The Devil's Work

The Devil's Work

by Demelza Carlton


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Tired of torturing damned souls, Lucifer decides it's time for a career change. As the new CEO of the HELL Corporation, Luce Iblis is ready to take over the world, starting with a city he's sure even angels haven't heard about: Perth, Western Australia.

Until an angel appears in his office, vowing that the Lord of Hell will never win.

Hell hath no fury like a devil scorned.

And Lucifer's about to raise Hell.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781925799217
Publisher: Lost Plot Press
Publication date: 01/22/2019
Series: Mel Goes to Hell Series , #1
Pages: 200
Product dimensions: 5.08(w) x 7.80(h) x 0.42(d)

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The Devil's Work 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
makeup-your-mind 9 months ago
I received an ARC of this book and it was pretty good, but I felt like there could have been more to it. This feeling was confirmed when I got to the end and realized it was a precursor to the Mel Goes to Hell series. It was very short, but had some great lines, like these two: “Lucifer had watched limbless sinners crawl across spike-filled pits faster than this.” “That was a lie, but the Lord of Lies couldn't truly deserve the title if he didn't lie to himself once in a while.” When the author describes Lucifer's fall from Heaven it is visceral and makes the reader feel sorry for him. I think what I liked best about this book was the idea that the devil could infiltrate world governments and take over the earth and no one would even notice because politicians and governments have already become so corrupted and filled with evil beings. In that regard, this is not a happy story. In general, I liked it but it ends a bit abruptly and without a true conclusion. I'll be reading the next book.
Kaye_Gunter 9 months ago
KICKIN' UP THE HEAT!!! OMG! Talk about hard decisions. This is one exciting, action packed, heart pounding, pulse racing, page turning bombshell that hits the ground running. All the twists, ups and downs, along with a few glitches here and there make for one exciting adventure. Throw in all the drama and suspense and you have one intense, electrifying tale that captures your attention from start to finish. The characters and their personalities are so realistic and believable it feels like you can just reach out and touch them. The scenes are so graphically detailed it really pulls this bad boy together beautifully. You have no trouble picturing every scenario as it plays out perfectly. Demelza did an incredible job bringing this read to life flawlessly. Fantastic job Demelza, thanks for sharing this awesome read with us.
Anonymous 9 months ago
This book had the potential to be really good if the concepts had been fleshed out more and the story had more meaningful conflicts. There are several whole chapters that do not advance the plot (for example, the traffic interlude). Meanwhile, the conflicts that should have been hard-fought and at least some of them lost... were not. The Devil's Work seems a misnomer-- he doesn't have to work for his easy, empty victory at all. On the other hand, the book's premise is novel, the writing is clear and free of errors, and has a fairly engaging tone. I'd only give this book 2.5 stars, and would recommend any of Miss Carlton's fairy tale retellings that I have read before this book. DISCLAIMER: I did did receive an ARC, but was not paid for the review.
PatriciaHoffstaetter 9 months ago
I really enjoyed reading this is a short but humorous story. I found the story-line & plot quite entertaining, well-thought out & written. The characters are quite realistic and have individual personalities. There is: demons, angels, humans, an arrogant demon (Lucifer), his assistants (Lillith & Mephi), a new angel (Mel), twists & turns, devious plans, determination, memories, opportunities, politicians, greed, contracts, corruption, foiled plans, rivalry, frustration, amusement & temptation. “I received a complimentary copy, and this is my honest opinion”
AuroraDawn5 9 months ago
When Lucifer sets his sites on expanding his empire from Hell to Earth, taking over the government just makes sense. After all, who's more willing to sell their soul than a politician. I found this prequel to the Mel Goes to Hell series an amusing and genuinely funny read.
Anonymous 9 months ago
a wonderful introduction to the HELL series. This book tells the story of how Luce (the devil) plans to take over the world and of Heaven 1 corporation at a time.
Izzybear 10 months ago
Although I read other works by this author this is the first of the Mel Goes to Hell series that I’ve read. I thought it was fun, enjoyable and overall pretty good story. The Devil’s Work is like a prequel. It gives the reader some background on Lucifer/Luce and what brought him to earth and how he meets Mel. I look forward to finding out more about who Mel really is and what her goals are in the next book. (3.5⭐️)