The Genesis of Misconception: Book 1

The Genesis of Misconception: Book 1

by Paul John

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The Genesis of Misconception is the first book in a trilogy called, appropriately The Misconception Trilogy. It presents a comparison between the Bible texts and archaeology as well as documented history of the ancient world. This book covers the time period from the beginning in Genesis until the emergence of Christianity. The author, a devoted Christian, at one point in his life questions belief shown to be inaccurate though archaeology and history. This book shows how stories from Mesopotamia may have been incorporated into the Bible. This book is primarily an analysis and critique of the technology, errors, strange stories, out of context narratives in the wrong time period using material, technology, or means of transport not invented, discovered, or mastered. As a protestant originally, the Bible was presented in the author's education as a true story or history of Israel and Judah by inspired writers or prophets. The reader is presented with facts and knowledge that stimulate thought provoking questioning of the accepted beliefs. The 3000-year-old stories and beliefs which most intelligent persons exempt from criticism are called into question. The worship of Yahweh or God was indeed practiced in Judah. In Israel it was Yahweh and his consort Asherah as well as the despised god Ba'al of the prophets. There were clearly interrelationships between Abraham's God El, Ba'al, and Yahweh or God. Judah was definitely where the history as well as the Bible originated, not Israel. This development is shown along with the proof that Judah bought and paid for the destruction of Israel. The reality of the ancient world is discussed along with the misconceptions with the hope of inciting thought and openness to the possibilities of other alternatives.

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