The Jewish Jesus: Reconnecting with the Truth about Jesus, Israel, and the Church

The Jewish Jesus: Reconnecting with the Truth about Jesus, Israel, and the Church

by David Hoffbrand


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Discover the Jewish Jesus

What relevance does it have for us that Jesus is Jewish and what difference should it make to our faith?
In The Jewish Jesus, David Hoffbrand explores the answers to these and related questions in a way that is accessible to everyone.
As you see how Jesus lived, thought and taught as a Jewish man, you will come to know Him like never before, and find that His teachings come alive in their original context.
This book will also help you:

  • Appreciate the Jewish context of the whole Bible, reconnecting the Old and  New Testaments.
  • Rediscover God’s heart and purposes for the Jewish people and Israel.
  • Engage with God’s blueprint for the church as a unified but diverse   community of believers.
  • Learn principles that will help you restore the Jewish lens in a way that enriches your faith. 

It’s time to discover the Jewish Jesus!

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ISBN-13: 9780768411041
Publisher: Destiny Image, Inc.
Publication date: 05/16/2017
Pages: 176
Sales rank: 629,044
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About the Author

David Hoffbrand grew up in a Jewish family and has a passion to see the church understand and re-connect with the Jewish Jesus. David and his wife Denise live in Brighton, England with their son Isaac, where they are associate pastors at CityCoast Church, part of INC (International Network of Churches).

Table of Contents

Introduction 11

Part 1 Reconnecting with the Jewish Jesus 15

Chapter 1 Who Is Jesus? 17

Chapter 2 Jesus the Man 25

Chapter 3 Jesus the Jew 33

Chapter 4 The Ministry of Jesus 43

Chapter 5 The Jewish Disciples 57

Chapter 6 Restoring the Jewish Lens 65

Part 2 The Truth about Israel 81

Chapter 7 God Created and Chose Israel 83

Chapter 8 God Loves Israel 93

Chapter 9 The Church Hasn't Replaced Israel 99

Chapter 10 God Is Not Punishing Israel 109

Chapter 11 Understanding God's Plan for Israel 119

Chapter 13 Israel's Restoration 137

Part 3 Implications for the Church 151

Chapter 14 Restoring the Balance 153

Chapter 15 Principle 1: Humility 169

Chapter 15 Principle 2: Acceptance 181

Chapter 16 Principle 3: Identity 189

Chapter 17 Principle 4: Unity 203

Chapter 18 Principle 5: Service 211

Conclusion 217

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The Jewish Jesus: Reconnecting with the Truth about Jesus, Israel, and the Church 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
richardblake More than 1 year ago
Getting a Clearer Perspective of Jesus, in Light of His Manhood, His Teaching, and the Purpose and Restoration of Israel David Hoffbrand in “The Jewish Jesus” helps the reader reconnect with Jesus, who he is; as a man, as a Jew, his ministry with his early disciples, and how the church lost its Jewish roots. He introduces the reader to the truth about Israel, why God chose them as a people, his love for Israel, his covenant with Israel, his plan for Israel, and the restoration of Israel. Hoffbrand challenges the reader to get a clearer understanding of the New Testament, to carefully read it within the context in which the Jews were living at the time Jesus walked on earth. He goes on to ask the reader to consider a profound question: “How much are Gentiles supposed to live as Jews, and how much are Jews supposed to live like Gentiles?” He concludes the book with five principles from Paul’s letter to the Romans for application to our lives and in the church today as Jewish and Gentile believers. David’s writing has “a richness of detail” that encourages Christians to follow Jesus more correctly as individuals and as a church. This also enables more Jewish people to “discover and reexamine Jesus’ claim to be their Messiah.” David Hoffbrand grew up in a Jewish family in England. He is an associate pastor of the City Coast Church. David is passionate about his desire help the church today get a better understand the Bible by reconnecting with Jesus within the framework of his Jewish background. David “The Jewish Jesus” is timely, important, and relevant, enabling the reader to get a new perspective on Jesus, his Jewish roots, and God’s plan for Israel and the Church today. David writes with clarity, conviction, and certainty. This is “must reading” for Christians today, Gentile and Jewish alike. Highly Recommended. A complimentary copy of this book was provided for review purposes. The opinions express are my own.