The Fearless Path: A Radical Awakening to Emotional Healing and Inner Peace

The Fearless Path: A Radical Awakening to Emotional Healing and Inner Peace

by Leah Guy

Paperback(First Edition)

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Leah Guy believes that disconnection is the root of all fear, and the attempt at letting go causes more problems than it solves. Debunking the myth of detachment and other popular New Age ideologies, she emphasizes that there's no escapism in emotional healing. Rather, the process is about putting the personal pieces of your heart, mind, and soul back together again. The Fearless Path offers a radical approach that will heal trauma, fear, heartache, and mental and physical health.

Overcoming anxiety, sexual abuse, eating disorders, and addiction using the principles in this book, Leah has spent her life helping others find relief and freedom from personal afflictions.

In The Fearless Path, you will learn:
  • Why "letting go" is the worst advice for healing, and how to really move on.
  • How to understand the stories your energy system tells about your mind, body, and spirit--and how to rewrite the script.
  • How to transform fear and anxiety into love and inner peace.
  • Why the law of attraction isn't all it's cracked up to be.
  • Find strength and serenity in the midst of a personal storm.
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    ISBN-13: 9781632650870
    Publisher: Red Wheel/Weiser
    Publication date: 05/15/2017
    Edition description: First Edition
    Pages: 224
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    About the Author

    Leah Guy is an intuitive transpersonal healer, spiritual teacher, professional speaker, and media personality. She offers wisdom from a lifetime of personal triumphs and more than 22 years helping clients transform their lives from fear and disconnection to heart-centered, soulful living. She is a sought-after inspirational speaker who has appeared on numerous television and radio shows on topics such as meditation, the mind-body connection, energy medicine, intuition, and addiction, as well as emotional and spiritual healing. Also known at The Modern Sage, she owns the Modern Sage Healing Center and product line, and A Girl Named Guy Productions, LLC. Leah lives in Jersey City, New Jersey. For more information, visit her online at or across social media channels.

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    There is a divine purpose behind everything — and therefore a divine presence in everything.

    — Neale Donald Walsch

    Rich was a nice-looking man in his late 40s with a worn face, and a scent of smoke and yesterday's drink. He had been homeless for several years and the street was worn on to his skin. As we sat on the stoop and talked, his mind was sharp and his heart open, eager to tell his story. Rich was an artist and had multiple works displayed in museums around the country. He said when possible he would hitchhike to see his creations to remind himself of who he was. I asked Rich how he ended up on the street. It seemed odd that such a gifted man would be so down and out. Rich said he made some mistakes in life — mistakes that cost him his marriage and later his relationship with his daughter. The pain of losing his family was unbearable. When he lost hope of rekindling therelationships, he lost hope in himself. He turned to alcohol. Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months as he fell deeper into the abyss, losing focus on his work, on his purpose, and on his Soul. Eventually he was homeless.

    As we talked, through tears in our eyes, he realized that love was still alive in his heart. He had much more to offer the world. He wanted to change and live his life with love and freedom. His vulnerability touched my heart. I gave him a big hug and he returned the same.

    Several months later I saw Rich on the side of the road walking near one of my favorite grocery stores. He looked nice and clean with a spark in his step. I stopped the car to talk. Rich beamed with pride as he told me about his new job as an in-store artist at the grocery. He had stopped drinking, reached out to his daughter, and rented an apartment. It took bravery to open his heart and trust himself again, but his determination paid off. There was life in his eyes and a hope and happiness that replaced the emptiness and despair of previous months. Rich had truly resurrected himself from the trenches. He has been my inspiration ever since.

    Rich's story is a story of redemption, of the phoenix rising, of being born anew from the ashes of self-combustion. It's this kind of possibility and strength that we all desire. Perhaps that's why you're reading this book. You know deep inside that you can rise from your ashes. No matter what your afflictions or mistakes, you seek to resuscitate your heart and find harmony with your Soul. You want more from life than constant suffering. You're searching for the "how" so that you, too, can awaken to self-love and peace.

    Most of us have fallen to our knees with heart-strangling emotional pain at some point or another. More common is the day-to-day suffering from anxiety, grief, fear, depression, or low self-worth. The number of people taking drugs to treat psychological or behavioral disorders is staggering. Almost half of the U.S. population suffers from debilitating anxiety or depression. It costs millions in healthcare and lost wages, personal happiness, and, in too many cases, it costs life itself. There is a better way.

    To experience healing and happiness is to stay connected to your Soul, your heart, and your experiences. By doing this, you become stronger and whole, not living in weakness and fear. Rich made his decision to reconnect to his heart while living on the streets. You can make it from your office or bedroom if you decide that you want to connect to love, to Self, and to life again.

    It is your Soul's calling to be alive, to grow, and to feel. There's an innate desire within to stop the torture of self-imposed suffering, or to rise from the ashes when the world has beaten you down. With an intense and poignant purpose, you came into this world with a soaring spirit. That's your true nature. Anything less is learned by the human mind of limited beliefs.

    Fear and the Truth in Being Human

    We all know fear; what it looks like, feels like, and even what it smells like when it approaches. We believe that fear controls us, but we are the masters of fear. Long before there is valid reason to experience fear, we manufacture it. Beyond the fear of change or of death, many people fear their own feelings, so they try to squelch them. The unsuccessful attempts to suffocate difficult emotions cause distress in all areas of our lives.

    Beginning in childhood, we encounter the gnarly tentacles of fear such as abandonment, fear of hunger, of not being loved, of not being good enough, or even fear of the boogey-man. We learn early on what doesn't feel good and then try to avoid experiences that make us feel "not good" again. We then create an invisible cloak of protection to use as an emotional hiding place.

    Fear can affect more than your mind. It can dampen your happiness and block the potential of deeper, more authentic living. Its crippling power can stop you in your tracks and convince you to abandon your hopes and dreams. Fear keeps us addicted, isolated, and defeated. It straps us to bad relationships, or keeps us from relationships altogether. It smothers our capacity to love and blocks our true feelings.

    People who attend my workshops are often afflicted with common symptoms of emotional dis-ease such as anxiety, loneliness, remorse and grief, phobias, skin conditions, stress, and sleeplessness. Their feelings of being trapped, unhappy, and scared affect every organ in their body.

    If you seek a life filled with peace, you must first address the fundamental fear of change. Fear bullies its way in front of most kinds of positive self-transformation. It sees self-growth as an opponent to its brash demands that we stay small and stuck, leading shallow lives. If there's one lesson to be learned it is that fear will battle love at most critical junctures of your life.

    Use fear as a guide to healing. Fear is the warning bell that change is needed. And change requires action. It is the messenger of a deeper problem that lurks behind its cloak. There is always an unresolved emotion behind anxiety and fear. It's our job to discover what it is.

    If you doubt how fear is present in your life, consider these possible characteristics. If you doubt how fear is present in your life, consider these possible characteristics.

    Self-doubt Negative self-talk Anxiety Feeling trapped Shyness Disappointment Avoidance Jealousy Eating disorders Perfectionism Addictions Excuses Control issues Feeling stuck OCD Isolation Lack of willpower Dissatisfaction Complaining Panic

    Emotional distress presents itself in many forms. If you regularly display any of these symptoms, you may be experiencing latent fear or possibly hiding behind fear as an excuse. There's no judgment; we all do it. The point is to recognize that fear is present and can either stop you in your tracks or propel you forward.

    The Root Chakra

    The Root Chakra is the 1st Chakra of the energy system and it is located near your pubic bone with a vortex of energy that travels down between your legs, toward the Earth. It is the foundation of all the other chakras, and the proper functioning of this energy field is vital to good health and mental stability. It is important to get the body balanced and grounded. Energetically, this applies to opening and balancing your Root Chakra. Fear is the emotion that blocks or imbalances the 1st Chakra. The exercises and Emotional Workouts in this chapter help balance this energy center and help you feel more stabilized.

    Our universe is based on connectivity, from the principles of gravity, to the sun, stratosphere, and the moist soil under our feet. There is not one system or particle that isn't kept in our universe without some connection to another system or particle. In electrical terms, we speak of connectivity as grounding. To ground is to connect electrical equipment to the Earth by a wire or a conductor. In this way, the Earth serves as a conductor, as a protector, and as a ground — an infinite source that can absorb an unlimited amount of current without changing its potential.

    What does it mean to be grounded in your physical body and why is this concept so important to your wellbeing? For the same reason as electricity. You are energy and the Earth grounds you as it does for electricity. Your body needs proper grounding to Earth so you can absorb the constant current (life) that comes at you on a regular basis without it changing your potential or harming you.

    When you aren't grounded, you may feel uneasy, unstable, or overreactive. It may feel like you don't belong. This is because you are not tapped into the stabilizing energy of the Earth and it makes you feel disconnected. If you think of the Earth as a source of denser physical energy and the sky or Heavens as a source of lighter spiritual energy, you can see that staying balanced would require being equally connected to both.

    This earthly connection is often underrated because so many people try desperately to alleviate their human suffering by means of spiritual elevation, through enlightenment and meditation. But getting fully rooted into your physical being is just as important on the quest to awakening and self-realization.

    Being grounded is not the same as being stuck. The essence of the Root energy steadies one's emotions, elicits confidence, creates balance, and in general gives you the anchor to help you to feel stable. With a strong foundation, you can reach higher and meet your full potential. This is where Soul meets world. Where nature meets emotion.

    The following list contains some of the physical symptoms you may experience if you are ungrounded or have an imbalance in your Root Chakra. Mark the ones you experience most often.

    Constipation Colitis Leg weakness Impotence Restlessness Lack of focus Inability to finish a task Issues with reproductive organs Sciatica Instability

    Various issues can make us feel or be ungrounded. Here are a few of the most common.

    Sexual abuse Verbal abuse Feeling unwanted as a child Excessive meditation No stable home or school environment growing up Being an air sign in astrology Lack of physical care, exercise Lack of physical contact as a child or adult Excessive worry or over-thinking Selfish or narcissistic personality Lack of connection to groups, organizations, nature, or the collective consciousness.

    There are also emotional symptoms of an imbalance in the Root energy system. These may include one or more from the following list.

    Anxiety Mentally flighty Feeling insecure Desire to hide, be a wallflower Codependency Fear Not feeling at home Depression

    You don't wake up one day with anxiety. Grief doesn't fall into your heart for no reason. There are many factors in maintaining internal balance and order, and it's important to pay attention to the signs and symptoms that tell us something is wrong. Whether it's a physical, mental, or an emotional issue, addressing the underlying cause is necessary for healing. Our culture supports the treatment of emotional distress with drugs, but if drugs were effective for the majority, there would be more positive results. Instead, we see more angst, violence, obesity, emotional turmoil, addiction, disease, and spiritual separation. These side effects add to the duress while ignoring the underlying nature of our problems.

    There's a foundation to being human and it is Called presence. We are here and present in various ways including physically, spiritually, emotionally, and energetically. It may sound silly, but many people don't understand how important it is to be fully present in their bodies. We forget the preciousness of the moment, the here and now. We take for granted the nature of our bodies, the differentiating aspect of our Souls, and how to live from the presence of our being.

    There's a saying: "We're spiritual beings having a human experience." And although that is true, we shouldn't use it as an escape from our human suffering. The suffering in our life provides valuable lessons for the growth of our minds and spirits. These lessons are opportunities to heal. How can our hearts and minds learn in life if we dismiss the lesson that the world provides?

    We are here in human form for a purpose. Our Souls chose to be here. We are beings with great aptitude for learning, loving, and spiritual evolution, but we are also thick masses of energy containing tissue, bones, skin, fat, and fluids that have real physical needs and desire for attention. The first step to emotional healing is to get into your body. Connect to it and be fully present. Put your feet on the ground and feel what nature offers you.

    Think of a tree. Trees are strong, sturdy, and tall, with flexible limbs and fragile leaves. The strength and size of the tree starts in its roots. If a tree has a weak root system, it cannot flourish or reach its greatest potential. If you don't feel strong enough to endure a storm it's very possible that some experience or fear has caused you to uproot, sending you the message to pay attention to grounding.

    Growing up, it is rare that someone teaches you how to grow strong emotionally when you leave home and face the world. You just wake up one morning and face the rest of your life. It's a struggle to find attachment or connection to anything real. But fear comes from the lack of connection to Self, not connection from others. Luckily, this connection can be developed anywhere, any time.

    Lack of connection often stems from lack of trust in Self. We often depend on others for our happiness, entertainment, resources and love, and we forget that we can provide everything that we need. It takes practice to trust yourself and discover ways in which you can be your greatest resource. You may need to make time for personal dates or set small goals to assure your Self that you can, and will, care for all your needs.

    In your journal, list three things for which you rely on others. These may be things you don't enjoy, things that frighten you, or things you don't believe you can handle. It could be as simple as taking out the trash or flying solo to Brazil. It is the actions that make you think, "I just can't!"

    The more you heal emotionally, the more it's possible to step out of your self-imposed boundary zone and rely on yourself. You don't have to do everything on your own to prove that you're strong, but don't try to escape your potential by passing things off to others.

    We idolize heroes because they seem super-human. The truth is heroes are ordinary people with a great sense of purpose, commitment, and determination to respond to the requirements of life. They are generally grounded and connected to Self as well as connected to a cause. They respond to the call without letting the mind or fear guide them down another path. They are connected to the present. They are present. It's simple, yet many people dwell in despair and fear, making it impossible to serve others because they are not capable of saving themselves.

    Living in an altered state of consciousness or detached from reality is not the path to healing. We can't resolve disagreements with our loved ones if we are absent in body or mind. We can't serve humanity if we are physically removed from society. We can, however, reap rich personal rewards through meditation, visualizations, energy healing, and prayer, but there are certain Soul lessons that require our feet on the ground and our presence.

    Fearless living begins with learning how to create a solid anchor within — to get rooted and grounded, capable to endure life's journey; a journey that can happen in your hometown or in a country far away. No matter where you may be, it's possible to connect into your root. With proper anchoring, you can reach your Soul purpose and experience a new kind of peace.

    Emotional Workout

    Feet to Earth Grounding Exercise: Preferably without shoes or socks, put your feet to the Earth. It's that simple. Let the soles of your feet connect with the dirt, sand, grass, rock, or in Earth's waters. Take a walk or wade and shuffle, but put your feet to the Earth at least five minutes a day. In the winter, putting your feet in warm water or near a fire can also provide benefits.

    Many therapists, philosophers, and gurus talk about the art of detachment. Detachment and letting go are prominent buzzwords in healing. It's like a one-shot prescriptive to cure all ailments, ill feelings, or issues in life. Just "let it go." I think it is poor advice, to the point of being detrimental to your welfare.

    We try to manufacture an environment void of suffering. We use food, alcohol, sex, and pretty shiny things to keep eruptions of negative feelings at bay. These distractions only serve to distance us from ourselves. There's no healing in separation. Disconnection is not the way. It only shreds our spirits and hearts. Distractions not only block the negative emotions, but the positive ones as well. Essential emotions of life are part of our nature, and meant to be experienced and incorporated, not discarded. It's the complexity of emotion that allows us to exceed the intelligence of our rational minds.

    The theory of "letting go" is essentially a deserted, empty path unless you plan to live a solitary life off the grid. The pretense is that letting go is a simple decision and all your worries and pains will fade away into the unknown cosmic trash can. The truth is that letting go is a path to isolation and disconnection, giving all your power to something or someone of the past. It implies that "You still have me, but I'm trying to get rid of you." The attempt to let go gives as much energy to the source of the pain as it does to the actual work of healing. In fact, it's a vain attempt at trying to release someone else's grasp on you. That's their job. Yours is to process your own emotions and use experiences in your life to continually evolve into your highest nature.


    Excerpted from "A Radical Awakening to Emotional Healing and Inner Peace"
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