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The Facility

The Facility

by Sarah Elkins
The Facility

The Facility

by Sarah Elkins


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Being psychic is just another aspect of life for Neila Roddenberry. So are dreams of a past life as Nikola Tesla. She's sure that last part is the result of reading the wrong mind at the wrong time without realizing it. Neither are things she talks about much. Her friends know she's psychic, but no one knows about the dreams. She's twenty-three, asexual, and unemployed with ambitions to become a freelance artist and writer.

On the way home from visiting friends, Neila gets caught up in a terrorist attack, then wakes up in an underground psychic testing facility. Raised by a doomsday-prepper father, Neila is unusually prepared for the possibility of being whisked away to a secret lab somewhere. When she is faced with the choice of working for the scientists studying psychics at the facility, she takes the job as both an agent and a test subject.

But not everyone in the facility wants to be there.

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ISBN-13: 9781948608213
Publisher: NineStar Press, LLC
Publication date: 02/24/2018
Pages: 218
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.50(d)

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Oh, Well Shit

TRAFFIC FROM THE shift change at Fort Hood was clogging up the perpetually construction-riddled highway that ran through the town of Killeen, Texas near the base. Neila sat in her Camaro, inching along behind a short army convoy on the highway not far from the military base. To distract herself from worry she had said or done the wrong thing at lunch with friends she let her attention hover around the military vehicles ahead of her to play a bit of a game of trying to identify what they were. One armored personnel carrier, three Humvees, and a water truck. There was a small red car with a primer-colored hood in front of the convoy. She pushed her Third Eye higher to see over the traffic jam. A wrecker was in the process of moving a car that had stalled in the one open lane. She snapped her attention back to her car when she smelled the sweet humid odor the radiator gave off when it was beginning to overheat.

"Crap, crap, crap, crap." Neila hurried to turn on the heater and roll down the windows. She didn't bother to reach over for the passenger side nob; instead, she used her telekinesis because it was faster.

It was a warm day, and the heater would make the interior of the car almost unbearable inside of ten minutes. The needle on the engine's temperature gauge began to fall back down to read in the middle. She really didn't want to take her hoodie off but would have to once the car got hotter.

Three motorcycles sped by on the narrow shoulder while Neila stared at the temperature gauge on the car. "Please cool off. We'll be moving again soon. Great, shit, I'm talking to my car. Maybe I should cut the engine off?"

There was a loud noise, like a car wreck ahead of the traffic jam but louder. Neila thrust her Third Eye up to see what happened. Smoke rose from the remnants of the car that had been between the army convoy and the stalled car. The motorcycles that had passed were facing against traffic, and the riders were armed with assault rifles. She pushed her Third Eye closer to get a better look, AR-15s with M203 grenade launchers attached.

Thanks, Dad, for teaching me about high-powered weapons.

Neila was thrust back to herself when the Humvee ahead backed over the front of her car. Without thinking, she slipped out the driver's side window next to the concrete barrier before the military vehicle flattened the cab of her car. The other trucks in the convoy were scrambling to move, but the six-foot-high barriers on either side made escape all but impossible.

Neila was glad she wasn't a big person as she raced forward, running down the thin gap between the convoy on her right and barrier to her left. She heard the familiar sound of shots from assault rifles and the loud unfamiliar sound of the slugs impacting with the armored personnel carrier ahead of the Humvees.

A series of loud bangs echoed down the road as if someone was breaking wood against metal, beating the side of the APC with mechanized baseball bats. She stopped next to the APC as she let her Third Eye trail up so she could see the motorcyclist who was firing at the window of the APC. Then she extended her "sphere of influence" toward him and wrenched the gun from his grip.

"What the fuck?" the man in the black motorcycle helmet shouted as his weapon abandoned him to tumble toward the hillside past the concrete barrier.

The driver's side door to the APC opened. "Get in!"

Neila climbed up the side step of the truck and slipped in the door, which the driver shut behind her just as one of the motorcyclists began firing where she had just been. The driver and his passenger were the only other people in the APC.

"Please tell me you have backup coming," Neila said quickly.

"Traffic's backed up. They're going to send in a helo, but the closest place to land is a mile up the road."

"Do you have any guns?" she asked.

"No, just moving the trucks on a civi highway, no arms authorized this mission," the driver replied. "Suppressive fire would save our asses — shit."

"Oh, well, shit," Neila echoed.

Neila wasn't his boss, wasn't even a soldier, but knew from spending time with her family who weren't exactly "normal" that life-or-death situations required confidence and force. Her default was to take charge. Her family always joked that she sounded like a "little drill sergeant." It had annoyed her, but she needed that experience now to survive.

That little drill sergeant found she couldn't see outside the APC with her Third Eye. She went up to the scarred front window to get a better look at the cyclist who was firing at the truck.

More bullets slammed into the side of the vehicle. The windshield cracked a little more, and she ducked reflexively.

"I'm gonna try something. Don't freak out," she shouted to the two men in the truck as she tried extending her sphere of influence toward the biker who was still shooting. It was more difficult than normal, but she was able to wrench the gun away from her hands and slide it under the burning car ahead of them.

"You did that? How the fuck did you do that?" the soldier in the passenger seat of the APC barked. "What the fuck are you?"

The driver was on the radio. "We need that helo. Two hostiles engaging. Noncom casualties. Requesting permission to engage hostiles."

"There's three," Neila corrected. "I saw three of them. One red helmet, two black helmets. Two men, one woman. AR-15s with grenade launchers attached."

"Correction. Three hostiles engaging convoy," the driver continued into the radio.

"You, girl. How the fuck did you do that?" the soldier in the passenger seat barked again. He wasn't in follow-the-confident-person's-orders mode like the driver had been.

"You mean you can't?" Neila replied and looked back out the window. She assumed he couldn't. Most people weren't psychic. Playing dumb about it always seemed like the thing to do.

Neila managed to pull the brake lines off one of the bikes just as the female biker ran to it. The biker stared at the bike for a moment as it tipped over onto its side seemingly of its own accord. The woman in the red helmet looked up and locked eyes with Neila in the APC. Police lights twinkled over a mile down the highway. Neila couldn't see where the other two bikers had gone due to the APC's damaged windows.

"What the fuck, lady!"

Oh, now it was lady, such an upgrade. At least, it wasn't girl anymore. She had been knighted.

"Requesting permission to engage hostiles. We are being assisted by a civilian," the driver continued into the radio. So he had noticed her using her powers and wasn't fazed by it. Maybe he was psychic or knew someone who was.

"Do not engage. Helo en route, coming in hot. Sit tight."

Neila looked around at the angular interior of the APC. Rows of seats lined the sides of the truck. She couldn't see any weapons inside. "How much does this weigh?"

"Six tons," the soldier at the radio replied automatically.

Could she move six tons? She'd never tried because that was a lot of fucking weight.

"You need to drive forward, over the burning car." She pointed ahead of them.

"Over the car?"

"Your buddies in the hummer in back already smashed my car. You can drive this beast over a fucking Kia. Get us out of here!"

The driver gunned the gas and plowed into the burning car, knocking Neila off her feet. She fell backward and hit her head hard on the metal floor of the APC.

Shouting. Muffled gunfire. The sound of a hail slamming into the side of a metal barn in a thunderstorm. The heavy thumping of a giant drum.


IT WAS A nightmare. Normal for her. She was used to nightmares. Nightmares were her speed.

The rhythmic thumping of her heart set the time and her eyes raced under their lids.

She needed to wake up. Her left ankle felt broken.


Most of her nightmares had some sort of pain. Frequent pain. Familiar pain. Broken ribs she never broke. Burned skin she never burned. Arthritic joints she never wore out. Aches, burns, breaks, cracks, all old acquaintances she barely minded much anymore. Acquaintances she could let take her away. She wondered what would happen if she did that. Where would the pain take her? Would she die? Would something else happen? She waited a moment longer to wake up, curious. Why did this one feel different?

Her left arm joined her ankle in the invisible fire.

The dream, like others before was both a nightmare and yet somehow not. Just something that was happening that she knew she could wake up from when she'd had enough of it. Often she was taller in her dreams, not herself, someone from the past, someone long dead. She half-believed they were glimpses into a past life. A few times, she had seen her face in past dreams, angular, sharp, and masculine with shorter black hair and facial hair that matched.

This dream was different, because she and her dream self shared a body. Her left arm and leg had split in half, growing a second arm and leg from her shoulder and hip joints. Her head was half herself — pale, blonde, small — half her dream self — angular, dark hair, long in the jaw — two halves pulling away from one another with grotesquely stretched skin as she silently screamed. She sat in the middle of a round room with stained walls as fire erupted above her and covered the ceiling, a raging storm attempting to devour everything in its path. Neila tried to push away from the oncoming fire, but her right side was too short. Her body was a twisted tangle of limbs — some long, some not — all burning with searing hot pain as bones split from one another.

In the dream, she couldn't reach out and push herself to safety with her mind. She was unable to remote view, to see things away from her body with her Third Eye. Everything was cut off and close to her. That part of the nightmare was other people's reality.

In this nightmare, she wasn't psychic, she was powerless, and that terrified her more than being torn in half while burned alive.

Her heart continued to beat out of sequence as the fire grew and enveloped her. The pain in her left side grew, like ants gnawing down to the bone as the heat seared her tangled malformed flesh. What would happen if she let the pain take her? Would she burn up? Would she be torn in half?

"No!" she called out in her dream. Her voice was not her own. It sounded familiar but alien. What if she had called out in her sleep? What if she really sounded like that outside the dream?

She remembered the attack on the convoy.

She couldn't wake up.


Explosions on TV

AGENT HENRY ANDERSON walked past the pack of four gleeful scientists who made up the entirety of the theoretical division as they stood in the hallway humming to the crystals clutched in their hands. He was passed by several of the nursing staff flanked by armed members of the Facility's paltry security staff. Agent Anderson slowed his step in the long hallway when he was within earshot of two higher-ranking Facility members as they approached him on their way to the helipad.

"This is a confirmed case? Telekinetic?" Stephens was his name. He had graduated from the FBI to working at the Facility more than ten years before Anderson.

"Yes. They got her on camera. Some cell phones were confiscated, but one of our choppers filmed it, too," Ella replied. Henry wasn't sure when she'd joined the Facility or from where she had come, but she was not much older than him. She held a tablet in her hand with a file on it about the new arrival.

"What are the odds?"

Henry turned on his heel and followed Stephens and Ella for a few feet after they passed him like he was lost. While doing so, he took advantage of his height and quickly read Ella's tablet over her shoulder as she and Stephens turned another corner. Henry really wished he could scroll down to something more useful, since only the top portion of the file was visible on the screen above Ella's hand. He couldn't even see the photo.

Subject Name: Neila Roddenberry

DOB: 08-06-86

Sex: Female

Height: 5'4"

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Hazel

Abilities: Telekinesis

Ability Strength: High

Ability Control Level: Adept

"The odds are low as fuck," Ella replied. "The subject took on three armed attackers. Alone."

"Fort Hood?" Stephens caught sight of Henry following just as Henry turned down an adjacent hallway where he stopped after he was out of sight but still within earshot.

"Yeah. They took one of the perps alive. He's not psychic so they have him off-site. The other two didn't fare so well once the helo arrived. Lit up the whole area."

Henry strained to hear the pair as their voices became more distant. "The subject sustained a head injury ... They're bringing her in now. She was in an APC when ..."

Agent Anderson waited to make sure Stephens and Ella were gone before he left the hallway and went back the way he'd come. Whoever Neila was, she was telekinetic, so not a shapeshifter. She'd have to wait. He was already late for the emergency meeting he had been called to before his eavesdropping detour. He decided to make up a story about getting lost in the maze-like Facility. He'd only been there two months. It could be plausible that he still didn't know his way around, although it would be a lie. He'd made it a point to memorize the layout of the areas he had clearance to enter and planned to gain access to the areas he wasn't cleared for soon. Always be prepared; Henry had been an Eagle Scout as a kid.

He entered the meeting room, already making excuses. "Sorry I'm late, ma'am. I got turned around."

But the long room with a low chalky-white tiled ceiling was empty, save for the disused composite wood bookcase at the far wall and the long narrow table flanked by chairs older than Henry. Was he really that late?

"Get out of my way," a woman roared before pushing into the room, followed by two smaller women and two men. Henry recognized the four people in lab coats as the heads of each psychic research division: Telekinetics, Telepathics, Pyrokinetics, Shapeshifters. All hands on deck, except the theoretical division who were probably still humming in some hallway, holding crystals even if they had been called in to the meeting.

"Anderson, how the hell did you get here before us?"

"Uh ... I thought I was late?"

The tall woman, Facility Director Lianne McClaine, passed Henry as her entourage stationed themselves loosely around the table.

She didn't pause to let anyone speak while she stood near the head of the table, "You are, but so are we, so don't sweat it. Don't bother sitting, Anderson. This will be a short one. We have a new telekinetic coming in. It was a royal fuckup that put her on our radar, by the way. The president is going to give a press conference on it — people died, the subject got injured, things blew up, part of it made it to the goddamned news. Our people in the area are busting their asses to sweep up the crumbs of weird shit surrounding it. Shouldn't be hard since it was a domestic terrorist attack outside the biggest fucking Army base in the country. Anderson, you'll be working with Chavez." She pointed to the Latina woman in a lab coat. "And with the new subject. Be friendly. Convince the subject it's in her best interest to cooperate. You're cute and young. Use your wiles on her if you have to. Pull out that Dead Zone thing of yours if you can manage it. Get her on your side. Under no circumstance is she to leave this facility."

Henry nodded. "Yes, ma'am."

"I haven't seen the video yet. How did her telekinesis manifest?" Dr. Chavez, head of telekinetic research, asked.

"She ripped the guns out of the attacker's hands," Director McClaine replied.

"Ripped? Handguns?"

"Assault rifles, and yes. I saw some of the footage. 'Ripped' is the only word I can think of. There was a lot of force behind it. This is a hot one. Under no circumstance are you to threaten her or make her feel like she's in danger. It takes a certain kind of person to go up against armed attackers. That kind of person is liable to fight their way out if they believe they're being held captive."

The director turned to the other three scientists. "I called you to this meeting so you'd be in the loop. We need all our divisions communicating if we want to do this right. Everyone got it?"

"Yes, ma'am," Dr. Park said.

"Thank you, Director," Dr. Moore half-grunted.

Dr. Turner nodded silently.

Dr. Chavez tapped some notes into her tablet.

"Good. Now, Agent Anderson, you need to be ready. I want you to be the first person she sees when she wakes up. Head over to the infirmary, find out what her status is, how severe her injuries are, let me know, then stay there. You're the welcome wagon."


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