The Little Teashop on Main

The Little Teashop on Main

by Jodi Thomas


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A rainy-day ritual—a tea party between three little girls—becomes the framework of not only their friendship, but their lives.

Redheaded, curly-haired Zoe is openhearted, kind and free-spirited, and dreams of becoming a famous actor in New York City. Shy Emily struggles with mental health but has the heart and soul of a writer. And Shannon—tall, athletic, strong—has a deep sense of loyalty that will serve her well when she heads off to military college.

As Zoe, Emily and Shannon grow into women—forging careers, following dreams and finding love—they’ll learn that life doesn’t always unfold the way they want it to, but through it all, the one constant is each other, and their regular tea parties. And when the unthinkable happens, the girls must come together to face the greatest test of all.

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ISBN-13: 9781335507556
Publisher: Harlequin
Publication date: 05/07/2019
Edition description: Original
Pages: 336
Sales rank: 16,157
Product dimensions: 5.20(w) x 7.90(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

New York Times bestselling author Jodi Thomas is a fifth-generation Texan who sets many of her stories in her home state, where her grandmother was born in a covered wagon. She is a certified marriage and family counselor, a Texas Tech graduate and writer-in-residence at West Texas A&M University. She lives with her husband in Amarillo, Texas.

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The Little Teashop on Main 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
literarybelle 3 days ago
This is a heartwarming tale of friendship, love, sadness, and growth. This story follows the lives of three girls as they grow into wonderful women. Zoe, Shannon, and Emily started out as friends at a tea party. Every year they get together to reconnect with a tea party and stay connected. This was a good read. It had a few too many characters' views in my opinion, and I didn't connect with the characters as much as I would have liked. That said, if you enjoy women's fiction, it is a beautiful story and you should check it out.
whatsbetterthanbooks 5 days ago
Sweet, affecting, and exceptionally absorbing! The Little Teashop on Main is an enchanting, heartwarming story set in the quaint town of Laurel Springs that takes us into the lives of Zoe, Emily, and Shannon as together they tackle all the highs and lows of life through shared moments, a few tears, lots of laughs, and an abundance of tea. The prose is effortless and smooth. The characters are genuine, supportive, reliable, and compassionate. And the plot, written in a back and forth, past/present style captivates and enchants as it sweeps you along a tale of love, loss, family, courage, coming-of-age, community, happiness, and unconditional friendship. With The Little Teashop on Main Thomas has written a tender, heartfelt, beautiful story about female friendships that is incredibly moving and has taken what started as a good series with Mornings on Main and turned it into a spectacular one.
RuthieJonesTX 6 days ago
The Little Teashop on Main proves that it is the ordinary events, the special relationships, and every single heartbeat that make life worth living. The emotions flow freely and abundantly throughout this sweet story, reminding us that the time to live, dream, and love is right now. The overall plot is actually about everyday moments and about people navigating the pitfalls of childhood, adolescence, adulthood, friendships, and family dynamics. This story is about reaching for the stars without a safety net and recognizing true love sooner rather than later. Instead of being fast paced and full of non-stop action, The Little Teashop on Main is a character-driven fiction about three girls, Zoe, Shannon, and Emily, developing a lifelong friendship at a simple tea party for princesses when they are only five years old. What happens after this first tea party is the natural progression of life as these girls grow into adulthood and face challenges that test their hopes and dreams but never their friendship. The bond they formed on that special day long ago is unbreakable, no matter what, with many more tea parties punctuating the important moments over the years. All the other characters crisscross in their relationships with Zoe, Shannon, and Emily. Jack is the funny one and the best friend to all three girls. Mack (Shannon’s father) and Alexendra (Zoe’s mother) form a lifelong friendship at that first tea party as well, sharing in the struggle of parenting solo. But it is Fuller Wilder who might be the most interesting of all the characters. In the beginning, Fuller has the shadowy, shy, and caring qualities of Boo Radley from Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird. He silently and invisibly watches over fragile Emily until she can open her heart, shed her clipped wings, and soar toward the happiness that has been there all along. Jack and Shannon are friends but have a tumultuous relationship that mocks them with both animosity and attraction throughout the years. Zoe independently grabs her dream with both hands in New York City, living life in double time, faster and faster and faster. Family and friends are at the heart of The Little Teashop on Main. They both wound and heal with each passing chapter, but they are always there, they always love, and they always listen, even when it is hard or when it hurts or when their own lives are falling apart. Jodi Thomas’s The Little Teashop on Main and Mornings on Main (2018) both take place in Laurel Springs, Texas, and have a minor overlap; however, both books can stand alone. Jodi Thomas’s writing style is quite lyrical and hauntingly beautiful. The Little Teashop on Main flows smoothly across the years, gently pushing the reader toward an ending that is both heart wrenching and lovely because the bond of friendship will always remain strong, and the tea parties will always continue, no matter what.
All_the_Ups_and_Downs 10 days ago
I'd been wanting to read The Little Teashop on Main by Jodi Thomas for awhile. When the opportunity presented itself, I jumped at the chance. I must say this book really packs a punch when it comes to emotions! The plot for The Little Teashop on Main was done brilliantly! Jodi Thomas has written a beautiful story that really sucks you in and makes you feel every single written word. Zoe, Shannon, and Emily meet for a tea party whenever they can starting from when they were little. As the story progresses, the reader gets to watch each of the girls grow into strong women. The reader gets to grow up with all of the girls through all of the ups and downs of life. Each chapter in the book is focused on a certain character so the reader gets to gain that character's perspective on things. While there are similar story lines to The Little Teashop on Main, Jodi Thomas does such an excellent job of making this one feel unique. I felt like I was instantly transported to the small town of Laurel Springs whenever I was reading The Little Teashop on Main. While there weren't any major plot twists, I felt as if this was the type of book that doesn't need to rely on plot twists to keep it interesting. The emotional pull is all it needs. I loved how there were no cliffhangers and all of my questions were answered by the end of the book. The characters in The Little Teashop on Main were so well written and such a delight to read about! I loved every one of them. Usually I have a favorite, but I would hate to be forced to choose just one favorite. I loved Zoe's zest for life. Her larger than life presence was such a joy to read about. I would have loved to have a friendship like Zoe's and Jack's. Shannon had such a great work ethic that was admirable. Just how focused she was was an inspiration. I kept on wanting things between her and Jack to work out. I don't think I've ever wanted to a couple to be together more than Jack and Shannon. Shannon was such a planner and so focused. Sometimes I wanted to just grab her by the shoulders until she realized how great she'd be with Jack! I just wanted to hug Emily. She had struggled with depression for so long. I could relate to her the most. Emily was such a sweet girl that blossomed into a sweet woman. I was always cheering Emily on when I would read about her. I loved how much Jack cared about all three girls and how much he loved them all. He was such a loyal friend. I'm glad I got to read and get to know Fuller. What a sweet boy/man he turned out to be! Alex and Mack were also great characters and great parents. The love for their daughters was so obvious. The way the townspeople of Laurel Springs came together was so heartwarming to read about. I will admit that the first 45 percent or so of The Little Teashop on Main was a little slow. I did wonder if I had made a mistake with this book. However, I'm glad I persevered. The pacing quickly picked up after that, and I could not put this novel down. I hungered for more, yet I would become sad because I realized that this story would be over soon. When I did finish The Little Teashop on Main, I was disappointed only because I wished it didn't have to end! All in all, The Little Teashop on Main is such a heartwarming read. This book makes you feel as if you are one of the characters. It is written so beautifully, and I can't gush enough about how great it is! I would definitely recommend The Little Teashop on Main by Jodi Thomas to those aged 16+.
More_Than_A_Review 12 days ago
The Little Tea Shop on Main by Jodi Thomas is a beautifully plotted novel that I enjoyed from beginning to end. From the opening scene you now that you are going to be in for an emotional ride. Three young girls having a tea party which starts a lifelong friendship. Zoe was the extraverted one who goes off to NY to be an actress. She is the wild child of the bunch. Emily battles depression and living with an overbearing mother. Emily tries to find herself and her courage. She finds it in an unexpected relationship. I loved how the girls were friends with Jack. Emily relied on Jack as a young girl. Shannon is the tough girl of the bunch. She wants to be like her military dad. Although they are all friends with Jack, he has had a crush on Shannon for years. I enjoyed their story but wished they could have figured their relationship out years sooner. I felt like they wasted so much time apart. You can always count on Jodi to create an amazing cast of characters. You will not have trouble telling them apart because each of them has their quirky personalities. I loved how she gave Mack (Shannon’s dad) and Alex (Zoe’s mom) a significant part of the book. I recommend this book if you love a good story. I don’t know how Jodi does it but she writes such a compelling story that you cannot put the book down. This usually only happens to me if there is a mystery I am trying to solve. In Jodi’s books you are invested in the characters and don’t want to see the book end. Sexual content – no details but there is premarital sex Violence - there is a hit and run in the past, Language Drugs/alcohol – there is some drinking, Zoe likes to party, someone overdoses I received this book from publisher/author and was not required to write a positive review. You can see my full review at More Than a Review dot com where I rate the level of sex, violence, language and drug/alcohol use in books.
StoreyBookReviews 12 days ago
This book has all the emotions running through it - from happiness to sorrow and everything in between.  It also speaks to friendships and how important they are in our lives. I may have thought this was going to be a light read but the book surprised me as it was so much more.  I think what engaged me the most was the friendship of Zoe, Emma, and Shannon.  They were fast friends from kindergarten on and celebrated milestones in their lives by having a tea party.  I loved the tradition especially when they would have the tea party before leaving for college, when they came home, and for all milestones in between.  I marveled at how no matter what was going on in their lives they always found time for each other which is so very important. Beyond the friendship aspect, this book also tied in mental health, illness, family, and that love can be right around the corner if you just take a peek and let it into your life.  It is also about chasing your dreams and living up to your potential.  Each woman's personal story is woven beautifully within the whole story and there is even a storyline regarding Zoe's mother and Shannon's father. This is probably one of the most heartwarming and heart-wrenching books I have read so far this year.  We give it 5 paws up and highly suggest you read this book!
BooksAndSpoons 17 days ago
Friends, family, and careers, loving, living, losing and becoming the true version of yourself - the book is a journey of three women's lives, and their loved ones, over the years following the paths they have to take to find their places and true purposes in life. There were so much life and subsistence in the tale that I found myself taking it in with just a few chapters at the time, to enjoy and digest the story to its fullest. Not every book is meant to be inhaled at one sitting, and I adored to observe the lives of the characters a little bit at the time. There is a bushel of characters that tells their point of view to the life events of the protagonist as well as to their families, to the supportive cast and crew for the girls' lives. The time goes on for several decades as the readers get to witness the little princesses age and see how their lives take new shapes, in new places. There are several themes in the book, from depression and its consequences when untreated, to the challenges of single parenting, to searching for your purpose and career, to family drama, alcoholism, from abandonment issues to overbearing mothers, everything you can imagine people struggle with through their lives. But there are also moments of healing, of falling in love and learning to trust, and daring to take the leap for living fully - with many characters in the story, each of them with their own different kinds of burdens in life, you witness the characters grow and learn, mature, and develop, as they deal with their hindrances in life. There are many life lessons to be sifted out, many wisdom's of life taken to heart, prejudgements unlearned, and acceptance embraced while reading the tale. Throughout the book, there is one message that comes clear repeatedly: you can always start anew, there is nothing you cannot overcome if you so wish, you can always come home, and your family - or the friends that become your family - will always be there for you. Love will always win. A lovely, heartening, and wholesome tale of small-town Texas and a group of its inhabitants throughout the years, while it entertained, it also inspired, encouraged, and uplifted. A tale that leaves an imprint to your heart ~ Five Spoons
CathyGeha 17 days ago
The Little Teashop on Main by Jodie Thomas Five year old Zoe, Emily and Shannon begin this book with a tea party and tea parties remain integral to this book throughout coming full circle at the end of the book. The three girls become friends for life. They get together periodically and support one another throughout the book. Zoe is the vivacious woman with a dream that takes her to New York. Shannon has her eye on the Air Force and heads to college to pursue that dream. Emily seems a bit lost at times but when she finds herself and her purpose in live she embraces it wholeheartedly. There is friendship, romance, growth, love, laughter, caring, happiness, family and more in this book filled with characters I felt I came to know well enough to call my friends. I wanted to smack a few of them a couple of times but was thoroughly satisfied at the end of this story. Thank you to NetGalley and Harlequin Books for the ARC – This is my honest review. 5 Stars
paulalala09 17 days ago
My eyes were teary and my heart was full when I completed Little Teashop on Main. It is more than endearing, a remarkably incredible read about the lives of four friends and their choices, their families and their journeys through life. I love the utilization of rotating perspectives which delve deeper into the emotions of each character. Little Shop on Main Street is a keeper. I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
onemused 17 days ago
THE LITTLE TEASHOP ON MAIN follows three best friends, two of their parents, and the boys/men who are significant in their lives. The three best friends, Zoe, Shannon, and Emily met when they were five and had an arranged tea party. Though they are very different people and personalities, they have been bonded through time. Zoe and Shannon each have single parents (Alex and Mack), who also get perspectives. The other perspectives are from Fuller and Jack, two boys/men who are significant to the girls. With many perspectives and following over 30 or so years, there's a lot going on in this book. However, it remains easy to follow. The lives are easy to get sucked into and each person has a unique story/perspective that makes you fall in love with all of them. I loved this view of a small town from so many individuals in it. I also really loved some of the romances, particularly for Alex/Mack, though I would have liked to go more in-depth into backgrounds and hang-ups. Due to the many perspectives and times, a lot of these facts get dropped in bundles. My only real issue about the book is that one of the boys/men, Fuller, is a stalker, and this is meant to be seen as sympathetic/not creepy, particularly given later events. However, someone who follows you around and spies on your activities is not particularly a healthy nor sympathetic character. If you can move beyond that ick factor, it is otherwise sweet. Beyond the stalking, I would also add warnings for past sexual assault (not described), depression/suicidality, character death, and drunk driving/hit and run (two are not the same events). Overall, I found it to be an emotional and engrossing read. I do wish the stalking had been presented differently and would have liked to get deeper into individual characters versus following so many. Please note that I received a copy from the publisher. All opinions are my own.