The Gift, Unveiled: Introspective Devotionals on God's Presence

The Gift, Unveiled: Introspective Devotionals on God's Presence

by Suzanne Williams
The Gift, Unveiled: Introspective Devotionals on God's Presence

The Gift, Unveiled: Introspective Devotionals on God's Presence

by Suzanne Williams


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God Speaks!

What does a woman, who hates to write, do when she hears God say, "I want you to write a book"? 

I wrote this book!

New Year's morning, 2016, in my secret place, I hear, "I want you to write a book."

My quick response was, "You know I don't like to write."

            His quicker response, "I know," was accompanied with a download of titles and topics. They came so quickly, I struggled to type them all. I don't think I've seen my thumbs move so fast. When I walked out of my bathroom, apparently one of our more popular places to meet, I had a list of more than forty topics. I am not sure how many actually ended up in this book, but it helped me to understand that in my weakness, He is truly strong. This is only a small portion of what He has given me over the past few years. 

    Some would have you to believe that God only speaks to the religiously zealous. However, I am a living witness to the truth! God is right in the middle of our everyday situations. The Gift, Unveiled: Introspective Devotionals on God's Presence is my testimony-a collection of devotionals illustrating the many ways I hear from God. God is teaching us the gospel through our lives. Let's go on this spiritual journey through the good and not-so-good times, the mundane and extraordinary experiences, as God reveals who He is and who we are in Him. It's time for you to know the truth and to let Him set you free!

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ISBN-13: 9781736192924
Publisher: Suzanne Williams
Publication date: 12/12/2020
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: eBook
Pages: 312
File size: 17 MB
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About the Author

Suzanne Williams is an IT Analyst and author, answering the call to share her testimony. She has led a children's church ministry, Bible Studies and Prayer Calls. She resides in a suburb of Washington, D.C.'s metropolitan area.

Table of Contents

Section: One


Introduction-God speaks!

What I Hope you Receive from this Journey

Don't Forget Your Sword!

Section: Two

WEEK 1: Dedicated to Gladys B. Wells, She Was a Very Special Lady-My Grandma Kept It 100 .

WEEK 2: My Testimony

WEEK 3: God Still Speaks-On Trial

WEEK 4: The Final Exam-Shaken Not Stirred

WEEK 5: Funeral Tapestry

WEEK 6: Welcome to Whitmire

WEEK 7: God's Glory Is All Around

WEEK 8: Incredible Witness-Indelible God

WEEK 9: Come Out Into the Deep With Me

WEEK 10: D'evil, devil, Satan and Santa

WEEK 11: Somebody Prayed for Me-A Prayer Request Dream

WEEK 12: Caged or Free

WEEK 13: Unconditional Trust

WEEK 14: If I Take My Job As the Garden of Eden

WEEK 15: To Senegal With Love

WEEK 16: New Hire-No Training

WEEK 17: The Warrior Bride

WEEK 18: Be Full in the Fruit of the Spirit-Multiply Spiritually

WEEK 19: The Flood Dream

WEEK 20: There's a Monster in My Closet-The Death of Fear

WEEK 21: Saints, Please Open Your Bible and Follow Me to Nahum

WEEK 22: Faith-Flying Without Mirrors

WEEK 23: Thinning-Solitary Refinement

WEEK 24: Crossing Jordan

WEEK 25: Genesis to Revelation

WEEK 26: Three Ways to Die

WEEK 27: My Purpose-A Different Type of Healing

WEEK 28: Wine on the Vine

WEEK 29: Seedless Fruit

WEEK 30: Damaged Plant = Bad Fruit

WEEK 31: Gardening With the Master Gardener.

WEEK 32: The Pollinator

WEEK 33: Take Inventory

WEEK 34: Agape: Love Personified

WEEK 35: Inheritance 101

WEEK 36: The Ultimate Example of Humility: Jesus-A Real-down- to-Earth Kind of God

WEEK 37: I Got the Keys to the Condo and the Kingdom

WEEK 38: Cleared for Flight-Wheels Up!

WEEK 39: America, the Glutton

WEEK 40: I Swear or Firmly Attest to Believe the Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing but the Truth

WEEK 41: Software Upgrade

WEEK 42: The Gatekeeper

WEEK 43: San Francisco-Connect the Dots

WEEK 44: Prayer Power-A Poem

WEEK 45: A Man After God's Own Heart-A Jagged Pill

WEEK 46: The Most Powerful Prayer-Jesus!

WEEK 47: Cloud Atlas

WEEK 48: Somewhere Under the Rainbow

WEEK 49: It's Already on the Calendar

WEEK 50: Delay in Delivery

WEEK 51: The Warrior's Arsenal

WEEK 52: The Perfect Storm

Section: Three

BONUS WEEK 1: Listen to Him and him

BONUS WEEK 2: The Sewing Lesson With My Mom and Our Father

BONUS WEEK 3: The Snapping Turtle and Her Seed

BONUS WEEK 4: Baby Watch-Are You Expecting?

BONUS WEEK 5: A Whole Lot to Learn at Lotte Mart-International Market


BONUS WEEK 7: The New Earth

BONUS WEEK 8: Home Again

BONUS WEEK 9: No Guarantees

BONUS WEEK 10: Shut Down or Restart

BONUS WEEK 11: Money Is a Tool, Like a Hammer

BONUS WEEK 12: Stretch Marks-Visibly Marked by Growth, or Flawless

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