The Fetish Box, Part Two: What Escapes

The Fetish Box, Part Two: What Escapes

by Nicole Camden

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ISBN-13: 9781476728476
Publisher: Pocket Star
Publication date: 03/04/2013
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 125
Sales rank: 610,321
File size: 3 MB

About the Author

Nicole Camden, author of “The Nekkid Truth” in Big Guns Out of Uniform has returned to erotica after a decade of teaching, dog-rescuing, and other mayhem. She lives in Houston with her husband and two dogs.

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The Fetish Box, Part Two: What Escapes 3.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Good second to the story, but felt that these three books really could have been better delivered as one selection for the story purposes.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I enjoy the author's voice.
shirley_frances More than 1 year ago
Back when I read The Fetish Box, Part One: Open All Night I decided to give the series a chance since it is usually hard to establish a proper series especially a serialized novella. However, I like my stories to make sense and the characters and their actions to be somewhat realistic. Sadly, this is not the case with this novella. This installment starts off right where the previous novella left off with Mary ready to have sex with John. After having been left hanging in the previous novella I was anticipating this scene and all it would entail only to be left disappointed by it. For a woman who proclaimed to be a virgin Mary sure didn't hesitate much when it came to shedding her clothes and straddle John. And the don't even get me started on the lack of chemistry between those two. It was non-existent. The whole scene felt rushed and anti-climatic with no passion whatsoever and no connection palpable between Mary and John. I would like to say that it improved from that point on but what followed was a whole set of events that truly irritated and confused me. The attack that occurred in the story, which was a great concept to add, lacked in its execution adding nothing much to the story other than the fact that it brought Mary to the store where she got it on again with John. I did enjoy the interactions between the secondary characters and the introduction of Max's brother to the cast of characters. And for what is worth I do like John, a lot. I just don't think Mary is being fair to him by having sex with him but still lusting after Max. Having said all this, I recognize that maybe this is story is not for me. I don't think I have to like a heroine for a story to be enjoyable, but I have to at least respect her and understand where she is coming from in order for me to be interested in her story. It was because of this that I could not connect to her or understand her behavior all throughout the story. This only frustrated me to the point that I didn't want to continue reading. However, that was not something I had to worry about for once again I was left hanging in the end. The Fetish Box, Part Two: What Escapes is the second novella in The Fetish Box series and it can't be read as a stand alone. I noticed that there is a third installment due March 25th and I am sorry to say that I will not be picking that one up. I received this title from Pocket Star through NetGalley in exchange of my honest opinion.
DiiMI More than 1 year ago
Book two picks up after the cliff hanger ending of book one, with Amanda only having been in town a couple of days. The shop is vandalized, her new friends and employees have been beaten and her home is ransacked. To top it off her deceased mother and the shop are being used by a disgruntled ex-cop whose wife is a patron of the store. Amanda's feelings for John grow and Max is still the saucy and dangerous hot guy. As more characters join the book, its easy to see that they are close and protective of anything to do with Amanda's mom. Again, the erotica is not overly done, although, almost too casual, the plot is getting better and better as the tension and mystery grows. This ARC edition was provided by NetGalley and Pocketstar in exchange for an honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Part three please
srkromer More than 1 year ago
Warning: Must Read Part 1 The Fetish Box, Part 2: What Escapes by Nicole Camden picks up right where Part 1: Open All Night ends.  You must read the first part before you even attempt to read the second, because there is no brief overview it just dives right back into the story.  This book is basically just divided right into three parts and in my opinion, it should have been kept as all one book not divided into three parts.  I think as a whole this would’ve worked more as a whole story.   Not much happened in the first part, but that’s the complete opposite with this one.  There is so much going on, it’s almost not believable, but it captures the reader’s attention to continue reading until you reach the end. In this part, Mary finally loses her virginity to John but is playing both John and Max at the same time.  Once she loses it, she goes crazy having sex with anything with two legs, even having sexual relations right after one guy with another in the same house with the first still being there!  There’s no shortage of sex in this part.  Besides that there is a robbery and a lawsuit all which takes place in the 75 pages that is this book.  Even though, it’s almost unbelievable when you reach the end of part 2, you will want to instantly read the last part, What Remains. Overall, I would recommend this book, but only if you have all the parts and you read it as one story.  I think you get less out of it reading it part by part and if you leave time between the readings, you will find yourself lost at first because there is no recap of the part before it.
AskAJulie More than 1 year ago
This is the second book in a novella series. The book beings with Mary and John having sex. Mary is a virgin, and even though this is an erotica book, I was amazed at her willingness to do anything. She was never unsure or hesitated, or needed to take things slow. Everyone is different, but it did not seem like a realistic first time. The second characters in this story were not interesting because they were underdeveloped. I felt like the main event in this book, an attack, was developed to add an interesting plotline. However, the attack was not described very well, and I found myself skimming over what should have been an interesting part of the book. This book would be a good book for someone who is interested in erotica books, but wants to start off with a lighter, more causal erotica book.