The Marriage Match

The Marriage Match

by Tracy March


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Hot bachelor seeks bride...Resort tycoon Trent Hawthorne is looking for a wife. His all-business, no-nonsense grandmother (and the matriarch of the small town of Maple Creek) has selected three potential brides

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ISBN-13: 9781507568224
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 01/21/2015
Series: a Suddenly Smitten novel
Pages: 224
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.47(d)

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The Marriage Match

A Suddenly Smitten Novel

By Tracy March, Stacy Abrams

Entangled Publishing, LLC

Copyright © 2015 Tracy March
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-62266-167-1


The soles of Cynthia Sawyer's shoes squeaked on the damp flagstone walkway that meandered through Hawthorne Manor's formal gardens. Hazy rays of sun kissed the spring morning dew, glistening on the early-blooming flowers and foliage soon to blossom into a Southern Living — worthy wonderland. Perfect for tiny Maple Creek, Maryland's annual garden party — the most exciting event of the season, especially for the quirky retirees. Last year, crazy old Mrs. Osworth got lost in the winding boxwood maze and called 911 to get "one of those strong young firemen" to come rescue her. She'd said she felt faint, and claimed she'd need mouth-to-mouth resuscitation the moment they showed up.

Cynthia shook her head, an amused grin tugging at the corners of her mouth. It amazed her how much the townspeople looked forward to coming to Hawthorne Manor, as if the place were Buckingham Palace. But even Cynthia was guilty of perpetuating the aura, nicknaming its owner — and her boss, Fairleigh Hawthorne — the Queen. Being the personal assistant of the town's matriarch had given Cynthia an insider's view that had her a lot less starstruck by the Hawthornes than most people, who considered them Maple Creek's royal family.

"Cynthia!" The Queen's voice rang out from beyond a bend in the walkway.

For years Cynthia had tried to get the Queen to call her Cyn like most everyone else did, with no luck. She'd adopted the nickname as soon as she got to college, and immediately started a Goth rebellion against her strict upbringing. It had been no garden party being raised by her parents, a Methodist minister and an uptight librarian. Running away had seemed like her only way out as a teen. The third time had been the charm that landed her in an even stricter parochial boarding school. So Cyn had already developed the attitude to pull off the Goth thing in college without a lot of effort, and she had the looks, too. Fair skin, silky dark hair, aquamarine-blue eyes. All she'd needed was a black wardrobe and the blackest-black eye pencil, and she had the look down.

That had been eight years ago. Cyn had recovered from her overblown angst a while back, but she was still trying to get her parents to accept her for the free-spirited person she'd become, versus the "proper young lady" they'd rather her be. She'd moved back to Maple Creek to work on finding middle ground with them, and to prove they could get along happily despite their differences. After several years — way longer than she'd expected — they still had their challenges.

"Cynthia?" the Queen trilled again, never satisfied to wait more than a few seconds for a response. There was no hiding from her anywhere on the property, which didn't bode well for Cyn, since she lived in a small restored outbuilding about a quarter mile from the main house. The Queen knew exactly when to expect her to cut through the garden on the days she worked — nearly down to the second.

"I'm just up the path," Cyn called to the Queen. She hurried along the flagstones, sending a pair of cardinals fluttering from a patch of daffodils and into a nearby weeping willow whose branches swayed lazily.

Around the bend, the Queen sat in the center of an ornate wrought iron bench whose high swirls and elaborately curved arms reminded Cyn of a throne. She wore a velveteen warm-up suit like she did for all her morning walks. Today's was navy blue and BeDazzled. Cyn squinted, preparing for the worst. If the sun caught it just right, the glare might blind her.

"Lovely morning," the Queen said as she slid to one end of the bench and patted the space next to her. "Have a seat."

Cyn joined her, tightly clutching the straps of her tote. Lovely mornings didn't usually start with a face-to-face with the Queen. "Hi." Cyn gave her a halfhearted smile.

Mrs. Hawthorne's lips turned up expectantly, like they did every time she had a scheme in mind and was eager to put it into action.

Please, no. Cyn had enough on her plate with planning the garden party, working part time at Sweet Bee's Bakery, and all the other daily responsibilities required to please the Queen.

"Just a month to go before the big party." The Queen smiled, her apple cheeks bunching above the corners of her mouth. The sun brightened her beauty-parlor-styled silver hair. "I can't wait." Her blue eyes shimmered. Fairleigh Hawthorne loved being the center of attention, and the garden party guaranteed her a full day of it.

"I imagine," Cyn said. All the Queen had to do was show up. Cyn and the rest of the staff at Hawthorne Manor had to worry about the rest. No pressure there, considering how exacting the Queen was about every detail down to the volume of the bumblebees' buzzing.

"It's going to be especially nice this year with young Dr. Anderson playing classical guitar." The Queen hummed several bars of Mendelssohn's Wedding March.

Cyn gave her a sidelong glance. "I'm not sure that's on the list of pieces we've asked him to play." It was a garden party, after all, not a wedding.

"Of course not. I was just thinking about Trent."

Cyn narrowed her eyes. Had she missed some breaking news about the Queen's grandson — Maple Creek's golden boy? Last she'd heard he was severely single and eager to find a wife, which amazed Cyn because he'd never been short on girlfriends. Poor guy. Must be tough finding the right woman when you're a smoking-hot, superrich resort tycoon.

"He's coming home from Saint Lucia this weekend and staying until after the party," the Queen said. "We're working on the new marketing campaign for the resorts."

Cyn cringed. That would mean more work in addition to planning the party, which had become full-time with the Queen adding must-haves daily. Now there'd also be meetings with ad agencies, PR people, and who knew who else — mostly at Hawthorne Manor. The Queen had bequeathed her title of CEO of Hawthorne Resorts to Trent, but she still had a hands-on role in the operation. Trent was only thirty and still learning. Despite his MBA and on-site experience, his grandmother seemed eager to continue teaching him how things were done — her way.

Two gray squirrels scampered over the flagstones and darted beneath a huge azalea. Cyn imagined herself skittering around like that every day from now until after the garden party. "Sounds like we're going to be busy." She scooted to the edge of the bench, gripping it on either side of her legs, the iron warm against her palms. She was sure to hear about the details later, so she wasn't about to ask for them now. All she wanted was to escape before the Queen added yet another column of items to her perpetual to-do list.

"Well, I'd better get go — "

The Queen clutched Cyn's upper arm. "There's one more thing."

Just one?

"There'll be several houseguests coming for the weekends while Trent is here," the Queen said.

Cyn had no idea what that had to do with her. The Queen needed to take that up with Henry, the butler, and the rest of the house staff. Cyn nodded slowly, hoping that would dawn on her. But the Queen never had mental slips. At seventy, she was still scary sharp.

"They'll be three young ladies — friends of the family. One each weekend," the Queen said. "I'm hoping Trent will marry one of them."

What? Cyn cocked her head and narrowed her gaze on the Queen. "Did I miss something between 'houseguest' and 'bride'?"

A breeze caught the wind chimes that hung beneath a nearby pergola, and they trilled a high-pitched tune.

"That's where you come in." The Queen shot a sly look at Cyn, whose stomach sank.

"I do?"

"Trent is looking for a wife, and we're going to match him up with one."

We? Cyn winced. This sounded like a bad reality TV show waiting to happen.

"I've vetted the three young ladies, sent the invitations, and gotten their responses." The Queen proudly tipped up her nose. "All of them are eager to get to know Trent better, and hoping for the same outcome we are."

Cyn was dying to know how those invitations read.

Dear Eligible Female Friend-of-the-Family, Looking for a husband?

"This sounds like The Bachelor," Cyn said.

"Precisely, but much more refined. Trent doesn't have much time for a social life on the islands." A shadow passed over the Queen's face. "He certainly can't get involved with anyone who works for us, especially after everything that happened with Bruce Dunham."

Cyn nodded, recalling what a foul mood the Queen had been in for months while the sexual harassment case brought by a Hawthorne Resorts employee against their chief financial officer had played out. Mr. Dunham had been acquitted, but the Queen wasn't eager for a repeat. The case had called the company's sterling reputation into question, racked up some exorbitant legal fees, and put the resorts in jeopardy. Regardless of the risk and the policy against it, Cyn couldn't imagine the Queen being pleased with Trent's dating an employee. Not many of them had the pedigree she required.

"He'll be pleased we've found several appropriate girls that I'm sure will interest him," the Queen said.

There was that we again, and Cyn had done little beyond feeling flabbergasted that The Bachelor was about to play out at Hawthorne Manor. "You should call in Chris Harrison and his production crew, and start the cameras rolling. It would be killer publicity for the resorts."

The Queen scowled. "I said more refined."

Cyn remembered a time when a scowl like that would've sent her cowering under the bench, but she'd gotten used to it after two years of seeing them regularly.

"But I think you're onto something with that idea."

Cyn blinked several times. She might be onto something, but she was beginning to worry that the Queen was actually on something. Could she possibly be serious? Cyn had just filed her taxes two days ago, right on the deadline, so this couldn't be an April Fool's prank.

"Maybe this could be our new marketing campaign," the Queen said. "Fall in Love With Hawthorne Resorts. We could do a bio piece on Trent and the resorts, document his journey to find love, send him and the girls to the resorts on fantasy dates, and finish things up with the wedding at Caldera — our crown jewel. We'd air it on the Travel Channel and break it up into teasers for commercials."

Cyn would pay to see the look on her own face. Her eyebrows had to be up into her hairline right about now. Had the Queen just said "fantasy dates" and Trent's "journey to find love"? She even knew The Bachelor lingo.

"You think Trent would be up for that idea?" Cyn worked to keep the skepticism out of her voice. She didn't know him well enough to guess, even though they'd both grown up in Maple Creek. Trent had gone to public schools. Cyn's parents had kept her in a homeschool co-op until they'd sent her to boarding school. He'd been gone for years — to college, grad school, and off to the resorts — and was rarely seen in town. Cyn had taken time off and made herself scarce on the few occasions he'd been back to Hawthorne Manor since she'd worked there. She'd been happy to let Trent entertain his grandmother for a change.

The Queen straightened her back. "I don't see why not. He wants to get married, and he wants a good marketing campaign for the resorts. It's a win-win proposition for all of us."

Cyn didn't see how she'd be winning anything except more headaches. Maybe a few less if they went with the plan to send him to the resorts for dates.

"Trent's certainly better-looking than any of those TV bachelors," the Queen said. "Smarter, too. He's just the type of clientele we're hoping to attract."

Cyn agreed. Cameras loved Trent Hawthorne. He'd always turned heads, but never more than now, considering the recent pictures she'd seen. Some people mistook him for military, the way he confidently carried himself and kept his blond hair short. The guy was a good six two, tan, broad-shouldered, and buff. He'd fogged up more than a few camera lenses with his pouty lips and sultry hazel-eyed stare. No doubt those "young ladies" the Queen had recruited were eager to get to know him better. The whole thing seemed a little forced to Cyn, but who was she to argue? She hoped it worked. When the Queen was happy, everyone caught a break.

Cyn lifted her face to the sun and bolstered herself with a deep breath. "So how am I supposed to be involved in this?" She figured she'd go ahead and ask the dreaded question. No sense sitting there waiting for the day lilies to bloom.

"Whether we decide it's lights and cameras or not," the Queen said, "I want you to be in charge of all the details — greeting our guests, introducing them to Trent, planning dates and travel when it comes time for that. You'll need to get with Trent to make sure he has a say in how things go."

Cyn stifled a groan and gripped the bench tighter, regretting that she hadn't made her getaway earlier. "With all due respect, that seems way beyond the boundaries of my job description."

Cyn's heart jumped into her throat. Had she said that out loud? Nothing wise ever came out of her mouth after "with all due respect." When would she learn? The Queen had a no-tolerance policy for insubordination. Considering the limited opportunities in Maple Creek, Cyn needed to keep her job. She'd better apologize — fast. "I — "

"You're right," the Queen said before another syllable made it past Cyn's lips.

Cyn struggled to keep her eyes from bugging out like those of the frogs that lived by the pond glimmering in the distance, croaking off-key serenades on rainy summer nights. But she couldn't keep a quirk of a smile from tugging at the corners of her mouth.

The Queen nodded. "But there's something above and beyond in it for you."

Uh-oh. Now they were really headed down a crooked rabbit hole. What could possibly be in it for her?

"You'll need to make sure the garden party is grander than ever," the Queen said, "and that Trent has a positive experience with our young ladies. My expectations are high."

Cyn met the Queen's gaze. "How high, exactly?"

"I want him to propose — the sooner, the better — especially since we're going to use the story of his romance as our marketing campaign."

Cyn slid back on the bench and settled. She wasn't going anywhere now that things were getting juicy. "I thought that was just an idea."

"A brilliant one, of course. No advertising agency is going to pitch us anything better. It's perfect pop culture marketing. Hawthorne Resorts are upscale hip, and everyone who's anyone is going to want to go to one — or all of them. We'll kill the competition with a campaign like that."

Cyn's friends had all been to Caldera. Liza and Cole Collins had gotten married there, and Paige — who owned Sweet Bee's Bakery in town — started her swoony romance with her doctor boyfriend, Lane, there, too. Cyn had only seen pictures and videos. She'd never been out of the States, much less to an idyllic Caribbean resort. She'd gotten a passport, hoping to study abroad during college, but cost and circumstances ended up getting in the way.

"Shouldn't you ask Trent and the girls what they think about it?" Cyn asked. "I mean, do they think they're headed for a proposal? And this idea is all or nothing. If you don't get a proposal, you don't get a very satisfying marketing campaign."

"I'm counting on you to make sure everything works out."

"Me?" Cyn's voice trilled, but not nearly as prettily as the wind chimes. Whatever was in it for her had better be amazingly awesome.

"Here's my proposal," the Queen said, looking pleased with her play on words. "I'll give you a twenty-five-thousand-dollar bonus if Trent gets engaged before summer."

Cyn's heart stammered. "Did you just say twenty-five thousand dollars?" That kind of money would go a long way toward ... everything. Especially helping her parents. The bad economy had tithing down at her dad's church, and her mom's librarian salary had been frozen for years. Their house was headed into foreclosure with no hope of saving it in sight. Surely if Cyn gave them her bonus, they'd be able to keep their home.

"I did." The Queen set her steely gaze on Cyn. "But Trent mustn't find out about the bonus, and I'd prefer that no one else does either."

Cyn considered that, and decided it would be easy enough to abide by those terms. Everything else, not so easy. But she'd find a way. She set her jaw and looked the Queen square in the eyes. "Understood. And you'll get your proposal. I promise."

* * *

Trent Hawthorne gazed at his grandmother, trying to decide if she was delusional or if she was a genius — possibly both. She sat across from him in a royal-blue velvet wing-backed chair that had been in the parlor at Hawthorne Manor since he was a kid. The room seemed smaller than it had back then, but it was still the size of a country church with several seating areas, floor-to-ceiling windows, and a baby grand piano. He kicked back on the couch after his long trip in from Saint Lucia, letting her idea for the resorts' marketing campaign sink in.


Excerpted from The Marriage Match by Tracy March, Stacy Abrams. Copyright © 2015 Tracy March. Excerpted by permission of Entangled Publishing, LLC.
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The Marriage Match (Entangled Bliss) 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 26 reviews.
LindaTownsend More than 1 year ago
If you're yearning for a bit of sunshine with beautiful sandy beaches and gorgeous island sunsets, dive in this book! The Queen said, "I want you to be in charge of all the details - greeting our guests, introducing them to Trent, planning dates and travel when it comes time for that. You'll need to get with Trent to make sure he has a say in how things go." ... "With all due respect, that seems way beyond the boundaries of my job description."... "Here's my proposal," the Queen said, looking pleased with her play on words. "I'll give you a twenty-five-thousand dollar bonus if Trent gets engaged before summer." THE MARRIAGE MATCH by Tracy March is a lovely, sweet contemporary Entangled Bliss romance. Once I started reading it, I couldn't go to sleep until I'd finished it, so you know it was good! It can be fully enjoyed as a standalone novel even though it's the third installment in Tracy's Suddenly Smitten series with interconnected characters. I have not read the previous books in this series, but hope to soon as I really enjoyed this tale! This book is the story of Cynthia "Cyn" Sawyer, employed at Hawthorne Resorts, and Trent Hawthorne, the smoking-hot, superrich CEO of the same company. As the story opens, Cynthia is tasked with finding a wife for Trent, her boss' grandson. Cynthia is employed as the personal assistant to Mrs. Fairleigh Hawthorne, aka "The Queen." "The Queen" is the matriarch of the small town of Maple Creek and a founder of Hawthorne Resorts, the family's hotel chain. She badly wants a her grandson to find a bride and give her a great-grandson while she's still alive. My full review has been posted to Reading Between The Wines Book Club.
Lori-Gonzo More than 1 year ago
Such a sweet fun paced book. Trent and Cynthia were adorable together. They had that spark. Theirs was a story based on the spark and the importance of feeling the spark. I loved the drama free story and the lack of craziness. I wanted to be Cynthia throughout this book. The way she felt and was treated is every little girl's fairy tale. I received this book in exchange for an honest review from the publisher.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I was anxious to see another book for the Mapke Creek crew and I wasnot disappointed!
Heather_Anne11 More than 1 year ago
I’ve loved this journey Tracy March has taken us on in the Suddenly Smitten books. All of which giving us a glimpse into the island paradises (yes, plural) that the Hawthorne family owns. In the third book in the Suddenly Smitten series, The Marriage Match focuses on the resort heir, Trent Hawthorne and his journey to finding a wife. In this The Bachelor-esque romance, Trent’s grandmother, the matriarch of the family, wants nothing more than her grandson to find a suitable wife. She seeks the help of her assistant, Cynthia, to help develop her match-making plan into not only the happily ever after for her grandson, but a new marketing plan for the Hawthorne resorts. Little does the Queen, as Cynthia likes to call her, suspect that her grandson already met the woman of his dreams before the dating adventure begins. Tracy March doesn’t disappoint! I love how beautiful all three of the Suddenly Smitten books tie together and how we get to revisit old friends. Her writing is realistic with a dash of fairytale! I can honestly say that if she were to write a continuation of Trent and Cynthia, I’d be first in line to read a copy! (That goes for any of her characters, really.) If you’re looking for a romantic read that’ll warm you up on a cold winter day, The Marriage Match is the perfect book to read! You won’t be disappointed! And you’ll be planning your next tropical vacation.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved it!
Kmettner1 More than 1 year ago
I'm a sucker for a love at first sight kind of story, and though Trent and Cyn have known each other for awhile, the first time they were alone together sparks flew. The bad part came about due to the fact that Cyn was an employee of Trent's company, even if the company is run by his grandmother, or the 'Queen' as Cyn called her. Cyn was the "queens' personal assistant and getting mixed up with her grandson was out of the question. Cyn was asked to find a perfect marriage match for Trent and she did her best to make sure her 'bachelor' was enjoying his dates, but he only had eyes for one woman, her. Trent knew he wasn't going to fall for any of those other girls because he already had found the girl of his dreams. He just needed to convince her AND his gran. I won't go any further except to say that his plan is brilliant and the whole story had me captivated in its sweetness. I love a good story I can get lost in without feeling like its contrived or forced. I give The Marriage Match.... 5 cups of hot and spicy Jamaican coffee!
VirginiaGal More than 1 year ago
Take your sunscreen and grab a pretty umbrella drink! The Marriage Match takes you on a romantic adventure to three different islands where you’ll practically feel the sand between your toes and the sun on your face. This sweet story is adorable. I just loved Cyn and Trent together. It was also fun to see how things turned out with the other characters from the series.
mysticrosetiger More than 1 year ago
This book is a great read. Cynthia and Trent story is follow your heart and not other people's opinions.
Michelle006 More than 1 year ago
The Marriage Match was one of those stories that if you want to have a nice simple romantic read, it’s the one for you. I enjoyed following Trent and Cynthia’s story from beginning to end! I also liked that there was the added mix of making a marketing campaign for Trent’s family’s hotels. I mean who would not want to fall in love while on an Island with an amazing man! I also love how understanding Trent was in the end and didn’t make drama, it would have been very unnecessary.
aprilrenee1976 More than 1 year ago
the Bachelor meets his match- fun read! ****A gifted copy was provided by the publisher for an honest review*** Great premise for a story. Trent  Hawthorne is looking for a wife and his grandmother has  found three potential women for him in the small town of Maple Creek.  He flies there and decides to go on a dream date with each woman to see if  that woman is “ the one”. Trent thinks since his grandmother set this up, what could go wrong… Enter Cynthia Sawyer-she is his grandmother’s assistant. She Is the one who is helping set up the dates Trent goes on and if Trent picks one of the women, Cyn will get a bonus. BUT Trent and Cyn kiss and there is this immediate attraction between the two of them. Cyn fights it.  These characters are very likable. Trent loves his grandmother so he tries to do as she asks. His grandmother has an ad campaign set up to show him as “the Bachelor”  so she wants him to pick a girl from her choosing so she can run this campaign. Trent wants to help but he is falling for Cynthia. Cynthia knows her boss is mad at her but she is falling so much for Trent. The backdrop for a lot of this story is the Caribbean and the description sounds so wonderful.  Made me want to get on a plane and go right away. The love story between Trent and Cyn was  great.  My rating: 4.5 stars ****  
judyrudy More than 1 year ago
The Marriage Match is Tracy March’s third book in the Suddenly Smitten series. I love a theme whereby the hero is forced into finding marriage. Ms. March has a hit with The Marriage Match. I loved Fairleigh Hawthorne (aka Queen). She is the grandmother of Trent Hawthorne and employer to Cynthia Sawyer. The Queen tasks Cynthia with finding a wife for her grandson and, if she does, there’s a bonus in store for her. Cynthia sets up dates for the three candidates that the Queen has chosen for Trent to interview. But before the interviews can begin, sparks fly between Trent and Cynthia. As she puts the plan into action and the dates begin, will Trent find love in one of the three candidates or will he act on what his heart is telling him. I loved the premise of the book and how the whole dating scene was conducted. I couldn’t put this book down and read it in one sitting. I highly recommend it and the other books in the series. I’d like to disclose that I received a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review.
Bette313 More than 1 year ago
Fantastic read! As always, Tracy March gives us a wonderful story that makes us laugh, gives us hope, and touches our heart. In this book Trent Hawthrone is looking for a wife to make his Grandmother happy. She sets him up with three lovely candidates and puts Cynthia Sawyer, her assistant, in charge of setting everything up for his "dates". There is an immediate attraction but they both know it would be best to ignore it, except just one kiss may make that impossible. This is a good one and you want to put it on the must read list. I highly recommend it.
sbart84 More than 1 year ago
Oh my, how I love books by Tracy March. Loved the characters of Trent, rich single tycoon and Cyn, hired by Trent's grandma, Queen, to find the perfect wife for Trent. Little be known to Cyn, Trent start to fall for her. They are complete opposites, but loved the attraction between these two. Loved the different tropic locations, perfect to warm you up. Queen was a hoot, she just made me smile with her antics. Enjoyed the few mentions of baseball in the story.
Maria-Rose More than 1 year ago
This sweet romance is the story of Trent and Cyn. Trent comes from a wealthy background and manages his family's Caribbean resorts. Cyn works for his grandmother back in the United States, a woman who has planned a "Bachelor" type ad campaign for the resorts with the added benefit of getting Trent to choose from three women she feels would make a suitable bride for him. Cyn's job is to help with the ad campaign with the added bonus that she'll receive extra money if he chooses a woman among the three, something Cyn sorely needs to help out her parents. But when sparks fly between Trent and Cyn, will she be able to go along with the dating plan without giving away her burgeoning feelings for Trent in the process? I really enjoyed this story. Both Trent and Cyn were such likeable characters - down to earth, friendly, and fun loving types. Trent agrees to his Grandmother's plan to combine the ad campaign with finding him a wife but finds himself attracted to Cyn for her beauty and her generous nature. Cyn was equally charming and torn between her feelings for Trent and doing her job. They share some sweet kisses and there is definite chemistry between them. The secondary characters added camaraderie and mild tension to the story as Trent hatches a plan to win over Cyn at the risk of thwarting his grandmother's grand scheme. I loved the setting used for the story, the Caribbean islands complete with sunset beach walks, summery clothing and warm tropical breezes that the reader could practically feel. I was thoroughly charmed from beginning to end. 4.5 stars!
FizzaYounis More than 1 year ago
I absolutely loved this romance novel. It is too good. It made me all starry-eyed. It is awe-inspiring and what not?! Seriously I think this is a must, must read for all romance lovers out there. You will enjoy this one for sure. It didn't started as well as one would hope but with every sentence this book just kept getting better and better and by the end I was hoping it'd never end. Cyn is down to earth, loving and kind girl. She grew up under lots of rules and restrictions and ended up rebelling against her parents. But soon she learnt her lesson and now her relationship with her parents is on the mend. She has a good job. She likes her work. although her employer "the Queen" can be overbearing and demanding at times. But its nothing she can't take. until one day when the Queen asked her to make her grandson fall in love with one of the three girls she hand picked for him. Trent is looking for a wife and he is not really against his grandmother's elaborate scheme of finding a perfect match for him. Then he spent time with Cyn and somehow ended up falling for her... But she is not one of the girls his grandmother picked. There are a lot of complications and they might not be able to overcome them. In the end they did. but its the journey they had which is worth reading about.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
SaraBetty More than 1 year ago
A Real Cinderella Story... Loved the romance in this one... While it was predictable from the beginning sometimes its how you get to the end that really matters... Poor girl Cyn (Cynthia) works for the matriarch of a very rich hotel chain run by her grandson... She wants him married and settled so she sets him up with handpicked young ladies of wealth and position in society... Cyn is supposed to facilitate the dates ala Chris Harrison on the Bachelor... Only Cyn, while doing her job, doesn't realize grandson is falling in love but not with the society beauties... Really cute, fun read... I loved it.
AMR0406 More than 1 year ago
If you like sweet romance that takes you away on a whirlwind adventure, you have to read The Marriage Match by Tracy March. It's the third book in her Suddenly Smitten series, but can easily be read as a stand alone. Tracy writes fabulous characters and puts them in a well planned out story to keep the pages turning. She also does a fantastic job of describing the exotic locations in which her characters travel. You feel the warm sun, the sand beneath your toes and the water crashing against your legs just like the characters. I loved every minute of this story. In The Marriage Match, Trent's grandmother has this crazy idea to play matchmaker, film his dates and use it as an ad campaign for their resorts, which he runs. She picks three women for him to meet and spend a day with all in hopes that he will fall in love and they will get a great ad campaign out of it. Her assistant Cynthia is assigned to make sure everything goes smoothly. As you can imagine, things don't go as planned. Trent is a very swoon-worthy hero. He is not your typical alpha male and has so much substance to him - something Cynthia is learning each moment she spends with him. He is not the rich kid she thought she knew growing up. I fell for Trent when I learned how open he is about his feelings and desires. In my opinion, this is quite a change in romance novel alpha males. Cynthia is awesome heroine. I love her selflessness, her sense of adventure how she takes a lot of pride in everything she does from working for Trent's grandmother to helping him find his true love to working with her friend at the bakery. She is all in when she commits to something. Tracy writes another lovable contemporary romance in The Marriage Match. I started the book trying to figure out how things were going to happen but was quickly sucked in and along for the ride. The pages kept turning and the story moves along at a great pace. Tracy does a wonderful job with the romance aspect of the story, too. It was sweet, romantic and very fitting for the characters. When I finished the book I actually hugged my ereader and let out a big, happy sigh. If you are looking for a sweet romance with captivating characters and a fun story, I highly recommend you give The Marriage Match a try. 
Grandma_Tami More than 1 year ago
I give this a 4.5 it was a fun fall in love read. The Queen wanted to pick the wife the grandson tried to do it her way but his heart had a different plan . Trent & Cyn tried to NOT fall in Love but the heart wants what the heart wants. I enjoyed this fun light hearted fast read . I now need to go back and read about their friends that where talked about and I will be going back and meeting them . So come enjoy this read you wont be disappointed .
grandmareads102 More than 1 year ago
The Queen aka Trent's grandmother wants him to marry. She's going to find him a bride and promote the Hawthorne resorts at the same time. She has her assistant, Cynthia Sawyer, help Trent with his fantasy dates. These two have known each other since childhood. Why is there suddenly such attraction between them. No crushes allowed. The Marriage Match is a humorous and romantic story that left me feeling happy . Cyn and Trent are a memorable couple. Their interaction is humorous and romantic. I enjoyed their great dialogue and their strong connection. Who wouldn't fall in love with such a charmer. Trent's grandmother is certainly memorable. This story is well-written romance with an exotic backdrop. Tracy March is an excellent writer who creates characters that you connect with and care about. The Marriage Match is like a breath of fresh air.
DystopianCitzn0 More than 1 year ago
I received an eARC of The Marriage Match from the publisher in exchange with an honest review. This was a short, quick, and a kind of predictable read with a known ending from the start. I expected to enjoy this much more, but I think that Smitten novels are not my cup of tea. Although my favorite parts of the story were whenever Trent and Cyn were together;however,I found that their interest in each other was way too rushed. I might wrong about this, but I like how Cynthia's nickname is Cyn (sin), which could also be Cinderella. This would fit the story perfectly. I wish the author spared the novel a few more pages to describe more of the islands they visited because from what I have have read , it is just like heaven. I give this 3/5 stars and a C- according to my own rating scale. 
PennySparkles More than 1 year ago
This was a nice story. For some reason Cyn’s attitude towards her employer right from the start put me off of her. After thinking she was a rude, ungrateful b– lady, it was hard for me to relate to her. Trent, the H, is a hot, accomplished, hot, kind, hot and sweet, super rich guy. He runs his family’s resort business, and he really, really wants to get married. He just doesn’t have the time to know any ladies!! HA! Ok, so his Grandmother (Cyn’s employer) decides that they can kill two birds with one stone and film Trent going on dates on their resorts a la The Bachelor and make an advertisement campaign of him choosing a wife. The Marriage Match was a nice read, but not being able to like the h took a bit out of my enjoyment. Trent was all hot and dreamy, until he start to sweat before standing up to his granny. I mean, what kind of alpha would do that? Not any self-respecting alpha, that’s for sure. So in the end, even though it was definitely not my favorite book ever it was an ok read. I’m sure many will find it a very enjoyable read from Ms. March. *I received a complimentary copy from the Publisher in exchange for an honest review*
Anlenhart1 More than 1 year ago
Trent is looking for a wife, his grandmother has found 3 suitable brides. Did I forget to mention that he is an heir to a large chain of hotels and his family is very wealthy. His grandmother has tasked her personal assistant, Cynthia to arrange dates in different resorts as a part of a new marketing campaign. If Cynthia successfully arranges a marriage between Trent and one of his dates, she receives a large bonus. Of course, their are bumps in the road and Cynthia ends up taking the place of one of the dates.  This was a likable romance, but not very memorable. I was given an ARC copy for an honest review. 
IreneC More than 1 year ago
3.5 stars The Marriage Match was a sweet and enjoyable read. I liked both Cyn and Trent, seeing them come together was heartwarming. If you're looking for a sweet afternoon read with little angst then you'll enjoy reading The Marriage Match.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago