The Inventor

The Inventor

by Ronnie Lee Graham

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The Inventor tells the story of four entangled lives: the Average Joe, the General, the Mistress, and the Generals wife. Each unknowingly plays a role in the struggle of good against evil. They go about their lives, making decisions of their own free will while a larger chess match plays out in the background. Ultimately the choices they makedeciding to pursue an idea, selecting a book, choosing a repair shop, going for a walk, or even the split-second decision of fight or flightimpact the outcome. Do the good guys win? Perhaps, but are the good guys who you expect them to be?

In chess one cannot control everything. Sometimes a game takes an unexpected turn in which beauty begins to emerge.

Vladimir Kramnik, Russian chess grandmaster and undisputed World Chess Champion from 20062007

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ISBN-13: 9781512732375
Publisher: WestBow Press
Publication date: 02/23/2016
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 266
File size: 373 KB

About the Author

Ronnie Lee Graham, a retired military officer, lives in Colorado. There, he runs, writes, and does volunteer work. His dog, Roadie, keeps him company and reminds him of the important things in life—love, the importance of playing, and faith that God has it all under control.

Ronnie Lee believes that books should not be a “read and forget” experience. A good book touches our lives and leaves a hollowness when the last page is turned. Many writers turn to sequels to fill the void their readers express, but Ronnie Lee takes a different approach. Each of his books has their own Facebook page where readers can stay connected with the story and the author. He calls the concept “Book Friending” because as Kimberly I. Leon attributes her mother as saying, “A good book is a good friend.”

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