The Forgotten Waves: Lily's Story

The Forgotten Waves: Lily's Story

by Frances Ludmer


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The Forgotten Waves, Volume 1 (white interior) 6 x 9

A powerful odyssey of a woman's global journey into a man's world.

An intriguing journey of one woman's adventure through countries and cultures that weaves through places and people. Lily, the protagonist, takes us on a voyage through the eyes of a North American female. Her personal experiences and observations offer a mesmerizing tapestry of curiosity, personal growth, metaphors and social implications. She exposes readers to experiences in brothels, bathhouses, marketplaces, Peacekeeping, Special Forces, the Freemasons, Corporate executives and more. Realities compare to famous men like Dr. Patch Adams, Dr. Robert Kearns, Winston Churchill, Robin Williams and others. The exposition goads us to follow a dream and includes psychotherapy, realities women face today and other challenges.

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ISBN-13: 9781500506315
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 08/06/2014
Pages: 578
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.17(d)

About the Author

About the Author
Ludmer has Russian, Polish, and Mongolian ancestry. She was raised in Montreal, Canada, and has attended 15 universities. She has earned a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, a Bachelor of Arts in History, and a Master of Education in Applied Adult Education, and has completed the coursework for a Master's in Sociology. In addition, she has done graduate work in the areas of government, psychology, administration, and teaching. She holds administration certification and teacher licenses in special needs, social studies and generalist in Canada and United States. Other coursework includes nursing, art therapy, childcare, human resources, quality management and supervision. Ludmer is now a doctoral student in Sociology. She has also travelled extensively, conducting academic research in domestic settings, remote communities in North America, and throughout the world. Her unique background, education, and international experience have informed and inspired her writing. This has resulted in three books that offer insight into her worldly experiences, enhance our knowledge base, and invite discussion on these important topics. Her international experiences in administration, teaching, and research in local and remote North American communities (First Nations, Native Americans), provide her with a unique vision of how to see with new eyes and act accordingly to create balance and harmony in our world.
Tabart's Jack and the Bean Stalk is a favorite folk tale conveys that no matter how poor one is, there is a solution for every problem; we only have to grow and climb to find it. The author explores what individuals sometimes forget in the search for their pot of gold. She is a woman who has ascended mountains (rising to new heights of thinking), clambered among rose bushes (experiencing the beauty and sweetness of the petals and the pain of the thorns), and climbed scaffolds (building upon levels of consciousness). Like Jack and his bean stalk, Waters reveals how country people and giants relate to the real world today. Since diversity permeates everything we do, Ludmer's purpose is to build understanding about relationships among all types of people, whether powerless or empowered, whether intellectual or lowbrow.

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