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The Haunting at Bonaventure Circus

The Haunting at Bonaventure Circus

by Jaime Jo Wright

Narrated by Leah Horowitz

Unabridged — 13 hours, 20 minutes

Jaime Jo Wright
The Haunting at Bonaventure Circus

The Haunting at Bonaventure Circus

by Jaime Jo Wright

Narrated by Leah Horowitz

Unabridged — 13 hours, 20 minutes

Jaime Jo Wright

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Welcome to Bonaventure Circus, where misfits go to hide.

In 1928, the Bonaventure Circus has become a refuge for many, but Pippa Ripley was rejected from its inner
circle as a baby and is no longer content to leave the reason for that rejection unquestioned. When she receives
mysterious messages from someone called the “Watchman,” she is determined to find him and the connection to her
birth. As Pippa's search leads her to a man seeking justice for his murdered sister and evidence that a serial killer has
been haunting the circus train, she must decide if uncovering her roots is worth putting herself directly in the path of
the killer.

Decades later, an old circus train depot's future hangs in the balance-it will either be torn down or preserved
for historical importance, and its fate rests on Realtor Chandler Faulk's shoulders. As she dives deep into the depot's
history, she's also balancing a newly diagnosed disease and the pressures of single motherhood. When she discovers
clues to unsolved murders of the past, Chandler is pulled into a story far darker and more haunting than even an
abandoned train depot could portend.

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Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly


Wright’s entertaining latest (after Echoes Among the Stones) centers on two unsolved murders. In 1909, baby Pippa Ridley, born with a deformed leg, was left on the doorstep of her circus owner parents. Now, 19-year-old Pippa is receiving secret messages from someone who calls himself “The Watchman” and claims to know the origins of her birth and the course of her future. In the present day, Chandler Faulk, who has recently been diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder and feels abandoned by God, is busy renovating a train depot and learns it is the site of the 1928 murder of Patty Luchent, a circus worker and prostitute. Chandler becomes friends with her landlord, Denny, and his nephew, Hank, who both want to clear the name of Denny’s grandfather, who went to prison for Patty’s murder, as well as solve their own mystery—that of a family member who disappeared 40 years before. In 1928, Pippa develops feelings for Jake Chapman, who is also on a mission to find the Watchman, who claims to have murdered Jake’s sister. While Pippa maintains that the Watchman couldn’t be dangerous, the investigations across time reveal someone (or something) is determined to keep them all from the truth. Wright braids the storylines nicely, building to a jaw-dropping conclusion. Readers of Colleen Coble will love this. (Sept.)

Library Journal


Pippa Ripley was abandoned by her circus performer parents as an infant and adopted by circus royalty, the owner of Bonaventure Circus himself. As the 1920s brings more freedom for some women in rural Wisconsin, Pippa is still under her father's thumb even as she is drawn to the traveling life. The seedy underbelly of circus life soon places her in grave danger. In a modern-day story line, which is more appealing than the historical, Chandler Faulk has purchased an old depot and is hoping to make a name for herself in historical renovations even as she raises her son alone and battles an autoimmune disease. Suspicious events and the discovery of a 40-year-old corpse begin to convince her the old circus building is haunted, even though believing in ghosts goes against her faith. VERDICT The intricate setup Wright (The House on Foster Hill) delivers requires patience and suspension of disbelief, but the ending is worth it. Fans of complex Christian fiction in the vein of Kristy Cambron and Michèle Phoenix will enjoy this title.—Christine Barth, Scott Cty. Lib. Syst., IA

Product Details

BN ID: 2940172873041
Publisher: Recorded Books, LLC
Publication date: 09/01/2020
Edition description: Unabridged

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