The Lost Artist: Love Passion War (Part 1)

The Lost Artist: Love Passion War (Part 1)

by Eric J Houston


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"A page-turner! Revealing important insight into little-known history of pre-state Palestine and World War II, this fascinating journey of a remarkable man is a rip-roaring story from beginning to end. I recommend it to everyone."
Rabbi Mark S. Golub, JBS TV, ...............................................................................................................................................

1934: a 13-year-old Jewish boy escapes Nazi Germany to become the highest decorated WW II Palestinian (future Israeli) soldier in the British Army
2010: a top Israeli computer scientist searches for the favorite artist of her youth.
From the rise of the Nazi Party through the formation of the State of Israel, across a sea of time to present day, their worlds collide in

My father, Fred Hausman, was the highest decorated Jewish WW II Palestinian soldier in the British Army, but his passion was art. In 1948 before leaving Palestine to be with his sister in New York City, he turned in a job of illustration for a little kibbutz-publishing house, never knowing that the book would one day be referred to as "The pearl of Israeli children literature".

For sixty years there was a search for the illustrator of 'AND THERE WAS EVENING'. After finally solving the mystery, Einat Amitay contacted me. Moved by her story of finding my father, with Einat's encouragement I decided to tell her story of finding my father as a present day back drop of his escape of Nazi Germany in 1934 at the age of 13, going alone to Palestine, the treacherous years in Palestine before WW II, his miraculously survival of the war, and the tumultuous post-war years in Palestine up to the formation of the State of Israel.

Without Einat Amitay, THE LOST ARTIST would not have been possible. I will always be grateful to her and feel lucky to have had her as a friend.

Eric Hausman-Houston

In 2014, I discovered that a crime ring within the British Ministry of Defense (MoD) stole my father's Distinguished Conduct Medal (DCM).
Taking in the facts, so far that is the only plausible explanation. Billionaire Lord Michael Ashcroft bought the entire group of my father's medals from The London Medal Company in 2012, but we have all of my father's other medals. By taking other war heroes medals and passing them off as my father's, a despicable act of disassociating the true heroes with their medals, the London Medal Company greatly increased the value of my father's stolen DCM, in part by making it appear more legitimate. Although Lord Michael Ashcroft has been given definitive proof that he was ripped off, he apparently prefers to keep a war hero's stolen medal along with spurious medals rather than to simply get his money back from the corrupt dealer who sold them to him. Lord Michael Ashcroft may currently possess my father's stolen medal, but he will never have the complete group. I believe that anyone knowingly keeping a stolen war hero's medal from its rightful owners is an enemy to all those who served, and under no conditions will my father's other medals ever be within his clutches.

The overwhelming evidence that my father's DCM was stolen from within the MoD is included at the end of the THE LOST ARTIST. How many medals have been stolen is unknown, but the proceeds of THE LOST ARTIST will go to uniting all of the stolen medals from within the MoD with their rightful owners. In purchasing THE LOST ARTIST you are helping the brave soldiers who risked and gave their lives for our freedom to finally find justice.

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ISBN-13: 9781545569887
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 04/19/2017
Pages: 530
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 1.07(d)

About the Author

Eric Houston is the recipient of the KEY WEST THEATER FESTIVAL AWARD. His play, BECOMING ADELE, was produced and directed by Gerry Cohen at The Court Theatre, LA, produced Off-Broadway by the GOTHAM STAGE COMPANY, directed by Victor Maog, and was optioned by Warner Bros. Television. His play, SWEET DELIVERANCE was quoted to be "The funniest play to come out of the Barter theatre", was given an extended run at the Hudson Theatre, LA, and was the last play optioned by legendary Broadway producer, Alexander Cohen. After working as a ghostwriter, 'THE LOST ARTIST' marks Eric Houston's first book written in his own voice and name.

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