The Michelle Obama Transgender Guide

The Michelle Obama Transgender Guide

by Richard Saunders


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The Michelle Obama Transgender Guide

Compiled by Richard Saunders with publicly accessible documents from the President Obama Administration.

This book reflects on the historic steps the former First Lady and this last Administration have taken to afford greater protections for this minority community. During the last 8 years

- President Obama signed numerous Executive Orders, such as one on LGBT Workplace Discrimination,

- the CDC announced $185 million for grant opportunities for HIV prevention among transgender people and gay and bisexual men,

- the Department of Housing and Urban Development issued new guidance for LGBT Americans seeking a home loan, and

- former Attorney General Eric Holder announced the Department of Justice's new position against sex discrimination under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

(Hopefully, these orders, memos, and regulations will not be as easily canceled or reverted.)

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