THE LIQUID LIGHT OF HEALING: Activating Your DNA for Ascension & Healing

THE LIQUID LIGHT OF HEALING: Activating Your DNA for Ascension & Healing


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Within us lies the full potential for the total healing and resolution of all duality programs as they surface or appear in our daily life, and I say it is an appearance because it has become a crystallized illusion and part of the old, limited, conditioned human matrix in this third dimension. With the current two-strand DNA, we have no memory of where we came from, we are disconnected from source, and therefore we are entrapped in the illusions of the outer world machinery and its Matrix, and all the stimulus we are programmed and bombarded with daily. With only the two-strand DNA, we become enslaved, conditioned, and dependent in dysfunctional, socio-economic institutions, religions, and false belief systems that never truly deliver the freedom or liberation they claim to.

The true END-GAME of each soul’s journey is to free themselves from this conditioned state of duality once and for all, and return to the Source from which we originally manifested, while still in a physical 3D body. You can call this original source God, Higher Self, Unconditional Divine Love or unlimited freedom. You can achieve this freedom by utilizing your original, God-given Divine Intelligence, through the power of Divine Love, and regain your lost Will by reactivating your original, unlimited sleeping DNA codes.
It is man's eternal quest to seek ways of becoming one with the universal Source of creation, to understand its higher power and will, its intelligence, and its driving force in all creation in relationship to each embodied soul.
The only difference between this supreme Power-Divine Intelligence and Man is the separation or split that exists within the modified matrix of our old DNA Codes, out of which the illusion of duality was first orchestrated. The collective fracture of humanity’s denied unconscious shadow self is the unhealed inner child of us all.
We live in a world of conflicting and seemingly opposing forces, or what appear as opposing forces right within our own being as well as externalized in our daily reality. Opposing forces such as light-dark, good-bad, pleasure-pain, love-fear, well-being-dis-ease, birth-death, joy-sorrow, entrapment-liberation, etc. shape our everyday lives and the choices we make. How we make peace and resolve these opposing forces within our own being determines the quality of life we experience.
“God/Goddess, the Divine Universal Intelligence within each of us, utilizes the projection and illusion of duality in 3rd and 4th density (dimension) as a catalyst for souls to evolve and awaken. Each human being has these duality codes imbedded in their DNA. Now is the time of awakening our potential to activate our original unlimited DNA blueprint as we master the illusion of duality through the process of discernment and awakening to our enlightenment, healing, and ascension.
We are no longer victims of an “outer force or reality” controlling us, but quickly becoming Victors of our own destiny as we merge the gap between inner and outer, light and dark, love and fear, right within the matrix of our own consciousness and psyche.
In this book, you will find many valuable healing tools that will help you to reactivate your original DNA blueprint and manifest your higher potential by reconnecting with your greater Self and your Divine Purpose.

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Publication date: 05/02/2011
Series: The liquid light of Healing Series
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