The Forgiving Jar

The Forgiving Jar

by Wanda E. Brunstetter

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What would happen if you found out someone has been impersonating you?

Sara Murray had never met her mother’s parents and was surprised to learn after her death that they were Amish living in Pennsylvania. When she is finally able to make the trip to meet them, she is shocked to learn someone else has been living with them and pretending to be Sara. Sara can’t understand how quickly her grandparents are willing to forgive the impostor.
Secrets and deceit seem to follow Sara, and she is so tired of it. Though soon she meets Brad Fuller who is visiting her grandparents for during Christmas. She likes him a lot, but even he seems to pull away from her, not being totally honest.
Struggling, Sara finds an old canning jar hidden in the barn that is full of encouraging prayers. Can Sara find a way to forgive the past and move on to building new relationships?

This is Book 2 in the brand-new series, The Prayer Jars, from New York Times bestselling author Wanda E. Brunstetter.
Book 1 -- The Hope Jar (August 2018)
Book 3 -- The Healing Jar (August 2019)

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ISBN-13: 9781643521350
Publisher: Barbour Publishing, Incorporated
Publication date: 02/01/2019
Series: Prayer Jars , #2
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 320
Sales rank: 8,284
File size: 970 KB

About the Author

New York Times bestselling and award-winning author Wanda E. Brunstetter is one of the founders of the Amish fiction genre. She has written close to 90 books translated in four languages.  With over 10 million copies sold, Wanda's stories consistently earn spots on the nation's most prestigious bestseller lists and have received numerous awards.

Wanda’s ancestors were part of the Anabaptist faith, and her novels are based on personal research intended to accurately portray the Amish way of life. Her books are well-read and trusted by many Amish, who credit her for giving readers a deeper understanding of the people and their customs.

When Wanda visits her Amish friends, she finds herself drawn to their peaceful lifestyle, sincerity, and close family ties. Wanda enjoys photography, ventriloquism, gardening, bird-watching, beachcombing, and spending time with her family. She and her husband, Richard, have been blessed with two grown children, six grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren.

To learn more about Wanda, visit her website at 

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The Forgiving Jar 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 92 reviews.
Anonymous 22 days ago
I would give 5 stars but it is only 39 pages. All the stories should of been in just one book to enjoy.
GratefulGrandma 9 months ago
This is the second book in The Prayer Jars series. I recommend you read the first book before this one as it sets the stage for the continuing story. Michelle and Sara, have lived vastly different lives, not only from one another, but also from the Amish community where they are both living in this story. After getting to know Michelle in the first book, I really like her, but Sara is another story. She is spiteful, unforgiving, judgmental and not very easy to like. Both Sara and Michelle are living with Sara's grandparents in their Amish Community, associating in church, work, and social events with the Amish they see and envy the peace that they have. Michelle is ready to be part of the community permanently, has fallen in love with an Amish man and is taking classes to become baptized. Sara is sure that Michelle is after something and this seems to harden her heart towards her. You will need to read this story to see what happens to both of these ladies as well as how the Prayer Jars help them out. I will say that I did not enjoy this book as much as The Hope Jar. This one was more "preachy" and harder to get involved in, however it was still a very enjoyable read. I also listened to the audiobook and the voice the narrator gave the character of Sara came across as whiny, which might be why I had a hard time connecting to her. Having said that, there are sweet romances in this story and they had a bumpy road at times. There is also some sadness surrounding Sara's life.The main theme is this story is the need for and the act of forgiveness. Realizing that forgiveness is not just for others, but for our own redemption, to clear hate from our hearts. Wanda Brunstetter writes books that are clean, gentle stories filled with Christian beliefs where flawed characters are given the opportunity to believe and sort out their lives. This is another winner that her readers will enjoy.
FeatheredQuillBookReviews 9 months ago
With the release of her latest book in her Prayer Jar Series, The Forgiving Jar, Wanda Brunstetter delivers yet another heart-warming and insightful story. Sara Murray never knew who her mother’s parents were. It was only after her mother passed that Sara learned she had grandparents and to compound such a surprise, they were Amish and living in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. After sorting out the loss of her mother and the fact she was raised Amish, Sara realizes it’s time to venture to Pennsylvania to meet her relations. Little did she know there was a greater surprise awaiting her arrival. How was it possible an imposter had beat Sara to the punch of meeting her extended family and was living under their roof? Not only was she an imposter, but she was also someone who thought it was okay to pose as Sara’s grandparents’ flesh and blood. Willis and Ruth Lapp were kind and simple people. They embraced life in their humble Amish community of Strasburg and were devout in the practice of their Amish ways. Although their daughter chose to step away from her Amish upbringing and venture out into the English community, they never lost hope that one day they would meet the unborn grandchild their daughter carried when she left. Even though their daughter was gone, the prospect of the day they hoped and prayed for to meet their granddaughter had been fulfilled. It was an affirmation that yet another prayer had been answered for Willis and Ruth Lapp. When the truth rises to the top, as it often does, imagine the Lapps’ surprise when they learn the young woman who was living with them wasn’t Sara at all. Rather she was Michelle Taylor and it would seem Michelle had also been in search of a family connection, even if they weren’t blood relations. The joy of reading one of Wanda Brunstetter’s novels occurs within the first handful of pages. She takes her time to develop the lay of the story and as it gains momentum, it is the rich characters that complement the storyline. I’ve been a fan of Ms. Brunstetter’s work for quite some time and The Forgiving Jar doesn’t disappoint. Rather, it accentuates the talent further of this woman’s ability to carefully craft a beautiful story with fantastic nuances and subtleties throughout when it comes to the importance of faith. As I’ve said before, never have I had a sense when reading one of Ms. Brunstetter’s books that it is rife with Amish pulpit pounding. Rather, the story pulls you in because of Ms. Brunstetter’s fantastic ability to plant a seed of the importance of faith and family and allows her audience to watch it grow as the tender tale unfolds. Ms. Brunstetter has created characters capable of standing in their own light as much as they complement and contribute to the uniqueness of their fellow characters. I applaud Ms. Brunstetter for delivering another terrific read. I am a fan for the long run with this author and look forward to the next installation in her Prayer Jar Series. Quill says: The Forgiving Jar is a wonderful depiction of how life consistently delivers the real story that swoops in to replace the fictitious film that played in the imagination.
TrixiO 11 months ago
“Life's situations can become an opportunity for transformation.” 3.5 stars This line holds true for both Michelle and Sara as they face one another after Michelle's deception. The main theme of this story is about forgiveness and the oftentimes painful path to both giving & receiving it. Not only do negative actions result in someone's hurt, but it can create resentment and bitterness as we see in Sara's heart. She already feels cheated when her mom never told her of her loving Amish grandparents, but when she finally meets them; she comes face to face with the woman who impersonated her. To add insult to injury, her grandparents have forgiven Michelle and asked her to live with them. Sara has a hard time dealing with the situation and facing herself will be the most challenging thing she has ever had to do! Will prayers and thoughts written on pieces of paper in an old jar she finds bring peace and healing? I wondered how Sara would react when meeting Michelle and this book tells her side of the story. I couldn't blame her for her negative attitude and was looking forward to seeing her find what her heart needed. “The Forgiving Jar” was an emotional journey for Sara & Michelle as they worked toward forming a peaceful friendship. There were also threads of romance as we see Ezekiel and Michelle's relationship deepen and grow. I enjoyed catching up with Mary Ruth and Willis, the grandparents who play an important role in both young women's lives. Their prayers never ceased for either one and their unconditional love was certainly a balm to wounded hearts. I really enjoyed the second installment to “The Prayer Jars” and it boosted my belief that true forgiveness with the Lord's help can heal any rift and bring peace to the believers’ heart! I look forward to “The Healing Jar” coming August 2019 about Sara's cousin Lenore. I have to agree with other reviewers here, the only drawback was the oftentimes immature attitude and snarkiness in Sara. While I understand there's a real hurt there, I just felt it was overplayed to the point of being annoying. However, it doesn't deter me from wanting to read book three to finish out this series though! *I received a copy from Barbour Publishing through Netgalley and was under no obligation to leave a favorable review. All opinions are my own. *
KGervais 12 months ago
Wanda Brunstetter has written another excellent book. This is the 2nd book in the series, The Hope Jar is the 1st, also an excellent book. Wanda Brunstetter’s books are wholesome, clean and always well written. This book is about forgiveness and Sara Murray needs to learn to forgive. When she finds a canning jar filled with Bible verses, she slowly learns about forgiving. I give The Forgiving Jar 5 out of 5 stars. It’s a great read for fans of Amish fiction. I highly recommend this book.
KnittyTeacher 12 months ago
This book is a sequel to The Hope Jar, and is another fantastic novel by the master of Amish fiction, Wanda Brunstetter! Although it wouldn't be essential to have read the 1st book before reading this book, it certainly will help with understanding the depth of the relationships amongst the characters, and will really give you the whole scope of the entire story. What I love most about this book is how it blends the Amish and the 'Englisch' world in a relatable, realistic, and heart-warming modern-day setting. The theme of forgiveness is consistent throughout the book, and the page-turning events make it a quick read! By the end of the book, I had both laughed out loud and shed a few tears. Unlike some books that are 100% predictable, I wasn't sure which way the resolution was going to go until the very end. It's an awesome read, and the story will touch your heart long after the final page has been turned. This book is a great read, and would make a wonderful gift for any book lover on your list (along with The Hope Jar, too!) Note: This book was provided to me by Barbour Publishing. I was not required to leave a positive (or any) review. Opinions and ideas expressed in this review are my own.
lesacap1262 More than 1 year ago
The Forgiving Jar is book 2 in the Prayer Jars series by Wanda E. Brunstetter. Christian Fiction, Christian themed fiction, and Amish fiction are really genres that I enjoy. I love to see how a fictional story, fictional characters can illustrate a specific christian idea. In this case the obvious theme is forgiveness! I really enjoyed this story and was able to read it without having read the first book in this series, so it's a good standalone as well. The story begins with Sara learning that her deceased mother's parents, her grandparents are members of the Amish church. Sara has never met her grandparents and is surprised to find another living with her grandparents (Michelle) and has previously passed herself off as Sara. Not the best start to a new life and new home. Obviously it's and awkward and very tense living situation. Lucky for Sara her grandparents have already forgiven Michelle and will teach Sara to do the same. The Forgiving Jar, the bible verses, and a few twists and turns (and a potential romance) make this book a lovely read. I completely enjoyed it! I am going to go back to read book one before moving on to book 3! I received a complimentary copy of this book from Barbour Publishing and was under no obligation to post a review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I was looking forward to this sequel to “The Hope Jar” to see how the story played out more and this book didn’t disappoint me. I was able to connect with both Sara and Michelle and could see both of their points of view on how Michelle deceived Sara’s grandparents. I was really glad to see that Sara was able to forgive Michelle and they were able to become friends. That was something that Sara’s grandparents really wanted to see — that Sara would forgive Michelle and they would become friends, especially since they had forgiven Michelle and saw her as a special person in their lives.
KassyParis More than 1 year ago
The Forgiving Jar by Wanda E. Brunstetter is an enjoyable read. As book two in the Prayer Jar series, the story picks up where book one left off. The messages in the Prayer Jar help lead both Sara and Michelle to momentous decisions that change both their lives. At times the story moves a bit slow but not so much that I gave up on the book. The other drawback for me was that the author of the notes in the forgiving jar was never revealed. I’m assuming and hoping that since this is book two in a series the author(s) of the notes in the prayer jars will be revealed in book three. I would recommend this book to readers looking for a pleasant Amish story. This is my honest opinion of The Forgiving Jar. I received a complimentary copy of this book from Barbour Publishing and was under no obligation to post a review.
GrandmaKaye More than 1 year ago
Again Wanda Brunstetter has written an excellent book, The Forgiving Jar. Reading about people dealing with deceit and forgiveness was both fascinating and enlightening. I like the new jar of Bible verses and sage advice that Sara finds hidden in a different place. I like the way that Wanda lets her characters express their real thoughts, good or evil, and then Wanda shows if or how they resolve their problems of jealousy, anger, fear, or indecision. These people change and grow; make good, bad, or hasty decisions; and have to deal with the consequences of their choices. Both Michelle and Sara come a long way for the better in this novel, overcoming many difficulties. I heartily recommend reading The Forgiving Jar. I hope there will be a sequel. I received a complimentary copy of this book from Barbour Publishing and was under no obligation to post a review. I also bought a new copy to share with friends.
Momof9Kids More than 1 year ago
The Forgiving Jar continues the story of Sara Murray which began in The Hope Jar. Sara was surprised to learn after her mother’s death that she had kept some pretty big secrets from her for her whole life. Sara never knew that her mother had been raised Amish or that her parents were still alive and living in Pennsylvania. When she is finally able to go meet them, she learns that an imposter has been living with them for some time pretending to be Sara. Sara is very upset by this deception but has to return to New Jersey to her job and to finish her studies. When she is finally able to return, she is surprised to find Michelle living in her grandparent’s home. While Sara is not sure how things will work out, she is determined to remain with her grandparent’s for as long as she can. She has returned with the intention to stay with them, get a job, and save so that she can eventually have her own place nearby. After being without her grandparents for 23 years, she does not want to be too far from them and she wants all the time she can get to get to know them better and develop a relationship with them. Michelle has been seeing Ezekiel and hoping that things will work out between them. Sara begins to have feelings for Brad. Will the deep resentment she feels toward her mother and Michelle prevent her from having the relationships she so greatly desires or will she learn that forgiving brings healing to the forgiver? I received a complimentary copy of this book from Barbour Publishing and was under no obligation to post a review.
thall5 More than 1 year ago
The Forgiving Jar by Wanda Brunstetter I have been excited about this series ever since I first heard about it! I was completely pulled into the first story, and hated to know I had to wait months to read the next. This second book, The Forgiving Jar, was just as enjoyable to me as the first book! The story continues of Sara who has no clue of her Amish heritage until after her mother dies. She sets out to meet her Amish grandparents only to find that another young woman, Michelle, has been impersonating her as a way to protect herself from a bad relationship. In this story, Sara and Michelle both find themselves living in Sarah’s grandparent’s home. Sara finds it so hard to forgive her mother for never telling her about her Amish grandparents and heritage, forgive Michelle for what she has done, and also to not be mad at her grandparents for so easily forgiving Michelle for her deceit. This story of lies, deceit, hope, grace, and second chances is full of twists and turns that had me turning page after page to the very end. I am anxiously awaiting the 3rd book in this series, which is set to release in August. I received a copy of this book from the author and Barbour Publishing, but was not required to give a positive review. This is my honest opinion of this book.
soccerkidsmom More than 1 year ago
Englisher Sara Murray has decided to move in with her Amish grandparents in Strasburg, PA, until she can find a job and a place to live on her own. But upon her arrival at their farm, she finds her imposter Michelle Taylor, living with the Lapps. ary Rith and Willis explain to Sara that they have forgiven Michelle for her lies and have invited her to live with them. Sara struggles with their decision and has trouble sharing her grandparents' attention with Michelle. Sara meets Brad Fuller when he comes home from seminary to visit the Lapps, and the attraction is mutual. Michelle also becomes close to Ezekiel after he talked her into returning to Strasburg and move back in with the Lapps, so love blooms there too. THE FORGIVING JAR by Wanda E. Brunstetter is the second book in The Prayer Jars series, THE HOPE JAR being Book 1. Although THE FORGIVING JAR can be read as a standalone, I recommend reading THE HOPE JAR first to enable you to understand the characters better. I enjoyed this novel about forgiveness which Sara really struggled with, sometimes her attitude was annoying but I understood her being upset, it was just a bit too strong and long-lasting, in my opinion. I also felt Ezekiel's mother was unkind and rather mean to him concerning Michelle, almost to the point where it was no wonder he wanted to leave the Amish to be English, if that is how the Amish behave, I thought they were kind, loving people. I have enjoyed seeing the characters mature and become Christians and live out their newfound beliefs. I look forward to book 3, THE HEALING JAR, which will wrap up this series by Ms. Brunstetter. I received a complimentary copy of this book from Barbour Publishing in exchange for my honest review.
Christa4 More than 1 year ago
The Forgiving Jar by Wanda Brunstetter is the second book in The Prayer Jars series. This series takes place in beautiful Strasburg, Pennsylvania. Sara Murray cannot believe that Michelle, the same woman who impersonated her as Willis and Mary Ruth's granddaughter, is back in their home living with them! They expect her to forgive Michelle just like they have forgiven her. Sara is holding grudges with a few people in her life, Michelle being one of them. She was expecting a relaxing break with her Amish grandparents and now she will have to deal with Michelle too. Can Sara ever forgive Michelle and move on? You will want to check this book out to see what unfolds in the rest of this story! This story of forgiveness will not be forgotten anytime soon. It will capture your heart from the very beginning. The author really brings the characters to life. They experience circumstances that we can all relate to including guilt, frustration, anger, hope, love, forgiveness and faith. A definite must-read! I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book from the publisher and have given my honest opinion.
SB1989 More than 1 year ago
The Forgiving Jar is the second book in The Pray Jars series by Wanda Brunstetter. This book seamlessly takes off from where the previous book left off, bringing us back to the stories of Michelle and Sarah, both looking for understanding and forgiveness. The two girls have a difficult time at first getting along and go through some personal issues, making decisions and changes that will change their lives. Eventually the girls find that they aren’t in competition and have more in common than they originally believed. All the while, Sarah’s grandparents are supportive and encouraging for both young women, providing a solid base of love and family that both girls need. Michelle makes a change of live style and finds a lasting love. Sarah comes to find the Lord and finds love for herself. I love how the story winds, bringing the reader through ups and downs, and the positive ending makes the reader eager for the third book in the series. Wanda’s characters are so real and relatable, and the positive notes and scriptures in the canning jars are encouraging not only to the book’s characters, but also to the reader. This story also expresses well that second chances and the Lord are available to all, if only we will reach out and receive them. Another beautiful story of faith, forgiveness, love, and friendship. I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest opinion of the book.
LFBA More than 1 year ago
What an AWESOME series that Wanda Brunstetter has written. I have read both The Hope Jar and The Forgiving Jar, I could not put either down once I started reading. I'm looking forward to the final book of this series in August . . . The Healing Jar. I have loved getting to know the characters, especially . . . Michelle, Sarah, Mary and Willis Lapp. The two young women looking for forgiveness and acceptance which they both receive and so much more from Mary and Willis Lapp. Anyone who loves Amish fiction will love this series and not be able to put the book(s) down until the last page has been read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Wanda Brunstetter is one of my favorite authors of Amish fiction, and this book did not disappoint. A continuation from the first book in the series, but no worries if you haven't read the first one yet. You will still enjoy this one. Sara Murray discovered after her mother's death that she had grandparents in Pennsylvania who were Amish! How could her mother keep her family from her? She never knew her grandparents existed. When she traveled to meet them, she was shocked beyond belief to discover another young woman (Michelle) living with her grandparents pretending to be her. That is from the first book. In this one, Sara had to go back home, but returned to her grandparents home only to discover that Michelle, who had left, was back living with them! Sara was both angry and jealous, as her grandparents truly seemed to care about Michelle. It is the Amish way to forgive, but to allow her to live in their home after deceiving them in such a horrendous way, as well as stealing money from then when she left. Michelle tries to befriend Sara, but Sara wouldn't have it and tension is in the home, bringing concern to the grandparents. Michelle has repented, but Sara doesn't trust her at all. Michelle is even considering becoming Amish herself. Why would she do this? Is it to only gain favor with Sara's grandparents? Sara finds a jar in the basement with little pieces of paper inside. She begins going to the jar whenever she has the chance and reading some of the papers. Michelle, is doing the same with a jar she found in the barn. You will have to read this story to discover what is on the pieces of paper, for I am not spoiling that one for you! Wonderful story of forgiveness. I think everyone has had problems forgiving someone at some point in their lives, and this story is a wonderful example of Go at work in that area. I received a complimentary copy of this book from Barbour Publishing through NetGalley. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
sdean801 More than 1 year ago
The Forgiving Jar: The Prayer Jars Book 2 By: Wanda Brunstetter Powerful, emotional read I’ve read this book as a stand alone not realizing it may be best to read Book 1, The Hope Jar first. The story was seamlessly woven together by Brunstetter that I didn’t realize there was another book. You get a story that is eloquently written and the characters feel real. Brunstetter shows us with Sarah and Michelle’s story that God’s unconditional love for us, He’ll always be with us, no matter the struggle we face. Because each struggle makes us stronger, emotionally, physically and even in faith. I related to all of the characters in such a way that it is always good to be reminded that family is not only blood. Family are those who support you, those who love you unconditionally like God does. There are many key points to a relationship told throughout their story. Forgiveness is the top of those points within Sarah and Michelle’s story. They both struggle with several facets of their lives. When an Amish couple takes them under their wing and into their home, both girls blossom in their own way and learn the value of forgiveness through many trials. Seeing them grow helped me grow as well. I love how mystery was woven in by the prayer jars. While that remains a mystery, I am now anxious to read book 1 and look forward to the release of book 3. I highly recommend this book. It’s one that is powerful, emotional and well written.
Lisa Elizabeth More than 1 year ago
The mysterious writer of the inspiring and thought provoking messages found on slips of paper in canning jars remains a mystery in The Forgiving Jar, by Wanda Brunstetter. This is book two of The Prayer Jar Series, and picks up effortlessly, right where The Hope Jar (book 1) left off. The Forgiving Jar is strong enough as a stand alone book, but those who read The Hope Jar are in for an even deeper experience, because Book 2 builds on the people and relationships introduced in Book 1. Michelle Taylor is on her way back to Willis and Mary Ruth Lapp’s home – and an uncertain welcome, after duping the kind couple, pretending to be their granddaughter, Sara Murray. It is the urging of her Amish friend, Ezekiel, whom she has grown to trust, that gives Michelle the courage to return to Strasburg, Pennsylvania. Sara Murray, the Lapp’s actual granddaughter, is understandably upset when the deception is uncovered. The elder Lapps’ are the epitome of grace and forgiveness. Instead of turning Michelle away, and much to Sara’s displeasure, the couple invite both girls to live with them. It seems that nothing short of a miracle can dispel the animosity Sara feels – and shows – towards a kinder, more repentant Michelle. But miracles do happen, and they take many forms. In this case, the miracle takes the shape of carefully written thoughts and Bible verses tucked away in old canning jars, that first Michelle and later Sara, discover. Each girl finds herself returning to the jars during trying times when they are seeking answers. It doesn’t happen overnight, but the transformation that began with Michelle in Book 1 begins to have an effect on Sara in Book 2. It is wonderfully satisfying to watch Michelle blossom into a young woman of unwavering faith. Her faith and how she conducts herself is in stark contrast to Sara, who is still dealing with anger, hurt and frustration. But Sara is treated with love by everyone around her, including Michelle, and before long, the girls test out a tentative friendship. As their friendship grows stronger, so does Sara’s newfound faith. A surprise reunion at the end of the book not only ties up some loose ends nicely, but makes the reader anticipate Book 3! Ms. Brunstetter shows us, once again, that family doesn’t always mean blood, and the love of our Heavenly Father is available to all; and that second chances and forgiveness are available to those who seek them. I received a copy of this book free of charge from Barbour Publishing in exchange for my honest and unbiased review of this book.
DKStevens119 More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed revisiting this family. I was surprised how the young ladies got along even though the real grand-daughter had trouble forgiving the impostor who was now again living in her grandparents home. I liked how the jar of verses and quotes helped her in learning how to forgive. Family, faith and finally forgiving made this a wonderful story of Amish family life. "I received a complimentary copy of this book from Barbour Publishing and was under no obligation to post a review." My review is voluntary.
Bookluvr4vr More than 1 year ago
Today, we are looking at Book 2 of the Prayer Jars Series, The Forgiving Jar, by Wanda E. Brunstetter. This is a great sequel to the first book, which I reviewed last summer. In the Forgiving Jar, we fast forward several months to see where Michelle Taylor, who had been posing as Ruth and Willis Lapps grand-daughter Sara Murray, is doing. We find the Michelle is living with Ruth and Willis Lapp and is now in a relationship with Ezekiel King. Although, things are looking brighter for Michelle, her deception is bothering her, but she is grateful that Ruth and Willis have forgiven her of her misdeeds. We, also, soon learn that Sara has visited with her grandparents previously and is returning to live with them, as well. However, Sarah is having a hard time forgiving Michelle of being an impostor. During the months that past Sara continues to struggle with the fact Michelle and her grandparents are in good graces. Sara doesn’t understand how her grandparents can be so forgiving of everything Michelle had done. Sara is also struggling with other personal issues, too. Once Sara learns that Michelle has decided to become Amish, her envy and bitterness grows. Until one day, Sara is in the basement and discovers another prayer jar full of mysterious letters, verses, scriptures, and messages. Then Brad shows back in to town and is very perplexed with the situation. However, Brad soon learns what happened while he was away at school. Brad communicates with Sara and tries to help her see things differently, but although he is drawn to her, Brad is hesitant in creating a lasting relationship with her. Brad feels that she is not a Christian and prays fervently for her and the issues she is having. Will Sara learned to forgive Michelle and come to terms with the other issues in her life? Will she learn that God gives forgiveness to all no matter the issue? Will Brad help Sarah with the questions she has in her heart? I recommend grabbing a copy of this book at your local or digital library or going to one of the retail stores below. Remember to always try to support the local retailers in your area. Lastly, I want to thank the Barbour Publishing group and the author, Wanda Brunstetter, for giving me the opportunity to review this book. I was not obligated to leave a review, but I feel that it respects the author and the publisher if I do. Thank you!!!
PattiABond More than 1 year ago
The Forgiving Jar, the second book in New York Best Selling author, Wanda Brunsetter's Prayer Jar series, begins where her first book The Hope Jar leaves off. I suggest that you read The Hope Jar first. Sara Murray has come to live with her grandparents, Willis and Mary Ruth Lapp at their farm in Lancaster Pennsylvania. Sara is surprise to find Michelle Taylor, the young woman who pretended to be Sara, living with them also. Sara and Michelle are not getting along living in the same house, and both girls are in competition for the Lapps' attention. Can Willis and Mary Ruth Lapp cope with the jealousy between the two girls. Sara comes across a canning jar containing slips with prayers, words of encouragement and scripture. She begins reading them. Will they change her life. The mystery of who wrote the slips still remains Sara does not trust Michelle's motives, especially when she finds out that Michelle intends to join the Amish church. Michelle and Ezekiel King's relationship is growing and may lead to marriage, if she goes through with her intentions to join the church. A relationship may be in the stars for Sara, when Brad Fuller, the young man who works on the Lapps farm during the summer and who also studying to become a minister. I highly recommend reading The Forgiving Jar, a book that is about overcoming jealously, romance, new beginnings, forgiveness, and words of encouragement. I am looking forward to reading the next book The Healing Jar. I was given a complimentary copy of The Forgiving Jar by Barbour Publishing and it's wonderful author Wanda Brunstetter. This is my honest opinion of the book
tlgreear More than 1 year ago
The Forgiving Jar is the second in Wanda Brunstetter’s series The Prayer Jar.. After reading The Hope Jar I was anxious to read The Forgiving Jar. After the death of her mother, Sara was shocked to learn of her Amish grandparents. Since she had no idea her mother was raised Amish Sara is anxious to meet her Amish relatives. When she arrives at her grandparents someone else is living with them pretending to be Sara! The Forgiving Jar begins with Sara returning to her grandparents, not realizing Michelle, aka the pretender, has come back and is again living with Sara’s grandparents. While her grandparents have no trouble forgiving Michelle, Sara struggles with the concept. Add her anger with her mother’s secret, a wonderful guy that seems to good to be true and living in the same house as “ the pretender “ Sara is one big mess. While taking canning jars to the basement Sara discovers a jar filled with folded strips of paper. As she goes back to the jar and reads different notes containing scripture Sara is starting to understand what anger and suspicion can do to a person’s soul and heart. I highly recommend this book. I would also suggest reading The Hope Jar first since the stories are so intertwined.. Just a side note I wish Mrs. Brunstetter would find a replacement word for “snicker”. I voluntarily received this book through Netgalley and Zondervan publishing.
dnelson252 More than 1 year ago
Once again, Wanda Brunstetter has captured the human spirit, with it's difficulties. The 2 aspects of hope and forgiveness are sometimes the hardest to grasp and attain. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I had read the first book on hope and now to follow that with this book on the virtue of forgiveness gives the reader a better understanding of the simple rules of life. You will not be disappointed and believe me, you will find ways to help you with the issues of forgiveness. Looking forward to future books in this series!!
Ourpugs More than 1 year ago
The forgiving jar This is an second in a series and I am definitely looking forward to the third in the series. There probably is enough information in this book to read as a stand alone but recommend reading the first book also. Michelle has decided to become Amish and Sara is still trying to find her way in life. Sara grandparents are Amish whom she just recently became to know. There is lot of other characters in the book that I hope will be in the next book. A very inspiring story. I received a advanced copy of the book from the publisher. I was not required to write an positive review.