The Hundreds

The Hundreds

by Lauren Berlant, Kathleen Stewart

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In The Hundreds Lauren Berlant and Kathleen Stewart speculate on writing, affect, politics, and attention to processes of world-making. The experiment of the one hundred word constraint—each piece is one hundred or multiples of one hundred words long—amplifies the resonance of things that are happening in atmospheres, rhythms of encounter, and scenes that shift the social and conceptual ground. What's an encounter with anything once it's seen as an incitement to composition? What's a concept or a theory if they're no longer seen as a truth effect, but a training in absorption, attention, and framing? The Hundreds includes four indexes in which Andrew Causey, Susan Lepselter, Fred Moten, and Stephen Muecke each respond with their own compositional, conceptual, and formal staging of the worlds of the book.

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ISBN-13: 9781478003335
Publisher: Duke University Press
Publication date: 02/22/2018
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 184
Sales rank: 603,811
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About the Author

Lauren Berlant is George M. Pullman Distinguished Service Professor of English at the University of Chicago. She is author of Cruel Optimism and The Female Complaint, both also published by Duke University Press.

Kathleen Stewart is Professor of Anthropology at the University of Texas, Austin, and author of Ordinary Affects, also published by Duke University Press.

Table of Contents

Cover Contents Preludic��������������� I. The Hundreds 1. First Things 2. Swells 3. Dilations 4. Space Junk 5. You have to start somewhere 6. This is vanilla 7. Handyman 8. Writing, Life 9. Red Bull Diaries 10. As if 11. Checked out OK 12. Graduation Speech, 2016 13. The New Ordinary 14. Contact Sheet 15. The Things We Think With 16. Worlds 17. Weight of the World 18. Today in Political Emotions 19. The Road 20. The State of Drift 21. On Collaboration 22. The Icing on the Cake 23. Bad Feelings 24. Halloweens 25. Take a Breath 26. Friction 27. The Game as Method 28. Once 29. This isn’t consoling 30. In the middle 31. Cover Story 32. In the cut 33. What Does Webster’s Say about Soul 34. Against literal-minded explorations of the ordinary 35. At the Y 36. No world beyond the world 37. Slide 38. Two Elizas 39. Keep It Together 40. Welcome to the Joke 41. The women 42. Outside chances 43. Writing Lessons 44. Fish in Drag 45. Suicidiation Nation 46. The Morning Demons 47. A Place 48. A Skeletal Thought 49. Utopian Capitalism 50. Chicago 51. A return 52. Stony Island Story Problems 53. Last summer 54. Let’s Not Ask for the Moon 55. Minds at Work 56. Everyday Life in Early Spring 57. Atmospheric Pressures 58. After Meth 59. Thought practices 60. Approaching the Commercial Corridor 61. What the houses are doing 62. On Editing 63. This Week in Shakes 64. Lifelines in the middle of nowhere 65. Hefty with Febreze 66. A Family Line 67. In the Terminal 68. Kinships 69. Projects 70. Friendhating 71. What Comes Through 72. Everyday, a Video Installation 73. Collecting 74. If we could pay attention to everything 75. What is it to be naked among men 76. Camera Worthy 77. The Strange Situation: A Wedding Album 78. All I know is 79. Written in a place that smells like chicken 80. Anxiety made a nest in her 81. Book Reviews 82. The Twins 83. All the Desperate Calls Rolled into One 84. It’s Structural 85. Media Trouble 86. Hundreds do things 87. Survivors in Training 88. Two young men with beards kissing on the floor 89. Refractions 90. Reading Notes, the Week of December 16, ’16 91. Just being me 92. Office Hours 93. Under Pressure 94. Ordinary Love 95. Stocking Up 96. Bad Weather 97. In it 98. A Number on Introductions 99. A month in arrests and other things 100. Not Over Yet II. Indexes Index • Fred Moten Not-Index • Andrew Causey and C. Thresher������������������������������������������������ The Index • Susan Lepselter���������������������������������� Untitled • Stephen Muecke�������������������������������� For Your Indexing Pleasure��������������������������������� Some Things We Thought With����������������������������������

What People are Saying About This

The Smoking Book - Lesley Stern

“Through seduction, coercion, intimate address, indifferent rambling, The Hundreds invites us to train with the writers, to entertain other ways of reading than through familiar academic protocols. We sense what it might be like to be unlike the writers. We experience what is in the air in these times. How easy it is to take a breath and inhale raw fear, paranoia. Or delight: as some unexpected affinity whacks us as we are about to turn the page. So we pause, think it over, and only then turn the page.”

Violence and Splendor - Alphonso Lingis

“Movements of attention to mostly ephemeral sights and happenings. Movements of wry, bemused, wistful, perplexed attention that awaken desire and affection for things happening about us and quicken an urge to know more. We should read but a page here and there at a time, and let this attentiveness extend into the rustle and whir of things about us. And how the freshness and spring of the language works to make us see what we look at!”

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