The Mystery of Woman: A Book for Men

The Mystery of Woman: A Book for Men

by Gabriel Morris


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ISBN-13: 9781780993591
Publisher: Soul Rocks Books
Publication date: 09/16/2012
Pages: 249
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 5.50(h) x 0.50(d)

Table of Contents

Introduction 1

Part 1 Yin vs. Yang? 5

Chapter 1 Make Love, Not War 6

Chapter 2 Die Game of Love 9

Chapter 3 Man vs. Wild 14

Chapter 4 Yin and Yang 17

Chapter 5 Undressing the Goddess 22

Chapter 6 Stop and Ask for Directions 25

Chapter 7 Attuning to the Feminine 27

Part 2 Women Speak 31

Cosmic Union Tracy Cooper 32

The Truth Within a Woman Anaya Thomas 36

I Want Burning: Loving a Woman on the Spiritual Path Kylie Devi 39

To Be Loved By A Man Asttarte Deva Shakti Bliss 43

How to Love a Goddess P. Maya Morgan 48

Dear Husband Alice Grist 52

Co-Map Yoni, Heal Hurt, Unleash Pleasure Janet Lessin 56

A Journey of Love and Learning Nancy Battye 63

A Woman's Voice Andrea O'Loughlin 68

How to Love a 21st Century Goddess Dashama Konah 71

Merger Amanda Lyons 77

What the Hades is Going On in the Celestial Temple of Love? Lyvea Rose 84

Sacred Communion Elaine Caban 89

Awakening the Jesus and Mary Within Gabriella Hartwell 97

To the Man, Lover, Life Partner, Friend Sarah Nolan 103

Using Sex Magic to Manifest Our Heart's Desires Barbara Yednak 107

Master's Muse Kathleen Ann Staley 112

I See Love Jena Greer 117

The Erotic Way: Heeding the Call Goddess Maya 122

The Earth is the Goddess Susan Kornacki 132

Lessons in Love, by Anonymous 135

Exploring Tantra, an interview with Maya Yonika 140

Surrendering to the Feminine Charusila 162

Full Circle Navneet Kaur 170

Part 3 The Yang Perspective 179

Feel Something, Man!, by Anonymous 180

When I Get What I NEED Instead of What I WANT Martin Hannon 191

Now That I've Found Her, What if I Lose Her? Marion Doerflinger 196

What Women Want Is… Francis Eliot 200

Pussy Power!, By Anonymous 207

On Being Worshipped e.b. sarver 214

How I Love My Wife Sasha Lessin 218

How to "Meet" a Woman Martin Hannon 226

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