The Last Good Man

The Last Good Man

by Kathleen Eagle

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ISBN-13: 9781611941074
Publisher: BelleBooks Inc.
Publication date: 03/15/2012
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 223,306
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The Last Good Man

The queen bees of Sunbonnet, Wyoming, were all abuzz. Savannah Stephens was back, in the flesh this time.

How long had it been since the last time they′d pulled Savannah, dressed only in satin bra and lace panties, out of their mailboxes? She′d been quite the regular fixture on the cover of that mail-order catalogue for quite a while. Of course, everyone knew all about how those pictures got touched up. But they had to admit, Savannah had the basic equipment. And it was all natural. She was born and raised right there in Sunbonnet. She was all-natural. That dewy-eyed smile had been just the right counterpoint for the flawless body of a woman who didn′t have to think twice about walking around in broad daylight wearing nothing but pretty under-wear.

Then suddenly she′d vanished. Air-brushed clean away, as though somebody had thrown a coat over her and dragged her back into the house. Had it been three years ago, maybe five?

The drones had noticed right away when it happened, but they hadn′t said much. Once Savannah was gone, the men had gotten their catalogue back. If anybody was to order anything, it was probably going to be a man. He′d send for something black and lacy for his own lady, something she would put on for him, just so he could take it off. The next morning she would tuck it away in a drawer, and he′d never see it again. Then it was back to the mailbox again. Sure, the men missed seeing Savannah, but there was still plenty of diversion on the cover of Lady Elizabeth′s Dreamwear Catalogue.

Still, the women pondered aloud on occasion. What ever became of Savannah Stephens?

Some had heard she′d found greener pastures, but there were all sorts of tales about the nature of green. A movie mogul with a pocketful of green had her stashed in a cottage beside the green sea. Or she′d starved herself like they all did to stay slim, taken to eating nothing but lettuce and drinking green tea, and she′d just wasted away. Some said she′d made so much green herself, she′d been able to retire and get fat. Heck, she always was pretty sassy.

The ebb and flow of such comments depended on the weather and what else was in the news, but they never sloshed through the door of the Sunbonnet Mercantile, owned and operated by Billie Larsen, the only relative Savannah had left in Sunbonnet. Or anywhere else, as far as anyone knew. The old general store was a gallery of pictures of Savannah dressed in pretty suits and glamorous evening clothes. The catalogues were stashed underneath the counter. Billie was proud of those, too, but she didn′t tack them on the wall.

Whenever anyone asked, Billie said that her niece was taking some time off from her modelling career. The response hadn′t changed in five years. Conventional wisdom calculated that it had probably been five years since Billie had heard from her once famous niece, and the conventionally wise were not surprised to hear she′d finally come home with her tail tucked between her legs. It just proved that New York City was no place for a nice girl from Wyoming. It was bitch eat bitch in places like New York and L.A., or so the females of Sunbonnet had heard. And so they were fond of saying.

The males of Sunbonnet still weren′t saying much. They couldn′t imagine pastures any greener than the pages of Lady Elizabeth′s Dreamwear Catalogue. The thought of that tail and those legs coming home to Sunbormet seemed too damn good to be true. They′d have to see to believe, and so far, the sightings had been few.

But she was surely back.

Even if every person Clay Keogh tipped his hat to hadn′t mentioned it hard on the heels of saying how quickly the weather had changed this week, he would have known she was close by. Suddenly the clean, dry Wyoming air carried her scent again.

He′d parked his pickup in the shade of the loafing shed behind the Sunbonnet Mercantile, which was the oldest building in town. He was careful not to glance at the upstairs windows as he unloaded the tools of his trade. He had as good a buzz on as any bee, and he hadn′t even had a drink in weeks. His face flamed in the shade of his cap as he took a quick inventory of the handles in his toolbox. He could have sworn he had Tabasco sauce coursing through his veins, a notion that made him chuckle. Dearly did he love anything spicy, but cayenne in his blood? Not likely. Wyoming dirt made him red-blooded, pure and plain.

Was she upstairs in her aunt Billie′s spare room, fixing a face that never needed any fixing? Or was she downstairs, helping out behind the counter, the way she used to when they were kids? He hadn′t noticed any cowboys lining up to buy a pack of gum they might never open or a postage stamp for a letter they′d surely never write. If he hurried, maybe he could be first.

The Last Good Man
. Copyright © by Kathleen Eagle. Reprinted by permission of HarperCollins Publishers, Inc. All rights reserved. Available now wherever books are sold.

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Jayne Ann Krentz

Eagle crafts very special stories.

Tami Hoag

Kathleen Eagle is an author without peer.

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Kathleen Eagle is a national treasure.

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The Last Good Man 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Janga More than 1 year ago
Kathleen Eagle is a superb storyteller who creates compelling, complex characters, and The Last Good Man is one of her best books. It has lost none of its power in the dozen years since it was first published. Eagle’s gift for characterization can be seen in the secondary characters such as Clay’s mother, his ex-wife, Savannah’s aunt, and Savannah’s hairdresser friend—credible mixes of strengths and weaknesses with pieces of the lives that make them who they are revealed. Even characters who never actually appear in the book such as Kole Kills Crow and Savannah’s New York friend Heather emerge as real, believable personalities. Claudia may seem improbably mature to some readers, but anyone who has ever watched a small child of a single parent caught in physical or mental illness will recognize the fierce protectiveness and caretaking that can become part of the child’s nature. Clay is wonderful, one of my all-time favorite heroes. Hardworking, competent, sexy, and nurturing with an always tender touch for the wounded and needy, human or animal, he is the man the title evokes. But he is no impossible dream. He can be angry and impatient, he can make foolish choices, and he can find it difficult to articulate his feelings. Eagle reveals enough about his past for the reader to understand that his need to take care of others is an essential and innate part of the person Clay is. Like many natural givers, Clay must learn to accept the gifts of others. Savannah, despite her illness, is a difficult character to like for the first part of the book. She is totally self-absorbed, even to the point of avoiding her responsibilities to her child. But as the reader learns more about her and realizes why appearance is so important to her, why the changes cancer surgery have wrought in her body have so devastated her, and why she is convinced that she holds death within her, she becomes more sympathetic. Watching her grow and take responsibility for herself and others becomes a joy. Kathleen Eagle is a gifted, intelligent writer. I highly recommend her books. If you are an Eagle fan, you know her books are definitely worth a reread. If you’ve never read her, The Last Good Man is a great place to start. I suggest you also look for You Never Can Tell, the story of Kole Kills Crow and Savannah’s friend, New York journalist Heather Reardon, which Bell Bridge Books also plans to reissue. And I’m hoping for reissues including electronic editions of my favorites by Eagle—Reason to Believe and What the Heart Knows.
harstan More than 1 year ago
In Sunbonnet, Wyoming the townsfolk are all excited over the return of supermodel Savannah Stephens for the first time in years. Savannah was a fixture on all the catalogues, but abruptly vanished. Now she has come home to care for her beloved ailing aunt. Especially elated about Savannah¿s return is Clay Keogh who always loved her. However, he knows that she was fascinated with his half-brother, a person wanted by the law for his overzealous activism.

However, Clay¿s dreams of this time being different are hammered when he sees the six-year-old child accompanying Savannah. Claudia Ann looks like a female miniature of his hiding half-brother. Although Savannah refuses to divulge the identity of Claudia Ann¿s father, Cole offers her a deal. If she marries him, he will become a father to her frightened little daughter worried about her mother¿s bout with breast cancer. However, marriage might interfere with her thoughts of returning to modeling.

Kathleen Eagle always provides a deep emotional tale that pulls on the hearts of the readers. Her most recent novel, THE LAST GOOD MAN, is a warm, passionate love story concentrating on various relationships. The characters make the novel, as fans will want to adopt Claudia Ann and empathize with the lead couple. Once again, Ms. Eagle takes her audience on a soaring sentimental journey.

Harriet Klausner

Guest More than 1 year ago
This is the type of book that grabs your heart and stays with you long after you've turned the last page. Fans of the retired LaVyrle Spencer will definitely enjoy The Last Good Man.
rhonda1111 on LibraryThing 8 months ago
The Last Good man by Kathleen Eagle 3 stars I did not like some of the language and losts of sex scenes. I liked the story line and the characters. Also enjoyed the horses and the message about breast cancer. Would read more from Kathleen Eagle especailly if its about Kole. Savannah Stephens came back to her home town. She was hiding upstairs of her Aunt's grocery store. Savannah was worn down and broke. She quit working as a model when she became a mom and before she went back she got breast cancer. Savannah has the cutest 6 year old named claudia who was worried about her mom how sick she got. She takes care of her the best she can. Everyone is surprised to see her daughter, even her Aunt did not know about her. Though one look at her face and lots of people guessed who the father was. Clay keogh owned a ranch with his mother. He brought a lot of horses that were on the way to be canned dog food. He works on the side shoeing horses and floating their teeth. He has an ex-wife who had 3 kids from different fathers. He misses the kids, he still sees them. Clay meets Claudia outside her Aunt's general store and watches Clay shoe a horse. He recongizes his brothers eyes on her face. She tells him her mother is the most beautiful mother in the world. He guess that must be Savannah. Clay and Savannah used to be good friends they would follow his half brother when ever they would let them Kole. Savannah had a crush on Kole. Clay had a crush on Savannah. Clay had not seen Kole for years. He escaped from Prison and still was wanted. At least now he knew he was alive at least a few years ago. Clay and Savannah meet up at thier secret cave late at night. Neither one new the other was going to be thier. They have sex but Savannah won't take off her shirt or let Clay tough her breasts. Savannah does not sleep during the night but sleeps a lot during the day. Claudia hears her Aunt and mom talk about going to the doctor that she was not going to let her die like her mom. Claudia cries and Clay is thier and promises her that he will make her mom go to the doctor. They came back from the doctors married and everyone is a little upset with them for eloping. Thier are a lot of issues with bodies and self worth from different women and a lot of good advice. Thier are tough times with low cattle prices with ranchers are all tighting their belts. I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley. 05/01/2012 PUB Bell Bridge Books
jolzyn on LibraryThing 8 months ago
This book carry the message of trust between two persons who loves each other. Savannah, who was a model found herself back to where she came from and unlike before, she is bringing along her daughter, Claudia. Clay who is Savannah's good friend and who have been in love for as long as he remember, is determined to find the actual cause for her return to the town where they grew up. I like Clay very much. He loves unconditionally; towards Savannah, and his ex step chidrens. It is hard to find as such in the reality but it is rather nice to know that i can found one in this book. ;) Overall, the book is an easy to read book ;)
arlenadean More than 1 year ago
Review: Kathleen Eagle's "The Last Good Man" was one good powerful novel that I have read on this subject in quite a while. I thought this author did a good job in handling the subject of breast cancer and even how the horses were brought into this storyline. The story consist of a woman(Savannah Stephens) who was a former model, recovering recovering from breast cancer surgery and treatment and how, what and why life went for her after she returned to her hometown in Sunbonnet, Wyoming with her daughter(Claudia). In this read there was also a love story that will unfold of how Clay had loved Savannah since they were teens. Clay was a very wonderful, caring and protective man. Will Savannah and Clay be able to come to terms with all the changes that have gone on in their lives now that she has returned home? This is where I say you must pick up this read "The Last Good Man" to find out! The characters were all likable...starting with Savannah, Clay, Aunt Billie, Kole, Heather to Claudia...only naming a few that did present a wonderful read. "The Last Good Man" was a good read that gives a good view into the life of a woman who was going through breast cancer. I didn't find this a page turner but indeed a good read that I would recommend.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago