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The HOT POT HANDBOOK is a cannabis users guide to techniques and tools that will help you get higher, be healthier and save tons of money. Are you smoking more and enjoying it less? Getting stoned instead of getting high? Or, are you curious about what marijuana can bring into your life? The Hot Pot Handbook teaches you the O B SMART SYSTEM which will take you through each step to marijuana mastery. The book's universal approach will teach new tricks to the most experienced smoker, guide the new user into the magical realm and help every cannabis consumer stay out of trouble and avoid the pitfalls of abuse. You will understand the difference between getting high and getting stoned. And, you will finally understand the real and greatest benefit of this wonderful herb-the gift of insight.

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Publication date: 04/20/2011
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About the Author

Raised in a military family, I grew up as a world citizen. My travels included elementary school in Turkey and high school in Japan. I graduated from the University of Florida in 1966. One year later the UOF campus, San Francisco and both coasts were blazing marijuana during the Summer of Love. I was an officer in the Air Force Reserve working my first corporate job when my hippie neighbors in Miami turned me on. Wow!
A fortunate change moved me to San Francisco where I lived in the Haight Ashbury. Once again a neighbor influenced my path. My next door neighbor was Dennis Peron and his house was the largest retail pot store in S F. This was decades before cannabis dispensaries. Dennis helped create Prop 215 and became the father of medical marijuana in California.
My marijuana use led me on to the spiritual path. My wife and I spent four plus years in the Source Family with much of that time spent in Hawaii. Pot became the Sacred Herb and was used only as a sacrament and an aid to meditation and insight. Constantly seeking the best and most effective marijuana led me to Hawaii growers who were creating world class organic cannabis products years before the growing revolution hit places like Amsterdam and Northern California.
With the responsibility of raising two sons, I returned to the “real” world and corporate jobs. The drug free corporate culture pushed cannabis use further and further from my consciousness. I smoked the herb once or twice a year and some years I didn’t smoke it at all.
In 2008 I had a “Stroke of Luck” (Chapter One in The Hot Pot Handbook). A medical condition abruptly ejected me from the corporate world and medical marijuana helped immensely with my physical discomfort and my healing. I dove into the burgeoning cannabis culture in Southern California with its Wild West dispensaries, cannabis conventions, legalization meetings and the backlash from law enforcement. I was fortunate to be able to share my knowledge of cannabis use with my circle of friends. Being referred to as the “Sage of Sativa” and “O B Cannabi”, I felt compelled to write The Hot Pot Handbook to share this insight with you. Read it. You will learn how to get higher, be healthier and you really will save a ton of money!
O B lives in Southern California with his wife of almost 40 years. He has two wonderful sons, is a proud grandfather and has a very cute dog and four awesome cats.

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