The Official Guide To Mylio

The Official Guide To Mylio

by Jordan Ayan
The Official Guide To Mylio

The Official Guide To Mylio

by Jordan Ayan



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If you take pictures, and who doesn’t these days, Mylio is a new application that will forever change the way you view, share and protect the images that you take. If you never want to lose an important image again, want your best images easily organized and instantly available on your mobile devices, then The Official Guide to Mylio is a must read.

Jordan Ayan has been a photographer for over fifty years, and is a long-time expert on technology trends. His book is a comprehensive guide and resource that will not only help you quickly learn Mylio, but will also be a book that will help you grow with the product.

As an early Mylio beta tester, Jordan spent many hours discussing the application with different members of the team involved in developing Mylio. As a result of his photography experience, product research and these conversations, he has assembled a book that covers both the basics as well as more advanced ways to use Mylio. He includes workflow suggestions for photographers at all experience levels. From the most simple import or creation of slide shows, to more advanced topics such as Lightroom integration or setting up off-site and cloud back-ups, Jordan is there as your guide.

Leading photographers familiar with Mylio have this to say after reviewing the book:

"If you’re getting into Mylio (and you definitely should — it’s the future of image management), then you’re holding the book that will unlock it’s power, potential and fun. I’ve been working with Mylio from the start, and the author has uncovered so many things I didn’t know, or hadn’t thought about, that makes it an invaluable resource — one you’ll refer to again and again. Well written, in-depth without going all nerdy on you, and just all around nicely done. Highly recommended.”
Scott Kelby - KelbyOne Media

Mylio offers so many unique and powerful features. Whether you’re focused on image processing, a no-nonsense backup for your photos, or re-discovering images in your collection that you’ve long forgotten , there’s no better resource than The Official Guide to Mylio.
Chase Jarvis - Photographer

Jordan has really done a wonderful job of explaining what Mylio can do for you, how you can use it to its full effect, and all the ins and outs of this amazing software. Probably the most significant aspect of his book is the step-by-step walkthrough of how to get up to speed and running with it as soon as possible! I've been using Mylio quite regularly - and enthusiastically - for months now and still learned a few new tips by reading this. Wish it had been available the first time I'd launched Mylio.
Tamara Lackey - Photographer

“Jordan Ayan’s new book, The Official Guide to Mylio, is destined to be the road map for all future users of this next generation organizational and preservation tool. It is comprehensive, plain spoken, and guides the user through the wilds of a new software with easy explanations and plain English. It is organized well, so that when you have a specific question while using the program, most likely there is a specific section that will deal with that question. It’s organized and thorough, much like the software program it is reporting about.”
Joe McNally - Photographer

The book covers:
Setup and Installation
Basics of the Mylio System
Mylio’s User Interface
Importing Your Photos into Mylio
Viewing Your Photos
Sorting Your Photos
Creating Folders and Albums
Using the Center Panel
Actions in the Right Panel
Searching and Filtering
Rating Photos
Mylio Settings
Organizing and Working with Images in Mylio
The Power of the Sync
Mylio Mobile
Sharing Images
Workflow Scenarios for Various Users
Advanced Lightroom Options
Troubleshooting & Support
...And Much More.

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About the Author

Jordan Ayan is well-suited to write this book. He is an accomplished photographer, technologist, and entrepreneur. He is also a successful writer who has written three books to date, two on the creative process and one on marketing.

Jordan attended the University of Missouri photojournalism program, but before finishing the program, he launched his first business and left school. He remains passionate about photography and has worked as a freelance photographer. He also shoots stock images that appear in multiple publications as well as on video game covers and in travel brochures.

Jordan knows technology. Beginning in 1992, he wrote articles and spoke professionally around the globe, introducing the new world of the Internet to business leaders at major organizations as diverse as Philips (the Dutch electronics manufacturer), Coca-Cola, and Harley-Davidson. He and his wife, Jan, built a consulting company at the dawn of the Internet age, advising those companies as well as many other well-known organizations.

At one of the Harley-Davidson engagements, a dealer explained his desire but inability to send promotional emails to his customer base. On the plane ride home from the meeting, Jordan sketched out a concept for a permission-based email marketing system. Over the course of the next six months, Jordan and Jan led a team that built one of the earliest email marketing software-as-a-service companies, SubscriberMail. Jordan earned a patent on a fundamental element of email marketing that has been licensed to others in the business. In 2010, the couple sold SubscriberMail to a major public company.

The combination of a strong understanding of technology and software with extensive experience as a photographer has led Jordan to see the potential of the Mylio product. His passion for the product drove him to write this book.

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