters made this a thoroughly enjoyable book to read, and I can’t wait to dive back in to the Briar U Series next with Brenna’s book. *complimentary copy provided by author for an honest review
Anonymous 8 months ago
Good read, wish i had know about her other series
DarGee 8 months ago
This book was so worth the wait, and trust when I say, set aside a complete and uninterrupted time to read it, because one moment I started, and the next it was 3:19 am. It has everything, all the feels, so many feels, but so much fun as well. There are new rivals, new friends, new and interesting connections. We get a glimpse at Garrett, we spend a few with Tuck and Jamie, and of course, we see a bit of Dean, because, duh, his little sister and all! Fitzy has learned over a lifetime to shut his emotions down, and he can easily stay hidden away. He doesn't like to be the focus of attention, in the spotlight. He is happy with who he is, how he is and what he is, but Summer throws him for a loop. She disrupts everything about his carefully planned life, but he can't stop being crazily attracted to her. She is his complete opposite, and he is losing the fight to leave her alone Summer can't figure out why she is so attracted to Colin "Fitzy" either, but she is. She doesn't fight what she feels though, she goes with it. Him seemingly unaware of their attraction throws her for a loop, then makes her angry. Summer wears her heart on her sleeve, but there is a wealth of emotions bubbling under the surface. She is not at all comfortable with who she is, how she is, and what people see of her. She is completely upfront with what she thinks, and how she acts, and defends it beautifully. Summer isn't only comfortable in the spotlight, the spotlight seeks her out, it is drawn to her Fitzy and Summer are not all what the other is like, but they are exactly what the other needs. Their journey is neither quick, easy, or simply, but it is so much sweeter in the end because of it!
Anonymous 8 months ago
It was okay. For me, there was something missing, I guess. I loved the previous hockey series and it was fun seeing those characters again for a bit. I may be in the minority, but I just did not feel a connection or chemistry between Fitzs and Summer. It was a lot of push and pull on the H part and that's something that drives me nuts in a story. The book is called The Chase, so that should have clued me in. I also feel that a lot of things were left unresolved. I am interested to see what happens in Brenna's story. Hopefully, the next book will feel more like the previous books. I do enjoy this author's writing, but this book unfortunately, was not my favorite.
Anonymous 8 months ago
Love the complexity of real life characters dealing with learning disabilies, effects of divorce, friendships...and how being together makes them stronger.
Jolanda_L 8 months ago
I thoroughly love every part of this and will want to read it again as you will be sucked in from the very first page! I couldn't put it down as I fell in love with this story straight away. I highly recommend this one!
Jill__D 9 months ago
4 Stars for - The Chase - book one in the Briar U series by Elle Kennedy. This is a spin-off from the Off Campus series and features two characters we had met previously but rest assured you can go into this completely blind and still enjoy it. I highly recommend picking up the Off Campus books if you get a chance though too for some seriously good reading. Summer Di Laurentis is a transfer student to Briar from Brown University and also the little sister to the legendary former ladies’ man - Dean Di Laurentis. Having to transfer under less than ideal circumstances right before the start of the semester no less leaves Summer scrambling to find a place to stay. Summer refuses to call her parents to bail her out yet again, so she calls her brother Dean in the hopes that he still had some connections at his former school and he most definitely comes through. What she didn't expect was to rent the fourth room in his former townhouse with his hockey teammates one of whom she threw herself at last year but got shot down. If anything it will make for an interesting semester... Colin Fitzgerald known to everyone as Fitzy is a bit of an anomaly since he prefers to keep to himself rather than party hard with his teammates. Fitzy would much rather be in a relationship or stick with the same 2-3 girls for casual hook-ups than have a revolving door of one night stands so when he meets the beautiful, blonde bombshell that is Summer he is intimidated by all that she does and says especially when she directs it at him. When she moves into the house things are brought to a whole new level. This was a sweet college romance that reminds you to never judge a book by it's cover since the content underneath is what counts. While there was practically zero hockey in this book it did have lots of angst and lots of steam with promising characters to come. Seriously can't wait for Brenna, Hunter, Jake and hopefully Ben to get their stories too.
caroldh4 9 months ago
The Chase is book one in the new series, Briar U by Elle Kennedy. This is a new adult spin off from her Off Campus series which I have not read. I don’t feel, though, that not having read the other series took away from this book at all. Summer De Laurentis comes from a wealthy family. Yes she likes her designer clothes and yes she doesn’t mind some of the advantages her life has afforded her. But she also wants to be seen for who she is. Summer is starting her second semester of her Junior year of college. Because of a ‘mishap’ she was expelled from Brown University and transferred to Briar. Colin Fitzgerald is a sexy, nerdy, gamer, tattooed hockey playing jock. His athletic ability on the ice is so opposite to his nerdy side, the side that doesn’t like to be in the spotlight, the side that never likes confrontation. So no one is more baffled than he is at the attraction he has felt towards Summer since the first time they met. She is everything he isn’t, outgoing, loves drama and rich. Summer has had a crush on Collin (Fitzy) ever since they first met But he has barely spoken two words to her ever. Finally, on the night that they finally get to spend a little time together, they are both flirting. She is sure she in sensing an attraction from him, until she overhears what he really thinks. Summer needs a place to live and Fitzy needs a fourth roommate so Summer is forced to move in. Not only is it awkward being around Fitz but one of the other roommates, Hunter, clearly has a crush on her. Summer knows that Fitz can’t stand her. Doesn’t she deserve to be with someone like Hunter that does want to be with her? Someone that’s not ashamed of her? Still, it’s Fitz that is on her mind constantly, both during the day and in her dreams. Summer struggles as a student. She has a learning disability. So she also struggles with self confidence as a result. Because of the reason she had to leave Brown, Summer is forced to endure weekly meetings with an academic advisor that clearly can’t stand her. Add on to that a professor that makes her very uncomfortable, and this semester is sure to be epic. Fitz is constantly fighting his feelings for Summer. He is friends with her older brother. Mostly, though, he just can’t see their personalities ever coming together. But it’s Summer’s face he can’t get out of his head. He tries to just be her friend but it’s torture. Okay, now the hard part. I think I am going to be in a minority here when I say that I struggled a bit with this. Summer came off the first three quarters of the book as so immature. I actually understood her motives. She felt so attracted to Fitz but his actions led her to believe he didn’t have feelings for her. Hunter made it clear he did. She wanted that for herself. To be wanted. With that being said, though, she still should not have let herself consider Hunter when she knew her heart wanted Fitz. But then the last twenty five percent of the book my opinion greatly improved. During this part of the book, Summer finally really showed her moxy, both at school and at home. I really enjoyed the way things played out between she and Fitz. What I really enjoyed was Summer’s influence on Fitz. I loved the way she drew him out, even really without him realizing it was happening.
FS_Meurinne 9 months ago
This book is Summer and Fitz’s story, yes Dean Heyward- Dilaurentis sister from Off Campus series. Now it’s time for this young fashionista girl to find her way at Briar University. Fitz is the sexy nerd hockey player, who is passionate about videogames. How can fashion, hockey and videogames go together right? Well, this story will trap you until the end. Elle Kennedy is a genius sport romance writer, but she took fashion to the same level. The story had me laughing and sighing on each chapter, but not everything is superficial, there are real struggles that both characters have to face. I just had to keep reading through the night until I was done, it was totally worth and I suggest you get comfortable so you can enjoy every page until the end. I can’t wait for The Risk which will be Brenna story.
joyce_merces 9 months ago
Welcome back to Briar University! I am a huge fan of the Off-Campus Series (Dean is my favorite!) and I'm so happy to read more about these hockey players! These characters! OMG!!! Not only I loved Summer and Fitz, but everyone else! Hollis, Hunter, and Brenna are the BFFs I want in my life! I can't wait to read more about them in the upcoming books in the Briar U Series! The Chase is so funny and SO CUTE! Fitz is hot and low key and he surprised me with his "alpha moments". Throw me over your shoulder anytime you want Colin Fitzgerald! I won't mind one bit! LOL. Summer is a ray of sunshine, and even though she and Fitz are opposites in so many counts, they match perfectly! If you are looking for a cute and fun story and if you loved the Off-Campus Series, this book is for you! P.S.: The cameos were my favorite part. I missed those guys so much! P.P.S.: I'm ready for book #2. PLEASE tell me the couple is whom I think it is!!!!! #Squeeeeee
I LOVE STORY TIME Book Blog 9 months ago
I can't express how excited I was to read Fitzy's story. I absolutely LOVED Elle Kennedy's, Off Campus series, so to get more of the world of Briar U and it's characters, was beyond my expectations! We met Fitzy in the Off Campus series, but we never had the chance to get to know him. WHOA! He is... well, AMAAAZING! I fell in love with this man. His quiet strength and hidden vulnerability stole my heart. I LOVED his character! Summer is a force to be reckoned with. I appreciated her character and how she owned her flaws. At the same time, I admired her growth and perseverance. How she lived in that house with all those hockey players was beyond me. It was a damn buffet of hot men! lol I couldn't get enough of the sexual tension between these two. I absolutely LOVE angst, so I relished in every minute of it! There were moments that tied my stomach in knots and moments that took my breath away. The banter between Summer and Fitzy was fun, but the banter between friends had me in stitches. I just can't get enough of all these characters. The Chase was SO much more than I had hoped for. Surprised? Not! Elle Kennedy continues to rock my world with these hockey players. She captivates me with her storylines, enamors me with her characters, and grips my heart with her heroes. Squeeee... The Chase is just the beginning! I am counting down the days until the next story in the Briar U series! ♥ Review by Lys
Anonymous 9 months ago
Elle Kennedy is endlessly talented, and when I saw that she was going back to Briar University with a new sports romance series, I jumped ALL OVER the chance to read and review it for my blog. I mean, I freaking LOVE her writing anyway so I was totally not going to miss out whether I got an Early Release Copy or not. And can I just say that while I love everything she writes, her Briar Hockey boys have owned me since the release of The Deal in February 2015… and all cards on the table, that was my first Elle Kennedy book. Now she’s got a superfan, cause I one-click everything she writes even if I can’t read it right away. When I added The Chase to my TBR, she hadn’t even released the synopsis, but in my world as an avid reader and a blogger, that’s trivial at times. I have read awesome books that don’t have a blurb that sells me on the book, and books that have incredible blurbs and the book stinks. Also, in this review, I am not going to bore you with my rendition of the synopsis for The Chase, because Elle Kennedy nailed that one! But I will tell you why The Chase is such an incredible story. I have several subgenres and tropes that I am all about, and sports romance is definitely a huge one for me - especially if its Hockey or MMA. So, this frenemies-to-lovers Hockey Romance was undeniably appealing! In true Elle Kennedy Hockey Hotness fashion, The Chase is a combination of many essentials. The story is beautifully written, as is all of Elle Kennedy’s work. It’s told in duel perspectives which is my favorite way to read a romance. The Chase has a storyline that is fun and fresh while still following true to the previous Briar hockey books. I don’t think the pace of the story could have been any more perfect either! Another important distinction about this book is the direction Elle went with Summer’s character. As a heroine, Summer has several factors that make her more realistic and relatable. Elle Kennedy wrote a beautiful woman who is imperfect, but her “flaws” lay in learning delays and insecurities. As a woman, I definitely can appreciate many of Summer’s insecurities. But the addition of the ADHD to her character made her a terrific heroine; she’s stronger than she gave herself credit for and I really loved who she was! The banter between the characters is priceless and you’ll find yourself chuckling for sure! The dynamics that exists within the story is about more than just a love match, you’ll find yourself appreciating all the secondary characters in Fitzy and Summer’s social circle. Not everyone is a fan of series books, but I for one am a huge fan of standalones within a series. The Chase is a spin-off of a previous series that Elle Kennedy wrote and not only does the story offer cameos of characters that I previously loved, it introduced me to new ones that I can’t wait to see more of! If you have read the Off-Campus series, you have already met the hero, Fitzy. And the heroine, Summer is little sister to Dean from The Score (Off-Campus Book 3). This pair is complete opposites and I loved the sparks they set off with one another. Fitzy my kryptonite in almost every way – the tatted-up, geek that’s also an athlete! Summer is an heiress and ex-sorority sister, who’s got no filter and isn’t afraid of having a goodtime. Oh, and I loved her sass and spunk! Elle Kennedy writes some seriously hot books, anyone whose read her would agree and The Chase in no way disappoints. Sure, it’s a bit of a slow burn, but damn… the heat
WhooGivesAHoot 9 months ago
When I discovered that Elle Kennedy's Off-Campus series was getting a spin off, Briar U I found myself leaping in excitement because I was sad when the original series came to an end! Those original four stories captivated my heart and I was ecstatic to see more from this group of friends, along with some new characters! The Chase was one of my most anticipated reads of 2018 and let me say that Elle Kennedy certainly did not disappoint with the first book in this sure to be epic brand new series that fans of the Briar University universe have been craving. The author has once again given us a story filled with laughs, swoon-worthy moments and of course a ton of sexy times that had even our kindles melting from the heat that radiated off the pages. There was just so much to love about this story and I cannot freaking wait for the next installment. I think that Summer and Fitz were the perfect couple to introduce this new series to both fans and newcomers because while we got to know both of them in the Off-Campus series, their story together didn't really begin to develop until the start of The Chase. Although this book can be read and enjoyed as a standalone I strongly recommend starting from the very beginning with The Deal because you are just going to fall in love with Elle Kennedy's characters and writing style! Trust me after you have read this story you are going to want to do so anyway!