The Mysterious Abductions (The Nocturnals Series #1)

The Mysterious Abductions (The Nocturnals Series #1)


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ISBN-13: 9781944020002
Publisher: Fabled Films Press
Publication date: 04/19/2016
Series: Tracey Hecht's Nocturnals Series , #1
Pages: 232
Product dimensions: 5.60(w) x 8.10(h) x 1.20(d)
Lexile: 530L (what's this?)
Age Range: 7 - 12 Years

About the Author

Tracey Hecht has written, directed, and produced for film. The American Booksellers Association chose the first book in her critically acclaimed middle grade series, The Nocturnals: The Mysterious Abductions, as a Kids’ Indie Next List pick. Last year, she expanded the series to include early reader books, The Peculiar Possum and The Slithery Shakedown, so that families could share the reading experience together. In partnership with the New York Public Library, Tracey created a Read Aloud Writing Program that she has since conducted—both in person and virtually—in over eighty-five schools, libraries, and bookstores across the country. Tracey currently splits her time between New York City and Oquossoc, Maine, with her husband, four children, and dog, Penny.

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As the first light of day surged above the horizon, Tobin crept toward home. It had been a long night of foraging for food, and the pangolin was feeling tired. “Mmm.” The anteater-like creature yawned and slumped at the base of a tree. “Perhaps I'll just take a quick rest....” Tobin's sleepy eyes drooped shut.

Suddenly, something heavy dropped right on his scaly head.


The confused pangolin reached for the greenish-yellow object and examined it with his taloned paws. “A pomelo!” he exclaimed. Eagerly, Tobin peeled back the fruit's thick, spongy rind and took a whiff with his keen, elongated snout. “Heavenly!” He sighed. “Absolutely heavenly!”

But before he could taste the fruit's citrusy flesh, a voice screeched down from above. “Thief!” it cried. “Strange creature with back of blades! How dare you steal the bounty of my tree?”

Tobin dropped the pomelo at once. He was so startled that a small, smelly poof escaped from his rear. “Oh dear,” he mumbled.

“Pee-yew!” yelled the high-pitched voice.

Tobin looked up. A small, furry animal was perched in the branches, pinching his nose with one paw. He looked somewhat like a squirrel, with dark round eyes and a long furry tail.

“That stench! That odor! That tang!” The creature scrunched its face in disgust. “This calls for the flaps.” With that, he extended his arms and legs, revealing the winglike skin that connected his limbs. Frantically, he fanned the still-stinky air.

“Oh my,” remarked Tobin, staring at the unique appendages. “How elegant.”

“Ah yes.” The animal sighed. “We sugar gliders are impressive indeed.” He puffed out his chest with pride. “Fine physique…fabulous facial features…phenomenal fitness!” Fueled by his own self-esteem, the sugar glider launched from his perch, allowing the wind to gather gracefully under his wings and carry him to the ground.

Tobin smiled and stepped toward his new acquaintance. He was just about to introduce himself properly when he heard another strange voice from the brush.

“Is there a problem?” it said.

The pangolin turned toward the sound. But this time he did not jump. In contrast to the sugar glider's shrill pitch, the voice he'd just heard was gentle and soft. Tobin stared into the foliage. “Who's there?” he asked.

Out of the green leaves emerged a slender red fox.

“Oh mon dieu!” The sugar glider swooned, clasping his hands to his heart. “Never have my big brown eyes beheld such beauty outside of my own reflection!” He approached the fox and dropped to one knee. “Allow me to introduce myself. I am Bismark: macho marsupial, sweetest of sugar gliders, and your one true love.” Quickly, he snatched the pomelo from under the pangolin's nose and presented it to the fox. “For you, my lady.”

The newcomer raised an eyebrow. This bold creature, despite standing on tiptoe, barely reached her knee. She turned to Tobin. “Is everyone all right here?” she asked, twitching her nose. “I thought I smelled trouble.”

“Si, the stinky one woke me up just as I was about to fall asleep.”

“Oh, um…excuse me,” responded the pangolin, bashfully shrugging his scales. “I spray my defensive odor when I get scared.” He blushed. “I'm sorry...I can't help it.”

The fox looked down at Tobin with her almond-shaped eyes and gave a reassuring nod of her head.

The pangolin smiled. “I'm Tobin,” he said, extending a paw.

“I am Dawn,” said the fox.

The sugar glider wedged himself between his two new acquaintances. “But of course you are!” he exclaimed. “Dawn—the magnificent moment each day when I settle in for my daily renewal, my dream-filled slumbers, my sunlit sleep.” Bismark bowed deeply. “Your glow rivals that of the full moon, my lady.”

“You mean, you also sleep during the day?” asked Tobin, turning to the sugar glider.

Bismark stood tall. “Mais oui!” he confirmed. “I am a night prowler. I find my beetles and bananas when the moon is bright and the mood is right.” The sugar glider spun close to the fox. “And you, mon amour?”

“I maintain evening hours, as well,” replied Dawn.

Tobin's eyes brightened. “We're all nocturnals! Awake at night, asleep by day.”

Bismark beamed. “By the stars!” he declared, thrusting his fist toward the glimmering sky above. “We are animals de la noche, keepers of the night, a Nocturnal Brigade! We can be bold in adventure…we can be brave in challenge…we can be—”

“You can be dinner.”

A sharp hiss pierced the quiet air. Quickly, the pangolin, sugar glider, and fox spun around. Behind them was a menacing black snake with a bright blue belly. Its dark tongue flicked in and out.

“Hate to break up this beautiful moment, but I'm getting hungry over here.”

It hissed, and without another word of warning, it sprang toward them, fangs bared.

At once, Tobin, Bismark, and Dawn cleared the hungry snake's path. With his flaps spread out wide, the sugar glider leapt back up into the tree. Tobin curled into a ball, shielding himself with his scales. And Dawn jumped to the side just in the nick of time; the serpent's breath was hot on her tail.

Fuming and famished, the snake reared its head, its yellow eyes blazing like flames. Then, something happened. As the snake sprang forth again, time seemed to slow. Bismark looked at Dawn. The fox drew toward Tobin. The pangolin curled even tighter. Somehow, they knew what to do.

As Tobin held his breath, Dawn cocked her leg and punted the pangolin. Whoosh! He flew through the air—a spinning ball of armor—forcing the snake to jump back. As the serpent reeled in shock, Bismark flew from his branch, his tiny fist clenched and ready.

“Hiiiiya!” With a high-pitched yelp, he knocked the snake square in the jaw.

The serpent hissed with rage and opened its mouth. But the fox had charged from behind, and before the snake could clamp down its jaws, Dawn clamped down hers…right on the snake's narrow tail. Round and round went the snake as the fox rotated her neck. And then, with a flick of her head, Dawn whipped the serpent back and flung it into the bushes.

Breathless and stunned, the fox, the pangolin, and the sugar glider stared into the brush, ensuring the snake was scared off. Then, they turned to each other.

“Is everyone all right?” asked Dawn. “Oh goodness!” gasped Tobin. “That all happened so fast. I didn't even have time to think.”

Bismark's chest swelled with pride. “Who needs to think when we have instinct? We are the Nocturnal Brigade—we fit together like the moon and the stars, like the wind and the wing, like—”

“Like a team!” suggested Tobin.

“Like friends,” said Dawn.

For a moment, the animals stood in meaningful silence: Bismark, tiny in height, but grand in gesture; Tobin, armored with scales, yet tender at heart; and Dawn, delicate in manner, but strong in wisdom.

Tobin grabbed the pomelo and broke it into three equal sections. Together, the threesome savored the sweet, fragrant fruit and watched the moon fade away. The night was drawing to a close, but their friendship— and their adventures—were just about to begin.

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The Mysterious Abductions (The Nocturnals Series #1) 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
JennyLee17 More than 1 year ago
In Tracey Hecht's debut novel, you'll tag along with the nocturnal brigade, a trio of nighttime sleuths, as they uncover the mysterious disappearances of their animal friends. The kids will adore this epic tale that combines the bilingual banter of the wonderfully ostentatious Bismark and his fellow brigade mates with themes including friendship, inclusion and forgiveness.
Eriella More than 1 year ago
In this cute and utterly charming MG book, three nocturnal animals (Dawn, a fox; Tobin, a pangolin; Bismark, a sugar glider) become unlikely friends just in time to solve their first mystery--the case of the disappearing animals! Animals are disappearing all across their nocturnal realm, but who is taking them? And why? The journey to find out is full of laughs and camaraderie, and the ending is the perfect mix of eccentric and satisfying. The plot is compelling enough to keep kids begging for 'one more chapter', while the characters themselves were my favorite part. Dawn, with her wisdom and authoritative demeanor was my favorite; she was the perfect balance to the loud-mouthed, outlandish Bismark (whose humorous antics I suspect will make him a favorite of most children). Tobin the pangolin was a sweetheart, and I appreciated Hecht's inclusion of such a rare animal--I actually had no idea what a pangolin was before reading The Nocturnals, so this definitely prompted me to do some much needed research. Overall, a funny, lively debut with a lot of heart.
BettyTaylor 9 months ago
I thoroughly enjoyed this entertaining book. The characters are delightful and kooky. Dawn (the red fox), Tobin (a pangolin), and Bismark (a sugar glider) work together as a brigade to solve the mystery of the disappearing nocturnal animals. Other nocturnals join in the hunt - Cora the sweet wombat, comical bats who love to tease Bismark, a jerboa, and some coyotes. They find themselves pitted against a group of crocodiles. Oh my! I just had to laugh over the names of the band of five crocodiles – Miss, Bee, Hay, Vee, and Orr. The personalities of the animals make the book so appealing. Dawn is quiet with a “take charge” personality and calm in a crisis, Tobin sweet and somewhat shy, and Bismark – oh Bismark! - boastful, flirtatious, hilarious, self-proclaimed “god amongst gliders”, yet lovable. New friends are made within this mixture of characters. Hopefully the other books in the series bring back not only the core group of friends – Dawn, Tobin, and Bismark – but also Cora, Ciro, Jerry, and even Boris. The book is educational and emphasizes the value of friendship. It also contains a glossary of animals (many I had never heard of), a Q&A with the author, and some cute illustrations at the beginning of each chapter. This is the perfect book for middle-grade children to read on their own. It also is a delightful read aloud book for younger children. The publisher provided me with a copy of this book. The review is strictly my opinion.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I like animal stories.
This_Kid_Reviews_Books More than 1 year ago
Synopsis- Tobin the pangolin was walking home when a pomelo fell on his head. As he went to eat it, a sugar glider named Bismark claimed that it was his pomelo. Dawn, a nearby fox heard the commotion and came to investigate. After solving the problem, the animals decide to form the Nocturnal Brigade-a team devoted to helping other creatures of the night, such as themselves. Just one thing – they didn’t expect their skills to be needed so soon! They hear a scream, and find a frightened wombat by a riverbank. Her brother had been abducted! Now it is up to the Nocturnal Brigade to find him and bring him back. But with more abductions happening, will they figure it out in time? What I Thought- This was a fun story that teaches a little bit about certain nocturnal creatures. I had not heard of a pangolin before, and I ended up looking them up (they’re pretty cool – you should do it!). The characters each have distinct personalities that you really get to know as the book goes on. I liked that when the bad guy comes to his senses he isn’t truly punished, but he is not necessarily forgiven (we can’t forgive you yet, sort of thing) – which I thought was a good lesson for kids, that if they do something bad, they won’t get forgiven instantly. There are neat illustrations throughout the book, and they are instantly likeable. I really liked Ms. Hecht’s writing style, and the loopy story and characters she wrote. I cannot wait for book 2! *note* I voluntarily read an advanced reader copy of this book
niftynikki719 More than 1 year ago
My kids really enjoyed this book. Its full of colorful dialogue, fun characters and plot twists even I didn't see coming. My kids keep asking me the same question-- how much longer until book 2?
Sparhawk27 More than 1 year ago
I read this book with my 9 year old daughter while we were on vacation and she just loved it! We laughed and had fun learning about the wacky animals in the book--including a pangolin, jerboa and kiwi!. Her favorite though was Bismark the tongue twisting sugar glider that caused all kinds of mayhem while the group of animals tried to solve the book's mystery. She gave it five stars for the fun factor and I gave it five stars for the writing, cute illustrations and short easy to read before bed chapters!