The Gift, Unveiled: Introspective Devotionals on God's Presence

The Gift, Unveiled: Introspective Devotionals on God's Presence

by Suzanne Williams

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God Speaks!

What does a woman, who hates to write, do when she hears God say, "I want you to write a book"?

I wrote this book!

New Year's morning, 2016, in my secret place, I hear, "I want you to write a book."

My quick response was, "You know I don't like to write."

His quicker response, "I know," was accompanied with a download of titles and topics. They came so quickly, I struggled to type them all. I don't think I've seen my thumbs move so fast. When I walked out of my bathroom, apparently one of our more popular places to meet, I had a list of more than forty topics. I am not sure how many actually ended up in this book, but it helped me to understand that in my weakness, He is truly strong. This is only a small portion of what He has given me over the past few years.

Some would have you to believe that God only speaks to the religiously zealous. However, I am a living witness to the truth! God is right in the middle of our everyday situations.

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ISBN-13: 9781736192924
Publisher: Suzanne Williams
Publication date: 12/12/2020
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 312
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About the Author

Suzanne Williams is an IT Analyst and author, answering the call to share her testimony. She has led a children's church ministry, Bible Studies and Prayer Calls. She resides in a suburb of Washington, D.C.'s metropolitan area.

Table of Contents

Section: One


Introduction-God speaks!

What I Hope you Receive from this Journey

Don't Forget Your Sword!

Section: Two

WEEK 1: Dedicated to Gladys B. Wells, She Was a Very Special Lady-My Grandma Kept It 100 .

WEEK 2: My Testimony

WEEK 3: God Still Speaks-On Trial

WEEK 4: The Final Exam-Shaken Not Stirred

WEEK 5: Funeral Tapestry

WEEK 6: Welcome to Whitmire

WEEK 7: God's Glory Is All Around

WEEK 8: Incredible Witness-Indelible God

WEEK 9: Come Out Into the Deep With Me

WEEK 10: D'evil, devil, Satan and Santa

WEEK 11: Somebody Prayed for Me-A Prayer Request Dream

WEEK 12: Caged or Free

WEEK 13: Unconditional Trust

WEEK 14: If I Take My Job As the Garden of Eden

WEEK 15: To Senegal With Love

WEEK 16: New Hire-No Training

WEEK 17: The Warrior Bride

WEEK 18: Be Full in the Fruit of the Spirit-Multiply Spiritually

WEEK 19: The Flood Dream

WEEK 20: There's a Monster in My Closet-The Death of Fear

WEEK 21: Saints, Please Open Your Bible and Follow Me to Nahum

WEEK 22: Faith-Flying Without Mirrors

WEEK 23: Thinning-Solitary Refinement

WEEK 24: Crossing Jordan

WEEK 25: Genesis to Revelation

WEEK 26: Three Ways to Die

WEEK 27: My Purpose-A Different Type of Healing

WEEK 28: Wine on the Vine

WEEK 29: Seedless Fruit

WEEK 30: Damaged Plant = Bad Fruit

WEEK 31: Gardening With the Master Gardener.

WEEK 32: The Pollinator

WEEK 33: Take Inventory

WEEK 34: Agape: Love Personified

WEEK 35: Inheritance 101

WEEK 36: The Ultimate Example of Humility: Jesus-A Real-down- to-Earth Kind of God

WEEK 37: I Got the Keys to the Condo and the Kingdom

WEEK 38: Cleared for Flight-Wheels Up!

WEEK 39: America, the Glutton

WEEK 40: I Swear or Firmly Attest to Believe the Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing but the Truth

WEEK 41: Software Upgrade

WEEK 42: The Gatekeeper

WEEK 43: San Francisco-Connect the Dots

WEEK 44: Prayer Power-A Poem

WEEK 45: A Man After God's Own Heart-A Jagged Pill

WEEK 46: The Most Powerful Prayer-Jesus!

WEEK 47: Cloud Atlas

WEEK 48: Somewhere Under the Rainbow

WEEK 49: It's Already on the Calendar

WEEK 50: Delay in Delivery

WEEK 51: The Warrior's Arsenal

WEEK 52: The Perfect Storm

Section: Three

BONUS WEEK 1: Listen to Him and him

BONUS WEEK 2: The Sewing Lesson With My Mom and Our Father

BONUS WEEK 3: The Snapping Turtle and Her Seed

BONUS WEEK 4: Baby Watch-Are You Expecting?

BONUS WEEK 5: A Whole Lot to Learn at Lotte Mart-International Market


BONUS WEEK 7: The New Earth

BONUS WEEK 8: Home Again

BONUS WEEK 9: No Guarantees

BONUS WEEK 10: Shut Down or Restart

BONUS WEEK 11: Money Is a Tool, Like a Hammer

BONUS WEEK 12: Stretch Marks-Visibly Marked by Growth, or Flawless

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