The China Hoax

The China Hoax

by Fitzgerald

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The China Hoax by Fitzgerald

If Mao Zedong, lately credited with some 50 to 70 million deaths, qualifies as the world’s most murderous tyrant, the myth of U.S. opposition to Mao’s rise to power must be ranked the boldest and most effective cover-up ever. This cover story tells us China was lavished with U.S. aid, but too weak and corrupt to survive a popular Red uprising, but U.S. government records and Communist records clearly contradict this fantasy and outline a story of gullibility, deceit and betrayal. China was denied aid, an intensive FBI investigation found no corruption and Mao used terrorism and sabotage to expand his insurrection.

Few realize that China, not the United States, fought the bulk of the Japanese Army throughout WW2 while receiving less than one per cent of U.S. aid to allies. No American ground forces shed blood on Chinese soil. China saved tens, possibly hundreds, of thousands of American lives.

Yet, on November 27, 1945, two months after Japan surrendered to end World War 2, U.S. Secretary of State James Byrnes proposed to “force” China’s government to “get together with the Reds” and his staff replied they were “now at work” on the matter. Within weeks, the U.S. impeded Chinese government troop movements, allowing Mao’s reds to flow into Japanese occupied China. Within six months, the U.S. cut off all arms shipments to China.

The author fought Mao’s Reds in Asia and knew where to find the real story. Hoax draws on long ignored records that tell the story of China’s victories, defeats and the betrayal that transformed China from faithful ally to deadly enemy.

A poor youth dedicates for Sun Yat-sen’s movement to unite and democratize China. Chiang Kai-shek exhibits reckless courage and rises to conquer warlords, defy Stalin, unify the largest nation on earth and fight Japan to a standstill. He recognized as a patriot by allies and enemies alike, but savaged by a segment of the U.S. State Department and media.

Mao Zedong evolves from idealistic student to supreme propagandist and ruthless leader. He creates a model village, entertains sympathetic westerners and convinces them of the merits of his cause. Mao’s outrageous claims on the size of his domain are accepted. The Reds gain recognition as a formidable force in China. But Mao's written words and the reports of Stalin’s liaison in Mao's headquarters clearly show the capital of his domain was a cave village and his military force was a small, ragged militia engaged in agriculture in order to survive.

A misfit American, colonel is elevated by a friend and appointed to represent the U.S. in China. He initiates a propaganda campaign against the Chinese government, and diverts U.S. aid and Chinese troops to construct a supply road in Burma that, on completion, is declared “logistically worthless.” President Truman gives an aloof career soldier full authority over U.S.- China relations. In China, the appointee obstructs Chinese army operations against sabotage and insurrection and cuts U.S. aid. On return to Washington, he ignores Army and Cabinet advice and continues to block China aid, promised by two Presidents.

Stalin senses indecision in Washington. He gambles and supports Mao Zedong. With Russian support Mao subjugates nearly one fifth of the world's population. Victory leads him to overestimate his resources. He approves North Korea’s invasion of South Korea and four months later, mounts a massive attack on U.S. forces. The great teacher, slaughters tens of millions in China and tens of thousands of Americans in Korea.

Chiang Kai-shek retreats from mainland China to the island of Taiwan and weathers a succession of invasion threats from Mao’s mainland forces. The much maligned “despot” and his son guide Taiwan’s growth to thriving, democratic nationhood. Chiang creates a beacon of freedom adjacent to a monolith of terror and suppression.

Government records, personal papers and archived news reports provide an incredible story that exposes the questionable, the inexplicable, activities of several glorified individuals. While most Americans in government focused on saving Europe, a few contributed to the greatest terror campaign in world history.

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About the Author

The author offers the perspective of an eyewitness to history. He fought Mao’s Red Chinese in the “Forgotten War” alongside comrades who were on the ground, a few years earlier, during China’s struggles and agonies. He advanced in industry, raised a family, sailed his 40 foot ketch to Europe and peeled back layers of history in the Mediterranean for years, before realizing his lost comrades deserved a true accounting of the events and people that caused the waste of so many young lives.

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