The Miracle Manager: Why True Leaders Rarely Make Great Managers

The Miracle Manager: Why True Leaders Rarely Make Great Managers

by Kevin G. Armstrong


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“My MBA degree did not teach me what Kevin Armstrong has to say in this book.”

―BRUCE DER, P. ENG., MBA, president and CEO, A.H. Lundberg Systems

Manage A Team That Will Follow You Anywhere!

In The Miracle Manager, Kevin G. Armstrong argues that placing true leaders in management positions has become an epidemic that is destroying businesses.

Armstrong—a successful speaker, business owner, advisor and best-selling author—knows first-hand the consequences of mistaking great leadership for effective management. With knowledge gained from 20-plus years of exclusively advising CEOs, business owners and their management teams, the author presents a revolutionary approach to organizational management.

Utilizing professional researchers and actual case studies of great leaders and coaches of the past, Armstrong illustrates why being a stellar player rarely equates to being a great coach – why businesses have to start rewarding and recognizing their leaders, and valuing the special talents of their managers.

“Throughout history, many influential people have earned the title of leader,” says Armstrong. “Leaders look to the future, oblivious to who or how many are following. Being an effective manager requires you to efficiently and effectively work through others — to be what I call a ‘manacoach.’”

Armstrong shares his proven strategies for implementing management techniques based on revolutionary concepts to create scalable and sustainable cultures of accountability.

For business owners and their management teams, The Miracle Manager is your guide to aligning people with your company culture and creating a healthy environment through accountability where politics cannot survive.

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ISBN-13: 9781946633002
Publisher: Advantage Media Group
Publication date: 03/31/2017
Pages: 176
Sales rank: 1,205,947
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About the Author

Kevin G. Armstrong is an author, speaker, business advisor, disruptor and authority in implementing simple, proven management solutions – but simple doesn’t mean easy.

In his diverse and accomplished career, he has taught at the high school and college levels, owned and sold small businesses, been an investment firm top seller, and worked in management as a VP at the corporate level, overseeing agencies throughout North America. Kevin has decades of experience helping business owners—from “mom and pops” to Fortune 500s—get more out of their business. Kevin currently leads a group of advisors at the Interdependent Training Group (ITG) which advises business leaders on creating clear vision and implementing strategies to hold their management teams accountable for delivering on their vision.

For the past 20+ years of his career, Kevin has studied the important differences between the roles of ‘leader’ and ‘manager’ in business. His speaking engagements expand on this concept in an interactive, thought-provoking manner which disrupts current thinking and leaves audiences with a new understanding of how leaders can be leveraged through exceptional management to achieve business and personal success.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 My Promise to You 1

We Can All Relate

A Long History of Confusing Two Roles

My Promise

Chapter 2 A Leader Stands Alone 9

Is a True Leader Concerned with Who Is Following?

Failure Is a Prerequisite

Leading, Not Managing

Chapter 3 The Manacoach 11

The Manacoach Defined

The Manacoach Test

Understanding Your Results

Differences Explained

An Example of a Leader versus a Manacoach

Chapter 4 Does A Star Make a Good Manager? 39

Who Is a Better Coach?

Running the Numbers on Players and Coaches

Ice Hockey



Why Doesn't Business Reward the Players?

Chapter 5 Culture and the Manacoach 51

What Is Culture?

Status over Achievement

Are You Trapped as a Manacoach?

What Do I Look for When I'm Hiring?

Chapter 6 There Is No Power Without Vulnerability 63


Why Vulnerability Is Hard Work

Finding Our Vulnerabilities

If You Can't Be Vulnerable, Don't Manage People

Chapter 7 The Manacoach on Hiring 77

The Ideal Candidate

Measuring the Alignment of Core Values

Linking the Right Person to the Right Job

Reference Checks

Behavior Assessments

Giving the Green Light to Proceed

Chapter 8 The Manacoach on Firing 91



Ability to Complete

Chapter 9 Delegating and Dependence 111

Dependence: You Get What You Put Up With!

Insecurities with Delegating

Not Knowing How to Delegate

Not Wanting to Go Home

Rejecting the Dependence

Chapter 10 Communication 127

Quit Hiding behind Your Keyboard!

Dare to Enter the Danger


Politics versus Accountability

Chapter 11 Rewards and Punishments 139

Why Bonuses and Profit Sharing Don't Work in Most Cases

The Carrot and Stick Method Doesn't Work

Chapter 12 Be Bold and Be S.M.A.R.T 147

Be S.M.A.R.T.

What Are the Conditions?

Concluding Remarks 153

My Type of Leader

Final Thoughts on the Manacoach

Appendix The Manacoach's Checklist 159

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