The Cultural Matrix: Understanding Black Youth

The Cultural Matrix: Understanding Black Youth

by Orlando Patterson

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ISBN-13: 9780674967304
Publisher: Harvard University Press
Publication date: 02/09/2015
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
File size: 7 MB

About the Author

Orlando Patterson is John Cowles Professor of Sociology at Harvard University.

Ethan Fosse is a doctoral student in Sociology at Harvard University.

Alexandra A. Killewald is Associate Professor of Sociology at Harvard University.

Robert J. Sampson is Professor and Chair of Sociology at Harvard University.

Tommie Shelby is Caldwell Titcomb Professor of African and African American Studies and of Philosophy at Harvard University.

Sudhir Alladi Venkatesh is William B. Ransford Professor of Sociology at Columbia University.

Table of Contents

Contents Introduction (Orlando Patterson, Harvard University | Ethan Fosse, Harvard University) Part I: Overview 1. The Nature and Dynamics of Cultural Processes (Orlando Patterson, Harvard University) 2. The Social and Cultural Matrix of Black Youth (Orlando Patterson, Harvard University) Part II: Black Youth Cultures across the Nation 3. The Values and Beliefs of Disconnected Black Youth (Ethan Fosse, Harvard University) 4. Hip-Hop’s Irrepressible Refashionability: Phases in the Cultural Production of Black Youth (Wayne Marshall, Harvard University) Part III: The Interaction of Cultural and Social Processes in Inner-City Neighborhoods 5. Continuity and Change in Neighborhood Culture: Toward a Structurally Embedded Theory of Social Altruism and Moral Cynicism (Robert J. Sampson, Harvard University) 6. “I Do Me”: Young Black Men and the Struggle to Resist the Street (Kathryn Edin, Johns Hopkins University | Peter Rosenblatt, Loyola University Chicago | Queenie Zhu, Harvard University) 7. More Than Just Black: Cultural Perils and Opportunities in Inner-City Neighborhoods (Van C. Tran, Columbia University) 8. The Role of Religious and Social Organizations in the Lives of Disadvantaged Youth (Rajeev Dehejia, New York University | Thomas DeLeire, Georgetown University | Erzo F. P. Luttmer, Dartmouth College |Josh Mitchell, Urban Institute) Part IV: The Cultural Structuring of Conflict and Differences Within and Between Genders 9. Keeping Up the Front: How Disadvantaged Black Youths Avoid Street Violence in the Inner City (Joseph C. Krupnick, Harvard University | Christopher Winship, Harvard University) 10. What about the Day After? Youth Culture in the Era of “Law and Order” (Sudhir Venkatesh, Columbia University) 11. Culture, Inequality, and Gender Relations among Urban Black Youth (Jody Miller, Rutgers University) Part V: Cultural, Social, and Moral Trials 12. Effects of Affluent Suburban Schooling: Learning Skilled Ways of Interacting with Educational Gatekeepers (Simone Ispa-Landa, Northwestern University) 13. “Try On the Outfit and Just See How It Works”: The Psychocultural Responses of Disconnected Youth to Work (Orlando Patterson, Harvard University | Jacqueline Rivers, Harvard University) 14. Stepping Up or Stepping Back: Highly Disadvantaged Parents’ Responses to the Building Strong Families Program (Andrew Clarkwest, Mathematica Policy Research | Alexandra A.Killewald, Harvard University | Robert G. Wood, Mathematica Policy Research) 15. Beyond BA Blinders: Cultural Impediments to College Success (James E. Rosenbaum, Northwestern University | Jennifer Stephan, Northwestern University | Janet Rosenbaum, University ofMaryland | Amy E. Foran, Northwestern University | Pam Schuetz, Northw 16. Liberalism, Self-Respect, and Troubling Cultural Patternsin Ghettos (Tommie Shelby, Harvard University) Conclusion: What Have We Learned? (Orlando Patterson, Harvard University | Ethan Fosse, Harvard University) Notes References Contributors Index

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