The Flip

The Flip

by Michael Phillip Cash


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Julie and Brad Evans are house flippers. They buy low, clean out the old occupants junk, and try to make a profit. Enter Hemmings House on Bedlam Street in scenic Cold Spring Harbor, Long Island. Too good a deal to pass up, but with an ominous secret. The old Victorian Mansion has dwellers that do not want to be dispossessed. As the house reveals it's past, will the couples marriage survive The Flip?

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ISBN-13: 9781497345515
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 05/04/2014
Series: A Haunting On Long Island Series , #2
Pages: 196
Product dimensions: 5.06(w) x 7.81(h) x 0.42(d)
Age Range: 1 - 17 Years

About the Author

Michael Phillip Cash is an award-winning screenwriter and novelist. He attended the Long Island University and used its beautiful campus as a backdrop for this novel. He's written 11 novels including the best-selling Brood X, Stillwell, The Flip, The After House, and Witches Protection Program.

Michael resides on the North Shore of Long Island with his wife and two children.

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The Flip 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 19 reviews.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Erin Nicole Cochran for Readers' Favorite The Flip by author Michael Phillip Cash has a suspenseful, haunting story line that you’ve never quite experienced before. Its pace is very heartbeat steady and it is easy to finish in one sitting. Revolving around a young married couple who are making ends meet by flipping houses, Julie and Brad Evans soon find themselves in a house that both enchants them and disgusts them in varying ways throughout the length of this book. Dialogue is authentic and conversational, making you want to take part in it yourself as the reader. Although there are some aspects that are supernatural in nature, there is nothing that will leave you feeling overly disturbed. After reading Michael Phillip Cash’s The Flip, I didn’t quite feel the need to sleep with a light on at night, but it was close. I am an HGTV nut, so a spooky novel about a house being flipped was so up my alley, and it did not disappoint me in any way. The juxtaposition of the four main characters works superbly in this novel as piece by piece is divulged. There are several intimate scenes that are perfectly executed, each one varying in one way or another which, again, plays into this novel by feeling realistically convincing. The sexual content being what it is makes me feel that this is primarily just for those readers 18 and older, although the content is not vulgar in any sense of the word. This book is going to hook you in and cut you to the quick in only the best of ways. I highly recommend The Flip, even if you are faint of heart. It will bring you to tears by the end of it and give you a whole new appreciation for life in general.
JennieR More than 1 year ago
The main characters, a married couple with Julie, who is a little pushy, maybe even a princess personality and Brad a more even and hard working guy, create a nice base for this story. Brad can tell by instinct that there is something not right going on in this house. I read this during the daylight because I am a bit of a wimp when it comes to scary, but the author did a nice job of giving the book an eerie feeling without the stuff that makes for my nightmares. The ghosts were just as well developed as the main characaters and I enjoyed learning their back story.
PennyMindingMom More than 1 year ago
I love old homes. I recently visited a quaint little town where the streets were lined with beautiful old homes. I wish I had time to explore the history of each one, but when travelling with two kids, exploring old home isn’t exactly an option. So for now I can only imagine the stories that these homes have to share. “The Flip” by Michael Philip Cash is the story of Julie and Brad Evans. When the couple finds an old Victorian Mansion called Hemmings House, they decide to flip it for a profit. When Brad starts the cleaning process strange things begin to happen as the house has it’s share of secrets. The old home has residents that don’t want to be evicted. Will the couples marriage survive the Flip? What messages from the past is it trying to tell? “The Flip” is a paranormal haunting with a romantic twist that will have you re-considering your thoughts on the spirit world. The story made me wonder what I would do if I encountered a spirit. Would I take the time to discover the message the spirit was trying to send? Mr. Cash has created a world where scary isn’t found in blood and gore, instead it is found in the every day events that we can all relate to. It’s the fear of the unknown. The author has created events and characters that most people can relate too. The stress that Julie and Brad Evans go through can be understood by anyone who has ever attempted a home renovation. I can only imagine the added stress a couple would go through when the spirit world is thrown into the mix. “The Flip” is a great mix of history and paranormal fantasy that will keep you engaged from beginning to end! *Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of “The Flip” in exchange for my review. All opinions are 100% my own.
keleex More than 1 year ago
Modern day parnormal haunting with a historical twist. An intense read! Haunted houses, spectral memories, ghosts, haunted hearts.....Brad and Julie are a married couple who are also partners when it comes to buying and flipping houses. They are trying to get ahead and have come across the Bedlam House that is for sale for a price too good to pass up. Or maybe there is a reason it is so cheap. While Brad is starting the cleaning process of the house things take a terrible turn for the worse. Moods are changing, weird things are happening in the house, and their marriage could be put on the line because of some ghosts that just won’t leave. Brad and Julie are very easy to relate to and but have stumbled across strange happenings that can only be described as hauntings. “I pity you. I would rather experience the limits of hope and despair rather than a cold, clinical existence where you never feel the depths of passion.” “Love. It’s the great equalizer. Isn’t being loved or cherished enough to bring anyone peace? Sometimes I find that there was no haunted house, but a haunted heart.” The Flip is a modern day romance with just the right amount historical fiction that will make your heart pump. You get to experience the entire story from all points of view, the living and the dead. A quick, hauntingly fun, read! Go grab it!
lauralovesreviewingLT More than 1 year ago
I enjoy watching shows about flipping houses. It’s fun to watch the transformation from ugly to fantastic. If I had the money, I’d do some myself. My luck I’d wind up in the same fix as Julie and Brad Evans. They’re starting to get the hang of the flipping thing. Buy low, fix it up, sell for a nice profit. But Brad has his misgivings about the one Julie has her heart set on. It’s a monstrous undertaking and he’s getting bad vibes from the old mansion, Hemmings House. Julie loves it, sees only the potential, and wants to turn it into a bed and breakfast. Brad caves and now he has to get his crew together and get the stinking trash hauled out of the place. Weird things start happening. Doors open and shut on their own. Cold spots occur throughout the place. And Brad and the crew are being affected by the atmosphere. Something angry is rubbing off on them. All the makings for a scary good haunted house story, right? The author delivers, giving you things that go bump in the night. You’ll meet these ghostly inhabitants and get to know their stories. I engaged with the ghosts as well as Julie and Brad and came to worry about all of them. Welcome to Hemmings House. Where anything can happen, and does.
Autumn2 More than 1 year ago
I received this book to give an honest review. First let me say I love the cover and it goes well for the story being told. This is a regular old ghost story that isn't really scary or anything. You have Julie and Brad who are happily married and they flip houses as a side job. When they come across an old house called the Hemmings House it is more than they end up bargaining for. For there are unsettled spirits there, as we deal with the changes both Brad and Julie are experiencing within the house which is not good,  the past is also brought into play. The way the author weaved the past and present together was enjoyable. Now there is a twist that comes about and it was something I didn't think of happening. When Julie sees something that is not real and pretty much gets scared she asks for a medium to come into the home to figure out what is going. The Hemmings House is very popular in this small town so it just normal for people to be curious about it even this medium lady.  The ending was good I did think it was a nice way to make the end come without feeling just forced. Now the reason I am giving this book a four rating is because I wanted to learn more about the other entity that was within the house. It was the ones that kept the ghost Tess in check when she started messing with not only Brad but the other humans that have been in the house. With the way the ending came about I do wonder if the author could spin another book that deals with the characters Julie and Brad? 
MargieS1 More than 1 year ago
Given To Me For An Honest Review   The Flip by Michael Phillip Cash is another great book he has written that will open on page one and grab you and hold you down as the pages turn and turn and turn some more until you get to the last page. Then you will be saying, "WOW". Make sure you have your  seatbelt on because you're on for a fun ride. Julie and Brad are newlyweds.  They are new to flipping houses.  Julie sees one that she  likes and they buy it.  Julie wants to keep it for themselves but Brad feels that there is something really wrong with it. As the re-habing  begins really strange things begin happening. Previous long ago tenants aren't leaving and the new tenants aren't leaving either. What will happen between them? Who will end up with the house? Will happiness ever be found there? I loved reading this book, it was so good. I gave this book 5 stars but wish I could have given it 10+ because it deserves it. This would make a good gift for  someone.  It would look good on your bookshelf or on any library's bookshelf. I highly recommend this book to everyone, especially  if you enjoy reading: romance, historical fiction or paranormal. I look for more from Michael Phillip Cash.
BabyCakesBookBlog More than 1 year ago
Summery Julie and Brad Evans are house flippers. They buy low, clean out the old occupants junk, and try to make a profit. Enter Hemmings House on Bedlam Street in scenic Cold Spring Harbor, Long Island. Too good a deal to pass up, but with an ominous secret. The old Victorian Mansion has dwellers that do not want to be dispossessed. As the house reveals it's past, will the couples marriage survive The Flip? My Review Been a while since I last read a good ghost story and this was a great one! Any movie producers out there looking for their next movie? This is your story to make a great one. I found this story believable but then again I believe in ghosts. I believe that some spirits don’t leave right way due to unfinished business. Tessa and Gerald had some of their own that they needed closure on before they could move on. I like how Philip wrote about the past and the present it helps to explain the history of the house and its ghostly occupants. This Bedlam house is full of history and antiques that are worth so much more than what Brad and Julie paid for the house. This house is the latest purchase for Brad and Julie they flip houses buy them cheap fix them up and sell them for a profit. But Julie has fallen in love with the charm in this mansion and does not want to sell this one, she want to keep it and turn into a bed and breakfast inn. As they are going through all of the contents left behind strange things start happening to them and anyone that spends time in the house. Their personalities are changing becoming more like the previous occupants of the house. When there is a fire in Brad and Julies home they live in they are forced to move into the Bedlam home while they are refurbishing it. This is when things start getting worse for them! Julie no longer wants to keep this house and she does not even what to be in it anymore. To find out more and how this story ends you will have to take my word on it that this book is worth reading to find out. I never give away the ending on any book I read but I will tell you it is worth every penny paid to read!
eternalised More than 1 year ago
Julie and her husband Brad are both house flippers. They buy cheap houses, clean out the junk left by the old occupants, renovate the house, and then try to make a profit. However, when they end up being Hemmings House on Bedlam Street, the Victorian mansion is different from any house they’ve worked on before. The house has an eerie atmosphere, and while working there, Brad gets overwhelmed by feelings ranging from anger to fear. Also, ever since they started work on the house, Brad and Julie have been at odds. Brad wants to flip the house as soon as possible, while Julie wants to keep it as a B&B. Things get worse as the ghosts haunting the mansion starts to follow Brad home. Then, when after some strange incidents, Julie and Brad are foced to move into the mansion, they realize they might have some actual ghosts on their hands. The Flip was an interesting book. It was nowhere near as scary as I hoped from reading the back cover. It can’t really be identified as horror – it’s more like a paranormal mystery focusing on ghosts. There’s no blood or gore, and it’s not actually scary, even though some things happen that would certainly be scary in real life. The book lacks suspense at times, and the pacing isn’t always spot on either. It starts out slow, and picks up toward the middle, but even then, it seems to slow down at random times. A good read, not the best, but definitely enjoyable. Recommended to people who enjoy paranormal mysteries. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
bernie-12 More than 1 year ago
When Brad and Julie Evans bought a Hemmings House mansion on Bedlam street in Cold Spring Harbor, Long Island, New York to fix up and flip, little did they know the place was haunted. Julie loves the place and wants to keep it. Brad hates the mansion. When the ghosts get involved Hemmings House begins to reveal it's dark secrets. The ghosts are very possessive of their occupancy. The female ghost likes Brad, but the male ghost likes the female ghost. A triangle is formed. Author Cash's literary style is vivid and provides continuous edge-of-your seat action. He is a master of fantasy, suspense and the paranormal, providing readers nonstop first class entertainment. As the conflicts multiply between Brad and Julie can their marriage be saved? This novel is a nonstop page flipper.
HeadshotHeather More than 1 year ago
4.5 stars, but worthy of rounding up.  Flipping houses has been a thing people have done for ages, buy a house, fix it up yourself and sell it for a profit. Julie and Brad make a good team of flippers and since they are married they get to easily share the profits. All seems to be going well, until they come across the Hemmings House. Julie falls immediately in love  with the point of wanting to keep it and turn it into a bed and breakfast. Brad, however, is creeped out by the house and wanted to flip it as fast as possible. Does Brad have a valid reason for being a bit hesitant on even wanting to be IN the house let alone living in it? Considering that the house is essentially haunted by two beings, Tessa and Gerald, who do not want to leave, yes Brad's nervousness is validated. These two lived during the 19th Century. Gerald is and has always been madly in love with Tessa and she has had eyes for every man except the one who would truly stay by her side through all eternity. Why are these two still around? Is there an unsolved mystery or some other situation that is keeping them on this plane? I greatly enjoyed this book. It was well written and a lot of fun. The characters, living and ghostly, are all quite entertaining. Julie and Brad seem like a very likable couple who get along very well and have a wonderful relationship. They have teamed up to begin earning themselves a nice nest egg for their future and the ghostly hauntings of their most recent purchase begins to cause some problems. Tessa, is the main reason for these problems. She is....well, to call her a whore may be a bit much, but she sure does like the men and she thinks VERY highly of herself and her toying with the handsome Brad makes for some very uncomfortable situations between him, Julie and even, poor, Gerald. Find out what happens to Julie, Brad, Gerald and Tessa in this hauntingly enjoyable book, The Flip by Michael Phillip Cash.
PJtheEMT4 More than 1 year ago
The Flip, is a new ghost story novel by Michael Phillip Cash. In light of the reality TV shows and quasi- docu- dramas, in the media featuring ghosts, hauntings and possession, Cash's book finds a home in today's occult saturated culture. And although the haunting genre is popular and commonly depicted in horror and suspense novels, Cash's talent using the written word is what sets this book above and beyond the competition. He repackages the ghost story genre in the context of a modern cultural phenomenon known as house flipping. Combining two entirely different interests, home repair and ghost stories, Cash builds a new market for his books. He adds a wider appeal and credibility to the horror/ ghost story in this book that is by weaving in history and house renovation. As a side note, this book also serves as a lesson in house flipping as the reader follows all the grueling practical and emotional details of home renovation. Enthusiasts will enjoy the mention of architecture, antiques, and art. one can also learn a little about history as well. One can say the market is saturated with books on hauntings and the paranormal- the idea of a haunted mansion and an ominous evil presence is nothing new- except for the fact that Cash delivers the story with an element of realism and authenticity. This book is complex in that there are a number of side plots and narratives written from an omnipotent perspective of both perspectives of the couple as well as the ghostly inhabitants of the house. Not only is there a an interaction between the husband and wife, that many readers can relate to in their own marriages, there is also a complex emotional and power struggle between the spirits that inhabit the home. Cash goes into depth in the inner workings of the spirit world implying an ominous hierarchy that includes powerful "sentinels". I was almost reminded of the Disney cartoon Mulan, in which there is plenty of intrigue and a power struggle among the ghostly departed ancestors that guide Mulan on her quest. Cash transports the reader back into the past with glimpses of the spirits during their lifetimes. History enthusiasts will certainly enjoy the authentic historical details and readers will have additional insight into the mystery behind the ghosts. Cash has done historical research to add authentic historical details to make a richer experience for the reader. Not too many writers go into the mysterious innerworkings of the ghosts that inhabit or haunt the house in ghost stories. Cash offers a unique perspective. This conscientious writer pays attention to the fine details of writing, the sights, sounds and even odors of horror. There is no detail that gets past the eagle eye of this writer- where the written word becomes a form of art. There are literally no dry areas in this book- either something is always happening or explained. It has become commonplace for fiction writers to include dry filler to simply fill up pages and empty space. Michael Cash's novel is full of poignant description, drama or action from the first page to the last. The text formatting of the book presents some issues, I have a personal preference for even paragraph justification on both sides of the text, which I feel gives a more professional appearance. The final page of each chapter looks awkward withthe text centered in the middle of the page. Nevertheless this is another fast paced Michael Phillip Cash horror- drama novel. This entertaining novel is perfect for those short on time who want a fast paced book. This paperback novel belongs on the checkout racks of with other top selling novels. It has all the elements of a popular novel, simple to understand plot, the paranormal as well as the population home renovation theme all in one. As a blogger I received a copy of this book for the purpose of writing this review.
clahain1 More than 1 year ago
I love a classic ghost story. Creepy old house. Trapped souls. Likable characters with no idea what they are getting themselves into. Michael Phillip Cash's THE FLIP has all of this and more. Brad and Julie are a young married couple trying to make a living flipping houses. This is no early-morning infomercial glamour couple. Brad, a former soldier back from Afghanistan, is a guy from a humble background trying to find a place for himself. Julie is a little more upmarket--surface details matter to her--but she's working full time to support them until the flipping business takes off. Buying the Hemmings place, a dilapidated mansion on Long Island's north shore, is her idea. Brad holds a lot of  resentment about being talked into it. This resentment fuels much of the drama, as the energies at large in the house amplify and twist his negative feelings. There are times when I doubted whether  Brad and Julie's marriage would survive. The two ghosts, Tessa and Gerald, hail from the era of the American Civil War. They have their own romantic drama that has been playing out. These phantoms start out a bit on the campy side, especially man-eating Tessa, but they develop their own charm over the course of the novel. There are also other supernatural beings in the house. The Sentinels seem to be guardians of some sort, but  their exact nature and function, and why they are so interested in Brad and Julie, is never made quite clear. Cash does a great job creating a thick, menacing atmosphere. There's a sense that many layers of supernatural activity inhabit the house...that the structure is literally alive with history. I do wish THE FLIP was longer. It isn't that the pacing is rushed, but rather that there's too much story, too many tantalizing plot threads left unexplored. At one point, Cash alternates his chapters between the present day and the Civil War. We get to see Tessa and Gerald alive, which is great, but it opens up  the plot in a way that, for me, is too quickly resolved. I would have preferred he either kept us in the present and left the ghosts' pasts more of a mystery, or added thirty pages to the book so that past and present seemed more in balance. Taken as a whole, THE FLIP is a fantastic book, and The Hemmings Place is the sort of house I'd love  to visit again and again.    
Kataman1 More than 1 year ago
This review is based on a reviewer copy received from the author's publicist but reflects my own personal opinion. Brad and Julie are a young couple trying to make money by "flipping" houses. This is where the buyer purchase a house that needs some work, fixes the house real fast and sells it for a profit. They have done several of these, each time looking for a slightly more expensive house. Brad is the handyman doing all the work himself, while Julie works in an office earning money for their day to day expenses. Everything changes when they purchase the old Hemmings house. This house is a small mansion, about 150 years old and in total disrepair. Julie is intrigued with the house thinking that they can turn it into a bed and breakfast (it has about 20 rooms that can be rented), while Brad sees it as a big headache needing much more work then they can handle. The house is also inhabited by two spirits, Gerald and the very "fiery" Tessa. Tessa was always a very flirtatious soul and has an immediate attraction to Brad. Weird things keep happening to Brad and then to Julie, some quite dangerous. Brad and Julie, who were soulmates before, seem to clash constantly over the house as Brad wants to get rid of it and Julie wants to keep it. Also, the spirits seem to influence their moods. As the story unfolds the author does an excellent job of keeping the reader engaged and having two main characters that the reader really cares about. The author also provides some excellent history about Long Island, New York that most people, even those in Long Island probably don't know about. There are also some very tense moments. I was able to get through this book in about two sittings. All in all I give this book a solid four stars and look forward to more work by this author.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Heather Pfingsten  I am a huge fan of HGTV. Yeah, I’m that 30 something sitting at home on a Friday night with a bowl of popcorn watching the latest episode of "Property Brothers," "Rehab Addict," "Fixer Upper," or one of my favorites "Flip or Flop." I can’t tell you the number of times that I have text my mom and sister while watching an episode of "Flip or Flop" and telling them that this is definitely a business that we need to get into; we could get rich for Pete’s sake! The problem with my train of thought is that we don’t have investors to back our move and flipping is illegal in Ohio. All of that is beside the point because we really aren’t here to discuss Ohio law. Let’s talk about something more interesting, shall we? Michael Phillip Cash is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors. Having recently read his sci-fi novels about Darracia, I was anxious to find out if Cash would be as successful in the paranormal/suspense genre. His latest novel, The Flip, didn’t disappoint. Julie and Brad Evans are house flippers. That means they buy low, fix things up, and try to turn a house while making a profit. One night, purely by accident, they stumble upon Hemmings House on Bedlam Street, an old Victorian Mansion. Unable to pass up a really good deal, Julie and Brad invest and that is when the “fun” really starts. As strange things begin to happen they must determine if they dealing with an old house with ancient bones or if perhaps there is paranormal activity. Michael Cash has created a masterpiece filled with suspense, mystery, a bit of history, and so much more. The characters are well developed and quickly drew you into the novel; Tessa made me giggle. Thanks to the easy flow I was unwilling to put the book down and read The Flip in one sitting. Cash’s writing is pure genius, he is able to hold you captive and wanting for more as you turn the last page. The Flip, like all of Cash’s novels, is a spectacular read and one that I highly recommend.
MikiHope More than 1 year ago
I have read all of Michael Phillip Cash's books. There has not been one I have not loved! He is a master at the Horror/Thriller/Suspense genre. Michael Phillip Cash has done it again with his newest book "The Flip". I read it in one sitting-I could not put it down-no way no form no shape could I put this one down! It is the story of a young couple who flip houses. When Julie, the wife, spots a really great deal on an ancient mansion up on a hill she has to have it. She is really thinking about making a bed and breakfast out of it instead of flipping it. Hubby, Brad, who does most of the work really isn't too happy but they end up getting it anyway. As Brad is cleaning, or trying to clean this mess of a place strange things start to occur-and things keep occurring that get stranger and stranger! You see, this old house is haunted. The female ghost is really something else-I found myself laughing over some of her antics-the male ghost is pretty benign and is still waiting for this lady to realize that she belongs with him! Their story is told in part as well. Over time it is Brad who wants to keep the house and Julie who wants to get outta there! Talk about a jealous female ghost! However while going through the attic Brad finds items worth a LOT of money and he is bound and determined to get every penny they can. How does this all pan out? I really suggest you read this book--you will love it. 5+ Star from me!
DiiMI More than 1 year ago
Have you ever considered “flipping” houses? Hopefully, your sweat equity will pay off in a big way; maybe you’ll even find valuable treasures left behind. What Julie and Brad Evans find in their latest fixer-upper is way more than they bargained for! Hidden rooms, hidden valuables and hidden ghosts are part of the surprises in store for this couple. There is something about the house that Brad doesn’t like, but Julie insists it’s a gem in the rough, as a matter of fact, she would like to live there, but are its current occupants willing to share living quarters with them? How do you explain feeling like someone is watching you, touching you, taunting you? Brad feels an entity; Julie thinks he is just upset because she wants to keep the house. The current occupants have been there for decades, and their restless souls are in what seems to be an eternal conflict. When strange events start happening, over and over, love is tested to its limits, the unbelievable becomes reality; is it time to call the Ghost Busters? The Flip is another of Michael Phillip Cash’s creative forays into the world of the supernatural that may have you jumping at every strange sound you hear, at least for an hour or two, late at night, in the dark… then again, you may be a romantic that loves a good love story from beyond! Either way, Mr. Cash has done it again, with just enough scary to have you looking out of the corner of your eye for movement, just enough tension to put a stamp of reality on being a house flipper, and more than enough writing genius to keep you glued to each page! He has built a world that feels real as we follow him through each dark hall and around every unknown corner. His characters are so well-developed; you can picture them in your mind and “hear” their words! Michael Phillip Cash can spin a tale that will hold you captive and wanting more when that last page is turned, and The Flip is just one of his many great reads!
shivapastures More than 1 year ago
The Flip Julie and Brad are house flippers; they buy up abandoned houses, on the cheap, remodel themselves and then sell that at a profit, or at least try to. One day, they look at Hemmings House – a huge, beautiful Victorian, which has a dark secret. Julie instantly falls in love with it, while Brad has his misgivings. After spending some time in the house, Brad starts to act differently and lashing out at Julie. The “others” do not want to leave the house and as secrets are revealed, the house changes Brad & Julie’s relationship. Will they be able to escape this house or more importantly keep their marriage together? ‘Brad watched in amazement as the floor lit up with scattered dots of light, like sprinkled raindrops. They reminded him of the tiny tea lights he had used to propose to Julie, but vanished seconds later, leaving him to wonder if he had imagined the whole thing. There was a heaviness weighing him down, pinning him to the wall like a butterfly specimen. His ears rang as though a gun had gone off. He rolled his neck, Afghanistan coming back to him in a rush. Sweating, he slid down the wall, wondering if PTSD had finally gotten to him.’ It was ok. Nothing over the top or anything new-just a different perspective on a haunted house story. It was a little predictable and a tad flat. I’m not sure what could’ve been different about the story to make it more enjoyable, but it was missing something.
Chrissy_W More than 1 year ago
Not quite "real" enough. Did I enjoy this book: I had the same problem I did with the last of Cash’s books I reviewed. It’s not quite “real” enough for a true-to-life horror story, but it’s not far enough removed from reality to warrant the level of paranormal activity it contains. Seeing the ghosts from their side of the world helped immensely, but I’m still not quite sure what I’m supposed to think. Is this an alternate reality where spirits and ghosts are infinitely more active than they are in our current realm, or am I supposed to believe that this level of activity is commonplace in (if you’ll humor me) real life haunted houses? I guess I’ve just seen too many ghost hunter shows to buy into the latter, and there wasn’t enough evidence in the book to help me latch on to the former. . . . Maybe I’m just not the right audience for this sort of thing. Maybe I’ve watched too many ghost hunter shows to suspend my disbelief. Maybe I see my own ghosts and know it doesn’t happen like this AT ALL. Maybe . . . hmm . . . maybe I just need to spend more time in haunted houses . . . Would I recommend it: If you’re interested in a light-hearted take on the paranormal, go for it. But, if you’re a serious paranormal enthusiast I’d give it a pass. As reviewed by Melissa at Every Free Chance Books.  Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange  for an honest review.