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The Help Club for Moms: Inspirational and Practical Help for You, Your Home, and Your Family

The Help Club for Moms: Inspirational and Practical Help for You, Your Home, and Your Family

by Deb Weakly
The Help Club for Moms: Inspirational and Practical Help for You, Your Home, and Your Family

The Help Club for Moms: Inspirational and Practical Help for You, Your Home, and Your Family

by Deb Weakly


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Every Mom Needs Help—You’re Not Alone

Mom, do you…

…know where to turn when you are overwhelmed or discouraged?
…sometimes feel you are alone?
…desire a deeper faith, richer relationships, and a more organized home?

Join the club!

Help Club for Moms is here with practical, hands-on advice to assist you in loving and serving your family. When you look to the true Helper and source of all knowledge, Jesus, you will gain wisdom for every area of your life—your home, your marriage, your children, and your own spirit.

You will also discover a community of caring women, both in this book and online (, who are eager to share their expertise with you, so you can learn from their experiences and get the most out of motherhood.  
Take comfort in the truth that God didn’t design you to do this on your own. Find strength in numbers and hope from the Lord.            

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780736978736
Publisher: Harvest House Publishers
Publication date: 04/07/2020
Pages: 224
Sales rank: 469,804
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x (d)
Age Range: 3 Months to 18 Years

About the Author

Deb Weakly is the founder of Help Club for Moms, an online community that seeks to be a beacon of Christ's hope and a source of practical encouragement for women everywhere. Deb leads a team of committed, ordinary moms who are in the trenches of parenting and desire to encourage others in their journey.

She is married to her soulmate of 27 years, Randy. They have two grown children, Christie and Jack, and one precious, answer-to-prayer son-in-love named Alex.

Table of Contents

Mama, Do You Need Help? 9

You Belong Here: Welcome to the Club 12

Part 1 The Wise Woman Cultivates Her Spirit

1 Wave the White Flag 17

2 Let God Lead You 20

3 Keep Going, Mama 23

4 Making Room for Prayer 26

5 Your Prayers Outlive Your Life! 29

6 Replacing Lies with Truch 32

7 God's Love Brings Freedom 35

8 Never Gonna Stop Singing 38

9 Finding Faith in the Pit 41

10 Living by the Spirit 44

Scriptures to Ponder 47

Part 2 The Wise Woman Loves Her Husband

11 The Power of Humility and a Positive Word 53

12 Kindness in Marriage 56

13 Don't Be a Scaredy Cat 59

14 The Greatest Gift You Can Give to Your Husband 62

15 Be a Student of Your Man 65

16 Intimacy in Marriage 68

17 Loving Your Husband Even When He Is Unlovable 71

18 Respect: One of Your Man's Most Important Needs 74

19 Praying Through Tough Times 77

20 Lavish Grace on Your Man 80

21 Encouragement for Single Moms 83

Scriptures to Pray for Your Husband 86

Part 3 The Wise Woman Loves Her Children

22 Becoming a Wise Mom 91

23 Daily Discipleship for Children 94

24 Prayers for a Busy Mom 97

25 Reaching Your Child's Heart 100

26 Speak Life to Your Children 103

27 Holding On to God's Promises for Your Special-Needs Child 106

28 Parenting with Grace 109

29 The Ministry of a Christian Stepmom 113

30 Let Them Do It Their Way! 116

31 Having Fun with Your Kids 119

32 Drawing Our Children Close 122

Scriptures to Pray for Your Children 125

Part 4 The Wise Woman Creates a Home

33 Establishing a Life-Giving Routine in Your Home 129

34 Spirit-Filled Homemaking 133

35 "Choosing What Is Better" in Our Homes 136

36 Finding Beauty in Imperfection 139

37 The Art of Christian Hospitality 142

38 Everyday Celebrations 145

39 A Peaceful Home 148

Scriptures to Pray for Your Home 151

Part 5 The Wise Woman Fosters Friendships

40 Friendship to Last a Lifetime 155

41 Forgiveness and Friendship 159

42 On Loving Your Friends Well 162

43 Seasons of Loneliness-Praying for Friends 165

44 The Power of Praying Together 168

45 On Comparing Ourselves to Others 171

46 How Friends Have Impacted My Life 174

Scriptures to Pray for Friendships 177

Part 5 Helpful Resources

47 The Wise Woman Cultivates Her Spirit 181

48 The Wise Woman Loves Her Husband 188

49 The Wise Woman Loves Her Children 198

50 The Wise Woman Creates a Home 209

51 The Wise Woman Fosters Friendships 214

Notes 217

What People are Saying About This

From the Publisher

“This book will refresh weary moms in their glorious task of raising their children to know and love Jesus. Motherhood draws on deep resources that must be refilled regularly. Deb Weakly and her Help Club for Moms team do just that—they pour into us so that we have something to pour out to our children. This resource is full of Scripture, prayers, personal stories, honest reflection, and practical encouragement. It not only brings strength and hope but also invites you into a community of mothers who care deeply about the things that matter most.”
Dr. Michelle Anthony, executive pastor, Family Ministries, New Life Church, Colorado Springs

“I’m so thankful for the Help Club for Moms! This amazing community helps me through a new transition in life with two little ones. They say it takes a village to raise kids...I say it takes a Help Club!”
Rachael Bamfield, member of the Help Club for Moms at New Life Church, Colorado Springs

The Help Club for Moms is a tangible expression of what can occur through vision, hard work, collaboration, and prayer. I have had the privilege of seeing this ‘wise woman’ approach in action. Every woman needs someone to understand what she’s going through. Deb Weakly and her prayerful team not only understand but roll up their sleeves to come alongside you. This is your go-to resource for raising children!”
Yvette Maher, chief development officer, Dream Centers

The Help Club for Moms is a timely book that speaks directly to the needs and desires of a woman’s heart. Deb Weakly and her team embody the very word passion as they write out of a deep well that is both practical and profoundly wise. Readers will feel safe in being who they are while also embracing the wisdom found in these pages.”
Stephanie Henderson,executive pastor, Women, Media, and Communications, New Life Church, Colorado Springs

“Help Club for Moms is a precious ministry helping thousands of women live out their God-given vocation as mothers. I am so thankful for this new resource, which is sure to become your trusted companion as you walk faithfully with Jesus in taking care of the little ones He’s entrusted to you.”
Andrew Arndt, associate and teaching pastor, New Life Church, Colorado Springs

“Do you need some friends who understand your everyday challenges, celebrations, and conundrums? The Help Club for Moms contains a wealth of wisdom, distilled from women just like you who want to be the best moms they can be. Start from the beginning or jump right to what you care most about. This resource can change how you experience your days with your kids and those in your world. It is filled with heartfelt, practical, Spirit-led encouragement you can use. Come join the club!”
Dr. Cheryl L. Meredith, chief ideation officer, Navigators Workplace

The Help Club for Moms is fabulous!”
David Eaton, president and cofounder, Axis Student Ministries

“The Help Club for Moms has a profound and powerful vision and is impacting lives on the other side of the world. Love Jesus Church in Capetown, South Africa, believes in the program and is grateful for the opportunity to participate. Through the Help Club for Moms, we believe families will be changed and churches will be strengthened in Cape Town.”
Kacy Ladd, women’s ministry director, Love Jesus Church, Cape Town, South Africa

The Help Club for Moms is a cup of cold water in the marathon of motherhood. Moms sharing from their experiences, misfires, mishaps, and milestones spill forth on these pages. Their ideas and encouragement are relatable and personal. This book will help fuel your passion for Jesus through the work of the Holy Spirit in your parenting. May you feast on what this gifted group brings to the table.”
Blythe Daniel,author of Mended: Restoring the Hearts of Mothers and Daughters

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