The Ebb Tide

The Ebb Tide

by Beverly Lewis

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A Heartwarming Tale of Courage and Love from Amish Fiction's #1 Author

When a well-to-do family asks Sallie Riehl to be their daughter's nanny for the summer at their Cape May, New Jersey, vacation home, she jumps at the chance to broaden her horizons beyond the Lancaster County Amish community where she grew up. Sallie has long dreamed of seeing more of the world, but her parents are reluctant for her to put off baptism yet another summer, and the timing is unfortunate for Perry Zook, who has renewed interest in courting her.

Though she loves nannying, Sallie has free time on the weekends to enjoy the shore. It is there that she meets Kevin Kreider, a marine biology student who talks freely about all he's learning and asks about her interests, unlike most of the guys she grew up with. Time with Kevin is invigorating, and Sallie realizes she's never felt quite this alive around Perry. Then again, Kevin is Mennonite, not Amish.

Sallie tries to brush aside her growing feelings for Kevin, but she fears what her parents would think about her new friendship. Just as concerning, however, is Sallie's realization that her time in Cape May is increasing her desire to see the world, challenging her plans for the future. Has she been too hasty with her promises, or will Sallie only find what her heart is longing for back home in Paradise Township?

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ISBN-13: 9781441231109
Publisher: Baker Publishing Group
Publication date: 04/04/2017
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 336
Sales rank: 9,422
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About the Author

Beverly Lewis, born in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch country, has more than 17 million books in print. Her stories have been published in eleven languages and have regularly appeared on numerous bestseller lists, including the New York Times and USA Today. Beverly and her husband, David, live in Colorado, where they enjoy hiking, biking, making music, and spending time with their family. Learn more at
Beverly Lewis, born in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch country, has more than 17 million books in print. Her stories have been published in 12 languages and have regularly appeared on numerous bestseller lists, including the New York Times and USA Today. Beverly and her husband, David, live in Colorado, where they enjoy hiking, biking, making music, and spending time with their family. Learn more at

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Ebb Tide

By Beverly Lewis

Baker Publishing Group

Copyright © 2017 Beverly M. Lewis, Inc.
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-0-7642-1250-5


A heavy haze dipped onto the vast cornfield and meadowlands that Wednesday morning. It hung as thick as storm shutters and as far as the crease in the landscape where other houses and barns had been erected over the years for the expanding Joseph Riehl family. The May mist was visible through the beveled windows of the Riehls' three-story farmhouse, kept in the family for more than four generations.

At that early hour, there was no wind, a recipe for misery when mixed with the heat and high humidity of recent days.

As it had for some years now, the spacious farmhouse felt cramped to Sallie, especially her mother's kitchen, where Sallie stood over the gas range frying up her father's favorite breakfast while her sister Frannie made coffee. Sallie's day-in-day-out routine since the start of spring had already become sheer monotony, though she and Frannie were able to take turns making breakfast every other day. Sallie was persnickety about her food preparation in the light of the gas lamp as she fried up German sausage links and potatoes, both to her father's liking.

Mamm came downstairs wearing a dark green dress and matching apron, same color as Frannie's, which made all three of them smile. Mamm rushed about to ready the table for the family's ritual of breakfast and Bible reading afterward. While she finished setting the table, Frannie poured the coffee and Sallie carried the large yellow oval platter to the table, the sausage and potatoes steaming hot from the black griddle. Setting it down near her father's usual place, Sallie quickly returned for a large tureen of stewed crackers in warm milk.

Dat carried his old straw hat, the color of corn silk, across the room and hung it on one of the dark wooden pegs. Then, removing his black work boots, he lumbered to the head of the table and lowered himself into the chair with a gentle moan. "No sense takin' unnecessary items to the Dawdi Haus when July comes, Anna Mae," he said, pushing his black suspenders off his brawny shoulders.

Mamm gave him a smile. "Thought of that, too."

Sallie was surprised that such a change was coming so soon. She'd felt sure there would be no need to vacate this house for Allen and his family till after silo filling in the fall. But considering her father's remark just now, it seemed he wasn't letting any grass grow beneath his callused feet.

Nothing yet had been said to Sallie about staying with Cousin Essie instead of moving next door, however. In fact, nothing had been said to Sallie at all. What she knew had come solely from Frannie, and the bits and pieces Sallie had overheard the day before yesterday. There was a spare room on the second floor of the Dawdi Haus, but she wasn't so keen on doubling up with Frannie when they'd had separate bedrooms for a few years now. And she was certain Frannie would agree.

"What's the hurry?" Sallie asked as she took her place next to Mamm, who folded her hands for the table blessing.

Dat promptly bowed his head for the silent prayer, then reached for his coffee, adding more cream before responding. "Putting it bluntly, as hot as it's bound to get this summer, I doubt I'll make it through the dog days, workin' so many hours," he said, his bushy eyebrows knit together.

"Allen's young, Joseph," Mamm said, casting a tender look his way. "He'll be a big help round the farm. And with his and Kate's family expanding in September, they need more room."

Sallie appreciated Mamm's tact. No need to point out that Dat's arthritis was worsening.

Mamm looked across the table at Frannie and nudged Sallie gently. "By the way, your sister here has some news, too."

Delight swept through Sallie even before Frannie could open her mouth. "I hope it's what I'm thinkin'!" Sallie exclaimed.

Frannie's pretty face suddenly went all rosy. "Jesse Stoltzfus asked me to marry him." She bit her bottom lip. "We're planning to tie the knot come November."

"I'm so happy for ya!" Sallie wanted to give her a hug right then and there. "Such a nice fella, too," she added, though that went without saying because everyone who knew Jesse thought well of him. The fine young man was working his way up the ladder at the harness shop just down Peach Lane.

Dat bobbed his head, gray eyes brightening. He looked rather dotingly at small-boned Frannie, her hair the shade of newly harvested wheat.

Abe Stoltzfus, Jesse's father, and Dat had been mighty good friends since boyhood. When Frannie and Jesse began courting, Sallie had wondered if Dat and Abe hadn't put their heads together about the romantic match. But time had made it clear that Jesse and Frannie were truly smitten.

Sallie honestly couldn't say if she'd ever been smitten, but she figured if you had to wonder about it, you probably weren't. She had never had a beau, though she had gone on dates here and there, most recently with good-natured Perry Zook. Their two or three wintertime outings had always been as part of a group, however.

Still, Sallie didn't lament not having a beau. It had left her more time to work at the restaurant so that she wouldn't come up short for her Australia fund.

"You'll be one of my bridesmaids, won't ya, Sallie?" Frannie asked, eyes questioning, though she didn't have to plead.

"Well, I'd be downright befuddled if ya didn't ask."

Frannie nodded. "If Laura was still single, I'd ask her, too." Their older sister had married more than two years ago and was a busy mother to three-month-old twin boys.

"Don't forget Cousin Essie," Sallie suggested, laughing.

"Girls ... girls," Mamm said, waving her hand.

Frannie shrugged dramatically. Likely she didn't agree with Mamm's disapproval. Certainly Sallie didn't, knowing Essie was remarkably young at heart. Even so, it was true that single young people were the only ones expected to be chosen as Old Order Amish wedding attendants, or side-sitters.

"I daresay you'll be baptized by the time I marry." Frannie brightened all the more. "Surely this September."

Even Dat perked up and looked Sallie's way, hope on his countenance.

"Jah," Sallie said. "I'll be back home in plenty of time."

"Back from where?" Dat asked.

"Australia," Sallie reminded him softly. "If everything works out."

"So, it's Australia you've decided on?" he said.

Her face and neck grew warm. "It's been Australia awhile now."

"Not Ireland or the Bahamas or —"

"Ireland was years ago," Frannie piped up.

Sallie sighed. At least they were having fun with it. "It'll just be for two weeks," she added, "once I get word." Her travel agent had expected to hear of an opening anytime now. Hopefully I'll have my last few dollars by then.

"Gone two weeks?" Dat exhaled as hard as when he pitched hay in the barn. At that moment, his face had an unexpectedly vulnerable look to it.

He's afraid I won't return, Sallie thought, taking a drink.

"Such a distance away, too," Frannie said.

"Oodles of hours in the air ... ach!" Mamm shook her head.

Thirty hours with flight changes, Sallie thought, but not even that somewhat daunting prospect was enough to dampen her enthusiasm.

At such times, Sallie wished her parents were less given to fretting. Still, she knew their concern was evidence of their love.

"You like bein' Amish, don't ya, daughter?" Dat asked.

Sallie paused. There was no question in her mind about eventually settling down and following the Plain ways. What else was there?

But her fear of losing the opportunity to travel had an almost panicky effect on her. "I love being Amish." She glanced at Mamm, who was studying her. "This is just something I need to do."

Frannie smiled and affectionately tilted her head at her. "Goodness ... not sure I'd see it thataway, but I'll be glad to hear all about your time away."

Neither of her parents had anything to add to that. Dat took a final sip of his coffee. "We all have work to do, ain't so?"

"Well, Sallie's excused from redding up the kitchen this mornin'," Mamm announced, getting up and going to the sink, where she turned on the spigot, glancing back at Sallie. "She made a very tasty breakfast, after all."

Sallie's relief blended with her frustration, and she wished she could soothe her family's swirling worries. Joining church before she had a chance to see the moon rise over a white sandy beach or the sun set over a lagoon populated with lively dolphins would surely be a mistake.

Two weeks in Australia in return for a lifetime as an Amishwoman seems a fair trade, she thought. Why is it so difficult for them to understand?


Excerpted from Ebb Tide by Beverly Lewis. Copyright © 2017 Beverly M. Lewis, Inc.. Excerpted by permission of Baker Publishing Group.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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The Ebb Tide 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 17 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I don't rest consider myself to be a reader, but by now I have read every book that Beverly has written, one as intriguing as The next. I have tried other books of the Amish people, but they don't even come close to being as interesting - I feel as though I truly know the characters and they become my friends too. Can't wait for the next book !
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great story with a lot of information about the area. Enjoyed story and characters.
Anonymous 10 months ago
Beverly Lewis is a gifted artist with words. I love her work.
Deal_Sharing_Aunt More than 1 year ago
This is a great story about not knowing what you miss until it is gone. I liked that she gave up her dreams to help others in need. It was really a sweet gesture in the beginning of the book that set the tone for what kind of character Sallie was going to be. The job as a nanny is not always fun. I was recently asked if I would ever foster kids, and I said that I did not want to have to say goodbye. I do not know how Sallie decides what to do. To stay in Cape May or go back home? There was a part that I thought was obvious. Of course her beau would be someone that would be a perfect fit for her, and I guessed as much. I did not guess how their "courtship" would be and if they would make it. With family on her mind, love in her heart and a new family that she has come to love all on the line, what will she choose? Who else will it benefit? Who will it hurt? This was a great story, and the title is also a great fit. I am giving this book a 4/5. I was given a copy, however all opinions are my own.
Moonpie72 More than 1 year ago
Beverly Lewis is a classic writer! Her books always give me spiritual and scriptural inspiration. I truly enjoy reading them. Twenty year old Sallie Riehl is at that point in her life where she must choose to make a lifetime commitment to the Amish church by joining and being baptized. She even has a beau courting her, Perry, whom she has no attraction to. Sallie is invited by a wealthy family to spend the summer as their nanny at the beach in New Jersey. Her parents agree to let her go but with great reservations. Her strong desire to travel and see the world is a constant conflict with the Amish beliefs. Reasoning that this trip will get it out of her system she more than happily agrees to go. What fun it was to experience the trip, the ocean and the beach through her eyes! Such a fresh view of so much we take for granted. As if all there was to see and do are not enough she gets a taste of freedom she never before had. Her weekends are open to do as she pleases. On her grand adventure she meets Kevin. He is fun, interesting, shares her dreams to travel and she finds herself having strong feelings toward him. Upon her return home the trip has not only failed to extinguish her passion for travel, but Sallie finds herself desiring it even more. Her eyes being opened she realizes she is not happy with her Amish life. She must now make the decision to disappoint her family and leave or stay forever living in discontent. The book’s title was so meaningful to the story. The way time and circumstances pulls us forward into the future and back into the past. The book presents a strong testimony of seeking God’s will in the face of tough decisions; pleasing Him or others. An excellent book! I received this book free from Bethany House Publishers in exchange for an honest review. The opinions stated are my own. .
ASimplyEnchantedLife More than 1 year ago
The Ebb Tide is a standalone novel written by bestselling author, Beverly Lewis. I’ve long been a Beverly Lewis fan and I’ve always enjoyed her books. Her covers are always so lovely—some of the best on the market. I really wanted to love this book. I just feel like this book doesn’t quite live up to her usual standard. I know that standalone books are all the rage as of late but I miss a community of characters that I can connect with on a deeper level. I miss Ella Mae Zook most of all. Have I completely missed something there? Where has Ella Mae disappeared to in Beverly’s Amish world? The Ebb Tide simply didn’t hold my attention. I felt as if there were a bit too much filler content involving Sally’s nanny duties. I didn’t need to hear about their itinerary or whether the baby had colic again. This story needed to focus either on the children or on Sallie. By including so much filler, I didn’t get to know Sallie as well as I should have and I just didn’t connect with her. I wanted to see more angst as Sallie wrestled with her decision to go English or stay Amish. Where was the inner turmoil? I get it, Sallie had wanderlust and that’s all good and fine but the heart would still be torn between family and her desire to see the world. I knew from the moment that Sallie left home that she would never be happy being Amish. Again, I’m okay with that. I just wanted to see the very natural emotional upset that one would experience when making such a life changing decision. A complimentary copy of this book was provided by Bethany House Bloggers. I was not required to write a positive review, and have not been compensated for this. All opinions are my own.
Kayla_Stierwalt More than 1 year ago
I received a copy of The Ebb Tide by Beverly Lewis from Bethany House Publishers in exchange for an honest review. This book introduced me to Beverly Lewis as well as Amish fiction, and I’ve enjoyed my first encounter with both. Twenty year old Sallie made a good protagonist to demonstrate a healthy curiosity for the wonders of the world around her. Her situations in the story served as good examples for people exchanging culture and living peacefully together. Sally’s background differed from mine a lot, ranging from her having ten kids in her family while mine had two to her family living the Plain lifestyle while mine lived a pretty Christian and mainstream one. However, I could relate to her wanting to experience more than what she knew. I too spent my young adult years reading books to learn more about cultures and places. We both also got to reach our dream locations, hers being the beach and mine being London. Then it seemed like those trips led to beginnings of a greater enlightenment of the world and other cultures. Sally lived with a family for the summer who did not live the Plain lifestyle, and she got to see more modern tools like iPhones, Google and a washing machine. She noticed how the family who hired her didn’t look at her or treat her differently because of her attire but also noticed how they had more material goods at their disposal. Later, she met a nice young man who shared a similar family background but differed. Sallie’s life really flourished in many ways through her experiences as a nanny in a beach area summer home. Overall, I enjoyed the book. I liked learning more about Amish culture, and I appreciated how it showed a positive way to learn about other cultures through genuine interactions with others. Sallie also demonstrated a healthy yearning to learn and experience those cultures and learn about the world and its people.
lolly-pops More than 1 year ago
THE EBB TIDE is set in Cape May, NJ and without even finishing it, I was recommending it to all the Coast Guard Moms out there whose sons or daughters are or were stationed in Cape May for boot camp and/or for a time during their Coast Guard service. I honestly had no idea that there was so much to see and do in Cape May when my son graduated boot camp. Reading THE EBB TIDE is like reading a fictional tour guide. I wished I'd had read it beforehand! Ms. Lewis probably broke every rule in the fiction writing guidebook. Show, don't tell. Use deep point of view. Resist the urge to explain. Etc. But being Beverly Lewis, of course, she can get away with it. The story itself is sweet romantic coming of age story. The romance itself is not center stage but couldn't be eliminated completely without ruining story, though at times it felt like it was tacked on, as in editor's notes -- you need some mention of a beau here... and so it was slapped in there, not really flawlessly. I am not implying that is what really happened. It just feels that way at times. I did love Kevin. He was so sweet. And Autumn. What a dear little girl. But I mainly loved the story because of the Cape May connection. That was awesome. My son is in the United States Coast Guard and for eight very long weeks he was in Cape May. Ms. Lewis, if there is a huge, unprecedented increase in sales on this book, it is thanks in large to the very well connected Coast Guard Moms.
GrandaddyA More than 1 year ago
Another masterfully written story from Beverly Lewis as she keeps the reader in suspense, wondering what choices Sallie will make. She was born into an Amish family in Lancaster County but developed a longing to see more of the world at a young age. Will she ever have that opportunity or will she settle down to the Plain life without ever venturing past the next town? Although she wants more, she is devoted to her family and to God. She faces some tough decisions but she is committed to seeking God’s will through prayer and the wise counsel of her parents and other older family members. With that combination, she is bound to make the right choices and find God’s best for her life. Besides her deep faith, I especially enjoyed her interactions with Autumn during her time as Autumn’s nanny. She was not just focused on the physical well-being of the young girl but zeroed in on the emotional struggles she could sense Autumn experiencing as the mother had to devote so much time to the baby brother. The author communicates some great life lessons wrapped in a wonderful story of this young Amish woman who is seeking to find her way in life.
SouthernGalLovestoRead More than 1 year ago
Beverly Lewis's latest is another great Amish novel from one of the masters of the genre. The Ebb Tide is a captivating story of a young Amish woman whose dreams have boundaries farther away than her community's lifestyle is likely to allow her to reach. The characters and the challenges they face are complex and realistic. The conflicts that Sallie face both within and without keep the story moving at a very engaging pace. And there are real-life issues faced by other characters that add to the flow and enjoyment of the story. Beverly's descriptions of the setting are fantastic. I found myself feeling like I was right there enjoying the sights and sounds of the ocean. Thanks to Bethany House for providing a copy of the book. I was delighted to voluntarily share my own thoughts in this review.
Shantelle More than 1 year ago
The Ebb Tide was delightful! Beverly Lewis writes with such charm and grace, and this newest novel of hers completely swept me away. Sallie Riehl is a sweet character, likable and so fun to explore the world with! When the nineteen-year-old is asked to be a nanny for the summer in Cape May, New Jersey, the adventure of a lifetime begins. Through trials and joys, I inwardly urged her to follow the Lord's gentle prompting and her own beautiful dreams, and rejoiced with each new discovery that touched her Plain life. Not only is the Amish lifestyle always interesting to read about when penned by Beverly Lewis's hand, but the ocean theme in The Ebb Tide was spectacular! It was intriguing reading about "sea diamonds" and different ocean life. And lovely revisiting the crashing waves, ocean sunrise, boogie boarding, and calm, sandy beach walks - not to mention, the unique and fun shops! (I recently was at the ocean myself and got to experience all that! So made me want to go back!) Ah, what a journey of faith and discovery this was! So sweet and touching, it unfolding in just the perfect timing. Hearts changed and minds were renewed. Romance blossomed and friendships deepened. Sallie's walk with the Lord deepened in a beautiful way throughout the course of The Ebb Tide as she surveyed His magnificent creation and met some of His devoted followers. Oh, how I loved it. I must admit, I was anxious and frustrated at certain points in this book, but it turned out oh so incredibly right, and joy filled my heart at the last page. The characters were all wonderful. From Sallie and her family, to Cousin Essie, to sweet Autumn, to the strong and dear Kevin. (Yes, yes, I so loved Kevin! What a guy! Actively seeking the Lord, searching beneath the surface for God's Hand in everyday life, passionate about exploring the world and helping people ... ) Certainly fun to get to know them all, and watch them grow in character - struggle and blossom in life. The Ebb Tide wasn't all charm and delight. There were hard decisions. Frightening moments. Intense confusion. Crippling heartache. Sallie was a character with real struggles and fears. There were times when it didn't seem like it could all work out as it should. But Beverly Lewis unfolded this tale of finding God and finding oneself with gentleness and depth, beauty swirling across every page as we taste the salt of the ocean and feel the sand beneath our feet. With clean romance and touching faith themes, The Ebb Tide ultimately leaves its reader satisfied and joyous. I absolutely loved it and highly recommend! I received a copy of The Ebb Tide from Bethany House Publishers.
summer_no9 More than 1 year ago
This book was a wonderful writing and compelling to read developing of hope and love in adventure from one place to the other place this is truly must to read again and again with the love story inside The EBB TIDE about Sallie Riehl has dreamed of traveling at least one before settling down to join church, so she is trilled at an unexpected summer opportunity to nanny in Cape May for a well to do family. However, saying even a temporary good-bye to Paradise Township means forging baptism another year, as well as leaving behind a would be beau. Yet the weeks in Cape May soon prove unforgettable as Sallie meets s Mennonite young man whose friendship she quickly begins to cherish. Has she been to hasty with her promises, or will she only find what her heart is longing for back home? I highly recommend to everyone must to read this book. " I received a complimentary copy of the book for review from Bethany House "
llparrish782 More than 1 year ago
Beverlys books are always a joy to read! I always look forward to her next one because I enjoy being pleasantly surprised and I was definitely surprised by this book!!! I enjoyed this book because it is somewhat different than the other Amish books that I have read. I loved the back drop This beautiful story is set in Cape May and that it's on the beach. somewhere that I hope I get to go (beach) this summer. I also like the family that is portrayed. A family that is unselfish and I thought it was cool that they asked Sally along on the trip. For an Amish person I thought it was highly unusual to have wanderlust like Sally. I enjoyed a trip to the beach with Sally. I felt like I could put my feet in the sand and hear the waves crashing against the shore and maybe even Soak some in the sun. I have to like Autumn. I love the name as well because it's so unusual. I love her outgoing energy and wish I have the energy a 9 year can have. I feel like I'm like Autumn in many way. For one, I love to draw. (I'm not quite so good at it anymore) I Have been an only child for many years and I think that I would have a very hard time adjusting to a sibling. My parents were foster parents for a lot of years and yes I was very jealous of every one. (They treated me differently) Sallie is a pretty special lady but different. I say. different because she got to do what most Amish don't and was a nanny to Autumn and Conner. I loved the way Sallie's family stood by her in her decision making. I am very happy that Sallie took her time in making her decision. Decisions are important! I am glad I decided to finish this book after all!!! I also enjoy reading the authors little notes at the end of the book. Very interesting!!! I received a complimentary copy from from the publisher and in no way required to review this book
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I received a copy of THE EBB TIDE by Beverly Lewis from Bethany House in exchange for an honest review. I must say, this is by far my new favorite book by Beverly Lewis and my new favorite work of Amish fiction. I loved so many things about it. I loved the characters. Each one felt real. I had a baby six months ago, so I could relate to Monique’s struggles with dealing with a newborn. I also found myself comparing my son to Connor. I loved the descriptions of Cape May, although at times it seemed as if the book was written just to provide tourist information for that spot. Cape May reminded me of York Beach in Maine, where my family and I used to vacation every summer. After reading THE EBB TIDE, I can’t wait to go to Cape May. I looked up the destination online and saw ads for many of the sites mentioned in the book. I’m passing this on to my mother so she can be as excited about a trip to Cape May as I am! I also loved Sallie’s struggles with coming to terms with her faith. Her understanding and questions are very real, and I like the way her inner turmoil is solved at the end of the novel. On a last point, I found the book odd when compared to other works by Beverly Lewis. It didn’t feel like her writing. Normally her books aren’t so descriptive. Things about it felt as if I was reading a novel by a new-to-me author.
LVandercook More than 1 year ago
The Ebb Tide is Beverly Lewis’ latest Amish romance. In this book, Sallie, who has always dreamed of traveling from her Lancaster County home saves up enough money to travel to Australia. After she learns of her nephew’s upcoming surgery, she must give up her dream of travel in order to support the family. Shortly afterward, an English friend of hers invites her to stay with them in their vacation home on a New England coast to be a nanny for their daughter. She is determined that her time away from her Amish community will not lure her away from the life she grew up with. A boy back home would love to court her as soon as she returns. Then, she meets Kevin, a Mennonite who loves to travel and the ocean as much as Sallie does. Sallie must choose whether she will leave the Amish community or leave the man she has grown to love. This is a sweet romance novel. It was easy to read, a little slow at times, but a wholesome story. I received this book from Bethany Publishing House in exchange for my honest review.
KrisAnderson_TAR More than 1 year ago
The Ebb Tide is a new Amish novel by author Beverly Lewis. Sallie Riehl is just shy of twenty years old and lives with her family in Paradise Township, Pennsylvania. Sallie has yet to join the Old Order Amish community, because she has dreamed of traveling for years. Her goal is a trip to Australia, and she has finally saved up enough money. Sallie purchases her trip and announces to her family that she will be leaving in two weeks. The Riehl family receives news that Aaron, Sallie’s four years old newphew, has a heart murmurer. He needs tests and possibly surgery. Vernon, Aaron’s father and Sallie’s brother, is worried about the costs. Sallie knows what she most due and cancels her trip. The money is put towards Aaron’s tests. But when God closes a door, he opens a window. Sallie is asked to be a nanny for the summer for young Autumn Logan in Cape May, New Jersey. This will be Sallie’s chance to travel. It would mean, though, putting off her baptism instruction classes for another year (much to her mother’s dismay). Sallie’s parents agree, and she is quickly off to the seashore. Sallie takes Autumn to visit the Cape May Whale Watch and Research Center and meets intern, Kevin Kreider. Kevin is studying to be a marine biologist and is a Mennonite. Kevin and Sallie start spending time together. Sallie knows she can only be friends with Kevin, but she greatly enjoys his company. At the end of the summer, Sallie returns home. But she is not content upon her return. Sallie needs to reflect and decide what she wants for her future. The Ebb Tide is a well-written and engaging novel. I liked the characters and the setting. Cape May sounds just beautiful. I felt that the book had a good flow and was well-paced. The religious aspect of the novel is not as light as in other Amish novels, but it is not dominant or overwhelming. We are shown how prayer, love, faith and reflection can help (benefit) a person’s life and those around them. I appreciated that the author included an epilogue that nicely wrapped up the story. I give The Ebb Tide 4 out of 5 stars. I found The Ebb Tide to be a lovely novel. It is a nice break from what is going on in the world. I did feel that it was a little too long, but, otherwise, I liked it. I look forward to reading the next Beverly Lewis novel when it releases.
MaureenST More than 1 year ago
A very different Amish book as our main character has wanderlust, and was surprised her family was going to allow it, although she promises for sure she will join the Church next year. While she does forgo one trip another seems to fall in her lap, and a life change is about to happen. She is going to Cape May NJ and becoming a nanny. Now that sounds like a fun job and time to me, and she sure does have a lot of adventures, which we are going to enjoy with her. After all of this will she be able to come home and bend her knee, and maybe join the young man who seems to want to court her. Or will the adventure be the catalysis to leave her faith, one would hope not. We do meet her family and extended family, and she is mightily blessed to have so much support. A fun read that is full of interesting information, it made me want to head to New Jersey. Enjoy your stay with Riehl family and friends. I received this book through Net Galley and Bethany House Publishing and was not required to give a positive review.